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  • The T for Teen Factor

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    I remember when Halo 3 released. Everyone talked about how great it was, and anybody who wanted to be a somebody had it. However, the reason why I and countless other high school kids like me have never played is because it's rated M. I'm not... More
  • 2010: The Games of the Year

    2010 has been quite a whirlwind of a year for gamers. With lots of huge releases out, there was just so much to buy, and with our economic crisis, so little money to buy it with... However, I was still able to play through enough to see some of the gems... More
  • My 2010 Backlog!

    I can honestly say, I am not sure where to start with my game backlog. I have so many unfinished games. I hate to say it but I think I have game ADD. I move from game to game without finishing the first one, almost like i'm trying to experience all... More
  • Steam - More to Love

    Like I may have mentioned in my last blog, I have been getting back into Steam and PC gaming. I have upped my list of games quite a bit and here's my current list of games - Aliens Vs. Predator Classic 2000 - Aliens Versus Predator (2010) - Evil Genius... More
  • Who likes Indie World War 2 Films?!

    Hey, guys. I'm makin' another blog, and this one is about some must see movies for any war movie fan that likes action. They aren't big budget blockbusters, with A-movie actors, globetrotting developers, zillion dollar budgets, and big corporate... More
  • Wow! Annette actually spoke to me!

    26 1
    Do you feel a bit giddy when you post something (whether a blog post or a forum post that's not just a request for help) and somebody from GI actually responds to it? Or, maybe not even giddy, but just a small "whoa, this is much cooler than... More
  • Black Mask

    Thanks to his mother and father, the heads of the Janus Cosmetics company, Roman Sionis inherited a multi-million dollar fortune when his parents "mysteriously" died in a fire. But the new Sionis quickly ran the company into the ground. A buyout... More
  • The 3rd Semi-Annual GameInformer Forums Celebrity Death Pool

    3 1
    That's right, kids; the new year is fast approaching and we need to have something to look forward to in 2011. RULES If a celebrity on your list dies during the contest you will earn points based on the following equation – (100 - celebrities... More
  • Dissecting This Week's Reveals: The Tomb Raider Reboot & Uncharted 3

    This is my first blog in awhile since I have had posting issues, so bare with me for I hope technical issues don't ruin the reception of this. With that in mind, there were two major happenings in the video game world this week that I wanted to comment... More
  • Forget About Korea?

    Hey guys and girls of GIO, I kinda thought of something. In FPS's we started out in sci-fi la-la-land, i.e Doom, Half Life, etc., then we hopped on the WW2 bandwagon, now everyone's making a a Modern Warfare clone, and some light is being shined... More
  • Are games really ready for 3D?

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    Avatar 3D,Toy story 3D,Up 3D, Killzone 3D, Call of duty Black ops 3D,3DS. t seems that 3D is all the rage right now as developers try to make 3D apart of our everyday lives. Ever since Avatar came out in 3D,the 3D effect has become impossible to ignore... More
  • Super Story:Chapter 4

    Ok here is a side note: Everyone who was supposed to work on chapter 4 is now on chapter 5. Thanks and enjoy. This was written by me Chapter 4 The Epic Turning Point! When I opened the hatch, I found Charles and Cindy there. "Thank God." I said... More