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  • Reliving the Adventure: King's Quest 6

    Everyone has that one game that opened their eyes to what was possible in video games. That one game that solidified in your mind that you were a gamer. That one game that was so good you never wanted to stop playing. That one game that changed everything... More
  • Gaming Rituals/Weekend In Review

    With two close to perfect games coming tomorrow (LBP2 ME2 for the PS3) I am beyond excited. And when games like these come out that I've looked forward to since the rumors about them I get myself prepared. I usually play a prequel or similar games... More
  • Sometimes it's fun to break the rules

    Ever use a cheat code? Come on now, don't be ashamed. In this post I'm going to list my 5 favorite games to play using cheat codes. Not cheat to beat the game, but to create a different experience. So without further ado... I'll start with... More
  • Xbox Isn't a Gaming Console" Says Microsoft

    Xbox Isn't a Gaming Console" Says Microsoft Steve Ballmer says the Xbox 360 offers so much more. Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has stated that the Xbox 360 isn't a gaming console – and that's what helps differentiate it from... More
  • I thought you were based on a video game

    Before I start, let me say that this poster is much better IMO then the one of Alice falling. This isn't a review of the 4th Resident Evil movie. As weird as it sounds the movie series is starting to feel like the game. Although this is because game... More
  • I get no Wii-spect, or Wii are not amused: A grouchy old dude complaint.

    Hello and welcome to your doom!!! Whoops sorry was thinking about a game. (Somebody gets a no-prize if they can guess which one.) Games, isn't that what everyone is thinking about on this site? Well if your a 16 year old boy your thinking about girls... More
  • Being an Arteest (About Illustration and Video Game Art)

    (Just a warning to readers, this blog post is only partially related to games... but it is related to a very broad main-blog topic here at GIO. It's entertainment related...) Some time ago (I can't justly say how long ago it was without facing... More
  • Star Wars films to be re-re-released, but this time in 3D

    7 The above link is to, where George Lucas has announced that all 6 film will be given the 3D treatment. Beginning sometime in 2012, episode 1 will be the first to be released. Depending... More
  • The Quest: Part 4

    “So” Raz started(DARN YOU COMPUTER RAZ IS HIS NAME STOP TELLING ME IT’S NOT A WORD!)(sorry about that. But this computer has been telling been telling me that since part 1.) “Well as I was saying before the writer so rudely interrupted... More
  • I Got Some Splaining To Do...

    So if you noticed i haven't put out a blog this week, i guess i should Explain. I've been achievement hunting. Now you probably think big deal so what that normally doesn't stop you. Well let me tell you where I've been achievement hunting... More
  • Professor Hugo Strange & Humpty Dumpty

    Professor Hugo Strange is one of the only people to have deduced Batman's secret identity. Early in the caped crusader's career, Professor Strange became a media celebrity by appearing on talk shows and providing his "expert opinion"... More
  • TBD Video Game of the Year 2011

    Last week I held a contest. (Duh) Anyways, you guys had to make up your very own Video Game! I made this contest because I had the idea Kinectimals 2, were your animals try to KILL you! Anyways, the joke is that the video game you guys imaginate will... More