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  • A Week in the Life of TOGNick: Gamer. Day 1 of 7

    So a couple of weeks back Saint wrote a blog along the similar lines as this one. Oddly enough the idea had been one of mine as well but Saint beat me to it. I sat on it, talked about with my friend Liz, and finally came up with a way to do it. Obviously... More
  • What Do You Do With Your Old Issues of Game Informer…

    Okay...before I get to the main point mentioned in the title of this blog, hang on just a second, bare with me and let me rattle on a bit. I'm sitting here after working on a couple of college assignments for the past few hours and the looming "Monday... More
  • Halo Reach Midnight Release

    I'm sure if you're a huge Halo fan like myself you'll be getting your game on tuesday when Halo Reach is released. And then I'm sure some of you are going to attend a midnight release to get your hands on the game that much earlier. I... More
  • Thoughts on Dead Space 2 multiplayer.

    To watch the video for the first look at the multiplayer, click here . I was very skeptical about Dead Space 2 having a multiplayer at first, i loved the first one (one of my favorite games and favorite survival-horror), and i didnt want putting in a... More
  • BioShock Finite - A Take By A Devout Moderate

    If anything, the Infinite subtitle of the third game in the BioShock series suggests the infinite potential of one of gaming's top-tier franchises. Technically, the BioShock formula can be layered of countless moral and political situations. There... More
  • Happy Birthday Annette!

    6 1
    Just saying Happy B-day to the best Chicago-born game writer and for being one of the best new additions to Game Informer Mag! Here is some Cake! More
  • Red Dead Redemtion Liars and Cheats Screenshots

  • Fun with Lara...(minds out of the gutter people)

    I have to say, my fiancee and I have played a lot of co-op games together, but it's been a long time since I've had such a fun experience as in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. If you have someone to play locally with it is definitely one... More
  • There should be a second MAG.

    I started thinking about this after reading that article on how a MAG 2 is shown coming out next year in Walmart (doubt it), and i think another MAG would be a smart move. The original had a great concept, massive battles using teamwork, organization... More
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence or Ignorance…

    I know I've said this a dozen or so times already, but I am fascinated with video game development...and if there is one thing that simply amazes me about this industry, its artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is just one component of... More
  • What to Expect From Grand Theft Auto V

    Gamers have been wondering for a long time now what is in store with the next installment into Rockstar's incredibly successful series. Where should it take place? What should the new features be? Well, fine reader, here are my answers (that will... More
  • Your Imagination and Gaming

    I was playing a little ModNation Racers today and creating a mod I dubbed the Ogre Girl. Blood dripping from the corner of her mouth, and mud and dirt covering a most of her body, I thought she made a pretty convincing little ogre. At least I liked her... More