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  • I have an Opinion- Continuing the Discussion...

    In May, it will have been just about a year since I wrote my first "Opinion" blog. While I can say that a good time was had by that time around, this time I want to be a bit more serious. This isn't about stupid opinions anymore. This is... More
  • Lets Not Lie, Nintendo Has Problems.

    I grew up playing Mario, just like every other kid who enjoyed video games. I'd spend as much time as i could trying to beat the levels right before the castles, only to be interrupted by my parents, telling me that i am done for the night. It was... More
  • My newest Project in Gaming: The making of a videogame.

    Hi gamers. My last blog that I posted was merely a project that I wanted to take action with. Now knowing the truths about reviews and everything, I can put that segment to rest. Anyways, I would like to share a slight peek of information of the videogame... More
  • Summer Blog Collection 2 and a 1/2 out of 3: A short blog about something you may have missed in Kid Icarus Uprising

    Kid Icarus Uprising had an update. If your first question you ask yourself is, "Is this guy joking?" then the answer is no. If you're wondering when this update occured, how you didn't notice it, what this update did, and how I was one... More
  • Reading a 530 page book in 14 days for School

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    Definitely, the biggest challenge of my summer, besides trying to beat Demon's Souls. And yes, I could have read it earlier ,but of course I procrastinated so now I have to read for about many, many hours just to come close to finishing this daunting... More
  • The Trophy Hunters Bet: Part 8, Going Against The Expectation.

    I was going to save this one for later, but I am having a hard time writing what I wanted to talk about this week. I was going to write about kids game and how I feel they either do not give kids enough credit or are too hard. A few games changed my mind... More
  • Make Love Not Console Wars

    A cold war has been raging in the digital world of gaming dividing gamers everywhere. The weapons of this cold war are not guns or swords but vulgar words and pointless arguments. Gamers are now classified by the game console they play on and judged because... More
  • Opinion on this week's gaming news 3/25/10 or 25/3/10 for mexico

    Hi guys. Bjdbuch here! I'm here to comment on this weeks biggest news. Let's start shall we! Nintendo reveals 3DS First of all 3DS is a pun because it's a 3D DS. Get it! HAHA! Wait it's not that good. This might turn out very good or very... More
  • RE: Why I may be buying the Xbox 360 Slim

    Way back in March I posted a blog on the Xbox 360 Slim leaked picture. No one on GI really believed me and etc so I would like to take this time to say in big...fat.....text :) I WAS RIGHT! So surfing the web aimlessly does mean something! But yeah I... More
  • Popularity

    Yo Yo Yo, my gansta flow. I haven't made a blog in 50 flippin years so it's about time I delighted you uneducated fools with my superior gaming knowledge. Here lately it is has come to my attention that everyone likes something. To be popular... More
  • EVIL

    What's up dawgs?? Before I start into insanity answer me this. How evil are you? ;). When you sit down to play fallout, how many evil thoughts run through your mind? This blog is addressing the troubling issues of karma, good vs. bad. Having violent... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #11: XXXHolic

    There's something about the animation team CLAMP that either draws people in or drives them away. Due in part to the fact that they let their audience chew on the story details instead of spelling them out. And fans certainly have their favorites;... More