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  • Red Dead Redemption TV Special

    The second I woke up this morning, I immediately jumped out of bed, plopped into my couch and turned on the Red Dead Redemption special that appeared last night on FOX at midnight. Oh yeah, did I mention that I woke 6am, that's how much I wanted to... More
  • 31/31, Day 16. I'm Ready For Extra Life!

    October 20 approaches faster and faster. Before we know it, it'll be October 21. Well, I intend to make the most of it! This week, I'm going to try to get as many people to donate to me as I can. I'm just as excited for this as I was last... More
  • Impressions - BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds

    On Tuesday, the first piece of downloadable content for BioShock Infinite was released. Dubbed 'Clash in the Clouds', this DLC release was somewhat of a let-down for players anxiously awaiting any story-driven DLC, but nonetheless it's finally... More
  • Gaming in Green Country: The Heartland Gaming Expo

    Tulsa, Oklahoma is a fairly strange place for a gaming expo. It's in the mid-northeast part of a state near the middle of the country--hardly a popular tourist destination. Most events that boast the title of "gaming expo" fill up huge auditoriums... More
  • WGWC #7 - Wandering Seafarers

    So this week's WGWC is one that I'm fairly excited for - to describe a setting that you would like to live in, why, all that stuff. This was easy in the fact that I consistently expose myself to myriad worlds and settings due to my gaming and... More
  • Backlog Explained - PS2

    Alright, so not long ago I posted on my PS3 backlog. I explained how they got there, why they haven't been played, and my plans to actually play them. I plan to do this for every console in my collection, and the PS2 is next in line. My second largest... More
  • Let's Predict... [Updated: 11/11/13]

    This will be a pretty short blog- more of a blurb actually, and I apologize in advance for the lack of overall content. However, as I am generally pretty good with gauging how I think a game will turn out, and usually pretty close to the target, I'm... More
  • GI Mag Tag

    I love physical copies of Gameinformer magazine, because you can take them anywhere, like the bathroom. The one thing I absolutly hate is that experation sticker; it ruins the cover. Before that, it was the pre-cover experation cover, which I didn't... More
  • Recent Purchases

    Yes, I miss this more than I should... I live in France this year for school and sadly as a consequence I am thousands of miles away from my PS3. I know I could have brought it and tried to figure out getting a TV and all that but, honestly as much as... More
  • Allow me to reintroduce myself...

    Hello GIO! I would still consider myself new around here. My goal is to work in the game industry, so I figured I should be a little more involved (Getting paid to do what you love? Yes please.) I will try to do a blog a week, mainly about games. This... More
  • 5 Ways to Improve International Relations

    5 Ways to improve International Relations 5. Discuss the future of your Nations over something to eat. Yum, you say? Indeed. Normally you get our leaders going into a meeting room with only a cup of tea and biscuits sent in from the secretary. That isn't... More
  • Nintendo's Less Mysterious amiibo: Thoughts and Speculation.

    (The fact that the a isn't capitalized makes typing it feel weird. Why couldn't it just be a capital a.) So E3 has come, and with it the official reveal of something I’ve discussed in a previous blog and promised a follow up to. Nintendo’s... More