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  • I was on an episode of Replay

    This is Harry Mackin, the fan from the latest episode of Replay. I have never composed a blog before, and hadn't planned to, but I felt I should publicly acknowledge and thank the Game Informer staff and community for the great birthday experience... More
  • SNES Timeline - Part 5: The Start of a Full Month

    Games in this post: Nolan Ryan's Baseball Kidou Senshi Gundam F91 Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 Super R-Type It's been too long since I've been able to post here. Silly life, getting in the way of my nostalgia! I sort of feel bad for the... More
  • My Favorite IOS Games

    In the past year or two of having my IPod touch I have had a lot of fun with it ranging from games to silly little apps that are free. I don’t usually will buy things from the app store knowing that I can live without them and play free games but... More
  • The State of Online Gaming! Is it the Developers or the Gamers?

    This post initially started out as a comment on the Defending Call of Duty article. I respect that sometimes tweaks and changes need to be made as mentioned in the article. But its when do the changes made change the game too much and simply become a... More
  • What I want In Resident Evil 6

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    Well....I finally succumbed to my urges and downloaded the public demo for Resident Evil 6 a couple of days ago. Long story short, there is a massive potential for the game to be great, but it's still not entirely safe from sucking either. Before... More
  • Queso and Fame's Weekly Comic Picks 5


    Queso and Fame, sitting in a tree, R-E-V-I-E-W-I-N-G. And we are bringing three of them straight to you. Batgirl, Avengers vs. X-men and Manhattan Projects, it's enough to blow your mind. 

    ... More
  • A Game That Doesn't Seem Quite Kosher; My Time With Catherine

    This week, I got to download and play the Catherine full game trial from the PlayStation Store. Now I started playing this game, and as soon as I got to the menu, I was confused. Now, it wasn't the easiest-to-navigate menu, since the game doesn't... More
  • Quick Critique: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

    At it's core Zelda games are about two things, adventure and exploration. It's these elements that influence the different game mechanics featured in each new Zelda title, like the dark world in Link to the Past or time traveling in Ocarina of... More
  • Why 3D video games are a good thing.

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    I dont understand why many people are against 3D being integrated into gaming. To me, thats like saying no to better graphics. If you've seen Avatar, you know how amazing it can look. Some people dont like the idea of having to wear glasses. It shouldnt... More
  • Happy Bday Nutts!!

    aaawwwww u guys r sooo sweet, and weird looking half of u lol, anyway yeeaaa buddy today is my birthday, and i have been walking(crawling for 2/4 of it) Gods green earth for 25 years (thats like 12.5 or sumthing years for those who cant count fractions... More
  • Dreams Of Madness and bad co-op-A first look at Far Cry 3

    Writing is something that can prove far more difficult when you lack inspiration, and I take it where I can get it, most recently regarding my experiences with everyones favorite tiger killing, gun toting, glider using game this year, Far Cry 3. Far Cry... More
  • The tale of nothingness chapter 2: The Walruses strike back!

    It was a cold, dark, night in the bowling alley. On the floor lay a massive crater, measuring 20 ft in diameter and 30 feet deep. The presence of bubbles was sooooo filling, you could pop them without even TRYING! :O A dark figure emerged from the west... More