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  • IGN vs GIO; with a little Appreciation at the end

    I am not normally someone who does a lot of comparisons. I think that everything is good in its own unique way. Over the last 3 years or so here on GIO I have read countless blogs comparing things from video games to morality. I love the atmosphere this... More
  • Microsoft should make a handheld

    Okay, please don't call me crazy, but I would love to see a Microsoft, or I guess I should say an Xbox, handheld. I have heard handhelds are dying, but I don't think that is true. The 3DS continues to perform well. The PS Vita isn't doing... More
  • 7 Video Game franchises that should "Take it easy," for awhile...

    I guess you could say this is similar to a shortened version of the classic Game Informer 'Sacred Cow Barbecue' or a Sheen roast, but I'm just stating what most others probably feel somewhere and to some extent within. I do not deny that any... More
  • Quick Blog: My Favorite IOS Games

    When it comes to games, my favorite are console games. However, it is not always possible to play on the XBox, and when that time comes I always want to have my trusty iPod 3rd generation in my pocket (high-tech, I know). These are the games I play when... More
  • The sum of its parts

    With the release of Mass Effect 3, it's easy to overlook another game that launched last week. Street Fighter x Tekken looks to give fighting game fans a shot in the arm, but how does it measure up? [I'm putting the review up in my blog, since... More
  • Well, It's been a long time. (Assassins Creed 3 Blog Post)

    Dear empty vastness that reads my blog... (Kind of my fault :I) I had recently been granted by the Mailman the newest GameInformer #228 (Alas Not the rare limited edition copy). I whished through the pages till I had reached my destination... The Holy... More
  • Quick Critique: Splinter Cell Conviction

    I've always had a hard time diving into the Splinter Cell series, its trial and error type game play has always turned me off, I've found the plots hard to follow and uninteresting, and I generally didn't enjoy playing through the games. I... More
  • Feeling Festive? Download this simple free Xmas game

    It's only available on the iPhone at the moment. Features 7 iconic Christmas songs and simple, addictive gameplay to bring out the holiday spirit in everybody! It's free, give it a try! More

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    Hello everyone!!! As the title says, this is not a blog post, this is a heads up for my next project! On October the 30th I will be going to the Midnight Premiere of Assassin's Creed 3. I will be doing blog reviews as I play through the game for the... More
  • Gamer will control the dog with voice commands in Call of Duty: Ghosts?

    A Canine Navy Seal during training. In Call of Duty: Ghosts, Gamers Will Control Their Dog With Voice Commands? Source- VentureBeat This story initially didn’t really get picked up by other news outlets, but in the last two days it has begun to... More
  • Updated top 5 bloggers!

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    Thanks to Juanolo for saying I should do another top 5 bloggers. Hope you guys enjoy it. When you think of bloggers, you think of people that just write to write, blog to have something for people to read, etc. When you think of blogs and bloggers, you... More
  • My premature reveiw of StarCraft II

    So, I suck at blogging, but this is a review, so bear with me. Starcraft II. This is the first game I played until my eyes hurt (I pulled all weekender once so...yeah) I'm going to be honest and say my last PC game was Battlefeild 2, and then my computer... More