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  • 31/31 Day 21- Mario Kart 7

    Hey there ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to... wait, I'm not SullyPwnz. Anyways, this installment of 31/31 brings us to the third to last Mario game in the rest of the list. One was already spoiled, while the other remains a mystery. But, we... More
  • Step One: Power

    Our consoles and computers are very dear to us gamers. Without them, we well, wouldn't be able to play games - therefore not being called gamers. The first thing we do when we wanted to play games and express our inner true selves, we press (or flip... More

    Anyone who has been keeping up with my blog may have noticed that I'm in 10th grade, and tenth graders have to do homework. I have no problem with work in general, but its a different story when I have to figure out if x=2 in a long geometry problem... More
  • 31/31 3 Day 7: Top 10 Atmospheric Tracks in Gaming

    Music is the number one way of building atmosphere. Seeing an eerie location is one thing, but seeing an eerie location with eerie music is what makes you scared. So of course, many games have songs made to build atmosphere. Today I’m going to dive... More
  • I was on an episode of Replay

    This is Harry Mackin, the fan from the latest episode of Replay. I have never composed a blog before, and hadn't planned to, but I felt I should publicly acknowledge and thank the Game Informer staff and community for the great birthday experience... More
  • 31/31 Day 3: Memories of a Companion (Game) Cube

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    Hello everyone, and welcome to day 3 of my 31 for 31! Today’s focus is a look back at my Gamecube, which not only is my favorite gaming system I’ve ever owned, but also my first console I’ve ever owned. I got my Gamecube for my 5th birthday. I remember... More
  • My Top 5 actors/actresses!

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    Wasn't sure what my next blog topic should be. After talking with Juanolo,, mr. Dr. Professor Juanolo now, I have an idea. You're probably asking what my topic is. Some are probably thinking another ME3 blog, since I have been playing that game... More
  • This Is My Iphone...

    There are many like it, but this one is mine... *ahem* I'm not too proud to say that I've gotten better at IOS gaming on my iphone. This implies that I've dedicated myself way more than I should just to play a few games (and yes, this is my... More
  • My Best Trophy in Gaming

    The other day, I was going through my trophy collection online, scrolling through all the games I had played, the trophies I had earned, the ones I had completed, the ones that I gave up on, the ones where I still tell myself, “someday… I’ll... More
  • An Unintended Life Lesson From Gaming

    Something that will come as no surprise to any gamer ever are the ways in which the games we play open our minds to various possibilities in the real world. I am endlessly fascinated by this topic. One of the more mundane examples of this was my realization... More
  • Xbox One and it's issues.

    Hello there I'm here to blog about the issues of the Xbox One. I didn't really paid attention to the issues of the Xbox One, but i did pay attention to the cool games and features that it has to offer. I have been hearing its issues and i'll... More
  • Replaying the Classics: Chrono Trigger

    If you've read Game Informer or any other serious video game publication, chances are somebody's mentioned “classic” NES/SNES titles, gems from yesteryear that remain unforgotten by their fans. One game that gets mentioned in the same... More