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  • The tale of nothingness chapter 2: The Walruses strike back!

    It was a cold, dark, night in the bowling alley. On the floor lay a massive crater, measuring 20 ft in diameter and 30 feet deep. The presence of bubbles was sooooo filling, you could pop them without even TRYING! :O A dark figure emerged from the west... More
  • Super Story:Chapter 3

    Im sorry for the delay but my computer had problems so I have to post this now. We need people for Chapter 4. This Chapter was written by Kyl3 and TOGNick Chapter 1: More
  • Why real gamers are hard to find (Now with Phoenix Wright Action)

    (For ultimate experience, click on each link that's shown in the blog when prompted) Hi gamers! And the "so-called" gamers! Well, it had to be done. Real gamers are hard to come by. Those gamers who would want a friendly competition and... More
  • Some of the best games I've ever played that I haven't given a game of the year award to.

    Sometimes winning a game of the year award is a matter of luck because some games of the year get released when the game has weaker competition.On the otherhand,in 2008 there was numerous titles which are among my favorite games of all time such as Crisis... More
  • A Second Thought: Battlefield 4

    It's been quite awhile since I've done one of these blogs, which I only really ever do in order to talk a little bit more about things I've realized after completing my reviews, or to add in some additional, more opinionated content. To be... More
  • 31/31: Day 1 - Christmas Plans

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    So this year, I decided to try the ultimate challenge of completing a 31/31. I was able to do it last year for Halloween, but when I attempted to do it for December, I fell off of the boat and failed miserably. This year is going to be different.. Let's... More
  • Community Writing Challenge - Bulletstorm Deserves A Second Chance

    I've just recently discovered there's a new feature amongst the Blog Herding, known as Community Writing Challenges. Now that I'm aware of them, I'll do my best to contribute when I can. This week's challenge is as follows: "Sometimes... More
  • Luvin Me Some AC 3

    As a longtime supporter of the Assassin's Creed series, the anticipation and excitement surrounding this latest release was reminiscent of a childhood Christmas Eve. After leaving the midnight release, with game firmly in hand, I rushed straight home... More
  • 31/31 Day 22 - Missing In Action

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    This is a return to one of my moments blogs, where I mention great moments I've had whilst playing video games and their accompanying feelings. I've realized that the blogs along these lines that I did earlier were all of a very nostalgic and... More
  • 31/31 Day 20: Top 10 water levels in games that don't suck.

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    Water levels. They are slow-paced, annoying, and will sometimes ruin your experience. Not this time. Today I am going to list the top 10 water levels that didn’t ruin this game, but added to the experience. Also, I would blog about extra life but... More
  • Watch my family enter Dance Mania

    Recently, my brother and sisters( and myself) have been playing Just Dance 3. Yesterday, we bought a copy for us and our cousin, so we got to play over there. See the results. More
  • Futurama Quote Contest

    Hello fellow Game Informer website members! Welcome to the first annual (that I've been made aware of) Futurama Quote Quiz Contest! Sponsered by Fishy Joes... Patent pending. Like many, I'm a huge fan of Groenings' satiric take on the future... More