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  • Why I can no longer sleep at night

    You might have noticed a sudden drop in my blogging yet again. Don't worry, I'm not ditching you guys again ;). I've just been hanging a lot with my cousin who I haven't seen since the summer. We've been doing plenty of things that... More
  • Back Seat Gamers: People of Pure Annoyance

    So the other day a friend and I were heading to a Wendy's to pick up some grub. It was late, so we were both a little tired. We all know what happens, incoherent thoughts and words just spill out followed by a copious amount of laughter and grunts... More
  • All Work and No Play: Working in the Video Game Industry…

    Something to consider... But first...a DISCLAIMER : Don't read too much into this blog. I'm not suggesting some jobs are necessarily easier or harder than others and am not making light of what anyone does for a living. This is just my thoughts... More
  • And the winner is...


    The winner of the 2010's

    "Challenge Your Christmas Spirit!"

    ... More
  • Demon's Obvious News Blog: A Lot of People Have Played Black Ops.... A Lot

    So, I was perusing what people have tweeted on Twitter, and came across a news article posted by Nick Simberg at VGChartz. His exact tweet read "Go. Outside. For serials. More
  • Top 10 Rules of Videogame Fanboyism

    Fanboys. What industry can truly call itself an industry without them? Those who prove themselves obsessively loyal to any product or corporation can be found among many communities, and nowhere do they flourish more freely than within gaming culture... More
  • Buy Something Else


    Don't just  buy the new Call of Duty. Buy something else!

    ... More
  • Halo Reach Controller: Hands on Impressions

    Once I just glanced at this controller , I was immediately wanting to buy it. Although the controller isn't very colorful and if someone where to just glance, it would probably look like the same old white Xbox 360 controller, it is truly special... More
  • Biggest Surprises of the Year

    In 2010 gaming has had it's ups and downs but I wasn't expecting the following: 1. Kinect being a success? After all the footage I saw during E3 2009 and 2010 I thought kinect would be a complete dud amongst gamers. I thought the camera would... More
  • Video games need more commercialism . A grouchy old dude report

    You read it correct, we need more. Now I what you are thinking, "You senile old fart we already have enough advertising on video games." Yes we do have plenty of ads on tv, internet,and magazines. Heck we even have ads of games in games. I said... More
  • My Top 10 Favorite Characters of This Generation

    First off, this is completely my own opinion. If you think I'm way off base, fine. This is my list. This generation of consoles has shown some of the most iconic characters ever. 10. Little Jacob- Grand Theft Auto 4 Whether it's his hilariously... More
  • Mass Effect 1

    The past year's spurt of FPS's and my ever-growing collection of them have started to intimidate me. However, I haven't played a single role playing game for XBOX360. I haven't TRULY played an RPG since FFVIII, my favorite RPG of all time... More