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  • Update On The Secret Project (To Those Who Are Interested)

    Okay so many of you have heard of this random series thing that I'm gonna be starting on YouTube. Well, I'm about to reveal stuff just so that you stop you question asking and so you can understand what I'm trying to say. I suck at making... More
  • Review of Wreck-It Ralph

    Because It's video game related. Conceptually Wreck-It Ralph seems an inevitable failure. It partners with a video game development company to work on a film filled with in-jokes for a niche audience. It's protagonist is a bumbling brute who stumbles... More
  • The Top Tens of 2014

    Another year in the books, everyone! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to write this as early as I would have liked. There are a number of reasons for that, school being chief among them, but I won’t bore everyone with excuses. I basically... More
  • 365/365 Day 326: My Ten Favorite Runaway Guys LPs


    I talked about The Runaway Guys once, but I'd like to do so again, because "Calibrary Cuff Paula Deen"!

    ... More
  • Sharknado 2: The Second One Review

    I didn't get to watch Sharknado when it aired on Syfy last year. I actually saw it twice last month for the first time. I knew going in that it was going to be dumb, but I was surprise by how entertained I ended up being. I saw the trailer for Sharknado... More
  • codforlife's 31/31: day 30(my thoughts on the overused modern setting)

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    The modern setting has been overused as of late, and it's been talked about by almost every gamer and game journalist alike. But, I have yet to give my opinion on this subject. But, now is probably the best time for my opinion. I will talk about why... More
  • My 50th Blog!

    It’s a bit surprising to think that I’m already at 50 blogs. When I first started blogging here, I had no idea just how many blogs I would write on here. I know that many other bloggers on the site have written more blogs than I have, but... More
  • 3 More Reviews from Game Over... continue?

    Hey all, here are three more reviews from the summer of " Finishing games that have been sitting on my shelf for months and months and months... " Looking forward to all the good stuff coming up, glad I've whittled down some of the stuff... More
  • Why I like co-op more than competitive

    Hello readers. Tonight I'm here to say why I love co-op. First off, it's he power of working together with friends and actually use strategy, not brain-dead AI (I'm looking t you Halo 3 marines). Maybe one will be the sniper, while the others... More
  • 30/30 Day 15: Why video games are detrimental to society

    We've all heard this argument. People will always say that video games are terrible for people because they waste time or make us violence or whatever other claim they have for us. They make us nerds, losers, and incredibly anti-social. You can't... More
  • An Unsorted List of Some of My Favorite Video Game Songs

    From classic NES games to modern day blockbusters, the music in a game has come to be one of the most important parts of the medium. Gameplay and story are undoubtedly the most important aspects in the end, but music is always needed to set the tone.... More
  • San Francisco Adventure Day 9: The Return of the Music Geek

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    Being in the city and using the public transportation, I've noticed an interesting trend. A huge number of people wear headphones everywhere. My first thought about this was that people should take the headphones off and actually try to talk to their... More