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  • I Love Nintendo but..

    Nintendo in recent years has really dissappointed me for many reasons: 1. What happened to the great variety of 3rd party titles?: From N64 all the way back to the NES there were TONS of options to chose from making are nintendo gaming libraries. Now... More
  • Killer is Dead Review

    If Killer is Dead’s nonsensical narrative does not offend, the game’s gigolo missions will – topped off by a presentation so slapdash it occasionally tears apart at the seams.

    ... More
  • Games I Thought I Would Enjoy

    With this years E3 going on, I know that I, as well as many of you, have found/seen games that we cannot wait to get our paws on. Every once in a while I buy into the hype of a game and purchase it day one. For some reason though, that game isn't... More
  • My Assassin's Origin Story

    Ever since he was five Damian Snow has had nightmares that he could never explain. There were nights when the nightmares were mild, others that made him wet his bed. At first his parents thought him crazed, but when he suddenly knew how to fight, climb... More
  • This Modern Sequel To A Cult 8-Bit Game Needs Your Help

    There are only 3 days left to help fund Project Giana on Kickstarter . But who are the Great Giana Sisters, and why should you care? Before first person shooters became the “default” videogame genre, that title belonged to platformers, thanks... More
  • Backlog Explained - PS2

    Alright, so not long ago I posted on my PS3 backlog. I explained how they got there, why they haven't been played, and my plans to actually play them. I plan to do this for every console in my collection, and the PS2 is next in line. My second largest... More
  • Queso and Fames Weekly Comic Picks


    You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, the picks of Queso, the picks of Fame. This week we drop the hammer with the Green Lantern, Deadpool and Think Tank, and those are they facts of life. 

    ... More
  • Australian R18+ bill has passed in Federal Parliament

    *Editor's note: I just saw that GI posted about the R18+ rating on their front page an hour previous to this article. I did not see that until after I had posted. I am not trying to steal views from the GI editors. Update: Australian R18+ has passed... More
  • 30/30 Day 6: What I want in Halo 4

    Being the crazy Halo fanboy that I am, I can't wait to get my hands on the upcoming GI magazine. Even though in a couple of days the issue will satisfy me with what is happening in the Halo Universe, I still want to voice my opinion on what I want... More
  • 5 Ways to Improve International Relations

    5 Ways to improve International Relations 5. Discuss the future of your Nations over something to eat. Yum, you say? Indeed. Normally you get our leaders going into a meeting room with only a cup of tea and biscuits sent in from the secretary. That isn't... More
  • Raising Awareness: Gaming(Rights & Wrongs)

    Just to be sure you guys know, you should read Oni No Tenshi's blog with a similar title, named: Raising Awareness: The Merits of Mindful Living .Trying to find more authors to help continue this, so tell me(not in the comments) if you're interested... More
  • Drop Zone Alpha (A short story)

    Another short story, although this time I had to cut it short due to the fact I had other creative writing to do for school. As it is, it was a simple practice run with changing perspectives and sci-fi military tone. It takes inspiration primarily from... More