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  • Why So Graphic?

    Disclaimer: I have nothing against graphic games personally; this blog post is simply asking some questions about graphic media in general. I play games very frequently. When I'm not at school or doing work, it's generally a given I'll be... More
  • Continue Game?

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    Yes, it’s been a while. Needless to say a “Hello, nice to see you again” is certainly in order. Hello all, both old friends and new members of the GIO community. I’d like to say I’m staying for good, but as Levon pointed... More
  • R.U.S.E. Delayed Again...When Was it Supposed to Be Released?

    The answer to that question would be 2/2/10-almost four months before its new set release date-6/1/10. Why such a long delay, though? During January 2010 their trailers seemed to be beckoning to everyone that R.U.S.E was not very far away. Now, with an... More
  • Limbo

    I’m going to shed some light on playdead studios’ latest creation: Limbo. The game features a young nameless boy who embarks on a long journey to find his lost sister in a truly unsettling, decaying world! The first thing you’ll notice... More
  • Wanna know where i wanna go one day?

    here. Full Sail University in sunny Florida. now u may be asking urself, "hey nutts, why u wanna go there for?", well i would say to u, first, go back to grammar school, second, r u kidding me? this school teaches the fundamentals of entertainment... More
  • LOL

    I was checking on how fast the the college campus internet was. More
  • The Power of Video Game Music

    I'm a video game connoisseur. I love games and I like to play and talk about games all the time. I even listen to video game music pretty much all the time. I'm pretty good about recognizing game soundtracks from games that I've played. It... More
  • Looking Ahead - Batman: Arkham Knight

    TheDarkestLink is back for this weeks Looking Ahead blog focusing on the greatly anticipated conclusion to Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy. This game was revealed in 2014 only to be delayed into this June. Batman: Arkham Knight has been shown at E3 2014... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Top Ten Loyal Companions

    Community Writing Challenge for 5/21 – 5/27 - Loyal Companions Loyalty means different things to different people. In video games it's typically manifested in the more prominent and well-written companions and party members. Usually seen in... More

    It's finally over for my family. 12 days without power, but Con Ed finally has time for us. Not that I'm complaining though. Sure, I was sleeping with my house ay 7° F, but I'm sure Con Ed was working its butt off to help people who were... More
  • 31/31 Day 3: Memories of a Companion (Game) Cube

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    Hello everyone, and welcome to day 3 of my 31 for 31! Today’s focus is a look back at my Gamecube, which not only is my favorite gaming system I’ve ever owned, but also my first console I’ve ever owned. I got my Gamecube for my 5th birthday. I remember... More
  • My Personal Rants: "5 is Average"

    (Note: This is my first blog so if it's terrible that's my excuse) I am absolutely tired of reading in comment sections of reviews that 5 is average. Okay, maybe I should back up a bit. I was watching a video review on another site for a game... More