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  • Poem: You Are

    You were just a whisper in the dark An echo in the night Just the muttering of words I clung to with all my might Don’t leave me Don’t go I’m slipping away now With nothing left to show Do You have enough grace for me? Was I always so... More
  • A Look Back At My Time With Mass Effect

    In this vlog video, I reminisce about my time with the Mass Effect trilogy as well as the somewhat unusual circumstances that led me to become a fan of the series. More
  • The Games I finished in 2012 (bullet point edition)

    This year was different from past years in that I finished several 2012 titles in 2012 . I have a such a large backlog of games that the majority of games I play are not from the current calendar year. This year, I finished 11 video games released in... More
  • All Smashed Up: The Return

    Time marches on, but some games never do, particularly those of the Smash Bros kind. Ike. Pac-Man. Little Mac. Greninja. Lucina. Mii Fighters. There are only the tip of the Smash Bros. iceberg that Sakurai's cracked (and maybe short of the one in... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #11: XXXHolic

    There's something about the animation team CLAMP that either draws people in or drives them away. Due in part to the fact that they let their audience chew on the story details instead of spelling them out. And fans certainly have their favorites;... More
  • Ya Boi Hawke is back! Whose missed me?

    Hello, all of my friends and followers of what I post here on GIO. If any of you guys remember who I am, I am Hawke5. And I am a huge fan of WWE!! I watch it every week, both days, and I watch the reality show based on the divas called Total Divas, You... More
  • A chance of redemption

    As we all know, everyone makes mistakes. Even me. I know you're all surprised, but I've made mistakes. Even on Gameinformer. Probably the biggest mistake was well my Rookie Mistake . When I was new on GI, I was just curious what to do. I didn't... More
  • Lets Not Lie, Nintendo Has Problems.

    I grew up playing Mario, just like every other kid who enjoyed video games. I'd spend as much time as i could trying to beat the levels right before the castles, only to be interrupted by my parents, telling me that i am done for the night. It was... More
  • Just a reminder - 2 weeks left of some of this. New games!

    Some of you already got out of the drought, with Gears of War 3, Shadow of the Colossus/ICO HD Collection, or maybe an older game. Other people, are still waiting for the major releases. Some of us wait longer than others. Lucky for me, I pre-orderd BF3... More
  • Most epic games in my opinion

    These are basically my favorite games of all time. I'll try to put them in order of the year they came out Worms (1994) This game was one of my first stratagy games. I just loved it. (I'm not going to put more than one sentence for the 1990's... More
  • Worms 2! - And other XBLA Deals of the Week

    After reading Saint's ode to the wonder that is the Worms franchise (or at least the first couple of games), i was intrigued, but wasn't really interested in tracking the game(s) down. There's just so much other stuff to play! But last night... More
  • Street Fighter High: The Musical?

    I came across this video for Street Fighter High: The Musical. It's pretty hilarious. You should check it out for yourself!!! More