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  • Gamer's Log 5: Future Gaming Community

    Hi GI! Well, today was my last day as a Gold Xbox Live player, and going to stick to offline gaming for a while. Why is that? The online gaming of now is really getting me tired for a reason. And that reason can be divided in so many different ways. It... More
  • Round Three- My Re-introduction

    As all of you who read my blogs know, my first couple of blogs were not as good as I thought they would be. I'm more happy than disappointed though because you all have given me great advice, so I can be a great writer like those writers whos blogs... More
  • Caudex Reviews: 1/30/2013

    Hello, good folk of GIO! I'm writing this little bloggy review deal while playing Far Cry 2 (Yes, 2, not 3. I just picked it up yesterday) and experimenting with formatting so pardon any typos/abominations emerging from your screen. Anyhow, I come... More
  • e3 2014 Review

    Conferences Micosoft Grade: C+ Review: I was thrilled that Microsoft dedicated an entire e3 conference to games. And they managed to deliver a solid showing. As a big Halo fan, the Master Chief Collection should keep me satisfied until next fall’s... More
  • Monopolies in Gaming Or Madden's Maddening Monopoly

    The issue of monopolies has been a long contested one in the history of government. The primary concern is whether these monopolies actually help the economy by helping keeping the price of the specific item down. They can sometimes happen naturally.... More
  • Kickstarter Sunday Spotlight: GaymerCon

    Despite being a relatively new phenomenon, Kickstarter has already managed to take the gaming industry by storm, acting as a consolidated network hub for indie game developers, artists, writers, and, of course, gamers. On this weekly Sunday feature I'll... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 55/Round 2 Day 32

    Today, I completed the Guild Quest Jackals and Hides, which was essentially running around the Bunker Lode Caverns (a large underground area with lots of elevators) for about 45 minutes killing 80 Jackals. Then, I tried once again to complete the Guild... More
  • Minecraft and Borderlands 2: The Weekend that Rocked!!!

    2 1
    I was told that I write like I talk. A few friends of mine like to read what I post on here. My wife does because she thinks I open up more than I do normally. I don't see it. But, I really like my title, not just because it's fun to say, "Rocked"... More
  • Outline For A New Game.

    Origin – The movie A Man Apart. Feat Vin Diesel. Genre - Action Adventure / RPG / Crime Story – Your role is a DEA agent (ex thug) who’s wife was murdered by the biggest drug cartel in Mexico thats working his way to America. Shaun ... More
  • Game(s) of the Year

    'Tis the season to be jolly! Where was I when consumers flocked to the stores for Black Friday deals? On my couch playing the virtual hell out of Skyrim. Thanksgiving was quiet for me as I didn't invite anyone over to share the day with, nor did... More
  • Nintendo's NGP


    Is Nintendo leaving a trail of clues pointing to what their next handheld system will be?

    ... More
  • Nintendo Mobile


    I take a look at how Nintendo could leverage smartphones and apps.

    ... More