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  • Buying An Unfinished Game: What Are You Really Paying For?

    In the PC gaming market of today, developers and publishers are under more and more pressure to not only deliver great games, but deliver them as quickly as they can. But when speed of development comes at the price of quality and polish, is it fair to... More
  • 14 Years Later: Remembering Conker's Bad Fur Day

    The year 2001 was something of a transitional period in video games. Sony had released the PlayStation 2 a year earlier, Nintendo was getting ready to release the GameCube and Microsoft was about to enter the video game industry with the Xbox. These consoles... More
  • GI Mobile App: Early Impressions

    Reading the newest issue of GI on my phone has never been an easy thing to do. In fact after attempting it once I never bothered to try again. Now we finally have an app so it seemed like a good time to give it another go. For the record, I am using a... More
  • Alan Wake spin off ''American Nightmare'' facts and my thoughts

    It's official, Remedys' Alan Wake spin off will be released 2012, but since the release opinions of Alan Wake fans all over the world are split in two. But what excactly is ''American Nightmare'' about , are the bad reputations justified or unreasonable ?

    ... More
  • Me and my Xbox 360 S

    12 1
    Well on Monday Microsoft revealed the Xbox 360 S. On Friday it arrived at my local Gamestop. I traded in my old Elite and brought the baby home. First Impressions: When i was opening the box I noticed how small the box actually was. When i got the consle... More
  • The tale of nothingness chapter 3: The walruses are here! OH NOES!

    The walruses (and narwhals) made their way toward California. Why, you ask? Because only the largest fast food chain was there! (and it was the closest). Yes, California held the incredible fast-food chain: Walrus King! The Walruses didn't want to... More
  • The Blog Debate

    Ok guys there has been a lot of controversy about some of the recent blogs that have been coming out. It's time I address this situation. There are two important arguments. One by Trenton Miller, another by drubacca and many others. Let us address... More
  • My New Years Resolution 2012

    Sorry for this being a few days late, I have been really busy for some reason. Anyways, these are my gaming and non-gaming goals for the new year! I have been a member of GIO for awhile now but have never participated much. I feel like I need to change... More
  • 31/31 Day 10 - Setting The Stage

    Blogging about older games tends to run the risk of alienating younger members of GIO. This is something that I'm conscientious of, and always gives me pause when I write about them. It's tricky because many times younger people think we're... More
  • 31/31 Day 9 - The Long Road Home

    SPOILER ALERT: This game will go into what happens at the end of the SNES game Earthbound after the final boss battle. It will not go into story points, but if you consider me telling you what the four person party is and the fact that the word doesn't... More
  • Blur: Multiplayer Beta First Impressions

    This is my first article I have written for! Tell me what you guys think. I would love some feedback. The link for the article is below. Blur: MP Beta First Impressions More
  • The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

    My Score: The Walking Dead: 400 Days, is TellTales way of bridging the gap between seasons one and two of their very popular, story driven game The Walking Dead. Sean Vanaman and Gary Whitta's * masterpiece of 2012, which won multiple Game of the... More