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  • Ode to Ocarina

    As everyone and their cousin probably knows by now, this year is the 25 th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series. As a lifelong fan, and sometimes blogger here, I felt it was my duty to do at least one true Zelda blog this year, so bare with me, here... More
  • Another Book Report: Incarceron

    I'm sure many of you who are here reading this now are familiar with my book report of The Giver. Well, over Christmas break we got to choose a book to do a report on, and I chose Incarceron. My book report actually sucks, and it may make the book... More
  • Batman Noël - Lee Bermejo

    Batman Noël takes Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and delivers a cool twist on the immortal story of character and change. Familiar roles and characters inspire this Batman tale with different eras scoping from the early 1960s up to modern... More
  • A Look Back at Gaming 2011 - Pt. 4

    Mid November - December November (15th - 30th) Not a few months after the release of the original, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 was released as a stand alone title for a discounted price. New fighters were added to the roster, including Nova, Frank West... More
  • My gaming weekend (23.-25. december 2011), This week: Battlefield3 Coop Mode


    As the christmas vacations are breaking on I am proud to present you Battlefield3 as my game for this weeks' MGW, I'll introduce you to the coop mode and an general impression of the game.

    ... More
  • My Christmas that I Had Today...

    Today was of course, Christmas(hurr), and everyone knows you should get stuff on this day. Though, I really do feel Christmas is a huge corporate scheme now, and It's lost it's true meaning. But let's not talk about religion and politics.... More
  • If I made... Devil May Cry

    Hello, GI community. I have become more active here recently and I have decided to start my own series of blogs. I am a future game dev, so I thought it would be interesting to see what you think of some of my ideas. As of right now I plan on just using... More
  • Merry Christmas (A time of reflection)

    Merry Christmas everybody! Since football is playing, and if you know me (which nobody here does yet) I am not a fan of football. I won't get into that, another blog, another story. I wanted to talk about my time here at GIO. I've been on here... More
  • Review: Christmas 2011

    Another year, another instalment in the lucrative Christmas franchise. Like any popular franchise, Christmas has its fair share of fans and critics who almost seem to anticipate each new entry just so they can belittle the series even more. So is this... More
  • Merry Christmas 2011...

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    By now many of you have consumed copious amounts of candy and sweets; or maybe ham or turkey. And many of you have opened your presents, casting wrapping paper and boxes to the side as you clutch your new found treasure. I made out like a bandit myself... More
  • Alan Wake spin off ''American Nightmare'' facts and my thoughts

    It's official, Remedys' Alan Wake spin off will be released 2012, but since the release opinions of Alan Wake fans all over the world are split in two. But what excactly is ''American Nightmare'' about , are the bad reputations justified or unreasonable ?

    ... More
  • Orcs Must Die! Review: A Bloody Good Time

    Game : Orcs Must Die! Developer : Robot Entertainment Genre : Tower Defense/Third-Person shooter. System played on : PC (Steam) Rated : T (Blood, gore, violence) Sometimes you want to play a game with a thought provoking story, an immersive world and... More