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  • Uncharted 3: Did I Miss Something?

    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is amazing. I don’t think there’s ever been a game that so consistently blew my mind with its sheer amazingness. It’s beautiful, fun, fast-paced, and actually quite thought-provoking. The storytelling... More
  • Alpha Protocol review


    Alpha Protocol is an Obsidian developed and Sega published game. Labelled as an espionage RPG, Alpha Protocol tries to blend skill based RPG system with a spy story. This is not the typical "AAA" game with sky high budgets. Which unfortunately means it is riddled with technical issues and lack of polish. But what lies underneath the rough edges is a genuinely good RPG. And a narrative that is one of the best I have come across in videogames since Planescape: Torment.

    ... More
  • It Ends at Sovngarde...

    SPOILER ALERT, this contains spoilers for the near-end of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You've been warned... Note: Perhaps I should be more specific, so as to avoid flak for said spoilers; it spoils a predictable thirty second lead-up to a predictable... More
  • My Ezio - What Really Drives Him (Sparkles!)

    We all know the basic story of the Assassin's Creed series: the seemingly never-ending conflict between the Assassins and the Templars for control of the world through some kind of metaphysical means, a motive I'm sure is as wholesome as Apple... More
  • Skyward Sword: 2 weeks. No spoilers.

    Well two weeks ago Skyward Sword came out and of course I was at Gamestop 11:00 in the morning to pick it up. Some of you may have read my previous blog about the game, and I'm sorry I had to cut that blog short. But I hope to make this one longer... More
  • The Importance of Music (Listening to the songs help)

    Hello I'm durararaGO95. For these next few days I'll be taking a break from the Disgaea series v.s. Final Fantasy Tactics series to get a little more personal and talk about the things that make me, me. So the first thing I'll talk about that... More
  • Nintendo's Franchises: Where they are & where they're going

    The best thing about Nintendo is its franchises. All of them are innovative and a blast to play, however many people believe that Nintendo has lost it and they have been rehashing they're series. While I won't say they are rehashes, Nintendo hasn't... More
  • What I Really Hate About MW3

    About 2 weeks ago, I was driving around everywhere trying to find a copy of MW3. I was planning on renting it, since I didn't want to buy it yet. So I was driving around from 7:00p.m to 12:00a.m looking for this game. I didn't find it anywhere... More

    I seen a review for Voltron DOTU on my IGN app and was disappointed when i saw it received a 4 out of 10. my initial reaction was later over turned by reading why it was given a 4. it seems they were most upset about the fact you cant control voltron... More
  • VGAs

    Every year, when the VGAs come around, I like to make my bid for category winners. This, despite how horrid the execution of the VGAs is, always makes the award ceremony fun. My percentage of being correct in this endeavor is favorable, and I hope to... More
  • Skyrim DLC

    I'm gonna be talking about potential ideas for DLC for Skyrim to tell you my ideas I'm gonna have to tell you about the Aldmeri Dominion because they play a big role in my idea for future DLC for Skyrim, if you've played Skyrim you've... More
  • Custom profile pictures!

    Hello. My name is the guy who is meh, and I'd like to help you. I love Southpark, and I'd like to spread my love over GI! If anyone would like a custom South Park themed profile picture, please tell me. Each image is made in Adobe Illustrator... More