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  • A gaming story

    Heres an intresting story, you might like this. This happend a while ago, and it actually DID happen. I bought a pre-owned version of fallout 3, put it in my ps3, and it came up with 'disk error'. so, i took it to a game shop where they clean... More
  • A Blog About the Tragedy in Japan.

    Some of you may say this blog is off-topic, and I don't particuarly care. This isn't political or religious or even a Gameinformer taboo topic, this is simply about something real that I think needs to be talked about. At around 2:46 P.M on March... More
  • Call Of Duty Black Ops For Xbox Is The Real Deal!

    call of duty; First person shooter games are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Activision has lead the way with the Call of Duty games. First, there was Call of Duty for PC and then they expanded to other gaming systems like Xbox, PS2 and PS3 and... More
  • Finding a lost friend. My journey back to gaming. A grouchy old dude report.

    Hey everyone sorry I haven't been around. I had some issues. (and yes I have plenty of tissues for my issues.) To be true, I lost sight of something important. My desire to play games. I know that seems unlikely to you, but the old dude got burnt... More
  • Farmville Cheats

    This The Ultimate Farmville Guide And The Best Farmville Guide After This Farmville Guide You Will Be Winner I You Love Farmville Guide - You Will Love This Farmville Guide - Big Love Because You Will Enjoy & Happy & Fun To Play Farmville Game... More
  • Pokemon Black & White vs. My Wish List

    I've been a Pokemon fan ever since a friend showed me his Pokemon Yellow game in grade school. The battles are fun, but what really compelled me is the ability to collect and trade the creatures with friends. I've played games from every Pokemon... More
  • A Plea to Publishers/Developers..

    Now it's not often I get to come on Gameinformer anymore, mainly because of college and work and what not. But hey, Spring Break has arrived. Woohoo. Time to get a lot of gaming done and finally a blog that I've been meaning to write for some... More
  • From Player to Professional – My Quest to Work in the Video Game Industry Vol. 3…

    12 here we are...part 3 of my ongoing series on my quest to work in the video game industry. The first episode was just kind of an overview that introduced the whole series before asking the question, "What is a game?" The second episode... More
  • Game Over... continue? Mass Effect Review

    That banging sound you hear is the slow steady rhythm of me beating my head against the wall because there isn't a home page anymore for the original Mass Effect game. As I said with Gears of War , is nothing sacred? *Sighs* Anyhoo, as I wipe the... More
  • Music You Need To Listen To: Extol

    With a grand total of 2 votes! Extol is the subject of today's spotlight. For fans of: Opeth, Mastodon, European metal Sounds like: Pure Norwegian awesomeness condensed in audio form Notable releases: Undeceived, The Blueprint Dives Extol is a technical... More
  • Forza Motorsport 3

    Forza 3 is a great racing game. The graphics, the way it feels like I'm actually driving. I love it. I didn't like so much the fact that you start out in racing games all the time with extremely crappy cars and you have to build your way up. I... More
  • Don't Make Movies Out of Games

    The Uncharted movie has been pretty much everywhere lately, and it's quickly earning gamers' ire. The biggest problem is mainly that the director is quite comfortable with taking liberties with the script that gamers don't appreciate... and... More