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  • My latest addictions...

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I have recently disappeared off the face of GI. So of you may have noticed my absence while others have not. Why I have vanished is still a mystery to even me. If you figure out... More
  • Help With Fundraiser

    Hello GIO community. This is Roxas Num.XIII. I'm currently doing a fundraiser for my school and wanted to know if any of you would like to help. The Fundraiser is a "Magazine Drive" where anyone can purchase magazines of all types and kind's... More
  • Keeping it Classy, Kotick

    Let me start by saying, Bob, you are a f*cking idiot, and I mean that in all sincerity Bobby Kotick, head of Activision Blizzard, wrote earlier in a letter to the Supreme Court: "The Argument that video games present some kind of new ominous threat... More
  • Louisiana's retarded approach to seconadary education.

    Okay, so I am an undergrad at Louisiana State University and I'm pissed at our current governor's solution to budget deficits. The man has just cut 62 million more dollars of funding for its flagship university, on top of the several other cuts... More
  • California Law Nanny state vs Freedom

    The California Law to ban "violent video game" law is adding on to what laws California and retailers already have and it could be one step closer to turning California into a Nanny State (where govt knows best) which has already has caused... More
  • The Best Comic Book Writer You've (Probably) Never Heard Of!

    Even if you aren't a fan of comic books you should know who Mark Millar is, you just should, considering you've probably heard of or seen movies based on his work! This Scottish comic book writer helped shape the basis for many of the Marvel films... More
  • Nintendo. Leave Luck to Heaven…

    I suppose it's only fitting to blog about Nintendo since the Tokyo Game Show just wrapped up. Actually though, the two stories have nothing to do with one another. I just happened to be reading my book "The Ultimate History of Video Games"... More
  • The Legend of Zelda: Timeline? Pg. 2

    Eight years after the last game on a handheld system, Link’s Awakening , two new Zelda games were released for the Gameboy Color: The Oracle of Ages and The Oracle of Seasons . These games (depending on the order which they were played) took place... More
  • Possessed Barbie Horse Ride Cartridge

    This is weird. I was playing Barbie And The Secret of Pegasus for the GBA (great game, by the way, totally underrated) and the game started TALKING to me. It had a demonic voice, and I feared it would rape me. It was saying "I'm going get you... More
  • [UPDATE] Robot in the Corner Podcast

    UPDATE: The first episode of the Robot in the Corner podcast is available now! It's not showing up in the iTunes search results (yet), so for now, here is the direct URL for the podcast: Check... More
  • Movie Roundup #13

    Long story short, I stopped watching movies. Also I originally planned to post this three months ago but the site decided to eat my entire post. Hope it works this time, I'm not re-writing a five-pager like this. Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One (William... More
  • The Legend of Zelda: Timeline? Pg. 1

    As you all have noticed lately, I’ve been on a very nostalgic note with my posts. With so many recent releases and announcements of fantastic Nintendo games intended to tie in with or continue past titles, it’s hard to put those amazing memories... More