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  • 2011 in Gaming for Me

    For those who don't know me as "that one guy who only leaves negatives comments", I' am also an video game/movie/music reviewer (for another site, I let GameInformer/IGN/etc. do their own thing), but I've always kind of enjoyed the... More
  • Hipster Gaming 01 - Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter

    I believe I have played half an hour too much of this title. Drawn to Life is a game where you are the Creator. You are in a town where items such as a bridge, the blades of a windmill and crops have vanished, leaving only dotted outlines as a memory... More
  • The Search for Alpha Centauri

    As I was reading about a potentially habitable planet today, , and the romanticized ideal of mankind actually settling such a distant challenge I could not help but fondly recall... More
  • Slow and Steady (Like Me) Wins the Game......=_=;

    It makes for a great fable, but in the real world, the turtle doesn't win at any races. Period. Except for if the rabbit is dead, that is. If you've read some of my first couple of blogs, you'll probably be familiar with my first experience... More
  • Being a Hipster Gamer

    Well, as you may know by now, I am working at the fantastical store of wonder and mystery known as Gamestop. This means fancy perks like discounts, which I have made great use of. Now, I own all 3 current generation consoles, but only really play my 360... More
  • Ramblings: I have not play Skyrim

    First I would like to thank thatfoxguy for the suggestion to change my name to Bearded Nord. Holy crap, you made another blog entry! (My tab button is not working >:(, now I can't indent correctly!) Why yes, yes I did. Why? Because the Bearded... More
  • Why God of War is my 3rd Favorite Game of All Time

    There's something special about this game; Something amazing about the embodiment of a ruthless killer. From a spectators point of view, its a murder and sex simulator. However, put the DualShock in your hands and it becomes something far beyond that... More
  • Insert Another Coin To Continue…

    I suppose after blogging about Pac-Man and my little journey down memory lane yesterday I was feeling a bit nostalgic today and decided to blog about something I saw a few weeks ago on a business trip that landed me in Orlando, Florida. No More
  • DLC Skins I want to see in Dead Space 3

    I'm kinda bored so I figured I should show you a few cool DLC skins I would LOVE to see in Dead Space 3, some are obvious while the others are just bizzare. Enjoy ! Iron Man or War Machine I guess this was pretty obvious. Isaac’s futuristic... More
  • God Isn't Dead, He's Just Waiting to Respawn

    If you haven't read LittleBigDaddy's controversial post " The Most Godless Game ," I definitely suggest you do so here . In a well-written critique of gaming as a whole, he attacks games and game developers for their lack of respect... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 31

    Here it is, after such a long, torturous wait, episode 31 of GIOR! This week, Michael, Dan, Joel, JR, and Matt discuss such topics as Saints Row The Third, Skyrim, and why Michael is a biased fanboy hater of Sly Cooper and should die a horrible death... More
  • Why I Don't Game on a PC: A Gamer's Confession

    A few months back, I got so excited to find out I would be getting a free copy of Mass Effect 2 because I had purchased the signature edition of Dragon Age II for the Xbox. Unfortunately, my dreams of re-living the adventure with Shepard were shattered... More