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  • A Virtual Tour of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    So few games diverge very far from formula that when one does you can be rewarded with a special experience so long as you leave any preconceptions at the title screen. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is one such game. I'll provide some basic impressions... More
  • World of Minecraft: Exploring the Might and Magic of the next big thing.

    Gamers. Just when you think you have us figured out...WHAM! Something happens and everything you thought you knew is debunked...turned upside down and inside out. Certainly this is true with this somewhat obscure title that has captivated the video game... More
  • Calling Out Tim Turi

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    Don't get me wrong, I respect Tim very much. He shares my love for game music, and his passion for gaming, especially 2D classics, can be felt in his writing. However, his review of the Goldeneye 007 re-imagining was highly disappointing, and fails... More
  • Takin' a Punch - Facing Challenges in Video Games

    Have you ever felt like a game was repeatedly punching you in the face with a particularly difficult challenge? After a little over 3 hours, I just beat "The Guy! Warp Zone" in Super Meat Boy, where you unlock The Kid from, "I Wanna be... More
  • PC Games as "Art" -- Seeking Relevance in Rapture

    I’d like to divulge a long-kept secret: majoring in English gives you superpowers. Specifically, while studying English in the capacity of literary criticism and theory, you develop a heightened sense of perception regarding media of all sorts.... More
  • Console quality drop due to "console wars"

    I decide to write a blog about this one because I think that console quality in terms of how long the system lasts has dropped.In an age of people following companys and giving their loyalty to a company might also have something to do with it because... More
  • Let's Fail Battletoads (And DMC3 Parts 11-19)

    What's a Let's Fail? Well, it's a special kind of Let's Play, where I play a game I believe I don't stand a chance in hell of beating, and just go as far as I can until I get game over. Here, I will be playing Battletoads for the NES... More
  • The Old Republic: A New Hope (or A Dying Dynasty)...

    It is a dark time for the gamers. Although Lucasarts has been busy, Game Informer staffers have reviewed the Force Unleashed II from their office spaces and broadcasted it's mediocre score across the galaxy. Some may recognize this intro from the... More
  • Retro gaming....What it means to me.

    When I talk about retro gaming to most gamers these days they look at me funny.Yeah i understand that the games are outdated but that doesn't mean anything.And it bothers me that one of my friends from school said that retro games can't compete... More
  • Buy on the Cheap video game stocks

    With the big holiday game season beginning which stocks will be worth getting now on the cheap, chance of possible growth, or with the market up is like jumping in front of a train. Gamestop Corporation Common Sto (NYSE: GME) Real Time 19.70 0.39 (2.02... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 7

    Episode 7 is available now. This week, we talk about Google TV, and we do our very first edition of "Ask the Robot", which includes our predictions for the 2010 Game of the Year. Click here to play this audio clip Ask the Robot: A once-a-month... More
  • Sure as Shiretalk supports...

    SAMWISE GAMGEE for any office that will otherwise be occupied by a nut-job or an incompetent. His tireless campaign of common-sense, no-nonsense tactics in ridding the world of Ridiculous People has included: Calling your Nut-job Candidate Names, Wishing... More