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  • My Elder Scrolls V Ideas: Updated and Compiled

    20 1
    Elder Scrolls V has been announced!!! It will take place in Skyrim. Other than that, we don't know much else at this time. In celebration of this momentous occasion, I have updated and compiled my two past Elder Scrolls V idea blogs into one massive... More
  • Mini heatwave peaks in Southern California, pattern change this week

    Mini heatwave peaks in Southern California, pattern change this week December 11th, 2010 10:55 pm PT Do you like this story? A small heatwave has a grip of the Southland with temperatures in the 80s this weekend and according to the Southern California... More
  • The Toy Box of Topics – Saint’s Weekend Thus Far…

    Like many of you (or at least some of you) I had an extremely busy week at work; more so than usual. My week was so busy that I vowed I would do nothing this weekend. Just straight up not do anything productive and just relax. I have a ton of things I... More
  • Favorite Spike VGA Moment?

    I was actually kept awake by this year's VGA special. Last year's was a complete mess, but it was actually comedic in its setups, it had great stage presence, funny little skits, a variety of celebrities and bands, and not to mention, some of... More
  • The T for Teen Factor

    6 1
    I remember when Halo 3 released. Everyone talked about how great it was, and anybody who wanted to be a somebody had it. However, the reason why I and countless other high school kids like me have never played is because it's rated M. I'm not... More
  • 2010: The Games of the Year

    2010 has been quite a whirlwind of a year for gamers. With lots of huge releases out, there was just so much to buy, and with our economic crisis, so little money to buy it with... However, I was still able to play through enough to see some of the gems... More
  • My 2010 Backlog!

    I can honestly say, I am not sure where to start with my game backlog. I have so many unfinished games. I hate to say it but I think I have game ADD. I move from game to game without finishing the first one, almost like i'm trying to experience all... More
  • Steam - More to Love

    Like I may have mentioned in my last blog, I have been getting back into Steam and PC gaming. I have upped my list of games quite a bit and here's my current list of games - Aliens Vs. Predator Classic 2000 - Aliens Versus Predator (2010) - Evil Genius... More
  • Who likes Indie World War 2 Films?!

    Hey, guys. I'm makin' another blog, and this one is about some must see movies for any war movie fan that likes action. They aren't big budget blockbusters, with A-movie actors, globetrotting developers, zillion dollar budgets, and big corporate... More
  • Wow! Annette actually spoke to me!

    26 1
    Do you feel a bit giddy when you post something (whether a blog post or a forum post that's not just a request for help) and somebody from GI actually responds to it? Or, maybe not even giddy, but just a small "whoa, this is much cooler than... More
  • Black Mask

    Thanks to his mother and father, the heads of the Janus Cosmetics company, Roman Sionis inherited a multi-million dollar fortune when his parents "mysteriously" died in a fire. But the new Sionis quickly ran the company into the ground. A buyout... More
  • The 3rd Semi-Annual GameInformer Forums Celebrity Death Pool

    3 1
    That's right, kids; the new year is fast approaching and we need to have something to look forward to in 2011. RULES If a celebrity on your list dies during the contest you will earn points based on the following equation – (100 - celebrities... More