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  • In game moments of the year.

    This year has unarguably been one of the best years for gaming ever. I want to know what your favorite gaming moments this entire year are, and why. Here are some of mine. 10. Blowing helicopters out of the sky. Modern Warfare 3 offered a lot to the popular... More
  • The Worst Dilemma in Gamer History

    13 1
    I've come to a striking revelation that I'm ready to share with the world: I like Bethesda's Fallout series more than the Elder Scrolls series. Yes, more than Skyrim. With such a discovery, I knew I needed to delve more into the causes in... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show's Biscuit Butterin' Bonus Episode

    3 1
    Hiiiidie hooo GIO! Jeremy and I hope that Santa buttered your biscuits this week, and if you don't permit the fat man to hop down your chimney, then hopefully you are having a great week anyway. We decided we weren't going to do a new show this... More
  • The Most Annoying Parts of Games Are the Least Thought About(to me)

    While I play games, I always think about specific things. Mostly ones that connect with the questions "When do they eat?" "When do they sleep?" or "When do they go to the bathroom?". These are essential to us as human beings... More
  • Why You Should Be Reading Comics Right Now

    Comics are like some television shows. If you start watching them in the middle of a long season, you'll have no idea what's going on. You've got to find out what happened to the hero, who the bad guy is and what he's planning, what climatic... More
  • A destroyed character: Bomberman

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    Hi gamers! Today, some friend of mines stated something that even I realized. The new era of gamers and gaming made some of our past gaming heroes waiting for the attention it truly deserves. To my surprise, it only impacted me the most with my first... More
  • On Moving On

    8 1

    The only reason I post this is to share my own opinion on an issue we all have to tackle anywhere we interact with others, and the blog comes as a response to what I've experienced and seen on this site lately.

    This got me to thinking about all of the flame wars in which I've been involved over the last year or so on this site, and the occasional GameInformer drama between members. Regardless of the 'seriousness' of the conflict, the endgame is surprisingly similar: someone ends up leaving or threatening to leave. And it always saddens me a little to see some truly great members leave over an inconsequential beef over the internet.

    So at last to topic at hand this time around: moving on, not physically but rather mentally.

    ... More
  • Ode to Ocarina

    As everyone and their cousin probably knows by now, this year is the 25 th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series. As a lifelong fan, and sometimes blogger here, I felt it was my duty to do at least one true Zelda blog this year, so bare with me, here... More
  • Another Book Report: Incarceron

    I'm sure many of you who are here reading this now are familiar with my book report of The Giver. Well, over Christmas break we got to choose a book to do a report on, and I chose Incarceron. My book report actually sucks, and it may make the book... More
  • Batman Noël - Lee Bermejo

    Batman Noël takes Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and delivers a cool twist on the immortal story of character and change. Familiar roles and characters inspire this Batman tale with different eras scoping from the early 1960s up to modern... More
  • A Look Back at Gaming 2011 - Pt. 4

    Mid November - December November (15th - 30th) Not a few months after the release of the original, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 was released as a stand alone title for a discounted price. New fighters were added to the roster, including Nova, Frank West... More
  • My gaming weekend (23.-25. december 2011), This week: Battlefield3 Coop Mode


    As the christmas vacations are breaking on I am proud to present you Battlefield3 as my game for this weeks' MGW, I'll introduce you to the coop mode and an general impression of the game.

    ... More