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  • Story Time! Part III

    You can catch the beginning of the story here: When we last left Odin Fog... Roy was violently awakened by the screech of the tires. the car swiftly swerved... More
  • GiTube & News

    GiTube!! My new up and coming Blog in where I talk and review YouTube channels, and series about games. Be sure to check it out on the first Sunday of April. I'd like to take time to talk about my Rage Quit Blog in which I've been missing in action... More
  • The Undead Quest: Part 1

    It's time for the first part of a new storyline in The Quest. And since I got no feedback on the theme song in Range, I'm going to assume you all love theme songs. And this has probably the most fitting theme song I'll ever have Raz heard... More
  • PAX East 2011 Review

    This past weekend I attended PAX East 2011 in Boston Massachusetts. It was a great time. I got to meet alot of cool people and play some awesome games. The big games of the show were Portal 2, Battlefield 3, a bunch of 3DS games, Darkness II, L.A. Noire... More
  • Taking Killing out of Gaming.

    Last week I wrote a blog complaining about how many of our favorite video game characters are characterized by frequently killing things. While many people felt I went a little far in calling Mario a mass murderer no one seemed too upset that I also called... More
  • Inconsistencies, looking at the GIO site.

    I've been a member of this site for going on around a year and a half now, long enough that I was hear when that little beta tag was still up next to the logo. and I love it here... but that doesn't mean I don't have a bone to pick with the... More
  • Story Time! Part II

    And now, the continuation... The boy awoke in the attic of his former home covered in sweat and filled with terror. another nightmare of what happened to his once happy family coursing through his mind. The events were so clear that it was almost uncanny... More
  • The Book Retort Ep 5 Of XX: House

    Well i haven't done a retort for about two weeks(I think), But one week i didn't read any thing of interest and last week i was consumed by Alan Wake(My review here ) and I also got Dragon Age 2, but i haven't finished it yet(My brother has... More
  • Bingo Games: An interesting game with different flavors

    With the evolution of internet, online gaming has become a very popular leisure activity. Not only kids enjoy playing these bingo games online but the younger and the elder people like us also have a great time playing these games. In today�s time when... More
  • Free realms coming to PS3 march 29 for free!!! Also free anime!!!

    That's right sony's free to play MMO is coming to the ps3 for free on the Play station store march 29. don't know if anyone has reported this yet. The playstation blog has more details but it's for free but you can upgrade your account... More
  • Cooking Games for Girl

    Internet games have gained much popularity now a day due to the wide access to play and download this from all online portals. These games are mainly played by children, who have a special liking to have a collection of more internet games. Cooking games... More
  • Bingo cards

    Bingo card is the term used to describe tickets of a Bingo cards game. These are small pieces of paper with certain numbers written in the squares. One number is written in each square. The number of squares on a Bingo card is different in different formats... More