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  • I love me some Alternate Reality Marketing

    Check out the latest from Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Awesome! Admitted, the "fake company with a real commercial" angle isn't entirely unique this one is *** well done. I think it's the music that really sets it off for me. More
  • Who says you can't be impressed by old games the way new games do?

    After years of lurking in this site I've finally decided to make a blog post. Hopefully it won't be the last and maybe it'll inspire me to be more active in this site. If you're reading this I hope you enjoy it and any comments and constructive... More
  • Addicted to CycloManiacs

    Every once in a while a game comes along that is so addictive, I don't want to stop playing long enough to write about it. CycloManiacs is just such a game. It's a fantastic blend of challenge, reward, and achievements to keep you coming back... More
  • Gray Matter and the Art of Point and Click Adventures

    If you were a serious PC gamer back in the 90's, chances are you've heard of Jane Jensen. It is even more likely that you've heard or possibly played her renowned Gabriel Knight series. With that said, I'd like to introduce her latest... More
  • Shadow of Awesome

    I am now going to share with you all one of my favorite games, if not my most favorite game: Shadow of the Colossus. If you have not played SotC yourself, you may have heard it in the whole ‘games as art’ debate. There is a reason for that... More
  • FamilyGuyGuy7's Top Ten Fatalities of Mortal Kombat


    Only the best of the best make it into Shao Kahn's tournament, and only the best of the best Fatalities make it onto this list.  See the best ways to dismember your opponents in the newest Mortal Kombat game.

    ... More
  • Me, Myself, And I Are Free and Ready For Something Else...

    I am a very understanding person, I will even forgive people who have said the nastiest things to/about me, even on GIO I will never take anything seriously, and I never hold grunges. If you have a mission to consistently harshly argue me or anything... More
  • Video Game Script-Day 2-The Prologue

    Day 2 Cutscene: (during area started at end of Day 1) (Group rounds corner. Jax motions for two people to search the rooms along the hallway. Man 3 and Woman 4 run into room to the left. Sounds of struggle come from room. Man shown struggling with Man... More
  • Genre Goofiness-10 Improbable Game Style Changes

    If you're like me, you spend parts of the day thinking about "what if------" and it usually sends me to some strange places. Today's strange musing was "what if you change the genre of a well-known game?" Obviously the results... More
  • Storytelling in Video Games

    Okay, so, being new here at GIO is hard. I'm not "new" new, only new-ish... if that makes any sense whatsoever. But, I see different members having somewhat of a friendship with other members, and I see this site as a huge, yet small-ish... More
  • Happy days are here again! A grouchy old dude report.

    Hey every one. Well so far it isn't flooding yet, and I spent 6 hours on MAG today. I'm up to level 7 and loving it. I also finally figured out how to respect my character.(yes I know im retarded) so I have been actually killing quite a lot of... More
  • Demon TV Episode #1

    Alright, here is my first full episode of the video log. In this episode, I talk about Activision-Blizzard's business model moving forward, The intriguing nature of the Call of Duty/Battlefield battle for the FPS crown, as well as briefly touching... More