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  • Hawk reviews: OverBlood (PS1)

    OverBlood is one of those games that is destined to have a group of fans who love the hell out of it and a lot of haters as well. I'm of the former group, and I have the Game Informer Super Replay to thank for that.... More
  • Is Leveling important For RPGs Anymore

    I have recently been replaying Dragon Age: Origins to get ready for Dragon Age II that is getting released in March. I found myself frustrated with the leveling system. As my characters get stronger, it still takes about the same time to kill the same... More
  • The Book Retort Ep 4 Of XX:Star Wars Republic Commando Order 66

    So are you going to make Republic commando 2 or not Lucas Arts? Yes, yes i know what you are saying(I have ESP[N] you know...I don't use it much, but i have it), "Well that's a strange way to start off a blog" yes, yes it is, but I'm... More
  • Versus: Blog 3 Marvel vs Capcom VS Street Fighter

    Versus is now a proud sponsor of Game Informer Online Radio! GIOR is coming soon! Welcome to the third edition of Versus! Before we can go on with today's blog we must get to the results of last blog Blog 2 Results: Halo: 11 votes Gears of War: 4... More
  • Video games: Politicians whipping boy? part 2

    [Quick note] I published this blog a week ago. But since it looked like a wall of text even though I spaced it out, I did the blog over. If it happens again...I'm scrapping this blog. As the title say's, this is a follow up. But this time concerning... More
  • Rage Quit - Angry Birds

    Join me in my attempt to accomplish something in life ... Today I treated my self to a great game in where the objective of the game is to shoot birds off a sling shot to kill green pigs. Available for IPad, Ps3, IPhone, IPod Touch, and free on Android... More
  • Downloading Games for your PSP

    Ever since its launch in 2004, PSP has taken gaming to an altogether higher level of experience. However, not all are willing to indulge the self in buying an expensive array of PSP games. So the best alternative to buying PSP games is to avail of free... More
  • Brain Teasers: Not Only Kids But Adults Can Also Have a Great Time Using Them!

    Sharp mind is a prerequisite in every facet of life. Whether you are dealing with your office mates or friends or studying, you need to be prompt in your actions. In today�s world when life is fast, this becomes even more important. People of all age... More
  • How To Get The Unlimited Psp Games Download

    A handheld gaming unit is indeed a neat must-have especially when you are in for some hard-core game playing. Now owning the unit just like the Sony PlayStation Portable is one thing. Spending for it to work satisfactorily is another point. It may arrive... More
  • Online games newer mode of game

    A madly craze of playing online games is now seen in children. It is the part of computer learning as they start to play such games with the very beginning of learning computer. Thus, they take more interest in learning computer. Such games are the modern... More
  • E300S Razor scooter - Is this worth buying for your kids?

    The E300S Razor scooter is a brilliantly and innovative designed scooter and is really a perfect present to get for your kid no matter his age. In fact, kids scooters tend to become amongst probably the most popular gifts where children are concerned... More
  • Responsibility on the retail front.

    I did a little shopping today. The original reason behind my trip outiside of the confines of my home, was to buy Axe Cop at my local comics store. Unfortunately they were sold out, and for some unknown reason money was burning a hole in my pocket, and... More