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  • Find Out How Online Adventure Games �Youngster Enjoy and Learn

    Whenever you�ve run out of places to go to and are in search of more affordable enjoyment possibilities because credit crunch is hammering your wallet, free games intended for young children is an excellent and innovative method. World wide web games... More
  • Assisting Your children with Gaming Systems

    There are numerous websites that allow people to get free games for them or their children to play. There is a general misconception that video games are all like "Grand Theft Auto," which has been unfairly labeled as a "murder simulator... More
  • How Am I Going To Tackle My Darn Backlog??!! (Community Blog #2)

    With all the talk about Dead Space 2's release swirling around the international gamescape (I hope I coined that word) I remembered something that is almost as scary as the Dead Space series... I haven't played them. You see, Dead Space is in... More
  • Gaming�s Eldest Joke Gets One More Punchline

    The gaming community would have never expected the game "Duke Nukem Forever" to come out. It is a sequel to the FPS classic game "Duke Nukem 3D". It took forever to completely develop DNF. After about a dozen years, being constantly... More
  • Game Informer Online: User Blog Statistics (JAN)...

    27 1
    You might have noticed that today was February 01, 2011. A new month begins as another one ends. And with a new month comes a new blog series that, if all goes well, I will do at the beginning of each new month. You might wonder why or if anyone even... More
  • Character Design: My tussle with the artists.

    Cole MacGrath, Solid Snake, Gordon Freeman, Isaac Clarke, Mario, Kratos all great examples of iconic character design. There are many characters that are the hallmark of character creation, but there are also examples of what could have been better. As... More
  • My Player in NBA2k11

    With the snow falling and all the stores around me closing, what better time is it to sit at home and take the challenge of completing the my player challenge in NBA2K11. The quest to obtain an overall rating of 80 was one of the longest and time consuming... More
  • The Swag Blog: Part 5 of XX

    Cleaning my room between work and school, prompted me to bring you another edition of The Swag Blog! I currently have a few ideas for other blog topics, but I'm still in the process of getting my thoughts organized, so I bring you simple blog in the... More
  • The Book Retort: Star Wars: Death Troopers(Or As I Like To Call It, "The Holy Marriage of Star Wars and Zombies")

    Well this week i did something i didn't think I'd do...i read a star wars book. Now your wondering whats the big deal i thought you loved star wars. Well i do but it's fiction doesn't all ways plays well with it's self (Plus I'm... More
  • Gather Round Children, it's Story Time!

    Birth Control Like most of you I have been playing a lot of Dead Space 2 lately. It is pretty great, but one thing it reminds me of the most is Half-life's story pacing. Notice I said pacing . Because the story itself, and the way it is told is more... More
  • What Was Left

    Hey i had to write this for school but i figured hey it's still a story and thats what i do on GIO i write storys its really not in any way connected to or even like the quest but maybe some of you will like it All faces were somber as the funeral... More
  • "Why Mray901 Is So Awesome" or "My Love Letter to GIO" w/ Stats!

    29 2
    There may or may not be others mentioned here. I only mention Mray901 in the title, because, to be honest, he kind of is awesome. He is one of the reasons I've enjoyed my job so much, especially after the relaunch Oct/Nov of 2009 when we opened up... More