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  • Blogging Videogame Ideas - A Good Idea?

    Hey everyone. I've been really knocking around some videogame ideas lately, and wanted to know what people other than just my friends thought about them. I mean serious game ideas. Concept, plot, mechanics, multiplayer, miscellaneous... The only reason... More
  • The Quest: Part 7

    And now they are all going into boss chamber number 2. Raz says, “I wonder who the second boss is. Maybe it’s another Disgaea character.” Shaun replies, “Why would the writer make two straight bosses people from the same game.”... More
  • Hawk reviews: Red Dead Revolver (PS2)

     I really think that Red Dead Revolver is overdue for a popularity boost. There's too much here to be forgotten. It reignited the itch for having more Western games and is a solid game that proves that even Rockstar's less famous games are still pretty awesome.... More
  • The Community News Review

    Welcome everyone to the inaugural Community News Review. The intention of this blog is to offer a spotlight upon the views and opinions of our community members in regards to some of the biggest news stories throughout the week. This week I have Saint... More
  • Race/Gender in Video Games

    So I was reading the latest GI issue and saw the write up they had on Race in Video games and it got me thinking. I'm not sure how many people will read this but to whoever does please just give me a comment and let me know. Does the characters'... More
  • My First-Ever Gaming Experiences: 1

    When I was just a young lad (LOL! trying to type it as if I was Scottish...just kidding. Please take no offense.), I got a mysterious electro-doohickie device for Christmas, known as a "Game Boy Color". It totally stunk. It was GREEN (ewww)... More
  • Axe Cop Volume 1 Review

    I heard about the webcomic Axe Cop from listening to Dean's Robot in The Corner podcasts... and for that I thank Dean. In the four days since I received it- I've read it twice. Twice. It is written by a five year old and illustrated by his 29... More
  • Nova Gas Zombies Should Be Optional

    After buying World at War along with the Map Pack Bundle in early 2010 (late, I know), Nazi Zombies quickly became my favorite co-op experience to date. There was nothing more satisfying than my friends and I teleporting all around Der Reise at 3am trying... More
  • Ideas for the next CoD

    What with Infinity Ward being dismantled and Black Ops having a stellar launch, many gamers are turning their eyes to the next Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3. Now it'll be interesting to see how Modern Warfare 3 will turn out with the mix of studios... More
  • Duke Nukem’s Biggest Battle Yet – Facing His Looming Release Date…

    When I post a blog, I try and reflect my position, one way or the other; left or right; right or wrong, popular or not...but I at least try and take a firm position on the matter. Nobody wants to read a lukewarm, middle of the road, wishy washy perspective... More
  • Video Games and Parents: A Current Problem

    I see it all the time, especially around the holidays. Innocent parents, walking into a Gamestop, and looking like a lost child. Whatever they're looking for, you know they're not gonna find it without help. Fortunately, the sales associate offers... More
  • Hawk reviews: Mirror's Edge (PS3)

    This may not seem like a huge deal to anyone familiar with the fighting or beat 'em up genre, but when the most comparable example would be Call of Duty's automatic knifing, it sure looks impressive. Just make sure not to take on more than one enemy at a time.... More