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  • The Truth Part 1: Steve Jobs / Peter Molyneux

    In recent year’s consumers within the tech industry’s reach have been offered the world, over and over again by master marketers who can occasionally make your average Joe Schome believe that a purchasing a brick for a grand is the best possible... More
  • San Diego Comic-Con 2010 - Friday Photos

    Friday ended up being another busy but fun day at the San Diego Convention Center. I now present to you my latest batch of photos from the event! Here's what I saw today... Jason was reluctant to kill due to the high population of virgins at the con... More
  • Is 3D Dying... ALREADY!!!

    14 1
    Let's rewind the clock a little, when Avatar had first hit the theaters! Of course, if you saw it in 2D, you were a simpleton no questions asked 3D was king! In fact over 71% of the revenue came from 3D screenings! The visual effects were stunning... More
  • GIO Engrish Pt.2

    8 2
    I'm back with a whole new batch of cave-man language! These beauties come from Dan Ryckert and Andrew Reiner's profile comments. Enjoy! 1. dud awesome replays i don't relly have a sugestion becuse i will watce eney replay more super... More
  • Responding To Gamer Gorilla Radio... Again!

    Gamer Gorilla Radio, by far my favorite feature at GIO. If you haven't listened to the latest episode I strongly recommend you do . During one section of the episode the staff shares their opinion on the California gaming law. If you just rolled your... More
  • Old Coke vs. New Coke: The Forum Taste Test...

    15 2
    I really wanted to steer clear of the great "old forum vs. new forum” debate and the ongoing argument that seems to have ensued between the old timers and new members, but given that it has boiled over into the blogging section of the website... More
  • The Culture of the Newb

    It's a seemingly never-ending war, where both sides are so entrenched that diplomacy is useless. Neither side will yield an inch. The carnage on the battlefield is almost unbelievable, even if you are a participant in this war. Shouts of "F-ing... More
  • Godless Heathens: Controversy In Video Games

    4 1
    Bully was on the receiving end of a lot of controversy when it was realeased years ago. Some said the school yard violence was unaceptable, others claimed that Jimmy's parents were neglectful, offensive characters, and so on and so forth. After playing... More
  • The Problem With Motion Control

    Video games stand out from the crowd of all the other media in the world through gameplay and immersion. Today, developers all over the world have started to experiment with ways to make gameplay more intuitive and the overall experience more immersive... More
  • GIO Engrish Pt.1

    As some of you know, we GIOers take pride in our grammar. Then theres the other half who doesn't givea rat's ass. So I have decided to search the bowels of GIO for the worst grammar I could find. Enjoy. 1. why no review of metal gear solid peace... More
  • UPDATE: Playing the FFXIV Beta Pt5: My Verdict

    After six years in development, steadily learning from their mistakes from FFXI, and adapting the best elements from WoW, Square Enix attempts to take the MMO throne from Blizzard with their new game FFXIV. With FFXIV, Square Enix tries to tackle three... More
  • Playing the FFXIV Beta Pt4: Quests

    Quests, known as Guildleves in FFXIV, have become a fusion between WoW quests and FFXI's Assault. It's quite simple: A) Go to your city's Guild and look up any quests available for your level B) Use the 'Teleport' option in your menu... More