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  • Next Generation Portable

    Sony comes with new console Next Generation Portable or in short known as NGP. This new handheld console of Sony comes up with many advanced features. Next Generation Portable (NGP) is the next portable device of gaming which makes more excitement in... More
  • Can Playing Online Bubbles Games make you more efficient?

    For most of those involved with difficult tasks,participating in online flash games during their leisure time is most loved pass time. For other of us online games are exciting quotient.These people are are consistently plastered at their screen attempting... More
  • We Were Gamers…

    In my somewhat typical fashion as I periodically do, I will take the title of some other form of media, be it book, movie or other artistic expression, and then I will transform it into a video game inspired version of the former entity. Let's see... More
  • Game Over... continue? BulletStorm 'First Impressions'

    *WARNING... MINOR SPOILERS BELOW (DON'T WORRY, I DON'T GIVE AWAY TOO MUCH, JUST STUFF AT THE BEGINNING... ) I've been looking forward to BulletStorm since I first saw in Game Informer last year. But just like everything with a Star Wars logo... More
  • (Update) My Gaming Rundown... (And some info on my new project- The Gameinformer Book Club)

    Recently, I've reverted back to being a bookworm again. I'm always currently reading a book- but recently I've stayed up into the wee hours of the night reading primarily The Dark Tower novels. Since I only have to wrap up Song of Susannah... More
  • How Bazaar: The Story of a Casual Game Done Right

    I've seen casual games and Facebook games in particular take a pretty harsh beating from traditional video game fans. Games like Farmville and Mafia Wars draw in huge numbers of users and companies like Zynga have seen huge profits from them, yet... More
  • Online games Exploring The Online Entertainment World

    Students want to play online games because they want to enjoy the online games in their leisure time. The online games are user friendly and they have high demand in the people. People want to play online games due to their convenience. They are very... More
  • Why Killzone 3 Is Perhaps One of The Greatest Shooters of Our Time: A Short Explanatory

    Killzone 3. What comes to mind? Shooting, Helghast, Sev, Rico, 3D? All of these things. These come together to make Killzone 3 a great game. But that isn't why it is one of the greatest. This thought in my head, that Killzone 3 is one of the greatest... More
  • Vault Spelunking: Winter 2010/2011

    Back once again for my amusement. DELVE V Xbox 360: Mass Effect 8/10 Don't let the 8 fool you, this is an amazing game. However, early on pacing is a problem and it makes getting to the core of the story kind of tedious. Throw in constant framerate... More
  • Range: S1 Part 2

    As Alphonse was sleeping, he heard what sounded like his window opening, “Hm, whats’ that.” He mumbled as he stumbled out of bed, “Another stalker, oh wait, that was a dream.” A figure jumped in, grabbed him by the shirt... More
  • Chuck Norris

    So as you can probably see this blog is about CHUCK NORRIS!!!!! Now lots of people have shown what Chuck can do I am coppying some Norris jokes here and putting them on display and if you have your own post it in the comments and you wiil get a prize... More
  • Fun Free Cooking Games Online

    Before, we get to play with plastic toy pots and pans in cooking games. Online cooking games have added a twist in the story and made this all-time favorite pastime more fun. Can you still recall those moments when you were a kid playing with your best... More