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  • Skyrim: 113 Ways To Die!

    Here's a question for Skyrim fans. Do you remember how you died? Did it go something like this? Enjoy More
  • Game Informer Reader Recap: GIO Community Edition #7 (Part 2 Of 4)

    Gone for a little longer than originally planned, but not forgotten, is the remainder of this month's Recap. We (Me, Stayedstar, Blaze6106, & Mojomonkey12) are back once again to continue coverage of December's Issue of GI. Last time , we... More
  • How The Spirit Of The Holocaust Is Alive In Video Games

    Note: This was written for school. I know I already posted it but this is my final draft. I am not "bumping" or anything because i honestly don't care how many views I get. I use this site to help me improve my writing. I would like to thank... More
  • Family Guy and American Dad Comparison

    I like shows like Family guy or The Simpsons,and American Dad,of course.In this blog I will comare them,what do they have in common and what are their differences. Family Guy was created by Seth MacFarlane in 1999 and is about a normal(?) American family... More
  • Star Wars The Old Republic--My Journey

    You're bad at updating... Yes, well, bleh. I really am though. I will probably try to post at least two blog entries a week. So sorry for anyone who enjoys them for being really, really bad at updating them frequently. So, what have you been doing... More
  • The Elder Scrolls VI: What Needs To Leave, What Needs To Stay

    It's no doubt, The Elder Scrolls VI is already being developed. Nobody knows what reach in Tamriel it takes place in, or if it went to a new continent, but one thing's for sure, some things in the game need to stay, and others need to go. There's... More
  • Everquest II: The Ballad of Sherlocksley the Blue

    Come, dear readers, and you shall hear a story both strange and true: the tale of Sherlocksley the Blue. It began one day when the air was gray and the lad named Jack had no money to pay. He had heard of aland both free and fair, the land of Everquest... More
  • Gaming: The Rules of a Gamer

    Hi gamers! I am here to let some people know or remind, that there are quite a few things in the gaming world that a gamer doesn't allow. Most REAL gamers know what they are, starting with showboating or taunting. It hit me hard in the face when this... More
  • Game Informer’s Newest Competition = Walmart…

    29 1
    A day or so ago I was shopping at Walmart for some Commander Shepard Axe body wash (that's a joke referring to a blog I posted a few weeks ago) when I made my rounds through everybody whose probably reading this's favorite part of Walmart - Electronics... More
  • Gaming At Christmastime

    We gamers know that for us, Christmas is the "most wonderful time of the year" because of the many game-related gifts available to us. I know that i'm getting an Assassin's Creed hoodie (fitting, I know), and some other things, like... More
  • Libertydude Comics: December 5-10

    This being the second week of writing comics, I was still getting ahold of the ropes. Frankly, I think I did pretty good. I dropped numberous video game shenanigans, made my first REAL plot, and could go one week without featuring Don Rickles. True, the... More
  • Thoughts on Dragon Age III - What Should Be Brought Over From Origins

    When BioWare announced that many features of their highly successful fantasy RPG Dragon Age Origins were being revised in its sequel, Dragon Age II, many fans cried foul. In 'Making Of' interviews and videos, core leaders on the DA development... More