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  • 31/31 Day 9 - The Long Road Home

    SPOILER ALERT: This game will go into what happens at the end of the SNES game Earthbound after the final boss battle. It will not go into story points, but if you consider me telling you what the four person party is and the fact that the word doesn't... More
  • Once upon a time at Gamestop.

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    This was previously written for another, much less viewed, blog but I wanted to share it again because I really wanted people to get the message I'm trying to convey here. I am currently in the process of moving and because of that I found myself... More
  • This or That? - Decisions in Games

    Decisions are made everyday, whether it's simply to get out of bed in the morning or investing in stock. Decisions are becoming more common in video games as well. Decisions are a huge part of life and should be a huge role in video games too. Some... More
  • GIO Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Tournament Round 2: IT HAS BEGUN

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    Behold! The commencement blog! Welcome to the (un)Official GIO Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Tournament ROUND TWO! We’ve got the brackets up and ready to go, as you can see below. This year promises to bring more glory and heartbreak than ever, as veterans... More
  • Want to Win a Copy of SSF4?

    We are giving away a copy of Super Street Fighter 4. In order to enter, all you have to do is join the Super Turbo Podcast group. Anyone that is already in our group is eligible to win. The contest ends April 20 in which we will randomly pick one lucky... More
  • The verdict is in...

    Well the review is in for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and I'm not surprised. The fans (and pretty much every gamer in the world) wanted this game to get a perfect review, and their hype shows in the 9.75 GI has given it. You've all transformed... More
  • My favorite video games ever made!

    These are not made in any order. 10. Battlefield BAd Company 2. Good guns, funny characters, and good graphics! 9. Timesplitters Future Perfect. Bots, local multiplayer, funny characters and mapmaker! 8. SSX3. Good characters, nice graphics and fun snowboarding... More
  • Catching The Holiday Fever

    Seriously, if this game doesn't hurry up, I will go insane. So, today is September 24th, 2011. Like you didn't already know that was the case, but I am writing this blog not for you guys, the community so much as for myself. As we are getting... More
  • Arcade Game Suggestions Needed

    I'm in the middle of Red Dead Redemption and I have Mass Effect 2 in the works, but I also need something to just blow off steam. Something short and punchy for those nights where I just don't have the energy for anything involved, or when I only... More
  • A Series of Catch-22's

    Why does he need to look at a cue card for this? Are these easy fixes? Microsoft has clearly shot themselves in both feet bad enough that it’s becoming impossible for anyone but the staunchest Xbox/Halo fanboys to stick around and put up with their... More
  • Spike VGA 2012 Impressions

    This won't be a very long post, but I felt like sharing my thoughts. Last year, when I watched the Spike Video Game Awards, I was shocked. Not at the surprise game reveals. Not at the winners of the awards. No, I was shocked at the level of maturity... More
  • WGWC: An Introduction To One Of Gameinformer's Newest Bloggers

    I am participating in BlackHeartedWolf’s writer’s guild weekly challenge. The challenge this week is to write an introduction for myself. I am supposed to write this in 700-1000 words. I am looking forward to participating in this challenge... More