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  • Blogception? A series of unconnected miniblogs melted into a big one.

    I like to write. I like video games. And I like community interaction. So why can't I blog? I put it down to -I'm lazy. Or -My mind doesn't like to finish what it starts. So, I decided to put my various trains of thought together into a bunch... More
  • Short Story: Mortuus Surrexit, Prologue.

    Well I'm back, and after a several month's long absence. So, to commemorate the event, I have decided to begin another short story in my blog. Though I still do intend to finish my old one, I was thinking it time to start adding more, as this... More
  • Ten Questions, Week 7

    So it seems the amount of members completing these is slowly waning; I'm not certain if that's due to a lack of interest or what. But me! I shall once again grace you all with the answers to ten questions that probe so deep into my cerebral cortex... More
  • The News - 09.09.11

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Technical difficulties and delays aside, let's get straight into it! We have three pieces that we will be examining today that may be of interest to you. First, we will be taking a look at the game we are currently... More
  • It's Tough Being A Teen Gamer

    Hello gio community. Bjdbuch here and I just realized something. Gaming has been a part of my life since Kindergarden and back then Mario was cool. Now I am in 8th grade and Mario considered nerdy! Calling my favorite plumber nerdy! I was hurt and my... More
  • Books That Should Be Games

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    Recently The Dark Tower series was announced to be transitioning into the world of cinema, and I cannot be more excited about it. But I also got to thinking of what a game set in that universe could be like. So while I was thinking about that, I started... More
  • Caudex Whines About Media: 3/22/13 Whinge

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    Well, hello again, denizens of GIO! How are you this fine night? I'm doing great, thanks for asking! (Okay, I know none of you really asked. Because no one cares about ol' Caudex, so long as the reviews keep flowing.) But you don't want to... More
  • GIVEAWAY - Any Game of Your Choice!

    Hey guys! I hate to advertise, but my friends and I are starting up a website and a YouTube channel. To kick it off, we're doing a giveaway. One free game of your choice. Any game this generation (Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Steam, etc.)... More
  • Video Games as an Art Form: Museum of Modern Art Video Game Exhibit

    The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has cleared same room for an exhibit 14 video games as part of it's Applied Design installation. Curated by Paola Antonelli and Kate Carmody, the exhibit continues to grow and will be in circulation until January 31... More
  • Something to cry over

    This is gonna be a short blog because I can sum up how I feel about this subject in a few words... I. HATE. REGION. LOCKED. GAMES!!!! Guys, I am getting really ticked about how many legit Japanese games never hit good ol' American shores. Its spinning... More
  • Batman sequel a real possibility, says co-founder Sefton Hill

    It seems like Rocksteady Studios is ready for a sequel to it's latest cape crusader vigilante, Batman: Arkham Asylum. While not officially announcing anything, co-founder Sefton Hill recently gave a little hint that the sequel could very well be a... More
  • My New Year's Resolution Towards Video Games

    Okay...... New Year's resolution...........for video games..... 1. Finally get XBOX 360 2. Buy Final Fantasy XIII 3. Get more Points for my Wii 4. Look for GameStop Sales 5. Buy PSP Go 6. Get more game acssesories 7. Buy Tony Hawk Ride 8. Get Pokemon... More