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  • Pushing the Envelope

    The last few year, gaming has seen a lot of new ideas and a lot more rehashed ideas. It reminded me of that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" A philosophy that most people in the industry both as players and developers tend... More
  • Tformers/Botcon/GI

    Im home after reporting on Botcon for my favorite Transformers news source: and imagine my surprise when I sign in to GI to find that I had made the front page! More
  • Legendary Frog and Dead Fantasy

    I was looking at posts on the main page and came across the Aerith's Rap thing. It is here for those who don't know what I am talking about: That got me thinking about... More
  • Movies, with Me

    (personal announcement you don't have to read this, really) Okay, listen up people, a while ago I tried to watch a new movie a day, and then wrote about them on my myspace blog, trouble was, I couldn't keep up with it all, stuff happens... More
  • Just My Luck!

    --------------------------------------------------------- SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!Mass Effect 2---------------------------------------------- So yeah, I am at the part where the Illusive man tricks us into going onto the ship, and Im almost out then die.... More
  • 365/365 Day 164: Best Of E3 2014 Awards

    The Electronics Entertainment Expo has come and gone. The general consensus I've felt is that this year was one of the best in recent memory, because the Big Three all did really well with their conferences. Lots of great new titles were shown off... More
  • Keeping On Writing (We'll See Who Keeps On Reading)

    You are most likely unaware but in January 2013 I committed myself to a weekly blog with a goal of roughly 52 blogs within 52 weeks. The emphasis wasn't on adhering to an immutable time limit but on consistently writing (which is my number one piece... More
  • 365/365 Day 105: Random Destruction Entry III: Out Of It

    Edit: the blog is now finished... This is I believe the first day all year where I'm not really in the mood to crank out a blog...well, actually, let me be more specific on that. I want to write; I actually want to write a lot, on a lot of diverse... More
  • Outlast: Whistleblower Review (PS4)

    Outlast was a call back to horror. It induced panic with its thrilling 'being chased' gameplay mechanic. It had an atmosphere so haunting it made you cringe every time you had to open a door. With the Whistleblower DLC you are treated with even... More
  • Ya Boi Hawke is back! Whose missed me?

    Hello, all of my friends and followers of what I post here on GIO. If any of you guys remember who I am, I am Hawke5. And I am a huge fan of WWE!! I watch it every week, both days, and I watch the reality show based on the divas called Total Divas, You... More
  • A Conversation With thegodofwine7

    Recently, my good friend Blake (thegodofwine7) approached me about doing a blog together. In the blog, we would each ask each other various video game related questions, and then the other would answer them. It sounded simple enough, so I immediately... More
  • Tragedy to Triumph (my assassin story)

    This is a fictional story that I created for my profile in the assassin's creed group. Comments and critiques are appreciated. My story like many of those who have come before me, is one that starts in tragedy. Now where it will end, I do not know... More