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  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Day Watch (don't let my son cross paths with my girlfriend bad things can happen)

    As some of you know I've been reading the Night Watch series. The interest in the series really started with the first movie Night Watch (obviously). I think at the time I knew they were books but for some reason never got to reading them. Well I... More
  • A Week in the Life of TOGNick: Gamer. Day 2 of 7

    September 13, 2010 Last night left me tired for the morning, after writing day 1 I ended up watching TV instead of gaming. I know it says gamer at the top, but it seems that time for games is very limited. I didn't actually end up sleeping until about... More
  • Taking a Stand Against the ESA and SOPA

    June 27, 2011, the videogame industry and gamers rejoiced as the law which would cause violent videogames to receive a separate government label was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. It was a momentous effort and collaboration by the ESA, gaming... More
  • What I Got Before, And After Christmas (Not On the Actual Day)

    Christmas. It is a day celebrating the birth of the big man's son. But over the years, it has become a day that's been commercialized in order to make businesses money. But enough about why Christmas sucks, let's get to the good part: the... More
  • Nostalgia: Good or Bad?

    I've contemplated this thought for a while now. I sort of talked about it earlier this year with a blog about why I can't finish games , but it deserves a discussion of a wider scope. There is no doubt in my mind that every gamer has a dose of... More
  • Put It All In the Box

    Do you... do you remember when everything you needed in a console was already in the box? Do you remember when, all of the content to a game was also already in its respective box? If you don't, then you're probably very new to gaming. However... More
  • "A Gamers View" 12/22/13 - 10 Games Required for Christmas Enjoyment

    Hello everyone! welcome to this weeks AGV where i rate games and talk about random topics all the time! this week i have 10 games that you NEED to play for Christmas! YES THIS IS NOT ONLY MY TRADITION BUT IT IS NECESSARY FOR A FULL HEALTHY DIET OF GAMING... More
  • 31/31 - Clannad/Clannad After Story

    ***NO SPOILERS*** Tomoya Okazaki is a guy who is a delinquent due to problems at home. Whilst walking to school one day he passes a strange girl named Nagisa Furukawa who is wearing a uniform to the same school as himself. He's never met this girl... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 11

    Oh, hey. It’s the next part, I guess. I’m still torturing Harrison Ford with snake creatures. Oh, you thought I meant bat snakes? No. Let’s see, I see some snake dogs, snake spiders, snake bears, snake snakes(twice as snakey as your... More
  • Every One Participate!: Older Generation Gaming Week

    So on my last blog I had some comments asking how I did not like Tetris, well I have decided sense I haven’t really played it or any really older games I will pull out all my old games and give them a try. On the blog post a known blogger DJH said... More
  • Blog #7 Making Game's Based Off TV Show's

    Me personally do not like certain games that come from TV, the only game(s) I have enjoyed from TV are star wars games. But most of the other ones never really got me interested so I have been trying to stay away from them. I will admit some games can... More
  • Finding a Chink in the Armor

    Aka: "The Misconception of the 'Perfect' Score" I don't think these guys are scoring games- more like 'game'... Don't get me wrong, just about every game that I've seen receive critical acclaim in the form of a perfect... More