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  • Impact: My Favorite Moments in Gaming

    Since I was two, I have been playing video games. Over the years, I have completed and witnessed many events through video games. These are my absolute favorite! They range from actual scenes to simply a moment which occurred around a game.Please note... More
  • My 5 Favorite Games of this Generation

    I'd say my opinions are rather agreeable in this one. #5:Mass Effect 2 I hadn't played the first one. I'd barely heard of it. But when it came packaged with my new Xbox 360, I had to give it a try. ME2 is one of those gems we find every few... More
  • Day 12: Why I Game.

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    We are all gamers. That's why we are here on GIO, for that very reason. But why we game is unique. We all have a story a reason for gaming and it's one I wish we would share. I'm not just talking about why you started either, I'm talking... More
  • 'The Walking Dead: 400 Days' and the Appeal of Short Fiction

    I'm a fan of short fiction, sometimes more so than novels. While novels are often much more ambitious and technically complex, few textual mediums can whet the appetite as efficiently as the one-sitting short story, and fewer still are quite as appetizing... More
  • 31/31 Day 3: Memories of a Companion (Game) Cube

    12 1
    Hello everyone, and welcome to day 3 of my 31 for 31! Today’s focus is a look back at my Gamecube, which not only is my favorite gaming system I’ve ever owned, but also my first console I’ve ever owned. I got my Gamecube for my 5th birthday. I remember... More
  • Why Activision is the Greatest Publisher Ever

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    Many fools out there hate Activision for reasons they are completely ignorant of. If you were actually educated on such a subject, you would understand that they are quite possibly the most innovative company out there. Since so many of you don't... More
  • Looking Back: Super Mario 3D World

    Every now and then I like to look back at games I previously reviewed to see if my mind has changed at all since I wrote it. Sometimes I'll still feel the same about it, sometimes I'll think much less of it, sometimes I'll like it even better... More
  • Sixty Second Shooter Prime Review

    This is the review for Sixty Second Shooter Prime developed by Happion Laboratories. The game is an arcade twin-stick shooter that compares closely to Geometry Wars. It has a very minimalistic art style even the logo is of simple design. There are a few... More
  • 365/365 Day 235: Catherine Impressions

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    Every once in awhile you find a developer that you can't go wrong with. They almost always put out high quality titles that fit into a similar model, and you love them for that. One such developer I've come to feel that way about is P-Studio,... More
  • 365/365 Day 228: Top Nine Hotels In Gaming

    I've been sitting here for several hours in a hotel room trying to think a blog topic, and nothing's come to me. Doing a top ten list is sort of making me cringe, since I'd rather write a more argument-focused blog, but I'll settle for... More
  • Hipster Tuesday: User Interview with CPU

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    Today, Hipster Tuesday is pleased to present an interview with the ever-present, ever-insane CPU. As a prominent member of GIO's community, many of you already know everything about CPU... OR DO YOU?!?! CPU Welcome to Hipster Tuesday, CPU. Thanks... More
  • The Sega Dreamcast at 15.

    It's difficult to believe that it has already been 15 years since Sega released the Dreamcast in the west. Time sure flies. I was eight years old when Sega unleashed its last piece of gaming hardware, and it was the first console that I was genuinely... More