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  • Why Disney Buying Star Wars is a Good Thing

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE It’s no secret by now that Disney owns Star Wars. The famous studio acquired the rights from George Lucas, the original creator and father of Star Wars, by giving the man over $4 billion. Though this... More
  • Game of the Year Will Have to Wait

    It's that time of year where everyone determines what their favorite games of 2012 were, and who else came close. Problem is, I'm no where near ready to pick for myself! There's been so many great games this year, that I'd be hard pressed... More
  • Bioware Offers You Free Music

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    Do you like free video game soundtracks? Then, BioWare has a gift for you. BioWare has released 20 tracks from the recently released Citadel expansion for free on the BioWare Social Network website. All you need to do is log in to your Origin account... More
  • Losing Your Pride

    Hello, people of Game Informer. I know I haven't always written about gaming in my blogs, and I'm sure some of you are tired of my non-gaming related blogs, but this was a very significant development in my recent life. I hope someone can learn... More
  • Brandon is Team Jacob

    Brandon recently attended the midnight screening of Twilight on Thursday night. He was a little too excited to tell me all about it, and here's the facebook message he sent me: It was tight as HELL dude! I got my tix in advance cause I aint no amatuer... More
  • Let's Play Halo: Reach Part 1

    Part 1 of my playthrough of Halo: Reach (and the entire series) is now live! Hope you guys enjoy it! More
  • 31/31- Day 25: May I Have Your Attention! #3

    Here we are at another edition of “May I Have Your Attention?” This time I’d like to talk about Mirror’s Edge. In case you’ve forgotten, in “May I Have Your Attention?” I attempt to bring some much deserved love... More
  • Life, the Universe, and God. Part 2 of 3

    Last night, I delved into the question of what makes us, us. I concluded that we are a collection of our actions and values that we uphold. Tonight we will be discussing a topic that I'm a little uncertain on discussing, Religion and God. I have to... More
  • Fables, Steam Engines, and Mobility: Things I Learned in my Time Away from GI

    It's been a while since I've been here. Almost an entire year, in fact. I blame college. Since I returned to the life of a full-time university student, video games took a back seat to finding a way to survive in today's economy. Video-game... More
  • One Hour Review: Modern Warfare 2

    I succumbed to the peer pressure and rented this game, just to see if all the game lives up to all the hype. So far, it just might.... I don't have online capabilities, so I must always stick to the single player of games. Thus, I started the campaign... More
  • The Never Ending Argument vol. 7

    *Quick note before we begin* This entry in The Never Ending Argument is kind of mainly applicable for males to answer. But feel free to comment ladies, I want to know your take on this subject as well. This is just something that I got to thinking about... More
  • LittleBigMigraine: A Level Creation Story

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    I have just finished my second LittleBigPlanet level called "Showdown in Alien Town." I have been working on this thing for two months, mostly on the weekends and each day I grew more and more to hate it and I am so happy it's finally finished... More