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  • Microsoft will forbid the use of unauthorized storage devices with next XBL update

    Microsoft's next 360 update is sure to include a couple of new features that will more than likely excite some gamers, however, those of you using unauthorized storage devices will be less than happy (to say the least) about it. According to '... More
  • The Power of Suggestion

    I'll start off by saying that if you haven't read Mr. Helgeson's expertly written piece on Gamerscore and what it means then go ahead and do that now because this blog talks about one specific area that annoys me to no end. The endless race... More
  • stating the truth (in my opinion)

    I personally look down on people who keep buy madden year after year I'm like you know its the excat same thing (with the exception to madden 10 ) and the rosters get updated automaticly so y keep spending 60 bucks on it? As for games such as mw2... More
  • Its been a year since I last gamed its a dam shame

    14 1
    It's been a year since I last gamed and 2 years since I been trying to get a 360 I'm losing my mind and its hard to survive knowing that all of these cold games that have been out/ r coming out and I'll never be able to play them. People have... More
  • Let's Play Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Part 5 & 6

    Part 5 : Mission 6 and first half of Mission 7 (Upgrade: video quality raised from 3000 kbps to 4000 kbps) Part 6 : Second half of Mission 7 Miss any parts so far? Check out my Devil May Cry 3 playlist to get caught up! More
  • "Just Do It"... Like You Would In A Video Game

    I gotta admit, I'm a sucker for a good ad campaign. Like those Gatorade commercials where you see a string of buff athletes running around, being awesome, and making you envy their superhuman abilities? Yah. Like that. As I get older, I really begin... More

    11 1
    I dare you to ignore this blog and it's existence! Never mention it again or I shall have won! Never post.... on it? or is it to it or is it on it? Try understanding that sentence! But anyway post here and I will have won! Talk to a friend about this... More
  • Game Music - Max Payne 3

    Max Payne 3 finds the series' namesake at his lowest: lost in a haze of booze and painkillers, out of his element and stuck in a situation gone to hell. Max is a guy at the end of his rope, armed to the teeth and with all the pain of the world pushing... More
  • Future Call of Duty? Bullsh*t and Why I think It Is

    I just read an article talking about how Call of Duty might be moved into the future. There is proof suggesting that it could , but there is substantial evidence that it isn't. Ladies and gentlemen let me explain. The article had a video of FPS Russia... More
  • What's in a Name?

    This may come as a surprise to many, but I've never played a "real" MegaMan game. The blue bomber is an iconic member of the gaming pantheon, but I just never had any interest to jump, duck, and shoot my way from one robot boss to the other... More
  • The (very real) danger of kickstarter

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    As we all know, Kickstarter is a fundraising website that allows projects to be funded by the general public, ranging from rustic block-prints to a rather long list of video games. This trend has been booming, especially after Double Fine's huge 3... More
  • A Spin off the Saint

    5 3
    Saint wrote a great blog on the Dead or Alive game and some comments the creators made in general towards gamer's wanting certain things from their series. I would go into more detail but as he is skilled on the keys in ways that I can't imagine... More