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  • New Blog!

    As readers of yesterday's review of Costume Quest already know (and judging by the number of views, that's not many of you), I'm starting up a video game review blog. It's called " Dave's Video Game Revue ," and I've... More
  • The 4th Floor: Episode 3

    Welcome GIO community, this week we discuss movies, as if that's a change. However we decide to focus on a certain Mortal Kombat production, including a sequel to the God of War movie. Did you know there's a new Mission Impossible movie coming... More
  • That Glitch Saved My Life!

    Usually when you hear that a game has a glitch, you think that that glitch is a failure. And in case you're not sure what a failure is. This, my friends, is a failure! Moving on! This post is dedicated to the glitches that saved my life in a game... More
  • GI health week - Cutting down on sleep deprivation.

    March has come and gone,and a new month has began. So forgive me if I'm off to a slow start with my blogging. But an article for GI health week has caught my eye. Titled "Sleep deprivation and gaming," the article talks about the effects... More
  • NewGame!!!

    traded in some games I'll never take seriously for a copy of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and a 20 dollar PSN card. Thinking about buying hard corps uprising....just watching it reminds me of being 7 years old and playing Contra More
  • Books A Million - Video Game Inspired Books Rev 3...

    I've published a number of blogs on video game inspired books. Sometimes it's my cheezy version of a book report for a book I've just finished reading; sometimes it's about a particular book I want to get; and sometimes it's just a... More
  • Behind the Code: Ness

    Ness has been in the public eye ever since his debut title Earthbound was released in 1995. The psychic powered child was a hero to children everywhere when he fought for himself in the Super Smash Bros. series. But what became of Ness after the success... More
  • 10 mini reviews

    Here recently I've played some really great games that deserve my opinion on. Since I don't have the time or the patience, I'll write mini reviews for 10 specific games that I cherish in my heart :). 1. Red Dead Redemption Yes millions of... More
  • Super Story: The Complete Volume 1

    Chapter 1 The Attack Hi, My name is Matt and this is the story of the time I went a huge adventure. I was at school and then a man with a gun came. Everyone but me and my friends Charles and Cindy ran away. We attacked him as a group and won. After we... More
  • The 3DS vs. The NGP

    In the last month I've been working on a problem of mine; whether to go out right now and buy a 3DS, or wait and buy an NGP. With a good amount of cash saved up under my belt and a mind that really takes in the little things as important facts for... More
  • Apozem's Guide to Having Fun in Black Ops

    Well, the title is a bit misleading. This is more of a general guide for having fun in online multiplayer as a whole. You see, I was really touched and concerned by AllAboutJane's post where she vents her rage in an angry storm of keyboard rage at... More
  • Fate of Caracatus: Chapter 1 - Jaggerhead

    Year 2060 A.D. It's been 47 years since the bombs fell all over the world, causing worldwide destruction and devastation. Almost every city, every settlement, every nation, every piece of land got destroyed and irradiated. But somehow, one chunk of... More