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  • 30/30 #25 - Mario Party

    Hi everybody! Welcome to yet another entry into the 30/30 series. I hope you have been enjoying the blogs so far, because let me say, with it winding down it's actually kind of sad to think that I won't be doing this come October. However, there... More
  • The Economy and You

    The Economy and You Let's face it the economy has seen better days. Jobs are scarce and some of the jobs that are available might not even pay enough to put food on the table. Some of us are still lucky to have our jobs althought you never know for... More
  • What do you think when someone says, "Best game ever"?

    If someone told me to think up the best game I've ever played, I couldn't choose between a list of over 20 games running through my thoughts. Between games like Borderlands, Far Cry, Uncharted, Call of Duty 4, or even more classic games, like... More
  • The Real Reason PCs Can't Beat Consoles Plus Tips

    Excuse me if I come out sounding like a PC Elitist. I’m not. I don’t think any single system—whether it be PS3, Xbox360, or PC—is better than the other when it comes to gaming… Oh and I don’t consider the Wii a console... More
  • Two Kinds Of Gamers - Opening New Games…

    30 1
    It's been a while since I busted out one of my "Two Kinds of Gamers" blogs...but it's been a busy day, I'm kind of tired, ready to play and need a shorter blog topic for the night. First off, I'll say I was out shopping today... More
  • 30/30 Day #24 - Flower

    Hello there. Welcome to another entry in my 30/30 series. This entry marks the beginning of the final week for the 30/30 so I'm really going to be crunching hard to get all the blogs of this week done and done to a level that is going to hopefully... More
  • Madness: The Holiday Famine and Advice for the Month of Chaos

    I don't want to say it again, because a great blog was recently put up today , but this Holiday season is absolutely remarkable. I mean, almost every game that has released from September 6th and on can be classified as a GOTY contender in a large... More
  • An Idea Ahead Of Its Time?

    OK, so let me start off by letting you all no that i am NOT an English major, for those of you who are, please keep your snooty remarks about my grammar to yourself... Please I was sitting on my couch the after my recent completion of Gears of War 3,... More
  • Getting Ready For "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"!

    Good evening, my fellow bloggers and community members. Ahh, it's such a refreshing feeling to come here once in a while, read some news and blogs and perhaps write one myself. I've found out that there's still a lot of stuff life has to offer... More
  • Ideas To Make Pokemon Fresh

    Pokemon is my favorite video game franchise of all time. Sadly, after Black and White, I got pretty bored of the same formula. Here are just some ideas to make the franchise new, but keep the classic elements. My first idea is to infuse Pokemon Coliseum... More
  • Top 10 RDR Moments

    Alright guys, GI won't let me post a full blog post, so here's the link: More
  • 31/31 Introduction Blog

    Welcome People! Today I'm introducing what will be the first of many blogs in my 31/31 series. Many people have seen BlackHeartedWolf's blog series, 30/30 , and I wanted to do the same. I talked to him about it and now I am finally getting around... More