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  • Nintendo at E3 2014 predictions

    Nintendo got the ball rolling for E3 hype over a month before E3, so naturally people have begun anticipating what they’ll announce. I figured writing mine down would be a good way to get back into a writing groove. This is probably going to suck... More
  • A Brief Talk on Mobile Gaming ♦ Day 18/30

    Today's blog is going to be a relatively short one- probably not any longer than yesterday's, and if it is shorter indeed, no more than three or four paragraphs worth of information. At least, that's the plan. As the title would suggest, I... More
  • I Watch Things Too #2: The Return

    Iron Man 2- I’m going to be honest. Unlike many of you out there, I have trouble enjoying the superhero genre. So many of them fail to truly stand out as anything other than dumb action. Really dumb action. And this is coming from some who spent... More
  • Kinda Sorta Stale Gamer Review: Vol. 3

    It is Vol. 3, right? Maybe 2.5. Anyhoo... I got some suggestions after my last blog that I should give Uncharted 2: Among Thieves a try in an attempt to whittle down my backlog. So that's what I'm doing. I'm about five hours in (which amounts... More
  • 2010 In Perspective Thus Far... THE KRATOS EDITION:3

    well now, ive certainly been away long enough to have forged and concocted brand new and amazing adventures to share havent i? u would think that but the truth is not so real. 2009 is done, and here we r in the dawning of a year that amazes me everytime... More
  • Grins unfinished 'masterpiece'

    GRIN was working on before the studio closed was a Final Fantasy game. It appears a tech demo video has surfaced this past weekend, showing off the game, which may still be in development. Since this video was originally hosted on YouTube by a user who... More
  • Revisiting My PSOne: Resident Evil 2

    Polishing off another title that I have fond memories of, I think I have an even better appreciation of the quality of Resident Evil 2 this time around. The new standard enemies are tough replacements for what were in the original game, and there's... More
  • Marco Polo's New 30/30: Day 1- The Games We Love And What They Say About Us

    5 1
    As promised, I'm back at it one more time. I figured this time I would dispense with any introduction or announcement and just get right to it. It has often been said that art imitates life. By contrast, it has also been said that life imitates art... More
  • It's Called Spell Check!

    Before I begin on this wonderful little rant, I should mention that this post is not directed towards people whose first language is NOT English and/or those that are still young enough to take spelling tests. Now then... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU... More
  • Warning! Reading this may cause your eyes to explode

    Exploding peripherals would certainly make your day kind of sucky, wouldn't they? I was looking for some blogging inspiration, and happened upon the news item about Sony's press release regarding counterfeit PS3 controllers possibly exploding... More
  • EA Sports, you owe me not one, but 70

    I am a sports fan. No that's not right, I am a sports nut. I love sports so much I made it my life as I am a physical education and health teacher. I spent my summer teaching physical education and basketball overseas. Now with that said you can safely... More
  • Moments: Sandbox- Deactivating the Autoturrets

    Also Known as "The Butt-Whooping of the Guardians" Let me just start things right off by saying that, while Sandbox is most definitely one of my most hated Halo multiplayer maps of all time, it is quite ironic that the map holding that particular... More