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  • 28/28 Day 10: The best titles of the Nintendo 64

    The Nintendo 64 is the biggest symbol of nostalgia you will ever find for me. Ever since I was a little kid I've been in total love with the system. My earliest memories place me in front of my babysitter's TV with my little kid friends around... More
  • Super Story:Chapter 3

    Im sorry for the delay but my computer had problems so I have to post this now. We need people for Chapter 4. This Chapter was written by Kyl3 and TOGNick Chapter 1: More
  • Design Theory: What The PS4 And Xbox "720" Will Probably Look Like (Edited)

    One of the most interesting things to do before new consoles launch is guessing at what the finished product will look like and what it will do. This time is no different. While I must admit that I was surprised (and a bit disappointed) by the final design... More
  • Brandon On His Stupid Dog

    Brandon has had his dog since he can remember (Not as old as my cat, but not many things are). His dog has the most energy an animal can have. It has so much pent-up energy that it needs pills to calm down. It's a black lab with a white stripe on... More
  • Changes for the New Year...

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    Well, it finally happened. 2013 is off to a rollicking start because I've finally been hired to be a critic for a professional site. And not just any professional site: A brand-spanking new one to boot. will feature reviews from... More
  • battle scar!!!

    Remember back sum time ago when I wrote a blog called 2010 in perspective: the kratos edition, I spoke of an injury that I suffered and that I was gonna upload pics of it at sum point, well here they r. The first pic is the day it happened, the last pic... More
  • Grey: Chapter 11

    “So.” Rozonne said, “Tell me more about yourself.” “About myself?” Draco said, “I don’t know. I’m just a guy.” “Have you lived in Torbec your whole life?” “No.” She waited... More
  • Caudex Whines About Media: 3/1/13 Edition

    I decided to revise the title of this little blog a bit. This more accurately represents the content contained within. Before the whinging starts, a little PSA. You probably use AdBlocker or something similar. I do, too. But do me--do GIO--a favor: Whitelist... More

    Yes, I did steal that from Wes, from Robot In The Corner. Anyways I was thinking, why sift through a weeks worth of news when you can get it all here and read it all in about ten minutes. Vita News Vita got a release date this week! February 22nd my friends... More
  • Just Another Kid at Heart

    As I like to think about it, I never really think of myself as a full fledged grown up. Yea, I'm in high school and can act mature, but when you feel stressed out, to me it always feels good to act like a kid again. When everyone around you is blabbering... More
  • 30/30 Day 26: A List of the Awesome Music I Listen to

    Music... it's the aural pleaser for the whole world. That didn't sound so right... lol. Anyways for this blog I want to dive into some great music across all my favorite genres: Classic Rock, Alternative/Punk Rock, Rap, and Video Game Music. What... More
  • What I Want In... #4 - Boss Fights

    In my previous blog, I talked about the simplicity of normal enemy encounters. I also expressed my want of worthy adversaries like the Malboro. The issue doesn't stop with random encounters. Many of you have brought up the point that boss fights are... More