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  • Why oh Why, do you say that Halo 4 is looking like CoD?

    I'm reading alot of comments from other gamers complaining that Halo 4 is looking "To much" like Call of Duty; to me, the game is looking amazing, the graphics, the mechanics, the SOUND effects, the way your Spartan moves, the way the weapons... More
  • Early 2013 Buyer's Guide Part 2

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    Welcome back everyone! Time for the second and final part in this series. I hope it continues to help inform your choices on what to buy. It's a going to be a tough year on our wallets and even the tiniest bit of information might help. Once again... More
  • Project: Jungle - Chapter 3

    Download ~ Home Heyran crouched behind a boulder, holding his hand out and motioning for Velli to stay put. He then turned his gaze and motioned for Lei to follow him, motioning to a rock close to him. She nodded and silently slipped into a similar position... More
  • Stabbed in the Back- Starfighter: Eclipse Critique

    As some of the reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage proves, I might be given a few peculiar stares for saying I recently played a game in which there are explicit gay sex scenes. Maybe a few more befuddled looks for saying... More
  • Sound Shapes Review: The Sound of Boredom

    Sound Shapes is a small 2D platformer from Indie developer Queasy Games that originally came out on the PS3 and Vita back in 2012 and on the PS4 in 2013. Outside of seeing a few seconds of it in some videos here and there, this is the first time I have... More
  • Xbox One Concerns

    While the xbox one has some amazing entertainment features announced already and I'm sure the games will be just as amazing as the were on the 360, if not better thanks to the incorporation of a blu-ray drive this time around. It would have been nice... More
  • Final Fantasy Rankings

    This is mostly in response to Joe's article. I feel like a comment wouldn't do this justice. Still, I don't have the time right now to sit down and write out an entire article like he did. Perhaps I'll publish an update in the future.... More
  • My Idea For A MMO/FPS

    I once had a idea for a MMO, but it sunk to the back of my mind until I read a blog about a FPS setup that sounded remarkable like mine. (Kudos to Brandon Whiting) Premise The year is 2167. A "new socialist" movement started in what is now Australia... More
  • AC1 story

    I know this might be a lot to ask, but I'm getting AC2 for Christmas, and I don't have time to play the first one. I've heard the narrative is really good, wiht a lot of twists. Anybody wanna fill me in? Details, please. SPOILER ALERT!!!!... More
  • Today in Gaming News! Part: Deux - Quack Quack

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    Today in The News: New X-com Shooter becomes card game, then board game, then afterthought.  An entire development team quits the industry for lifelong dreams.  And lastly, an exclusive interview with some guy at 343 Industries.  Read on to find out more!  Remember to stay frosty and check your corners when participating in holiday door-busters. You're welcome internet. 


    ... More
  • Generation Gap

    I'll start out by saying I'm 18 years old and grew up with a nintendo 64, and a SNES. Later we got a gamecube, and I didn't enter the current generation till 2008 with a Xbox360 as a Christmas gift. Later I got a PS3 and I also have a decent... More
  • The Most Emotionally Moving Moments In Gaming (For Me)

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    (Major spoilers for the following games: Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep DLC, Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, Epic Mickey, Journey, Tearaway, & The Walking Dead: Season One) There are several playlists I listen to on the regular... More