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  • A Game Worth Sharing: Space Station 13

    Every now and then, there is a game that I discover (usually through the power of YouTube) that truly turns my head. The only games that have done so that I have managed to play was Dwarf Fortress, and Space Station 13... Space Station 13 is a 'semi... More
  • Finding a Chink in the Armor

    Aka: "The Misconception of the 'Perfect' Score" I don't think these guys are scoring games- more like 'game'... Don't get me wrong, just about every game that I've seen receive critical acclaim in the form of a perfect... More
  • A Year of Top Tens: My Top Ten Tuesday Mega Recap

    A Year of Top Tens: My Top Ten Tuesday Mega Recap In The Beginning When I first started blogging in fall of 2012 I had an idea for a weekly article. It would be a great motivator to keep me writing at least once a week for my burgeoning blog about gaming... More
  • Altoholics Anonymous

    Altoholic Anonymous "Hello, my name is Leon...and I've been a Altoholic for as long as I can remember." First thing's first. What is an Altoholic? There are many games where you get a choice of your character, able to customise your... More
  • Watermelons and Cotton Candy

    Realism may very well be the ultimate goal of gaming technology, but I don't feel that making a game more realistic will make it any better. That isn't to say that more realistic games is a bad thing. Just because a game looks good, doesn't... More
  • 30/30 Day 9: Video Game Darwinism: A Fight for Survival amongst Developers

    Survival of the fittest; our world is defined by it. It is a theory that defines how creatures behave and live even how societies function. The animals who cannot adapt to survive will be killed. The humans who cannot adapt to society's changes will... More
  • Snow White

    When I was a child, I watched Disney cartoon moves. Every kid does. My favorite was The Jungle Book. I always wanted to know what it would be like to live in the wild amongst animals that wouldn't think twice about ripping me into tiny pieces if they... More
  • Apple Jack 2's SMB2-Inspired Cover

    This isn't the type of blog post I plan to normally make (I have a lot of actual, proper articles in the works), but I just wanted to announce some news that's exciting for me: Apple Jack 2 launched recently on Xbox Live Indie Games, with a Super... More
  • 31/31 Day 25- Super Mario 3D Land

    Super Mario 3D Land was the first Mario game I beat. I got stuck in both of the Mario World games, never got through the basement in Mario 64, and have not played any other core Mario titles.. Still, it was awesome. When I first walked into this game... More
  • PC Gaming Does Cost A Fortune

    Pc gaming is the future. There's no two ways about it in my opinion. There's also the debate on the fact that PC gaming costs a ton of money. While there's several ways to prove either way. I have to say, unless you can afford to upgrade your... More
  • Movie Review: Predators

    I've been busy for a while, so I thought I'd drop back in and leave off a couple recent reviews. Predators When you go to a movie like “Predators”, you kind of know what to expect. There is a kind of monster movie in which suspense... More
  • Thanks Universal for ruining a good game!

    So in 1998 a great developer by the name of Insominac Games made a small funny platformer named "Spyro The Dragon". Honestly has to be one of my favorite games ever, but hey Insominac is great at making GREAT games. Plus the music is flat out... More