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  • EDITORIAL: Spongebob Squarepants Is About Drugs

    Or at least one episode, anyways. The episode I'm referring to is Hooky , the final episode of season one of Spongebob Squarepants, and it tells an intriguing story of an undersea sponge dealing with a crippling addiction. To hooks. The episode starts... More
  • Do You Finish All Your Games and What's Your Backlog?

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    There was a very interesting article I read today one this site. Only 10% of gamers finish games from a study done by CNN.(link here and awesome video here ) Now, at first I thought this study was just wrong. Then I started looking at my own collection... More
  • Hawk reviews: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)

    Yes, I've returned! I hope you guys are happy about it, because I definitely am! Time to get cracking again with one of my favorite games in recent memory, and work from there!... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Now Hiring

    UPDATE: We have our new staff members! The ones that will be helping us with the show are toxicmischief , Vurtax , and Another Matthew . Toxicmischief ( Daniel ) will be our substitute/new editor. He will be the one sprucing up the recordings, along with... More
  • BOSS Battle!

    Since gaming began... or since I discovered it, one phenomena has fascinated me more than any else- Fighting a boss. From King Koopa and that dragon thing in that first temple of Zelda I always felt sorry for because I really loved dragons as a kid and... More
  • Dual Blog with Born4This: Borderlands 2 Class Ideas

    As many of you know, Gameinformer Has Kicked off it's month long coverage of borderlands 2 and that today's (or yesterday's) article is about one of the new classes (And I hope not the only one): The Gunzerker. The class it's self didn't... More
  • A Generation in Review: PS3

    When I first joined this site what must be going on a couple years ago now... scratch that. When I first got my hands on a current gen console, the thought of it becoming outdated didn't even cross my mind. I'd say that even up to late last year... More
  • In Anticipation of - Rage

    Similar (but different) to my blog a while back in January for Spec Ops: The Line This article will touch on why I'm so excited for Id's next game and why I think others should be too. So the first time I ever really looked into this game was... More
  • The News - 08.18.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! With the European " GamesCom " convention in full swing, we have had an absolute onslaught of news across the board. However, interestingly enough, most of the information being released is minor updates or information... More
  • An Impassioned Plea: The Future of the RPG

    I am going to boldly say it. Despite all reports to the contrary, the RPG genre is not dying, although I will admit the definition of an RPG has become somewhat malleable. The traditional RPG's that I grew up with have become relegated to the "JRPG"... More
  • My Hugantic, Ginourmous Backlog!!

    Most gamers have a backlog. It's hard to keep up with every game that has come out. But most are able to keep the tide of games at bay. But I have definitely failed to do that. So without further ado, here is my backlog of games from mostly this generation... More
  • Apozem's Cartooniest Childhood Cartoons That Are Awesome

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    Hey, it's the continuation of Favorites Week . I do love this week because I get to talk about all the things that, well, are my favorite. Anyway, this post was inspired by the widespread adoration of the children's cartoon My Little Pony . The... More