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  • Happy Bioshock Infinite Year!

    2012 is upon us. The year we are wiped from existence by an object in the solar system that, up to now, is not actually recognized as even existing by astronomers. But, that's just what the object wants you to think, isn't it? Anyway, sure there... More
  • 5 Reasons Why I Love My 3DS

    People love to hate on the 3DS, claiming it doesn't have enough good games, is too pricey, has limited technology, or is obsolete due to the lack of a second control stick. I only got my 3DS (the edition pictured above) a little over a month ago,... More
  • My Quest to Beat Every Game Ever Made: Starting the Journey

    I recently blogged about how my gaming new years resolution is to beat every game ever. While some of you supported this dream, others criticized the obvious imposibility. Since I too agreed that my dream was somewhat flawed, I have decided what I am... More
  • If I Made... Halo 4

    Halo is one of my favorite series of all time. I absolutely loved the singleplayer and multiplayer aspects of Halo 1-3, but in my opinion, Halo: Reach was extremely lackluster and the worst in the series. I was extremely excited about it, but after I... More
  • My 2012 New Year's Video Game Resolution: 52 Weeks, 52 Blogs


    FamilyGuyGuy7 is back wishing you a happy 2012.  He returns with a resolution and a dream; to play 52 games in 52 weeks and blog about each and every one.

    ... More
  • Pushmo Blocks- Just Another Reason I'm Starting to Like Downloadable Games

    They may be small and chubby, but this game is BIG fun! I've been somewhat reluctant to come into the 21st century, what with all these intangible game downloads. Because *coughs and then talks in old person voice* back in MY day, we had cartridges... More
  • Happy New Year GIO! My 2012 Plans

    Let us not forget that today marks the day of "The end of the world!" That's right, the Mayan's predictions for the end of the world, A.K.A, the end of their calender, which means we live, they die. I really do feel sorry for anyone... More
  • Ushering In A New Year: Saint's Resolutions And Predictions For 2012…

    If you read yesterday's blog, you know that last year I posted a blog just like the one I am posting tonight at midnight (and ironically the very one you are reading right now) that outlines my video game inspired resolutions, predictions and games... More
  • I support Anonymous

    I do, well, i always have, supported the art of 'hacking'. Loved old school movies like Hackers and Wargames. I feel that the rise of this group is really just a case for the freedom of information. These people, i feel, arent out to get the average... More
  • Storytelling in Videogames

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Prepare for some unadulterated rambling in this blog. Viewer discretion is advised. So recently, a game you all know (and probably love) came out to blockbuster sales and reviews. Yeah, this guy I, of course... More
  • My Gaming Resolution for the New Year: Beat Every Game Ever

    Well, for Christmas I got a capture card. I've messed around with it a bit but have had no use for it so far. So I came to a conclusion: I'm making a website and I'm going to document myself beating every game ever ( or at least as many as... More
  • My Gaming Goals For 2012

    Towards the end of every year, lots of people make New Year's Resolutions. People want to do everything they can to make the next year even better than the previous one. One way people do this is by setting goals in the form of New Year's Resolutions... More