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  • Sonic Generations Reviews, IGN V.S GI

    Sup everyone. Do you wanna know what IGN gave Sonic Generations (Console Version)? IGN gave the new Sonic an 8.5 out of 10. Yeah that's what they scored Sonic Generations! I mean IGN was nice to the Sonic franchise after his 20th anniversary, but... More
  • Mod Spotlight: The Specialists

    Note: This mod requires a PC and Half Life 1. Most PC's made in the last decade should do. If you want to get a head start on playing, download it here while you read the article. The Half Life franchise is also 75% off on Steam today, which is available... More
  • What the buggers is the point of a 'Blog'???

    What do I do with one of these...? More
  • ThatFoxGuy's New Year's Resolutions

    The end of the 2011 is upon us. Know what that means? Only one year until the apocalypse. Well, jokes aside, the holiday season closes in about 5 days and we're left swimming in a swarth of new toys and gadgets, like we should be. But then, on December... More
  • My Heart

    GIO is probably the best community out there. Period. But there is one thing I hate the most. One thing that this community lacks in my eyes: humanity. Everyday I go on this site to joke, complain, praise, and overall ridicule idiots. So chances are high... More
  • My Journey into Game Design (Introduction)

    One of the perks of going to an extremely small high school and specifically the high school I go to is this thing called Winterim. What Winterim offers is two weeks of unique learning opportunities after Christmas Break because no one does anything during... More
  • The Forums - A Challenge to the Community

    19 2
    I’m not sure how many people will see this, but if you are a part of this great GIO community then I really encourage you to take the time and read this. A few months ago you may remember a blog from Saint where he challenged everyone in the blogging... More
  • My video gaming wish list for the new year.

    With the new year approaching I've been thinking about how great a year we've had for games this year. With solid follow ups to existing franchises, exciting new IP, and some remakes, and re-imaginings of older games for current gen systems. I've... More
  • Underpriveleged Gamers: Why Are They Restricted?

    A few days ago, I walked into gamestop to buy a used copy of AC Revelations, when I spied a father and son, (much like me and my dad used to) checking out the games along one wall of the store. While I was waiting in line, I overheard the kid talking... More
  • The Sands of Time

    My second Poem. The Sands of Time. Please leave a comment and tell me what yo think. Alone I walk the infinite sands of time Across the endless golden seas I climb In this shining world of eternal splender Am I trapped forgotten and alone forever Loneliness... More
  • art update 12/19/11

    Hello, and welcome to my art update. I've added my NYC themed art work, and an awesome Skyrim fan art. More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 2-14

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    This week, Wes and Dean share their impressions of Uncharted 3, and we share our 2011 Game of the Year Awards, including the award for Game of the Year which was voted for by our listeners. For the Netflix Instant Queue Movie Review, we talk about Superman... More