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  • Happy New Year from Game Over... continue?

    Hey all, hope everyone had a nice holiday and a happy new year! Santa was very good to us this year, we found on Xmas Eve we are expecting our first baby! That's right people, Game Over... continue? is breeding! Lol, the current joke is that this... More
  • Religion In Games: A Risky Apple To Bite

    Making a game based on religion is a very delicate thing. You should know what you're doing,and you should be really careful,you're making a game based on peoples' beliefs. It's like deactivating a bomb,if you cut a wrong wire...BOOM!... More
  • User Review Herding - 01/14/12

    This was a great week for user reviews. I'm happy to say that this week featured the most user reviews written since User Review Herding started (I know it hasn't been that long, but that is still a great achievement on the community's part... More
  • Politics And Persuasion In Video Games…

    There are a few forbidden, or at the very least, taboo topics that most people tend to stray away from discussing because of the volatility of the subject matter; topics like religion, politics, lifestyle...and of course the Call of Duty - Battlefield... More
  • The Best Game I Played Last Year

    So, I'm back (kind of). Sorry for my temporary leave of absence, because my volleyball schedule has kicked into complete overdrive and I've been having double practices and power lifting. Overall, my schedule has been 100X more time consuming... More
  • Missing out on Nintendo's DLC?

    I realize games on DSiWare, WiiWare, and eShop are highly under-appreciated and unrecognized by many gamers. There isn't the highest amount of content on these games, and there wouldn't be enough to write about in one review, so I am writing a... More
  • decide which of these should be my album cover

    So I had an assignment in class to create a band album in photoshop/adobe illustrator. Tell me which one you like more, and I'll use it in class. More
  • Completing My Backlog 2012

    One of my New Year's Resolutions was to complete my gaming backlog before I buy any more games. After compiling a list of all the games that I would have to complete, I realized this would not be an easy goal to complete. I have 37 games to complete... More
  • On Technology; The Battlefield 3 Battlelog, It'd Be More Awesome If I Knew More People

    Today, I went through a whole process of creating a new PSN account to try and hook it up with the EA website and make use of the BF3 Battlelog. I had to keep switching back and forth between my computer and PS3, trying to connect the two. After the whole... More
  • Indies Unheard Of

    When I say "unheard of", I think I speak for everyone. But I'll tell you what you've heard of, indies. Independent games, belonging to independent game developers, bring us small, but sweet titles that grasp our attention from the moment... More
  • SOPA Summary Part 2: Section 103 (First Half)

    Today, we will cover the first half of section 103 of HR 3261, the proposed bill known as the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA for short. As with entry number one, which can be found here , these blogs are not about opinion or what is right and what is... More
  • Impressions on the FF XIII-2 demo

    It's hard for me to talk about final fantasy these days. I've been a fan since number 1. I remember having my mind blown when I learned that there were main line games that had never come out anywhere but japan. I was there when those lost games... More