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  • Personal Favorite Moments in Gaming

    Everyone experiences gaming slightly differently. Because of this, several favorites moments are formed. Some in which many will agree upon, and others that may only be enjoyable to only a few people. Lately, I've seen a number of blogs talking about... More
  • 1/31- Never Say Never

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    Well, I didn't imagine I'd find myself in this situation. I have said in the past that I'd never ever attempt this challenge. Yet, here I am. I've always been frightened to tackle this challenge for the sheer amount of dedication that... More
  • Thoughts on Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Games in general

    I'd like to come out right away and say that I believe SMG2 will be a really great game. I played the original Super Mario Galaxy, which combined a large number of wonderful elements that I hadn't ever seen before to craft a wonderfully rich world... More
  • Modern Warfare 2 is going to be great!

    I'm about to leave to go to Gamestop, and wait for the game! I am so freaking exited! I'm going to leave at 9.00 o'clock p.m. I am going to play all night. To bad i got to wait till tommorow to play on Xbox Live. Because i have to renew it... More
  • MarioKart7: Is it up to the Hype?

    Ok. here I am again doing my first "major" post in over a year....Such a long time. Anyways, I bought MarioKart7 yesterday. I opened it and so far it is really worth the $40 I spent. The Kart customization makes it so much more easier to get... More
  • Sony's Used Game Blocking Patent, and the Future of Used Sales

    Sony has--apparently--filed a patent that creates a simple way for a game console to block used games from being played. Check out the article over here at IGN . Go ahead and cry foul. "Boo!" Go ahead, get it out of your system. "Screw... More
  • Ranking Every Pre-2016 Game I Played This Year

    With the end of the year approaching, I decided to kick off my series of end of the year blogs that I have planned by ranking every game that I played to completion this year that released prior to 2016. I’m only ranking the game that I completed... More
  • 7Th Guest Windows Now On Windows XP Vista And 7!

    The Seventh Guest Game will be performed by roaming by way of a mansion, solving reasoning vague ideas as well as viewing video tutorials that further the tale. The primary villain, Mom Stauf, is definitely an ever-present nuisance, laughing at the player... More
  • An Issue of Accessibility

    Some time ago I was returning a few movies I rented and decided that I wanted a video game. Something new, but something I wouldn't naturally buy. After skimming the ridiculously small PS3 aisle a couple of times I came across EA's FIFA 12 . I... More
  • Looking for a Co-Reviewer

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    I just received Radiant Historia in the mail and I'm greatly considering doing a review on it. This will be my first foray into that territory, so I want to sort of leave my mark. Instead of doing the traditional review, It'll be more of a conversation... More
  • The new hardcore gamer

    It's no secret that video games are more widespread than they used to be. Hell, they are more prevalent than they were a mere two or three years ago. Everyone from kids to grandparents are playing. They use consoles, handhelds, PCs, iPads, and cell... More
  • 3 Games that (Might) Have Fallen Under the Radar

    With gaming related news constantly flooding our screens it's hard to keep track of all the game announcements and, inevitably, smaller and quieter studios get drowned out by the incessant din of big companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Activision... More