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  • CAD a great on-line comic

    I have been reading this on-line comic for a few years now, this is a great comic for gamers. They have funny characters and tie in video games into the comic very well. If you like comics and video games, this comic is for you. Sometimes it is not all... More
  • Lots going on...

    It's been a long time. A lot has happened since I posted here last. KmartGamer folded, I tried my hand at another blog that didn't work out, and I had basically thrown in the towel on writing in general. I turned 40 in April. I applied for financial... More
  • Delays and Why They Happen

    This is a shorter blog that I wrote on my new website Game 4ever News. Go to for reviews, previews, and blogs like this. Ok now time for the main event. Ok in the past few weeks we have learned about delays for LittleBigPlanet... More
  • Border Transitions Vol.1

    Just finished the design for my friends recent dj mix. Tell me what you all think. To here this set click on the following link: Border Transitions Vol.1 More
  • Shining Some Light on Alan Wakes story

    Spoiler Alert : If you have not completed the game please do not continue reading. I will bring up some plot points that raise questions and then I will provide some insight on possible answers to these questions. At the beginning of the game ( in the... More
  • The Quest: Part 9

    Raz Says, “Umm stereotypical feminine computer voice. Aren’t you going to finish that sentence.” “Oh sorry, the after the last part ended while I was saying something, I got disoriented. But anyway, at the moment there is only one song unlocked in the... More
  • Killzone: Mercenary Review - A Use for that Second Analogue Stick

    7 1
    Since the Vita launched two years ago, players have been dying for a handheld shooter. Uncharted: Golden Abyss was close, and I use every waking moment to forget Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. Killzone Mercenary does... More
  • 210 Reviews Episode 3: Taken

    Finally, we have got our third video up! it's exciting it's new! it's exhilarating!!! watch me run into a window, watch my roommate get a creepy phone call it's all right here in Room 210!!! Update on Video Series: There will be three... More
  • Not a Good Way to Start the Weekend

    Tonight one of my molars cracked while I was eating a chewey multi-vitamin. Can you believe it? Of all the crap junk food I eat to have it chip on a soft-chew , multi-vitamin. So guess what that means? Tomorrow I get to visit the dentist for a semi-emergency... More
  • I have an Opinion- Continuing the Discussion...

    In May, it will have been just about a year since I wrote my first "Opinion" blog. While I can say that a good time was had by that time around, this time I want to be a bit more serious. This isn't about stupid opinions anymore. This is... More
  • Zang Recommends: Rings of Power

    Aah Rings of Power. I'm not sure if a lot of people remember this game. When it was originally released it wasn't well received. It probably had something to do with the games difficulty. This game is one of the most difficult RPG's I have... More
  • Medal of Honor Beta Impressions

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter shipped out its beta quite recently, giving many some hands-on time with the anticipated sequel to the reboot, Medal of Honor. While not a fan of the Call of Duty style shooters, I am a fan of video games as a whole, and being... More