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  • 31/31 Day 11: The alien killin' dream team

    X-Com enemy unknown is my personal game of the year so far, so I have been thinking about was to up my alien killing team. But then it hit me, other characters from games would make even better teammates. So this list is kind of like expendables, but... More

    I just watched Conan O' brian review Hitman Absolution. Ive never been so annoyed and amused at the same time as i was with this review / skit. Im assuming if your reading this blog youve seen the Connan review im talking about or have seen a different... More
  • Knowing Where You Came From

    I am older than most. I was born in 1985 when the video game world was in its early days. I've seen the technology grow to what it is today. So, before I am stunned by Crysis 3, I thought I'd talk about a lost art of the gaming world. Arcades... More
  • A Childhood of Games

    For some people, they have fond memories of rescuing princesses, defeating mad scientists, blue hedgehogs, and many others. Me? I killed aliens and demons from hell. With LucasArts closed and me finally getting the chance to play the full version of Hexen... More
  • Ghosts of Gaming: Guitar Hero Tribute

    With the recent release of the 2014 edition of Rocksmith, I have decided to reflect on one of the key players in the music-video game genre. We live in a world where there are franchises that pump out new games on a yearly schedule, and while certain... More
  • 27/27: Part 3, The reasons that would posses me to do this

    (I promise, they aren't Face palm bad) Well, now that I got my introduction and New Year's blogs outta the way, I figure that I should talk about why I'm doing this in the first place. From what I've heard 31/31's are grueling challenges... More
  • My 100% List - Part 2 (Attempt # I can't count that high!)

    Hmm... I've tried checking the support page, I've tried clearing my browser's cache, I've-- Oh, hi! I've been trying to post this for a while, but GI's site wouldn't let me. Looks like it finally worked (unless it didn't... More
  • 27/27: Part 1Ɛ: The Curse of wanting Moore

    While morbid, this is certainly a topic that we should all be aware of. Ever since the 1960’s humanity has been reaping the rewards of a system that seemed too good to be true. That system is Moore’s law, and it’s going to crumble, sooner... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Episode 12

    This week on the Best Podcast on the Citadel, the guys are again joined by news editor Tiff MacDonald to irreverently discuss the biggest video game news of the week. On tap this episode is the bizarre story of a former Panamanian dictator suing a two... More
  • 365/365 Day 351: Reminiscing About Danganronpa

    A few thoughts on the Danganronpa series.

    ... More
  • Halo Reach Midnight Release Part 2

    Alright So I arrive at my local gamestop ready to play some Halo at about 9:30, Well by the time I got there roughly 20 people were there. I figured that wasn't bad and at least it wasn't gonna be a ghost town. So at 10 the fun began we walk inside... More
  • Vampire: The story of Malkev. (Chapter 13) by J.K.Ramswick

    Chapter 13 Secrets revealed. by J.K.Ramswick We reached Justicar Larksons’ castle after nearly a month of traveling by the cover of night. I knocked on the door, and waited for an answer. One of the servants opened the door and invited us inside... More