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  • Turtle Beach XL1 Headset Review

    I was looking for a cheap headset that would actually last. I have been through several of the little ones that you are given with your Xbox. I had heard about the nice quality of Turtle Beach headphones, so I knew that those are the ones I wanted. This... More
  • Defining What GOTY Means…

    17 1
    I know this is cutting it close as the end of the year is just a few days away, but between the holidays, battling a cold, work, school and all the other Real Life issues that you and I face every day, I just haven't gotten around to this blog yet... More
  • Looking Back at Predictions: 10 Reasons Why 2011 Will Be Remembered in Gaming History

    Earlier this year, I made a number of predictions regarding why 2011 was going to be one of the greatest years in gaming history. I thought it would be fun to take a trip back down memory lane and revisit the reasons I gave and why many of them were wrong... More
  • An Unfair Edge: Short Blog

    Spamming, stale moves, hacking, just being plain old annoying... I'm sure all of us who enjoy fighting games have encountered a player or two who can't seem to play fair. I was playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the first time online last night.... More
  • Favorite games & surprise hit games of this year.

    I know Jeff just did a article on this but I liked it so much My GOTY for me no questions asked,my most anticipated game this year as well. I've been waiting for a great challenge that would try my patience again after playing Demon Souls & I... More
  • My Christmas Reviews

    Not a long blog from me today, mostly because this is like an intro to a series I'm doing. I am getting all of the games, movies, and other items and will review them. I have already begun, being that I wrote Kinect Sports: Season Two review today... More
  • Gear Progression

    Another controversial topic, brought to you by the World of Warcraft public forums. I tried to post a similar response on there, but it wouldn't let me. So I'll post it here to spark some debate on GI. While I'm referring to WoW, this could... More
  • What If Apple Made a Game Console?

    19 1
    Considering that my job is to write about cell phones and mobile products, I end up talking about Apple a lot. Their products, hate them if you must, are undeniably influential in the cell phone market. Apple has a knack for inventing things that break... More
  • My Year In Review: The Games I Played and My Thoughts on Them

    I've had a very eventful year. Not only did I join GI this year, I played a ton of games. Probably more games than I've played in my life. Since I can't name all of them, I'll break down some of the highlights. Ratchet and Clank Series... More
  • Disgaea Series v.s. Final Fantasy Tactics Series Part 6

    Hello and welcome back the Disgaes v.s Final Fantasy blogpost series. Today I'll be talking about Final Fantasy Tactics/War of the Lions. There isn't much to talk about battle system wise other than the character turns are determined on a speed... More
  • In game moments of the year.

    This year has unarguably been one of the best years for gaming ever. I want to know what your favorite gaming moments this entire year are, and why. Here are some of mine. 10. Blowing helicopters out of the sky. Modern Warfare 3 offered a lot to the popular... More
  • The Worst Dilemma in Gamer History

    13 1
    I've come to a striking revelation that I'm ready to share with the world: I like Bethesda's Fallout series more than the Elder Scrolls series. Yes, more than Skyrim. With such a discovery, I knew I needed to delve more into the causes in... More