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  • F*ck You Starkiller

    This is to show my haterd against these stupid alternate unvierses. Alright, all us SW fans should've seen the Han Solo die vid and this shows how utterly stupid aleternate histories all. To be honest, I LOVED the original Force Unleashed for my PS2... More
  • The VGA's: People who Should be there

    On saturday December 11th, Red Dead Redemption took home the award for Game of the Year award. The host for saturday's show was Neil Patrick Harris(Of How I met your Mother fame). Really, NPH really represents. But the rest of the show didnt neccessairly... More
  • The Homework Epidemic- Fact or Fiction?

    Clearly, this blog post will not be related to video games. I guess, you can connect it by making the claim that it takes up your video game time or whatever, but that's not really my concern. As a future educator, my concern is more about spreading... More
  • Inside the action figure's studio, a interview with Ken. A grouchy old Dude report.

    Through the wonder of the internet and my imagination, I present my Interview with the most underrated, "action figure" in history. Ladies and gentleman I present Ken, of Barbie and Ken. Hello you are a lovely bunch! Old Dude: I want to thank... More
  • Funny Facebook Video Game Groups…

    Phew. Busy day. Long day. Major traffic jam on the way home, and all I want to do is shoot something. Virtually of course, but something nonetheless. Tonight is a quick and easy blog. Hope you don't mind. I was updating the Twitter and Facebook page... More
  • Common Sense Media. org and its take on Video Games

    Recently, I've begun to see one of their ads on television. I haven't been able to find a clip of it, but the general idea is of getting parents involved in what kind of media their child is exposed to. The ad itself has a young boy who switches... More
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Achievements

    Achievements are a great innovation in video games. Most people love getting achievements and staring at the all the different ones they have gotten. But, if you ever find yourself wanting to be a completions or just increasing your Gamerscore I have... More
  • Apozem's Best Games of 2010

    15 1
    2010 has been one hell of a year. So much so, in fact, that I decided to officially (by my standards) recognize some of the most outstanding achievements in gaming, film, and television. I tried to pick the best, most well-written and engaging stories... More
  • Overpriced: Ten Bucks, For A Name Change!

    So about Septemeer i signed up for Xbox Live (not that i can use it that much) and i went through the standard processes (You know not reading the disclamer, puting in the Emails, picking a stupid name cuase the one you want is already taken) It wasn't... More
  • Franchises That Died Early

    Okay so it’s Christmas time and I’m looking for some games to play and some cartoons to watch. I’m not looking for anything new though, I’m looking for franchises that were cut short and didn’t get to go on as long as they... More
  • You're Graphics Got In My Multiplayer

    No this is not a peanut butter in chocolate situation. Its more like lamb and tuna fish. As the graphics quality has increased there has been a steady decline in multiplayer quality. Everything from the number of players in a match to features in a game have been stripped down to make way for the beast that is today's graphics. What exactly are we missing out on? Read on.... More
  • Goal Check: Week Three

    With my victories over Dr. Fetus and Bowser positioned firmly behind me, I will now look ahead and plot my return to Albion. I had my work cut out for me last week as I faced each challenge head on and completed all but one. Join me this week as I tell... More