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  • The Review Of 2011

    T his year was a great year for games,in my opinion,this is the best year the gaming industry had so far. With great exclusive and multiplatform games making gamers all around the world happy. This year is also rich with innovations,the main innovation... More
  • Gaming reasons to look forward to 2012

    There are still some game from 2011 that I still have yet to get to play, but 2012 isn't even here yet and its full of upcoming titles that makes me wonder how I'm going to afford it all (plus the things from 2011 that I still need to get). This... More
  • Turtle Beach XL1 Headset Review

    I was looking for a cheap headset that would actually last. I have been through several of the little ones that you are given with your Xbox. I had heard about the nice quality of Turtle Beach headphones, so I knew that those are the ones I wanted. This... More
  • Defining What GOTY Means…

    17 1
    I know this is cutting it close as the end of the year is just a few days away, but between the holidays, battling a cold, work, school and all the other Real Life issues that you and I face every day, I just haven't gotten around to this blog yet... More
  • Looking Back at Predictions: 10 Reasons Why 2011 Will Be Remembered in Gaming History

    Earlier this year, I made a number of predictions regarding why 2011 was going to be one of the greatest years in gaming history. I thought it would be fun to take a trip back down memory lane and revisit the reasons I gave and why many of them were wrong... More
  • An Unfair Edge: Short Blog

    Spamming, stale moves, hacking, just being plain old annoying... I'm sure all of us who enjoy fighting games have encountered a player or two who can't seem to play fair. I was playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the first time online last night.... More
  • Favorite games & surprise hit games of this year.

    I know Jeff just did a article on this but I liked it so much My GOTY for me no questions asked,my most anticipated game this year as well. I've been waiting for a great challenge that would try my patience again after playing Demon Souls & I... More
  • My Christmas Reviews

    Not a long blog from me today, mostly because this is like an intro to a series I'm doing. I am getting all of the games, movies, and other items and will review them. I have already begun, being that I wrote Kinect Sports: Season Two review today... More
  • Gear Progression

    Another controversial topic, brought to you by the World of Warcraft public forums. I tried to post a similar response on there, but it wouldn't let me. So I'll post it here to spark some debate on GI. While I'm referring to WoW, this could... More
  • What If Apple Made a Game Console?

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    Considering that my job is to write about cell phones and mobile products, I end up talking about Apple a lot. Their products, hate them if you must, are undeniably influential in the cell phone market. Apple has a knack for inventing things that break... More
  • My Year In Review: The Games I Played and My Thoughts on Them

    I've had a very eventful year. Not only did I join GI this year, I played a ton of games. Probably more games than I've played in my life. Since I can't name all of them, I'll break down some of the highlights. Ratchet and Clank Series... More
  • Disgaea Series v.s. Final Fantasy Tactics Series Part 6

    Hello and welcome back the Disgaes v.s Final Fantasy blogpost series. Today I'll be talking about Final Fantasy Tactics/War of the Lions. There isn't much to talk about battle system wise other than the character turns are determined on a speed... More