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  • Bethesda's One Weak Point: Character Animations

    Happy Skyrim GI Cover’s Eve Everyone !!! According to Andy McNamara , The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim cover will be unveiled sometime tomorrow (1-6-11). I am so super cereal crazy excited to learn more about the game and see some screens. There will... More
  • Preaching To The Kongregation: Some Fun Games (Part One of XX)

    Okay, so I hope that this blog doesn't turn into something of a smack in the face to Gameinformer (as it is owned by Gamestop as is Kongregate.) And certainly I don't intend to insult three of my favorite web sites (being GIO,, and... More
  • GIO Is My Social Site

    I'm in a blogging mood today, so I thought I'd write a second blog. I thought I'd go with something a little more personal, something about me. I'm not the type that's into social networking or blogging, I tend to stay away from that... More
  • Legendary Frog and Dead Fantasy

    I was looking at posts on the main page and came across the Aerith's Rap thing. It is here for those who don't know what I am talking about: That got me thinking about... More
  • OnLive, The Future of Gaming ?

    I was watching t.v. one night and I saw a commercial for Onlive and it got me thinking. Is downloadable games the future of gaming? OnLive can be viewed as the fourth console, but beyond being able to play old games and ports of other games that can be... More
  • Extremely soaker water firearms

    their is usually an inexpensive and straightforward route to produce your special drinking water marker via elements you are able to invest in with a hardware store. Any kind of baby or perhaps adult implement one, since, since you cause it to your self... More
  • Girls Games Available Online

    There are so many girls� games available online nowadays. You will surely have fun playing them all. Of course, who would forget their childhood memories when you were holding that toy doll and a toy kitchen set with pots and pans? It has been every girl... More
  • Is It Too Much to Ask?

    The best developers make video game design look easy. Indeed, some features seem ready made for easy implementation. So why do so many games pass on these elements? 'Tis the season for wish lists, so here are sometimes neglected elements that could... More
  • Enjoyable Knowing With Cool Math Games

    Mathematics or categorised as Math is your subject that scientific studies the concepts associated with quantity, space, shape, and change. In learning this subject, people will also be taught how to analyze patterns, conjectures, and probabilities. It... More
  • Tidying Up Some Loose Ends…

    So, I've been at my temporary duty assignment for a few days now and you'd think I'd have all this free time on my hands to sit around playing video games and hammering out blogs galore, but alas, that couldn't be further from the truth... More
  • Character Bio part 1: Darth sidious. Part 1

    Darth Sidious. Planning and scheming since 1980. Darth sidious was first introduced in The Empire Strikes Back as the leader of the empire. Before he showed up Darth Vader seemed to be in control in A New Hope. No one knows his exact age. Darth Sidious... More
  • Welcome to the world of tomorrow! (Maybe?) A grouchy old dude report.

    Sorry about not posting anything it's been hectic at the old dude's house. We had Christmas, and doctor visits, and a trip to New Orleans to comfort a sick friend(when I say comfort it means visit my bro in law in jail lol), plus 2 out of 4 birthday's... More