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  • Wii U: Four things it will need to have to fit in the hardcore market

    Wii U. When you hear the (terrible) name a lot of speculation comes to mind. Before it was named "Project Cafe" when details were first leaked about Nintendo's newest console. Although it was recently unveiled at E3 this year, we still don't... More
  • California? New York? Again? Game Developers Need To Get More Creative With Locations

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    Leading up to the big reveal of Grand Theft Auto V, there was much speculation over where the game would take place. Would it be some place new and exciting? Like Las Vegas? Would the series return to its roots of Liberty City or seek a more southern... More
  • I Just Thought, We Are A Community, Why Not Share Our Ideas?

    The title of this blog is a little misleading, even for me, but It's really simple. Why do we all just review games? That can get so old. I recently wrote a review on the DLC for Battlefield 3, Back To Karkand. And I came across markus1142's review... More
  • You Are Umasou

    I've recently found this great movie, completely on youtube, Its charming and has the same quality as Studio Ghibli Animes. The title of this movie is "You Are Umasou", I implore you to give this great movie a chance: movie critique: SPOILERS... More
  • Death's End O' The Year Awards (And De-wards)

    I know what your thinking. "Ugh, ANOTHER one of these posts..." Yes. It is. But your reading anyway. So keep reading... Leave a comment on what you think of it please! I will start with the worst. Some of you may not have even heard of these... More
  • Baby, come back (to Karkand)

    [Back to Karkand DLC review - Xbox 360 - 8.5/10] Last week, wayoverdue hit upon the great idea of "why not review DLC?" After all, even if it doesn't represent a $60 purchase, DLC is a product that is bought and sold (even if, like many... More
  • Fall 2011. The greatest or most disappointing lineup?

    Arguably this year's fall lineup has been the most hyped about lineup in recent years. Jam packed with sequels to some of the greatest blockbusters of this generation of consoles the expectations were the higher they've been since probably 2007... More
  • Saint’s Book Report: Halo Cryptum…

    I enjoy reading and here lately, at least the last few years or so, I've been reading mostly books that are video game related. Truth be told, I enjoy writing and wouldn't mind authoring a book one day myself, but who knows if that will ever happen... More
  • Skyrimmies

    (Warning: Some minor sidequests (Dark Brotherhood, College of Winterhold, and Daedric artifacts) spoilers for Skyrim. You have been warned.) Skyrim is a vast game no doubt. So much, I don't think it should participate in the VGA's. It should just... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 2-13

    This week, things got a little crazy, and I'm surprised we have an actual "show" to post online. Enjoy this shorter episode made long with about 30 minutes of outtakes pre-show at the end. Click here to play this audio clip Show Notes: Be... More
  • Gamer's Block: The Scourge to All Gamers

    See this face? It could happen to YOU! I must be honest with you. I'm having trouble playing the many games I ought to be playing. I finished Ocarina of Time and unlocked Master Quest mode, and I felt like Rip Van Winkle looking up and noticing that... More
  • Why online passes are a bad idea, and not for the reasons you might think.

    Recently I had a debate with a well meaning and well spoken person via a thread on a Game Informer topic. I took the position that online passes are a bad idea, and his stance was that he wants to support game developers that spend a lot of time to create... More