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  • My Persona 5 Wish List

    Persona is one of my favorite game series. From it's dark humor to it's serious storylines, all the Persona games are great in their own way. However, it's been a couple years since they've made a major game in the series and I have a... More
  • Blog Post #1: Out with the New, In with the Old

    Christmas time is (almost) here! You know what that means - gathering around the Christmas tree, caroling, endless lines at Wal-Mart, and of course, countless hours of gaming! Cheers!!! However, I have recently come across something that I, surprisingly... More
  • Thoughts on Dragon Age III - What Should Leave and Stay Out

    Sometimes, when you play a sequel to a game you loved, you encounter a new feature or addition that just makes you think, "W-what? Why did they put this in? What's the point of this?" Such was the case with many gamers who played Dragon... More
  • Ending on A Good Note

    Hello this is durararaGO95. Today I wanted to talk about endings. Whether in video games, movies, books, or albums they all have an ending. The thing is some of these endings can be extremely good or just flat out awful. Have you ever experienced a story... More
  • MGS Rising: analysis with new trailer


    Shortly ago a new trailer relating to the upcoming MGS game, MGS Rising, was revealed. In this trailer gameplay as well as the protagonist himself, Raiden, was shown. The question is: after this trailer, in what direction does MGS Rising go to ? To watch the trailer and my analysis read further.

    ... More
  • If I Could Choose, Best Games of the Year Would Be (sort-of) Different.

    I haven't played all of the games this year, and not much more than Skyrim. I haven't played any after that release(maybe because the last is SWTOR, on the 20th), but I have played quite a few. If I could, I would make my own 'Best Games of... More
  • Underestimated games: My Reviews Part 2

    Welcome back gamers! Sorry about the short review last time. Something unexpected happened where we had to take mom to the hospital and couldn't finish what I wanted to tell you guys because I have everything written down in a notepad. Now that I'm... More
  • Easy Mode

    If any of you here play World of Warcraft, you'll know about the new Looking for Raid system. I just commented on an article about it in the official forums, and it got me thinking. How easy can games actually be, before they become something less... More
  • Holiday Gaming Gift Guides-Useful or Zombie Consumer Fodder?

    It can get confusing out there this holiday season, so why not take a GUIDE with you? While at the mall today, I stopped into GameStop, as one ought to do if one is looking for AWESOME DEALS.They apparently still have their amazing "Buy 2 get a third... More
  • Analysts, Just Why?

    Like every year, we see analysts, analytic groups, and focus groups that come out and say stuff about the industry or in the industry that will fail or succeed. They get lucky sometimes, and end up being correct. This year though, this doesn't seem... More
  • Top 10 Video Game Traitors

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    Top Ten Video Game Traitors You know how plots go: They are always using one device or another to move themselves along. Parents die to fuel revenge. Inner monologues give us insight into a troubled character. Enemies become friends, and friends become... More
  • Underestimated games: My Reviews Part 1

    Hi gamers! Do you ever feel that one of your friends criticize a game before playing it? Does your favorite Internet Videogame Rating Site game your favorite game a lower score than deserved? Well I know how that feels. I remember when GameInformer gave... More