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  • "Pro"Tip #1: SSBM

    My new series of pro tips. This shows you how to be awesome at Super Smash Bros Melee. You're Welcome. -Revan More
  • FF XIII will not require a forced install on you PS3

    Why Sony decided to make pretty much all games on the PS3 require a download prior to playing them is beyond me. I wouldn't even have a single complain if I didn't have to wait 15-20 minutes for the stupid download to finish. Don't get me... More
  • Oh my, its almost that time again ya'll.

    CHRISTMAS SNICHES!!! its almost time for christmas and i gotta tell u, im so not ready this year. i havent been able to afford anything in the gift department for any of my friends, which sucks, or family, which is just low. now i know ur saying to urself... More
  • Level 10 Member

    Afte months and months of forum posts, blog posts and the occasional review, I have attained the tenth level on the GI scale. But what does that mean? Does it mean that I have no life and I'm constantly talking about games? Does it just mean that... More
  • Gamer's Challenge #1

    Alright. Here's a new thing I'm trying to introduce for Xbox 360 Live gamers. Gamer's Challenge can be anything from a photoshop/gimp project to an in-game challenge. Each challenge will be over the span of two days. Note: The Gamer's... More
  • Poem: You Are

    You were just a whisper in the dark An echo in the night Just the muttering of words I clung to with all my might Don’t leave me Don’t go I’m slipping away now With nothing left to show Do You have enough grace for me? Was I always so... More
  • What Happened to the 'Game' in Gameplay?

    I haven’t slept much in the past few days, and when that happens I tend to start to think sporadically. When I think sporadically, I obviously have many different thoughts that come to mind and then leave just as quickly, but when I thought about... More
  • Crazy for Feeling so Crazy

    I've set out to write a short blog in order to elicit responses. This one is all about you. I've done some straight-up stupid things with my video game collection. I hinted at one such crazy decision in my last blog. Today I'm going to come... More
  • Nano Wars game updates

    Hey, mpaof is here to bring you updates. Anyway, here`s this week`s and some of last weeks stuff. I`m busy next Monday. Testing... also I won`t actually be posting pictures. sorry! Amoebattlers- a type of amoeba, it is a basic starting warrior. Sheilgerms... More
  • The Unofficial Ultimate Hunger Games: A Small Update

    Hello once again people of Game Informer. This is sorryjzargo with a small update to the Unofficial Ultimate Hunger Games. In my original blog I listed the 24 tributes, and have been providing more information here , here , here , and here . However,... More
  • Help Me Raise Money To Save Kids Via Extra Life's Gaming Marathon

    Update: I'm on TEAM GIO now! The Extra Life charity was brought to my attention by the great Game Informer Associate Editor Tim Turi . Gamers across North America help raise money for sick kids by just playing video games for 24 hours on October 20... More
  • Another One of Those Weekly Questions Blogs.....

    Jolt recently introduced the weekly 10 questions, so I decided to give it a shot. Hopefully this becomes one of those perminate features on GIO like gaMe because this seems like a lot of fun. My questions: #1 What is your least favorite current-gen game... More