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  • Retro Review: Operation Darkness

    [Review: Operation Darkness - Xbox 360 - 6.0/10] Of the hundreds of games with zombies in them that are out there right now, only a handful let you take on nazi zombies. However, Operation Darkness may be the only one that lets you do so with a werewolf... More
  • The Gamer Connection-Thanking My Lucky Stars for Friends in the Real World and on the Internet

    Gaming is better with friends- even if you get carried away and knock over the TV...again. It doesn't seem all that long ago, but online gaming was very minimal except in certain situations. When I was growing up, there was only one reliable way to... More
  • Tell me what to do!!!!

    A lot of my posts are prompted by the game I'm currently playing, so looking through my blog history can sometimes give you a great idea of my gaming path. Today's blog is sparked by Arkham City , and it's related to my extreme loathing for... More
  • Best and Worst Companions of Mass Effect

    *Before you read this, I would like to pose a question for my readers. At the end of Mass Effect / beginning of Mass Effect 2 you choose who becomes the Human councilor. Did anyone seriously chose Udina? If you did, please say so in comments or send me... More
  • 7 Things I Want to See in Mass Effect 3

    Like every gamer these days, the Mass Effect franchise is one of my favorites. Its scope, setting, and fascinating plot hook you quickly and don't let go. The fact that you could make game-defining decisions regarding your game just made a good thing... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 44 of XX...

    Member Herding makes a triumphant return in 2012 with the first entry and newest member to join the ranks, and only the second girl gamer to ever be featured in Member Herding. If that wasn't an obvious give away, then certainly revealing the fact... More
  • Gaming and Depression: Behavioral Addiction or Just Another Folk Devil?

    As both a core gamer and sufferer of clinical depression, I've been researching the correlation (if any) between gaming and the often misunderstood mental health disorder, depression. I've always had questions such as; 'Does depression leave... More
  • Looking Back On Classics: Skies of Arcadia

    To be completely and utterly fair in this installment of Looking Back on Classics, I never played the original Skies of Arcadia on Dreamcast. However, I did play the version of the game that was ported to the GameCube which was called Skies of Arcadia... More
  • Dragon Born Loser

    My name is Vorhyym Serpensmide, dragonborn. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair! At least try not to laugh. My character continues his clumsy quest through Skyrim for love and loot. (I'll try to avoid spoilers as usual, though the pix will give... More
  • The Importance of Doing What You Love

    Let's not mince words; our world today is cruel and merciless, and can just as easily leave you penniless as it can make you rich and famous. In such a world, those with an education have a far higher chance at succeeding -I know this is not always... More
  • 'Where's My Water?' Review

    Disney finally found out how to make games. If you look at the list of games Disney that have come out most of them have to do with princesses and other kick-ass Disney characters. While Disney's developers have had a few lucky hits like Pure I think... More
  • The Formula Of Call Of Duty's Popularity(Why People Still Buy It)

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    This blog will be about Call Of Duty. Why milions of people still buy it? Why is it so popular? Let's find out! CoD is the king of shooters,like it or not. Thousands,if not millions of people are lining up every year to buy another bestseller. The... More