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  • The News - 09.02.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Today in The News, we will be taking a look at two things. First, we will be doing a little "value" section that will be highlighting a couple of money-savers that were announced in the last two days for Star... More
  • Games That Need to be Embellished and Expanded Upon by Developers

    I'm always intrigued by the detailing of side-stories and delving into the universes initially created by the first pioneers into said world. Star Wars is one of the best examples of this: what started as three universally acclaimed movies has exploded... More
  • Adventures of a Digital Don Quixote Pt. 1

    As some of you may notice, Don Quixote is reminiscent of my GIO name, Jack the Quixotic Gamer. This is because the word quixotic derives from the title of Miguel de Cervantes 17th century novel Don Quixote about an old man that goes mad and decides to... More
  • Im Sorry. ~ Apologies and Updates - Read This If You Read My Blog or Today in Gaming News!

    Honestly, I'm sorry. Ive had a bit of a hiatus, but I'm gonna get back on the band-wagon and continue posting blogs. For the last couple of weeks I've been really busy, and i haven't had enough time to post stuff. Ive been writing things... More
  • A Time To Live And A Time To Die...

    23 3
    I suppose this blog was inspired by something I read a few days ago at Game Informer discussing Mass Effect 3 and Commander Shepard making a return after that. The article by Joe Juba titled, "Mass Effect Will Continue, But Shepard Won't"... More
  • Terraria Time

    Now I know the game is wildly successful, but I can't find anybody that plays it. Other than the eleventy trillion strangers on Steam I don't want to game with, I have two friends I've talked into getting the game. Also, as far I've seen... More
  • A blog About The Noire Genre


    What is Noir? That is the question I have been asking myself the past couple of days. I already know the answer but I have decided to put some more thought into the question.

    ... More
  • The GIO Writer's Guild

    So it really should be no secret anymore that I've been trying my damndest to do things for the community as of late, and especially doing things to highlight the work of some really talented writers that are getting overlooked. Honestly it's... More
  • EA and its Terrible Marketing.

    18 2
    EA, how do I count the ways? Listen, I have been enjoying your games for as long as I have been gaming. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is my favorite online shooter of all time, and Dead Space is my favorite horror series of all time. So why do you insist... More
  • GI: The Unedited Version

    6 3
    This should be really short. GI has too few reviews on games in this website. I have exactly forty games which I play on my Wii and I am ashamed to admit that I cannot find articles for over half of them on this website. There are no podcasts or editors'... More
  • I got my internet back 5 days after the hurricane

    No picture, just words. I don't expect any sympathy, just saying how bad this is. The first hurricane I can remember, and I end up losing power for 4 days, and getting internet back on the 5th. Just in case you live somewhere like the West Coast,... More
  • Does Classic Literature Belong in Video Games?

    Back in February of 2010, Visceral Games took a shot in the dark with Dante's Inferno. A game loosely based off the poem by Dante Alighieri's poem titled Divine Comedy the game was received with mixed results. Most critics agreed it to be an a... More