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  • Zombies: My Guilty Pleasure

    I am one of the many gamers who isn’t a big fan of Black Ops. While I don’t hate it, it’s not one of my favorite games. That being said, I have found myself playing it a surprising amount recently. I don’t really play the multiplayer... More
  • 30\30 Day #2 11/2/11 Sex: God of War Series

    The God of War series are some of the best games I have ever played in my short time on this planet. The masterful blend in storytelling, combat, visuals, and puzzles are second-to-none, with production values shooting through the roof. On my list of... More
  • RC's Diary of Dark Souls, Part 1: Undead Asylum

    S o after hearing about Dark Souls, reading about Dark Souls, and watching beginner's guides on Dark Souls, I finally decided that I was going to go to Wal-Mart and stand in front of Dark Souls on the game rack for five minutes, paralyzed by indecision... More
  • Modern Warfare 3 Midnight Launch!

    Say what you want, but you can't deny that MW3 is this years biggest game. Maybe not the best to some people, but definitely the biggest seller. To say Call of Duty has a massive group of fans is an understatement. SO! In that case, Who here is going... More
  • WGWC: Battlefield 3: A Quick Guide to Multiplayer

    I cannot post any pictures on here, because that requires downloading(I'm at my friend's house), but anyway, here's the not so long-waited for multiplayer guide to Battlefield 3. Multiplayer is long. Don't rush into any map, Operation... More
  • Great Video Game Music Covers! #5 - Special Edition - Halloween

    Happy Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday because it’s a chance to go crazy and just be weird- weirder than usual, anyway. When I first decided to do this weekly music blog, I wanted to do something special for every fifth post, and somehow... More
  • Top Ten Games That I'm Waiting For... No Matter How Long.

    Well, I'm going to go ahead and say that this really isn't in any particular order. My love for the series of each game are pretty close, so its really hard for me to put them in a numbered fasion... So I'm going with letters. LEDRZ!!1!11... More
  • Celebrating 8 Strange Years on This Site

    Today marks my 8 year anniversary on this site. To me, that's scary. I feel like the old guy crashing a party. I joined this site two months after the original redesign that launched a thousand profiles. And I was one of them. I don't recall if... More
  • Rule 34: Besmirching the Purity of Gaming or Valid Defilement of Media Icons?

    Before going into this blog, I just want you to know I'm going to keep terms and images PG in here, so don't worry about the eye soilage. Hello again all! I know that it's been awhile since I've written a blog, and that's largely due... More
  • The Best Thing I Have Seen All Day: Zulway: God of Mercy

    In the fourth (YES, FOUR COMPLETELY USELESS VIDEOS!) Best Thing I've Seen All Day, I'm here to present the newest piece of art from Filmcow, the creators of the infamous Charlie the Unicorn, and one of my favorite video makers. Now, this is barely... More
  • How I Think A Jurassic Park Game Could Work Wonderfully

    First off, give us a big open-world island, with a command base in the center. Hell, give us two or three islands just off shore. (Truthfully, I like the idea of the Island used in Jurassic Park 2, and maybe the other islands are the ones with the Hotels... More
  • The BRONY Quest: Epicsode 4 (Apples are Red, but the Barf is Green)

    Like apples? You'll love this episode. Love Barf? There's something wrong with you, but this episode will appeal to you also. First off, sorry about the delay. My Geometry and American History teachers felt that they should give us 2 days worth... More