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  • Reimagining Cartoons With Video Games.

    So have you ever thought "hey i wonder how much awesomer(That is a word...right?) that cartoon i just watched would be if it's plot line was revolved around one of my favorite game(And or upcoming game)". Well one person who seems fond of... More
  • Range: S1 Part 5

    Alphonse went to the place he had met Kate the last two nights, this time opting to go outside and walk around the house instead of climbing out a window. As he was taking a drink from his grape juice, which he had not thought to take with him before... More
  • {Update!} Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 1

    41 2

    We talk about Gadget Hackwrench, creepy things, and eventually video games in this inaugural episode of Gameinformer Online's community podcast!

    ... More
  • The End

    I imagined a rainy day like no other. Slowly moving towards it's eternal rest, a casket being carried by men who were on top of the world not to long ago. Wearing egyptian cotton and drinking champagne like the richest in the world. Only to find themselves... More
  • Overcast Podcast: Made for the Pipo, by the Pipo

    Us here at the Overblood community came up with an idea. And this is a product, but not the final product of that idea. You see our goal is to get a Community replay. Once we have the means (which right now to do it we need a sub to Skype....and we don't... More
  • 4Story Guide - ChoseYour Armor

    There is just one choice for warriors(4story gold) in the event you need the better stats, Heavy Armor all the way. In the event you need to look different perhaps go for light armor but it will have lesser stats. Not every pice has the same contribution... More
  • Exciting Free Games for Girls

    Currently, there are numerous obtainable Free Games For Girls on-line. Obviously, who would neglect their childhood memories whenever you ended up keeping that toy doll and also a toy kitchen set with pots and pans? From style to cooking and basic games... More
  • Frustrating =/= Challenging

    15 1
    So let me begin by giving credit to TOGNick for the idea behind this blog. If you haven't read his blog on Taking the easy way out you should. Now then I'm not going to be talking about easy mode like he did, instead I'm going to be talking... More
  • The servers suffer some Crysis

    I downloaded the demo via Steam and tried it yesterday evening. I mean... my aim was to try it but I simply couldn't. After I opened it I was disappointed seeing that the demo is made to show off just the online multiplayer part. And the servers were... More
  • Anything You Ought to Know On Truck Games

    There's many kinds of games on the market today, but today's focus will be on video games featuring trucks of all kinds. There is usually a plethora of truck racing games available on all of the gaming consoles out there now like the PlayStation... More
  • Custom GI Avatars: Peripheral Testing and FREE stuff

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    Yes, this was an actual request, one of the firsts, really. Anywho, let's get started! B. M. or V. O. (whatever floats your boat that flies in the sky (FF reference) ) W. G. M. T. T. G. F. S. P. O. L. Re: L Things just got real, I think... D. R. J... More
  • Well Isn't That Ironic?

    I can't even begin to describe the joy that fills me when someone ignorantly spouts off in a blog, press conference, or some other form of communication and I can think to myself, "This person really should just stop speaking." For no reason... More