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  • Art updates!

    here is a sketch of my man Eric, in preparation for the Cover Story. I made him carry a standard RPG sword, a 2011 with games inside of it! This I actually spent more then 30 minutes on. I basically took a bunch elements of NYC, and added them together... More
  • Rocksmith Review: How they made it possible. 8.5/10

    Hi gamers! Here I am,sitting in front of my TV playing the game Rocksmith while I type this (The game is on Pause just in case) and I am here to tell you about my review of Rocksmith and how it was made possible. Maybe a few of you will be asking yourself... More
  • Old WGWC: The character of connection.

    I don't think many realize how personal this topic can be. By asking a person why they feel for someone or something, you're surfacing dormant emotions and old memories. A purely analytical mind would deny the idea of the fictional. How can one... More
  • What if I made Devil may cry 5?

    What if the next devil may cry picked up right where dmc4 left off? What if Devil May Cry 5 did everything the fans wanted and more like a sequel is supposed to do? I may not be able to create the game but can d** sure tell a good story for it. The story... More
  • The Unfortunate Black Sheep of: Final Fantasy

    Have you ever played a game that you really enjoyed and wanted the whole world to know about it? That's how I felt when I started play Final Fantasy 3 for the DS. I played the game and I love it so much, It's definately in my top five DS games... More
  • The Blogging Brotherhood

    (my apologies for any formatting problems. I'm at my grandmothers using my iPad.) Once in a lifetime an opportunity will come and you must grab it. The question is....the red pill or the blue pill? If you follow me on twitter, it's not a secret... More
  • Final Fantasy Rankings

    This is mostly in response to Joe's article. I feel like a comment wouldn't do this justice. Still, I don't have the time right now to sit down and write out an entire article like he did. Perhaps I'll publish an update in the future.... More
  • A Twist of Fate: A Look Back at the Best (and Worst) Video Game Twists


    Join me for a look back at some of my favorite and least favorite "Holy crap!" moments in video games.

    ... More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: A Word On My Brethren In Skyrim

    Before I get into this discussion, I feel the need to dispense a bit of full disclosure so that there are no misconceptions on the subject. I am not actually a dragon. Now that's out of the way, I can give a quick explanation of why I've been... More
  • It's Times Like This Where I Wonder if I'm Becoming One of "Them"....

    And no, by that, I don't mean a big-breasted sexy anime witch with perfectly form-fitting clothing....but hey, a girl can dream. As you probably know, I am a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series. And while I would generally say that I fall prey... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 15

    Fresh off of gobble gobble turkey day break, Jeremy and I return to cast pod with a fresh, invigorated approach. We have a new signature intro, and instead of having a guest this week Jeremy and I wanted to just regroup and focus on having some interesting... More
  • The Ever Increasing Footprint Of The Video Game Industry...

    You don't need me to tell you the video game industry is big business. If you've been a gamer for any length of time, no doubt you've seen, heard, experienced a few of the major events that have occurred in the past few years that have solidified... More