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  • On Technology; The Battlefield 3 Battlelog, It'd Be More Awesome If I Knew More People

    Today, I went through a whole process of creating a new PSN account to try and hook it up with the EA website and make use of the BF3 Battlelog. I had to keep switching back and forth between my computer and PS3, trying to connect the two. After the whole... More
  • Indies Unheard Of

    When I say "unheard of", I think I speak for everyone. But I'll tell you what you've heard of, indies. Independent games, belonging to independent game developers, bring us small, but sweet titles that grasp our attention from the moment... More
  • SOPA Summary Part 2: Section 103 (First Half)

    Today, we will cover the first half of section 103 of HR 3261, the proposed bill known as the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA for short. As with entry number one, which can be found here , these blogs are not about opinion or what is right and what is... More
  • Impressions on the FF XIII-2 demo

    It's hard for me to talk about final fantasy these days. I've been a fan since number 1. I remember having my mind blown when I learned that there were main line games that had never come out anywhere but japan. I was there when those lost games... More
  • The Classification of Gaming in TV/Movies

    The burden of knowledge is a hefty one, acting as both a gift and a curse. The gift part arising in meaningful conversations on video games, and the curse part arises when I am forced to witness an actor/actress pretending to be immersed in a video game... More
  • The Armchair Gamer Podcast Episode Nine: Cody, Chris, and Chaos!

    On the first episode of AGP this year we have an, uh, interesting episode. To replace the usual cast for a little reprieve, we have Chris (Enigma) and Cody Bauman joining JJ and myself for some games discussion, and fun. If you are a fan of creepy voices, bashing bronies for no real reason and no real intended offense, and, oh yeah, video games- I suggest you tune in!

    ... More
  • Why Activision may need to be careful of lawsuits

    Remember during the release hype of Modern Warfare 3 the promises made by Activision for a "hacker-free" server? Have you noticed that so far, quite the opposite has occured? This may be a tie-in with my last blog, but a hardcore domination... More
  • How To Make A Perfect Sherlock Holmes Game(What I'd Like To See In It)

    Sherlock Holmes was a part of the book I've read in the past. A story about the best detective in the world and his teammate and friend Dr.Watson. I've seen only 2 movies about Sherlock,Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes:Game of Shadows by Guy... More
  • Kojima was right! its all a Patriot conspiracy

    The United States of America is a sham, its all an illusion. Democracy is merely an orchestrated act for the masses, the economy is being manipulated by those with power beyond that of any citizen. Why do you think the the Patriot Act was named so? Especially... More
  • Why We Need Single-Player Campaigns

    A few days ago, I was playing some online, through such titles as Halo: Reach, Dead Island, and TF2. And, it must have been a bad day for trolls, because I noticed that every server i joined was ripe with em. They were hatin on everything, from DMR shots... More
  • Why real gamers are hard to find (Now with Phoenix Wright Action)

    (For ultimate experience, click on each link that's shown in the blog when prompted) Hi gamers! And the "so-called" gamers! Well, it had to be done. Real gamers are hard to come by. Those gamers who would want a friendly competition and... More
  • Want Majora's Mask for Free? - Register your stuff on Club Nintendo!

    DO IT. DO IT BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT. Everyone is probably aware of the awesomeness that is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. With the release of the 3DS, an entirely new generation of gamers is becoming acquainted with this classic piece of gaming history... More