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  • Indie vs. AAA Developers

    I'm bored again. November, 2011. It's an eventful time for gamers and holiday goers alike. With so many high-caliber games coming out, it's easy to get lost in the flow of the raging river. Often times, the "Holiday Season" is utilized... More
  • What Caught My Eye in Issue #238

    What Caught My Eye in Issue #238 In the Gallery, Zach Raw’s entry is amazing. (pg. 9) The Fire Emblem Awakening advertisements may be the greatest in any magazine ever. (pg. 19, 21, and 23) Mr. Helgeson provides a great interview with the “leaders”... More
  • Halo 4 Gameplay Montage #1

    This is my first of many videos hopefully. Enjoy! Like and subscribe if possible. More
  • Attack Of The $10 Backlog Quickie: Steel Diver & Pilotwings Resort

    I recently spotted Nintendo 3DS launch titles Steel Diver & Pilotwings Resort on sale for the discount price of $5 each. Which is an interesting coincidence, because it just so happens $5 is the exact price at which I will buy any first-party 3DS... More
  • The best aspect of a video game is......

    Like most of you, I've been a big fan of video games for a long time, and we've all have asked this question "Whats the best thing in a videogame?" Is it the graphics, story, gameplay, or something else? I'll reveal mine in the end... More
  • 31/31 Day 30: Top Ten Mario Kart Tracks

    Yeah yeah, I know that Mario Kart is in no way indie, but I have been excited about this game all day, and I really want to talk about Mario Kart. It's been on my mind since yesterday, and I don't want to lose the opportunity to talk about one... More
  • Looking Back: Super Mario 3D World

    Every now and then I like to look back at games I previously reviewed to see if my mind has changed at all since I wrote it. Sometimes I'll still feel the same about it, sometimes I'll think much less of it, sometimes I'll like it even better... More
  • Metroid: Other M: Relations to Fusion

    If you've played Other M, than you must've found things that is in Fusion. I found two things: The first is Adam. In Fusion, the A.I. that helps you is named Adam, and Samus even says Adam is a soldier she fought with. The second is Nightmare... More
  • Home Sweet Home...

    Finally home from Ohio after one of the most awesome'est video gaming experiences ever. I've been a gamer 25+ years...been to a lot of events and midnight releases...have logged some serious hours online spent in mortal combat with my fellow video... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 8

    “Alright.” Raz said, “Lets fight.” “But first.” Generic Anime Character 1337 said, “I must scream to raise my power level.” “But why--” “Okay, that was loud. You ready to fight now?”... More
  • Guild Wars 2

    I was checking out Guild Wars 2 and I have to say I am quite impressed. It seems that they've been working on it for some time and realize that they need to do something awesome in order to compete with Blizzard's giant. Of course Guild Wars was... More
  • Short Story: Mortuus Surrexit, Chapter 1.

    Prologue: Anyways, here is Chapter 1. However, it still needs some serious refinement, along with chapter two that I will be adding directly... More