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  • Crysis 3 Beta - It's Worth A Shot.

    Before I start, let's get this out of the way; I haven't played an FPS in months . Needless to say, I expected to be horrible at this. I saw the beta in the Playstation Store, noticed that it was free, and said why not? It was an open beta, so... More
  • (Late) New Years Update.(I got a PS3!) I give my opinions on Uncharted(1-2)

    Hello everyone at GI! I know this is a month late but Happy New Year and all that stuff! (Quick note: I am going to swear alot in these blogs. Its just a part of who I am and I am not going to sensor myself. I will try to keep it to a minimum though,... More
  • Hangman's Noose

    I know its long, but its a creative writing assignment. I'm looking for tip, ideas and of course constructive criticism. John Karenker. You are here by found guilty of treason against the crown and are sentenced to death by hanging. Do you have any... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Weirdest Things I've Seen In Gaming

    Creativity can surprise us every now and then and video games don't escape this reality. Sometimes they deliver some breaking fourth wall yet weird ideas for us to witness. Be them glitches or something else, they can be unexpectedly funny nonetheless... More
  • The Binge is Over (and My Life is Back to Normal)!


    I've been on this site everyday, but I have not been as active as usual. Here's why.

    ... More
  • 52/52 Week 50- 100th Blog Special- Top Ten Zelda Games

    Thank you. Thank each and every one of you that has read any of my blogs, because today I finally reached the huge milestone of posting 100 blogs. It's been a marvelous journey and I can't understate how thankful I am to have the support of the... More
  • Braid confirmed for PS3, coming next week

    Confirming the recent internet rumors that Braid would soon see new life on the Playstation Network, Hothead Games announced today that Braid will be making its over to the PS3 next week. Taking advantage of the expired Xbox exclusivity deal, the developers... More
  • Blind Gamer's Amazing Feat

    Blind gamer Jordan Verner of Ontario, Canada recently conquered Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. (Which was released over 12 years ago in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo GameCube.) Over two years ago when gamer Roy Williams... More
  • I RRoD, And I Don't Care.

    I never thought it would happen to me. I'm not a heavy user. I take care of my things. Despite that, I Red Ringed. And I don't even care. That's the strange thing. I *don't* care. My 360 is now little more than an expensive paperweight... More
  • I am Docto Moustache

    I finally got hooked up to Xbox Live after some issues with my internet router. Now I can play all my xbox games with you guys that care enough to add me. My tag is "Docto Moustache" right now the only games i got are Borderlands, Halo 3 ODST... More
  • A Transition to Passive Listening

    This is my goodbye to blogging for GIO. I just wanted to let you know that my time blogging here has been great. You've provided me with a lot of feedback that I believe has greatly improved my writing. I look at my first few posts to my last and... More
  • My Three Top Flash Projects on the Internet

    Hey, there, GameInformer Online. It has been a while. I have spent most of my spare time gaming, beating Saints Row: The Third, Portal 2, and Skyward Sword. But that is not what I am here to talk about now. I am here to highlight three flash projects... More