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  • dbull's Corner Vol. I

    9 3
    Hey, dbull620 here. I figured I'd start up a blog series about some things that I've been up to lately. What better way to bring myself closer to the new community than to give everyone a look at what I'm up to and what I think about these... More
  • Spike VGA 2012 Impressions

    This won't be a very long post, but I felt like sharing my thoughts. Last year, when I watched the Spike Video Game Awards, I was shocked. Not at the surprise game reveals. Not at the winners of the awards. No, I was shocked at the level of maturity... More
  • 30/30 Day 13: Co-Blog: Original vs Unoriginal: What calls gamers?


    What does call gamers: a completely original game or same layout, different story & mechanics? Me and chsmn775 talk about this subject, and wish to share it with you.

    ... More
  • Designing A Story #2 - The Birth Of A Community

    Guess what? I have finally graduated school and the last 3 very busy weeks have ended. And then out of nowhere, Austin appeared and said that there is this place called GIO that I had completely forgotten about. So yeah, basically life happened for me... More
  • Dota 2 - Deepest Multiplayer fun out there

    Dota 2 Review Dota 2 has affected my gaming life unlike any other game I have ever played, and by “affected my gaming life” I mean it has brought me to forget all other games and devote more than six hundred hours so far to this game many... More
  • Why I Game

    7 1
    This may come as a surprise to most of you, but I play video games. I know... shocking huh? I don't mean that I play in my spare time. I play games quite a bit. In fact, video games can be attributed to my recent lack of activity on GIO. A little... More
  • My Thoughts On OUYA

    All day I have been reading and thinking about this brand new console that was announced today, OUYA. I watched the kick starter money growth grow to now what is $1.7 Million Dollars. That is amazing and there goal was only $950,000. I was amazed to hear... More
  • Can a Game of the Year be a Game From Last Year?

    Earlier this year I was playing Rogue Legacy, having made it's way from PC to Playstation. Without any exaggeration, I could probably say it's the single most addictive game I've played all year, if I named it my favorite game of 2014, I wouldn't... More
  • What's Going On With Game Informer?

    4 1
    With the recent announcement of two members of the Game Informer team leaving to "go west", what changes await both Game Informer and Game Informer Online? Both members of the Game Informer team were stalwarts of both Game Informers' print... More
  • Motivation: Take 2

    The title of this post is somewhat misleading. This isn't actually going to be my second time trying to get my ass off the ground, we are probably reaching attempt #18 at this point. But, I am planing on keeping myself to a schedule this time, so... More
  • The Walking Dead Season Two: "A House Divided" Review

    The Walking Dead’s latest episode, “A House Divided,” adds to the death toll and puts a face to the core villain while enriching our knowledge of Season Two’s cast. 

    ... More
  • Let's Play for Child's Play: Auction Item and Call-In Updates

    New Guest Call-Ins: So, it's been about a week since I first announced "Let's Play for Child's Play" here at GIO. Now I'm here to tell you about some updates to the event. Two more people are poised to call in, and I want you... More