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  • Game Publishers, Take Note

    What on earth is going on? When did DICE stop offering experiences like this in favor of unpolished, buggy messes like that? No seriously. Someone explain this to me (kidding). Now, some might say an 8.75 is hardly a bad game. But that's a big difference... More
  • My Elegant Take On DLC And My Advice To The Wife Of A Gaming Addict

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    Headnote: When you see a number in parentheses, it corresponds to the same numbered footnote at the bottom. It's a shame that this is necessary. It's Tuesday (the only day worse than Monday) and we are in the middle of the summer gaming slump... More
  • Nintendo and Used Games: They Have the Right Idea

    Since the reveal of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the gaming industry has really been focused on the controversy of used games. The rumors and conflicting statements from both Sony and Microsoft concerning their policies toward used games have led to many... More
  • The Month's Schedule of Wrek'd Blogging

    This Month's Schedule of Wrek'd Blogging January/Fenruary/Etc. "My Ratings for the Perfect Games of 2012 on GIO" "Comparing Last Year's Standout Games" "In With the New" "Let's Talk...The Scorchers"... More
  • 31/31 Day 5 - Video Game Mash-Ups I Want To See

    Every gamer enjoys a game that mixes together character or concepts from other games. Disagree with me? Look at Super Smash Bros. Playstation even got in on that money opportunity with its Battle Royale. Mario Kart could be considered a mash-up as well... More
  • What the Next Generation of Games can learn from the latest Bond Film

    Note: The original article is posted at . Check there for reviews, news, and editorials for a different kind of journalism. Seriously. Check it out. It's cool. I'll wait. There's a lot to be said for a genre that knows itself... More
  • WGWC #1: My Purpose, My Mission, My Desire

    I have never been much one for relating my hopes to others, along with my beliefs. I have very strong beliefs, but I don't share them unless asked, but I suppose that lends a bit of a mystery around me and what exactly drives me to be a writer and... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Cannibal Holocaust (I'm never going in the jungle)

    I honestly have no idea where to begin with this review. Back when I was in high school, 12 years ago, my friend Harrison and I went on a gore fest, watching the most gory movies we could find. He told me about this movie, and how it was banned. I really... More
  • A few things to try!

    I love stories, I like humor, and I like videogames. That is an instant mix for replay value on videogames, even those that don't have a high replay value. My first playthrough is usually played on easy and done quickly, as I usually play for the... More
  • Based On A Demo! Syndicate

    Syndicate is a FPS that takes place in the year 2069(let's see how that year ACTUALLY plays out). It's fast-paced, and makes you think quickly to preform stylish takedowns(sorry, full game only!), and bring down the big guns with your team. It... More
  • Good For An RPG

    Those were the words I used when Dean (AKA: born4this) asked on Twitter how Skyrim's fighting mechanics were. I'm not opening this up to a discussion on how awesome or terrible Skyrim is (Winner Dark Souls) But instead I'd like to bring up... More
  • Ghosts of Gaming: Guitar Hero Tribute

    With the recent release of the 2014 edition of Rocksmith, I have decided to reflect on one of the key players in the music-video game genre. We live in a world where there are franchises that pump out new games on a yearly schedule, and while certain... More