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  • 5 New Instruments Link Could Play In Future Zelda Titles

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    Link has played tons of instruments, ranging from an ocarina to a harp. Many instruments he played (like the ocarina) were hardly known before he played it. For the upcoming Zelda game on Wii U, Link will probably play some sort of instrument with a specific... More
  • Gaming: The Next Medium for Literary Critique

    A Short Background I’ve found over the short course of eighteen years on planet Earth that there are very few things I am good at. I cannot succeed in sports, I cannot grow a moustache, I cannot gain muscle, and I certainly cannot swoon over women... More
  • My New Blog Idea

    Now, I know this isn't an original idea, but I have decided to write user spotlights! Along with ( insert co-writer's name here) , I will interview people every week with a blog to follow that Friday (hopefully), and have a monthly member spotlight... More
  • War Never Changes

    Another game-based poem. Shouldn't be hard to figure out this one. And the World Shall Burn in Radioactive Flame… The door rolls aside, and what reaches your visual sense Is far worse than anything could have ever foretold. A desolate desert... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 15

    (I love that all I have to do is hit "H" and this video is the first thing my computer suggests) Alright Raz, this time I have something that I know for sure you’ll hate. “After last part I don’t really see what you can do... More
  • Summer blog collection 2 of 3: Real friends, the seperation between virtual and reality

    Hello, it's me once again. Are you happy to see me? Don't answer that, because you actually can't see me, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. Now, this blog may seem a little cheesy, but I wanted to write it anyway. At the camp... More
  • PR And Stranger's Clone Wars E3 Special Edition Part 3: Nintendo

    Stranger: Alright, and now for the grand finale of our special three part E3 Clone War, we'll be discussing Nintendo's conference as it happens. Got any words for the people clone? PRjumpman124: THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME. NINTENDO FTW. I mean ... More
  • A Fair Chance

    Recently I acquired a copy of Max Payne 3. I personally love the first two games, so I was definitely anticipating its' release. I, however could not purchase the game on the day it was released due to financial issues. I'm a couple weeks late... More
  • 31/31 Day 7- The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

    Note: There are spoilers in this blog. Read at your own risk. I looked around from the top of Link's tree house. I never expected the first Legend Of Zelda game I've ever played to impact me so much. Just the music left me in awe. As i traveled... More
  • Moments: Fire Emblem Awakening

    ***SPOILERS*** The rain pours. The sun is masked by the clouds. Nothing can be heard above the downpour except the wet steps of Chrom and his army, weakened and disheartened. Emmeryn, their peace-loving leader, had just died, sacrificing herself in the... More
  • Make Love Not Console Wars

    A cold war has been raging in the digital world of gaming dividing gamers everywhere. The weapons of this cold war are not guns or swords but vulgar words and pointless arguments. Gamers are now classified by the game console they play on and judged because... More
  • 31/31 Day 22: Characters with undeserved hate.

    I've noticed that some of my favorite Video Game characters tend to get hated on by a lot of people, so it's list time. I really should stop relying on lists so much for this challenge, but I keep on finding myself with less time to write so it... More