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  • Dissected: Samus

    Yeah we all know that Samus is a total babe when she takes off her suit. Let's just say... her blue outfit is VERY skin tight... I'm not a perv or a sexist. I just notice stuff. I mean men get sexualized in games too. Just look at Kratos, Goku... More
  • Band titles that should show up on The Rockband Network

    I was playing my Rockband 2 earlier and I got a little bored so I stopped playing. Then I went to listen to my Itunes when this awsome Van Halen song came on and I thought to myself WTF!! there is absolutely no Van Halen on Rockband. So here is a list... More
  • Crysis 3 Beta - It's Worth A Shot.

    Before I start, let's get this out of the way; I haven't played an FPS in months . Needless to say, I expected to be horrible at this. I saw the beta in the Playstation Store, noticed that it was free, and said why not? It was an open beta, so... More
  • Dark Souls 3 DLC: My Thoughts and Dreams

    The time has finally come. After taking a three month break a couple of my best Dark Souls buddies and I have begun yet another trip through Lothric. When the game launched I played way too much, way too fast, and burned myself out way too quickly. Enough... More
  • Another List of things you Already Knew about E3 that I'm going to tell you anyway...

    Yes- this is it. Yet another blog about E3. You're probably getting tired of all of them by now, but at least most are pretty decent. Hopefully this short little glimpse at what I perused won't be too much of a letdown then. Here we go, onto the... More
  • There is now a new exciting way to interact with fans of Game Informer, Join the Official Game Informer Fanclub on Facebook

    Hey everyone and anyone who reads this I'd like to let you all know that there is an official Game Informer Facebook Fanclub. We already have over 200 members including Tim Turi, Andrew Reiner, and Dan Ryckert so come join us! https://www.facebook... More
  • You aint no friends o' mine

    14 1
    'Cause you don't dance. More
  • 31/31 Day 2: Hyping the Hard

    “Dying much?” The PSN message I sent a friend upon seeing he had purchased Bloodborne . I too had done as much the previous day. Like any newcomer, I expected plenty of death from one of the most talked about “difficult” series... More
  • 31/31- Day 25: May I Have Your Attention! #3

    Here we are at another edition of “May I Have Your Attention?” This time I’d like to talk about Mirror’s Edge. In case you’ve forgotten, in “May I Have Your Attention?” I attempt to bring some much deserved love... More
  • E3 '11

    So E3 2011 is over and now the world slows back down. Now the count down to TGS and CES begin until next year's E3. Thank you so much GI for all of your coverage, I've been reading on my laptop while watching G4's live coverage so thanks to... More

    Hey Gameinformer Community! I am very sorry for what I am about to say. I know this is not a blog, and I know that full well. So, like I said, I am very sorry. I just want to know, I want to learn how to write a good "Review" for a game per... More
  • 30/30 Day 22: A Post-Game Interview with Commander Shepard

    The 30/30 series has given me plenty of opportunities to experiment with different blog styles and themes which has really helped me develop as a better writer. With this day, I plan on unveiling a feature that I might continue in the future called Post... More