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  • The Best Baseball Game Ever!

    So does anyone remember this game? Screw all those "baseball" games with human players, robots are where it's at! Now how did it come to this? Why are robots playing baseball? Here's the story in the game manual, "At last it can... More
  • Reviewing: How To

    I don't review a lot, even though I absolutely try to. One of the reasons is writing an informative review is hard work. You need to first, play the game, research so you know what you are writing about, and then finally put down that glorified accomplished... More
  • The Top 10 Most Shocking/Controversial Movies of All Time

    **WARNING: The following list contains subject matter that is not intended for younger readers. The movies I'm about to list are not for the faint of heart, and some of them could likely outrage, repulse, or appall certain individuals, namely parents... More
  • Fad To Fade: A History of 'Unstoppable' Storms

    I have an important question to ask you, GIO users- When was the last time you bought a guitar hero game? I am not an industry insider (I hardly even look at game sales,) but just through personal experience- it seems like the cultural phenomenon of the... More
  • Games I never knew existed - Dream Mix TV World Fighters

    Have you ever wondered about games you didn't know about? Perhaps you're missing out on an amazing game, yet you've never even heard of it. This is what I thought when I heard of Dream Mix TV World Fighters. I was listening to IGN's Gamescoop... More
  • A Journey Through Time - 80's Cartoons

    For me the 80's were some of the best years of my life, I was introduced to video games and since then my love for video games has grown into what is now.. it's a part of who I am and I wouldn't change that for anything. But beyond my passion... More
  • The Great White Shark & Harley Quinn

    T H E G R E A T W H I T E S H A R K A crooked financier who embezzled millions of dolllars, Warren White thought he had scored a legal victory when his insanity plea went through. But when he got to Arkham Asylum, he realized his mistake; driven insane... More
  • N64 Zelda Still Great Over Time

    I recently revisited one of my favorite games of all time, 1998′s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. It had been several years since my last playthrough and was really itching to take the reins and see if I still loved this... More
  • Places Where Games Will Never Happen

    I have decided to come up with a top 5 places that games will never go. Although some games have tried one or two of these my point is it was unsuccessful and even rockstar couldn't conquer these places. #5 Great Depression I can see it now! Grand... More
  • Check Your Mental Ability Having Quiz Games

    World Interactive quiz Active quiz games can be purchased on different subjects just like - QuizClickPLAY, 3D pool games, My Dog Quiz, world capital; cities quiz, etc. To help have fun with these video games, you'll want to sign on considering the... More
  • Buying Used...

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    So if you're like me, an avid gamer short on the dough, you always enjoy a good deal right? of course you do, but is it hurting the industry we love? apparently, it is. because the company that makes the game that you buy used makes no money when... More
  • Learn To Aim Right With Shooting Games!

    Online games is all about fun and thrill and no other game gives you that but the online shooting games that are so passionately played. The player experiences real time adventure when playing the online Shooting Game. Not only does it enhance your ability... More