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  • Who Are You?

    I might make this a continuous blog; for I think it's nice just to get stuff about ourselves off our chest. I feel it best to understand who we are as people, and to state the things we feel about ourselves from time to time. And introspective type... More
  • The Details of Hero Mode

    Much like the Ocarina of Time, the game has a Hero Mode. After playing for a while, I found a couple of differences in this mode. 1) Hearts In Hero Mode, Hearts don't really exist . You have to restore Health with Potions or resting on a chair or... More
  • Gaming Society Today: Criticized & Judged

    Hi GI! I stumbled across a certain amount of videogames that, to this day, I haven't heard many people talk about it, or even dare buying it. I talked to one of my friends and asked him if he would ever buy a really cheap game. His answer: depends... More
  • Discovering A Legendary Series

    I've been playing Video Games for a long time. Some of my earliest memories are of playing "Choplifter", and "Outrun" on the Sega Master system. And I've played a lot of great games between now and then. However, there is one... More
  • Bury The Trashcan Outside Boss (Too Cool For America)

    I recently watched a few episodes of Game Center CX, a great japanese show where a guy plays some retro game each week. There is one particular segment on this show where they highlight a handful of games from the past. One in particular grabbed my attention... More
  • Game Length Doesn’t Matter and Short Games are Awesome

    We, as gamers, have become a picky, elitist bunch. And we’ve reached a point where we feel we are entitled to all sorts of crap, often for no reason. Should I remind us all of when Sony was attacked by hackers—and gamers (if you can even call... More
  • A focus on graphics, what has it done?

    Now sit in my shoes for a moment, I have fully completed Deadly Premonition which was one of the most memorable and charming games I've played in a long, long time. I loaned it out to a couple of friends to encourage them to buy a copy, but the usual... More
  • Weekend Recap – Jan, 15 2012...

    Good news, bad news. The good news is I have tomorrow off for Martin Luther King, Jr Day. The bad news is it has been one busy busy busy weekend. Not busy, like work or household chores or anything like that. Just trying to catch up on a few outstanding... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 20--Be careful what you ask for people!

    Like the logo? Just one of many brought to us by the talented Mr. TurdFurgy Well, here we are again, a blank page and I am trying to come up with some witticisms to make this entertaining. Gotta be honest, I'm kind of lacking in the creativity dept... More
  • Convenience is key. (my issue with origin and what I fear it could lead to)

    As some of you likely know, EA announced Mass Effect 3 wouldn't be available through steam, and would require activiation through origin on the PC version. This is the same thing they did with Battlefield 3, and people are upset. I made this blog... More
  • [Update] Gamedonator Week 4: And Perhaps other stuff?

    Gamedonator Week 4: [Update] 72 Hours Remain: Dueling Banjos Gaming Marathon (Starting 21 Jan at 12:00PM EST) Another event has shown itself on the Child's Play Charity event calendar: 72 Hours Remain: Dueling Banjos Gaming Marathon . Just as it sounds... More
  • Politics + Gaming + Gaming Websites = Bad Idea

    It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it's negative. It makes people say "He's just lying", or "Get out of office". It's politics + gaming. Terrible idea, never should've happened. And, the subject contradicts... More