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  • Game Over... continue?'s got some new reviews up!

    Hey all, almost time for the veritable smorgasbord of titles coming out from pretty much Deus Ex through next February... good gravy how are we going to afford them all! Anyhoo, I've put up a three new reviews recently on the ol' blog, thought... More
  • What Wasn't Shown and Why it Doesn't Matter

    Like a half million-odd other site users I tuned in to the two+ hour long news conference Sony put on for it's PS4 reveal the other night. The odds of me being an early adopter were already strong as I've purchased all of their previous systems... More
  • The Walking Dead Season Two: "A House Divided" Review

    The Walking Dead’s latest episode, “A House Divided,” adds to the death toll and puts a face to the core villain while enriching our knowledge of Season Two’s cast. 

    ... More
  • An Opinion on HD Remakes

    So far, creators have been adopting the current trend of digitally remastering games that were popular during its time. Games such as Metal Gear Solid, God of War, or Resident Evil 4, there's, something out there for everyone. Personally, It is a... More
  • The Top Five Most American Video Games, As Told By Pat Riot

    Video games often take the player to far away worlds or alternate universes. But how do video games approach portraying the United States? As video games are part of a global culture they can provide perspective on the United States from people and game... More
  • Button Mashing The Gap

    Lately, I've been more and more infatuated with the memories of games that I grew up with. Maybe it has to do with the bucket loads of HD collections being released, or maybe it's just that I'm getting old, but the nostalgia behind certain... More
  • Reinforcing Stereotypes

    5 1
    As most, if not all, of you know Irrational Games recently released Bioshock Infinite, the latest entry in the Bioshock series, to critical acclaim. Game Informer gave it a 10, an honor only awarded to a few titles and its metacritic score is sitting... More
  • April Fool in a Resident Evil way!!

    So, Happy April Fools day everybody, yup, we are in April, and i bet you all want to prank some friends huh!? Nice. I have a video uploaded by a guy named Young from TGN that can show you how exactly prank your friends, Resident Evil style, but he also... More
  • Flashback review #1 Metal Gear solid 4: Guns of Patriots

    I've reviewed quite a few games, and going to review even more. But for some, I was to late. So I decided to make Flashback review, and my first will be one of the best games of 2008, Metal gear solid 4 Guns of Patriots. Graphics are great. Everything... More
  • Late to the Party? That's Okay

    When it comes to games (though definitely not just with games), I have usually been “late to the party”. I don't play most titles when they release and instead make my purchases later in their life cycle when I don't have to pay as... More
  • My Assassin's Origin Story

    Ever since he was five Damian Snow has had nightmares that he could never explain. There were nights when the nightmares were mild, others that made him wet his bed. At first his parents thought him crazed, but when he suddenly knew how to fight, climb... More
  • Follow Up - Tomb Raider through the Lens of Past Survival

    After beating the new Tomb Raider , the first question I received was literally, "Was it all rapey?" With the game released and in hand, I can firmly say no . Questions like this make it obvious that the controversy is still steeping and addressing... More