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  • Remembering the Fallen and Those Who Served

    It's November 11. Remembrance Day, or Veterans Day, depending on where you live. Do people really remember what this day is for? I hope they do. This is the day where we remember the sacrifices of the brave men and women who have fought to preserve... More
  • Devil May Cry

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    so after owning the game for about...4 or 5 years, i finally decided that i needed to beat the *** thing. when i first purchased the game i got all the way to the last boss and tried several times to beat him but it seemed impossible. now that i'm... More
  • Waiting for a Masterpiece

    It seems like they have started taking longer and longer between Final Fantasy games lately, and I can only wonder, "Is this time gonna be the one that puts the series back where it belongs? Is Final Fantasy 13 going to make me love the series all... More
  • The BRONY Quest: The Book (I'm Absolutely Serious)

    That's right: I'm beginning to draft a book about my BRONY Quest that I have partaken on this site. I'm pretty much writing it to remember the feelings I had during this quest, and it probably won't become a published book. I mean, who'd... More
  • For Your Best of the Year Consideration: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    As the year comes to a close, many websites and gamers alike will begin to name their game of the year for 2014, as well as post lists of the best games they played. When it comes to those lists, I’m sure everyone will have a list of games spanning... More
  • Burnout, We All Get It.

    Have you ever had that feeling? You know, the one where you just cant seem to get into any game. No matter what you do, 15 minutes after turning on your console your turning it off. Lately I’ve felt this way. A whole bunch of things factor into... More
  • 9/31 - Learning Curve: A Future Educator's Perspective On Difficulty in Games

    Have you ever rage quit a game? Run into something so difficult and brutal that you feel you've encountered an impossible challenge, causing you to quit the game? It's a common experience for gamers, especially in games such as RPGs where not... More
  • The "F" Word

    My dad and I watch a lot of classic movies. A lot of those movies go into two categories: bad language, or no language at all. I’ve seen a lot of movies with language, and since I watch them on AMC, some of those words are bleeped out. Such as the... More
  • Range: S1 Part 8

    As soon as Alphonse woke up in the morning, he tried forming a gun. This time, he managed a handle. Although not perfect he was at least satisfied with the bit of progress. Later that day, at school. He went to the library to see if there was any record... More
  • Bloodborne: How to Kill the Amygdala - easy boss Strategy

    In this video we will be taking a look at taking on the Amygdala. He kind of sucks, because he has like 6 arms and his feet and tail are heavily armored, but I show you the good spots to hit, and how to keep him moving in hopes he doesn't squish you... More
  • Why Konami's "Skill-Based" Gambling Is A Bad Omen

    One of my favorite shows to watch these days is a show called The Profit on CNBC. The premise of that show is much like that of other shows like Shark Tank, or Hotel Hell with Gordon Ramsay. That premise is that the core of good business is about providing... More
  • King Of Fighters (This Game Deserves A Movie!)

    When it comes to fighting games, movie goers have been bombarded with all sorts of ideas. Some of them decent. Many of them quite bad. We've seen Street Fighter ruined (twice), Mortal Kombat cheapened a bit, and even Tekken suffered a poor translation... More