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  • The Cubone Chronicles Episode 1 - The Dawn of the Cubone

    Alright guys, I haven't exactly been telling you the truth. While it's true that I wasn't online for a few days on GIO, it wasn't because of studying or blog research. It was classified. But now I've overstepped. I got cocky, and sent... More
  • A Fair Chance

    Recently I acquired a copy of Max Payne 3. I personally love the first two games, so I was definitely anticipating its' release. I, however could not purchase the game on the day it was released due to financial issues. I'm a couple weeks late... More
  • PR And Stranger's Clone Wars E3 Special Edition Part 3: Nintendo

    Stranger: Alright, and now for the grand finale of our special three part E3 Clone War, we'll be discussing Nintendo's conference as it happens. Got any words for the people clone? PRjumpman124: THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME. NINTENDO FTW. I mean ... More
  • War Never Changes

    Another game-based poem. Shouldn't be hard to figure out this one. And the World Shall Burn in Radioactive Flame… The door rolls aside, and what reaches your visual sense Is far worse than anything could have ever foretold. A desolate desert... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 15

    (I love that all I have to do is hit "H" and this video is the first thing my computer suggests) Alright Raz, this time I have something that I know for sure you’ll hate. “After last part I don’t really see what you can do... More
  • XBOX 360 Games I've Beaten: The Final Chapter

    I figured it was about time to wrap up this list, so here are the last 7 games I've beaten on the 360. CAUTION: May contain spoilers. L.A. Noir - This is the first console game I had ever pre-ordered. For a few years I wanted to work for the FBI/in... More
  • Metroid: Other M is a satisfying adventure.

    I finished other m recently and I'm still wondering what people hate so much. In the forums people say its fraught with problems, in the reviews people complain because Samus acts like a normal person, well boo-hoo. Your forgetting the most important... More
  • 5 Artists That Changed the Rock Genre (active 1990-Present) Part 1

    As stated above, these are 5 artists from 1990-now that I believe that have changed the rock genre for better. Mostly. Kurdt Cobain* (1967-1994)/Nirvana (with Kurdt) (1988-1994) Grunge was not that popular until Nirvana came around. Nirvana basically... More
  • Project RUN is still in the works

    Hello everybody. Sometime last month I posted a blog discussing my plans to get into shape. I also invited everybody to join in on effort. I just wanted to let everyone who was interested in partaking in this that I'm still trying to get it started... More
  • Crazy Religous Felon Holes Himself Up In His Own Home And Has Been There Since 2000

    This news is from MSNBC and MSN and I am no part of writing this or reporting this. All credit goes to these two sources and thanks to them for sharing breaking news with America. I am only spreading the word and my opinion on the matter. The opinions... More
  • Sixty Second Shooter Prime Review

    This is the review for Sixty Second Shooter Prime developed by Happion Laboratories. The game is an arcade twin-stick shooter that compares closely to Geometry Wars. It has a very minimalistic art style even the logo is of simple design. There are a few... More
  • Oracle of Seasons: A Mild Summer

    4 1
    Score: 7 Personal Score: 6.5 It's difficult to mention the Gameboy Color without conversations drifting towards the Oracle games. The Gameboy Color saw the release of two original Zelda games, released at the same time in 2001. Oracle of Ages and... More