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  • Cinema Watcher: The Avengers

    Hello Cinema Watcher here I tell you witch films to watch and witch ones to not watch. Can You Guess what month it is? It's Marvel Month where I review The Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has had good superhero movies in the past few years. Movies... More
  • Summer blog collection 2 of 3: Real friends, the seperation between virtual and reality

    Hello, it's me once again. Are you happy to see me? Don't answer that, because you actually can't see me, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. Now, this blog may seem a little cheesy, but I wanted to write it anyway. At the camp... More
  • Another 10 Questions

    So I figured I did the first 10 questions, might as well do it again. 1. Favorite Weapon Probably BR in Halo 3. 2. Favorite Food and Least Favorite Food Favorite is Chop Suey, I like a lot of stuff but I thought of that first so I'm sticking with... More
  • 12 Days of Christmas Movies: Day 8

    Elf : 9/10 Brandon and I have planned our entire Christmas movie marathon schedule around this movie being on TV tonight. Neither of us have it, but we really should buy it because it's one of those movies you can watch more than once a year and still... More
  • people not appreciating what they have

    Just the other day I was talking to my cousin the same one in my last blog about my poverty and he just got to play modern warfare 2 because his little cousin got that and he was b*tching about that cause he wanted to play DBZ Raging blast instead Mine... More
  • Fairchild VI Episode III

    Admittedly, we ran into a slew of technical issues all around the group - but they really ended up being things that were beyond the control of anyone. We're going to chalk it up as divine intervention or manifest destiny... FEATURING: BLOGS : A Google... More
  • Making Sense of Halo 4

    1 1
    *WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD* You have been warned. If you haven't beaten the game please don't read this. Ok that aside I've been curious as to how every one interpted the information given to us by the Librarian. It seems to me that the Didact... More
  • My Life Is A Eternal Game of Limbo....

    What I mean by that is I constantly am sinking lower that I ever thought I could go. In fact, today I make a choice, one I need help with. I am hoestly goes... Dungeons and Dragons. To be honest, I'm not actually surprised. I like... More
  • A F#@%&!G WHOPPER!

    Well, guys as many of you might know, I just came back from a week of vacation in Cape Cod. Well, it's a 6-12 hour drive there. So we obviously need breakfast and lunch on the road. Well, on the way back, for lunch we stopped at a rest stop which... More
  • What I Have Been Doing?

    Wow it has been a long time since I posted a blog on just me gaming. I have been so busy with running and just working that I hardly "game." So far my current obsession with Super Street Fighter 4 isn't fulfilled yet due... More
  • Home Sweet Home...

    Finally home from Ohio after one of the most awesome'est video gaming experiences ever. I've been a gamer 25+ years...been to a lot of events and midnight releases...have logged some serious hours online spent in mortal combat with my fellow video... More
  • An argument that spawned a question

    Preface I am in no way trying to impose my opinion onto anyone reading this blog. Just stating my side of the argument and looking for discussion. *Edit* Just to avoid confusion, this blog is talking about the action, shooter, hack-and-slash, horror,... More