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  • Popular Music in Video Games

    Music is the magic medium. It can be placed much more easily into film, books, paintings, and video games than any other, I will admit. Music and video games are not new, relative to the time that video games have existed. Many characters and series are... More
  • More Dead Space 2 Demo First Impressions

    Cody beat me to it, but what the hell, you can never have to much of a good thing. That, and the demo took six *** hours to download, so I literally just now beat it. NOTE: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Anyways, once your done navigating the menus (which are... More
  • I QUIT...

    Quitting. Quitting is not something that comes easily for me. It ranks right up there with failing. I hate to fail and I hate to quit. To me, both are a form of defeat. I would rather fight the good fight until the end. I would rather go down trying to... More
  • Vacationing in Video Game Land

    It's that time of year again. The time when school kids stay home all day and carefully try to unwrap their presents to get a sneak peak. The time when some adults cash in their vacation days and whisk the family away to distant lands of smelly grandparents... More
  • Starship Mario podcast - Episode 1

    Well, it's been (3? 4?) weeks since the first episode of The Starship Intercom, but there hasn't been an episode since. I'd like to apologize for that, our editor was really busy. Anyways, I'm sure you can already notice that this is,... More
  • Time Off...So What To Do?

    Christmas break kicked off a few days ago and I couldn't be happier about a break from college classes. One great thing about this break is it's actually the first one I've had (I've taken classes during most breaks). With this new free... More
  • Casting Call:Halo:community Edition

    Well i hope i'm not steping on any ones toes at game informer(And by that i meen i hope i am) with this blog, But since you haven't done it yet (and I Checked) I figured i'd have a little fun with it tell you do. Ok so first before i go into... More
  • halo 4 wish list

    things i was for halo 4 more maps on disc like 20 or 30 maps more players lik 32 or even 30 upgrade forge so you can map full maps and us ai and make cutsenes. better story More
  • Dead Space 2 Demo Impressions

    The sequel to the original Dead Space is going to be released on January, 25, 2011. Until then we have to have the demo keep us busy until then and here are my demo impressions, with a bonus cheat code you can use to help you survive. The cheat code to... More
  • Tron Legacy Movie Review

    Well well well. Its been a long time since ive last posted a blog on this site......or done much on this site. Work, college, and life in general finally caught up with me. so not as much time online. though I still play my games a lot. Anyway on to the... More
  • My New Years Resolutions


    SORRY!!! I'm not the perfect gamer you thought I was!

    ... More
  • Are gamers to obssesed with FPS games?

    Halo,Call of Duty, Fallout 3,Fallout New Vegas,Borderlands.The list goes on and on.These are only a few of the FPS games that line retail shelves these days. In fact, every time I go to Gamestop and look at the games, all I see are FPS games most of the... More