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  • 14 Years Later: Is it fair to Review Duke Nukem Forever?

    On May 3, what is possibly the most anticipated game of all time (Defiently the Longest Wait for a game), Duke Nukem Forever will finally release after being stuck in Development hell for 14 years. This game began development right after I was born. After... More
  • What makes a game worthwhile to a Girl Gamer?

    Girl gamers... we are the mystery. The etheral creature watched and observed and hunted after by many, many different types. I think the biggest source of our mystery is the way we choose our gaming interests. Most of us don't ascribe to one genre... More
  • A Time for Reinvention

    I won't lie to you. This will probably have little to do with video games, or media in general for that matter. I could make the usual quip and shove it in somewhere, but I fear something like that might degrade the meaning of this post even if it's... More
  • Game Sales: What about rentals?

    Hello, I've been thinking about this topic for a while, and finally was curious enough to check it out a bit. My question is this: With all the game/DVD rental stores in America, how many game sales do they drive? Now, I realize that this is a strange... More
  • A fine line between love and hate: Modded consoles. A grouchy old dude report.

    Hello and welcome to Monday. Let me tell you about this guy I follow online, Ben Heck. Ben Heck modifies consoles and pretty much everything else he gets his hands on. Here are some examples of his work. this is a PS3 he built for a guy in Afghanistan... More
  • Can Online Multiplayer Make Us More Narcissistic?

    One of the ways modern game developers have added a replay value to their games is a serious amount of RPG elements, updates, unlocks, all of that fun stuff. I have seen that this system works, because people want to get all of the unlocks. But there... More
  • Launched a beta test of Star Trek Online

    Launched a beta test of online role-playing game The Star Trek Online. In fact, closed beta test runs for a second day. If you want to take part in the test, you can register here. Press Release for detailed view. Los Gatos, Calif. Atari is one of the... More
  • The Final Countdown – Preparing to Phone Home…

    Here it is, Sunday evening. I have the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Jets game playing in the background and I'm sitting here writing my last Sunday blog before I return home. This "blow out" of a game turned out to be pretty decent.... More
  • Medal of Honor Mini-Review

    When friends and colleagues asked me what I thought about Medal of Honor, I simply answered, "Eh." It's not that the game as a whole was terrible by any means, but it didn't leave much of a lasting impression either. With big contenders... More
  • 3D Has Gone Too Far

    3D has really snowballed into popularity over the past few years. It's invaded movies, T.V., and even videogames. Remember seeing Avatar in 3D back in December of 2009? It was the first time in years I had worn 3D glasses to see a movie. Since then... More
  • A Successful 'Call of Duty' Podcast?

    Recently, I've been tuning into GameInformer's podcast series due to its interesting and informative nature. More recently though, I realized GI has a completely separate podcast series dedicated to MMO's (I'm not sure if it only pertains... More
  • App Attack: Civ Revolution

    Make no mistake, mobile gaming is all the rage these days. You can't turn the corner without hearing someone talk about the latest game they got from the App Store or just how awesome a jailbroken iPhone can be. While iPhone apps can't hold up... More