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  • Have We Forgotten the Beauty of Simple, Subtle Storytelling?

    As gamers, we’ve been called “Dovahkiin” and have been heralded as “the Shepard.” We have saved nations and even worlds through the lenses of just a single character. We have wielded ancient weapons against scores of fiends... More
  • At Least As Good With Kinect

    Are we off Kinect yet? It sold like gangbusters when it first released, and it’s really no surprise why. Like something out of a sci-fi thriller, we could suddenly use our hands and bodies to input data quickly and easily with a relatively cheap... More
  • I've Never Played Ocarina of Time

    12 1
    I know, I know. You must be thinking, "what the f**k is wrong with you?!" But alas, it's true. I've never played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A game that is widely considered to be the greatest video game of all time. I was... More
  • What a Heropon Played in 2017

    What a Heropon Played in 2017 Its been a good while since I last blogged. Not by choice, but between hurricanes, family vacations and the holidays, the last third of my 2017 was VERY eventful. I spent my free time gaming almost entirely as it wasn't... More
  • CWC: One Game for Eternity

    (Video montage below) I accepted this community writing challenge with the immediate thought of choosing EA Sports Supercross 2000. I can still remember sitting up until 1 a.m. with my cousin doing freestyle sessions and countless 20 lap main events as... More
  • PSN update for March 6. A grouchy old dude report.

    Hey people here's your psn store update for March 6 all information is from Hey everyone, This week, we see two big gaming experiences land on PSN, great PS Vita and PS3 content, and a wealth of free content on PlayStation Plus. To... More
  • My Backlog of Games.

    I've fallen into a not so happy trap with games recently. I've seemed to buy more than I can handle, and as such I've gotten quite a list of games that I have never completed. I'm sure this happens to everyone, but this is especially troubling... More
  • Let's Play Megaman X4 Part 13-15 ***FINAL***

    Here it is, the end of Let's Play Megaman X4. I had a lot of fun making these and I hope you all enjoyed my crazy antics. This was my first Let's Play so any feedback is appreciated. And again, if you missed any of the other parts you can see... More
  • Nintendo and the biasness, hate messages, and etc. it receives


    When a company like Nintendo is this hated, you know something is wrong with the gaming media.

    ... More
  • 17/31 - The Thin Line Between Horror and Gimmick

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    Survival Horror is a genre that itself appears to be barely surviving these days. With survival horror series such as Dead Space and Resident Evil moving further away from their roots with each new release (and closer to third-person shooter territory... More
  • What's Going On With Game Informer?

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    With the recent announcement of two members of the Game Informer team leaving to "go west", what changes await both Game Informer and Game Informer Online? Both members of the Game Informer team were stalwarts of both Game Informers' print... More
  • NBA 2k13 video review

    Hey guys. It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on GameInformer. I do most of my writing now for my school’s paper, but I write about video games anytime I can argue its relevance to my school. I may be doing a Halo 4 review this... More