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  • My thoughts on mass effect, why it’s my favorite sci-fi series and why people shouldn’t freak out about the endings. *Spoilers*

    So I just started playing mass effect 1 again because I am doing my perfection run through the trilogy. I have come to realized how impactful this game has been to me. It still feels so familiar and fresh in my mind from when I first played it. Even though... More
  • My Gaming Bucket List

    As we all know, the next gen consoles that will be making their way into our homes this holiday season won't be backwards compatible. This of course means that once I buy my PS4 I'll more than likely never go back and use my PS3. I'm now left... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 31] Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)

    With previous Silent Hill director Christophe Gans and writer Roger Avary unable to commit to a sequel, the job went to British director Michael J. Bassett. The main difference between the two films is that while Silent Hill completely ceases to make... More
  • SoL Team, No More

    Back in 2006 there was an inde-development team who had something cooking. At the time I worked for a website called, Fairchild VI . unfortunately the site met its demise since the owner ran into some financial trouble, plus, nobody was really interested... More
  • 31/31 Day 5 - Video Game Mash-Ups I Want To See

    Every gamer enjoys a game that mixes together character or concepts from other games. Disagree with me? Look at Super Smash Bros. Playstation even got in on that money opportunity with its Battle Royale. Mario Kart could be considered a mash-up as well... More
  • SFA Day 13: Want a Job? Just Do It!

    Barcade in Brooklyn, NY is the definition of gaming chic. This bar is unremarkable by most accounts; just one flat screen TV adorns the wall behind the bar, the tables are scratched and worn down and no blaring neon signs mark the entrance. The one thing... More
  • The Bittersweet of Fall Release

    The temperatures outside have finally begun to go down, the leaves are beginning to change color, football is back, and video game season is upon us. This fall, much like last fall, gamers will be treated to another stellar lineup of releases. All of... More
  • Losing Your Pride

    Hello, people of Game Informer. I know I haven't always written about gaming in my blogs, and I'm sure some of you are tired of my non-gaming related blogs, but this was a very significant development in my recent life. I hope someone can learn... More
  • Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery... or is it?

    As you may have read Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is going to release for PS3, also you may have noticed the game share a striking similarity to Nintendo's own Super Smash Bro. fighting game, the game from what i've read in different gaming... More
  • Let's Play for Child's Play: Auction Item and Call-In Updates

    New Guest Call-Ins: So, it's been about a week since I first announced "Let's Play for Child's Play" here at GIO. Now I'm here to tell you about some updates to the event. Two more people are poised to call in, and I want you... More
  • Short Sci-Fi Story: In the Darkness

    The darkness closed in around Arkady, suffocating him. No matter how many times he dropped into the tunnels, he never got used to the feeling. You felt like you were utterly alone in the world, despite the fact that ten feet above, the others were waiting... More
  • A Second Look: MAG

    Hi GI Community! As promised in my last blog, which can be found here ,I am going to be writing my new series. I thought long and hard on which game I would choose for my first blog and choose this game. It had been awhile since I played this game and... More