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  • Based On A Demo! Syndicate

    Syndicate is a FPS that takes place in the year 2069(let's see how that year ACTUALLY plays out). It's fast-paced, and makes you think quickly to preform stylish takedowns(sorry, full game only!), and bring down the big guns with your team. It... More
  • Good For An RPG

    Those were the words I used when Dean (AKA: born4this) asked on Twitter how Skyrim's fighting mechanics were. I'm not opening this up to a discussion on how awesome or terrible Skyrim is (Winner Dark Souls) But instead I'd like to bring up... More
  • My Elegant Take On DLC And My Advice To The Wife Of A Gaming Addict

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    Headnote: When you see a number in parentheses, it corresponds to the same numbered footnote at the bottom. It's a shame that this is necessary. It's Tuesday (the only day worse than Monday) and we are in the middle of the summer gaming slump... More
  • 365/365 Day 328: My Ten Favorite Pokémon


    Not much else to say; my ten favorite Pokémon!

    ... More
  • 365/365 Day 286: 2Spooky: Top Ten Monsters In Gaming

    For my second entry for "2Spooky Month", I want to take a look at some creatures whose natural habitat is in darkness; whose natural instinct is simply to kill, maim, and bludgeon; who can quite literally be the stuff of nightmares. These monsters... More
  • Off-Topic: The Flash TV Show on CW: My Plot Theory


    Off the subject of gaming, but worth your while if you love the show thus far! This is my theory as to what is going on in The Flash on CW.

    ... More
  • The furthest I've gotten in Zombies (which I know isn't really that far)

    I thought you guys might want to see how I play with others. With that in mind, here's what you can expect if you play on my team. A happy new year to you all! Game on. More
  • Top 10 2014 games (plus more)

    Top games of 2014 by Braulio Ortiz 2014 felt like it lacked that unanimous game of the year when compared to 2013's gaming line up (The Last of Us); however, the games that did release were usually outstanding after a certain point within the game... More
  • A Formula For a Perfect Video

    Hi,in this blog,I will review the video that is,in my opinion, perfect.First off,you should watch it. Did you see it?A combination of crazy humor and a tasty sandvich recipe is what makes this video perfect! The first time I saw this video was when I... More
  • 30/30 Day 26: A List of the Awesome Music I Listen to

    Music... it's the aural pleaser for the whole world. That didn't sound so right... lol. Anyways for this blog I want to dive into some great music across all my favorite genres: Classic Rock, Alternative/Punk Rock, Rap, and Video Game Music. What... More
  • Poem: The Darkness of Fear

    Quietly, quietly the darkness creeps in The sun crashes into the horizon It is time for the monsters to come out to play And your fears to be expanded The day had kept them all away You worked diligently in the sun But now it’s night and you huddle... More
  • Blog #1: Kids Education With Gaming.

    A lot of kids play video games and lets face it on online games kids can be annoying and people can get tired of lisening to them really fast but yelling at them to shut up wont solve anything they will just keep doing it more. I am currently 12 years... More