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  • Let's Play Megaman X4 Part 9-12

    Missed part 1-8? Visit my youtube channel or check my blog page . Part 9: Military Train Part 10: Space Port Part 11: Final Weapon (Iris Section) Part 12: Final Weapon (General Section) More
  • Halo:Reach - Needle Rifle

    I am totally excited for Halo:Reach! I'm also very curious about one of the new weapons, the Needle Rifle. The Needler is one of my favorite weapons so when I heard about the Needle Rifle, I was instantly interested in it. So what do you guys think... More
  • Most epic games in my opinion

    These are basically my favorite games of all time. I'll try to put them in order of the year they came out Worms (1994) This game was one of my first stratagy games. I just loved it. (I'm not going to put more than one sentence for the 1990's... More
  • War Never Changes

    Another game-based poem. Shouldn't be hard to figure out this one. And the World Shall Burn in Radioactive Flame… The door rolls aside, and what reaches your visual sense Is far worse than anything could have ever foretold. A desolate desert... More
  • Get Ready To Write!

    With the first edition of GIO Poetry Corner being a success , and more poems on the way, I am glad to announce that GIO Poetry Corner Edition #2 is in the works. I am very excited about this. I thank everyone who participated and checked out the community's... More
  • XBOX 360 Games I've Beaten: The Final Chapter

    I figured it was about time to wrap up this list, so here are the last 7 games I've beaten on the 360. CAUTION: May contain spoilers. L.A. Noir - This is the first console game I had ever pre-ordered. For a few years I wanted to work for the FBI/in... More
  • Game Over... continue? New Reviews

    Hey all, sorry... I know, I know, I lied to you. I said I'd be back on more often, but I haven't been. The good news is I've been promoted so I'm working a lot more, the bad being that I've got less time to play and write! Still, gotsta... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 15

    (I love that all I have to do is hit "H" and this video is the first thing my computer suggests) Alright Raz, this time I have something that I know for sure you’ll hate. “After last part I don’t really see what you can do... More
  • PR And Stranger's Clone Wars E3 Special Edition Part 3: Nintendo

    Stranger: Alright, and now for the grand finale of our special three part E3 Clone War, we'll be discussing Nintendo's conference as it happens. Got any words for the people clone? PRjumpman124: THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME. NINTENDO FTW. I mean ... More
  • A Fair Chance

    Recently I acquired a copy of Max Payne 3. I personally love the first two games, so I was definitely anticipating its' release. I, however could not purchase the game on the day it was released due to financial issues. I'm a couple weeks late... More
  • 31/31 Day 11- Star Fox Assault

    Yesterday, I said we abandoned Super Smash Bros. Melee for another game. Well, this is it- Star Fox Assault. My friend's family rented the game, and we blew one another up for hours, until I had to go home. We would fight over Landmasters, and get... More
  • Imscared: Miasmata Review

    Maybe I'm cynical, but it's often obvious to me that for all of the innovation and exposure Steam's brilliant Greenlight serve affords low-profile indie games, it also affords plenty of games free publicity that they didn't need in the... More