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  • That Game

    (WARNING: This will have spoilers of Bioshock. Yes, it's an old game but you've now been worn.) That game. The game that you refuse to sell. Not because it's your favorite game. Or the best game. But because it had an effect on you. It made... More
  • Top 10 Best Things About Skyrim

    Top 10 Best Things About Skyrim Like many others, I'm enjoying Skyrim. By enjoying, I of course mean I literally haven't done anything else since I picked it up. Seriously, I'm hungry and I stink. But within this epic game there are incredible... More
  • Disgaea Series v.s. Final Fantasy Tactics Series Part 4

    Here it is, Disgaea's last say on the Disgaea v.s. Final Fantasy blog. Today I will list which games to play and which ones to skip. The pros and cons of the individual Disgaea games and the series in a whole. Now let's begin with Disgaea 1. DISGAEA... More
  • Curse of the Backlog Part 3: The Game That Broke the Player

    I should've expected it. That one game, that one game that I just could not bring myself finish. I definitely didn't know I'd run into that game so early in my quest. That game was Fallout: New Vegas. (Bought: October 2010) I bought Fallout... More
  • The Power of the Consumer

    In all of the recorded history of mankind, there has always been some sort of a "consumer" in the economic world. Without a preference for currency, bill, barter, or business, he has kept industries running with the power of demand. Some critics... More
  • The Wreck (Short story)

    The sights and images of the wreckage would forever haunt me, the agonizing pain I suffered during the crash, listening to the frightened screams of men, women and children as the planes sirens were shrilly alerting us of our impending doom. Brace for... More
  • Skyrim Brings Out the Good And Evil In Gamers (Part 2 of 2)…

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    Following up from yesterday's blog about books in Skryim and how one gamer seeks them out and another seeks to destroy them, I wanted to continue the discussion, first by looking at Skyrim a bit further and then a few other games that have had equally... More
  • Why Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is my 5th Favorite Game of All Time

    Another “Underground hit”, in my opinion, but it holds a special place in my heart. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was developed by KROME Studios and Published by EA, but it was far from a high-profile release. Few games come close to topping my love... More
  • Great Television Shows You May Haven't Heard About

    The following are a couple of great television shows that don't have a strong prescence in the US, therefore you may not know exist. These shows have gathered a cult following and are all deserving of your attention. I personally do not watch that... More
  • GBa Ambassador Titles I Want

    If you were one of the people that bought that bought the 3DS at 250$, you thought you got ripped off with the price cut. Than the ambassador games were announced. 5 of the GBA titles have been confirmed: Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advanced 3 Mario... More
  • What Games Will NOT win GOTY Pt 1

    Since it appears that a ton of people are going to do blogs about their games of the year, I figured I might shake things up a bit. I am doing to do a blog on what games WILL NOT win game of the year. It is going to tough, because I am not going to include... More
  • The Fog (Short Story)

    The sharp, rocky cliffs were constantly subjected to the harsh beatings they received from the sea of, the waves, of which they continuously had to endure. They crashed down on the rocks and caused vibrations to run through the beach. The water was a... More