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  • The Swag Blog: Christmas Edition

    Let me start by saying, it's been quite a few months since I did one of these. In fact, the last one I did was in August of last year. Anyways, today I bring you one of the many blogs I had to unexpectedly put on hold, due to unavoidable circumstances... More
  • Please sign Google's anti-SOPA sheet

    6 I know a blog needs to be a few paragraph long. So here's some filler for you: Go check out wikipedia right now. See what happens. After that, go check out Reddit. After that, go check out Kotaku. After realizing... More
  • Putting Words into Motion - Video Reviews

    The Game Informer User Review section is akin to Minesweeper; you will find some great points in there but be prepared to click on some bombs. Saint and Samurai Zero have done an excellent job at weeding out some of the hidden gems with Blog Herding and... More
  • Text Adventures

    The genre that basically started gaming. There is an argument as to when Text Adventure first began, but several come to the conclusion that it was started with the game, "Adventure (aka Colossal Cave)" written by Will Crowther. He started his... More
  • Mass Effect Loose Ends

    So I am anxiously and eagerly awaiting Mass Effect 3. I have my pre-order all in line and I am sooooo excited. Anyway. So, in my anticipation I wanted to complete another playthrough of Mass Effect 1 and 2, playing as FemShep (I've never seen that... More
  • Dueling Personas: Balancing Life With Life Online

    It's getting to the point where I don't really blog on Game Informer about many pertinent video game related topics anymore. I tend to reserve that for The Game Effect, the website I write for professionally (ok, somewhat professionally). So I... More
  • Video Game Propaganda Posters…

    So, a few days ago I posted a blog about video game politics and propaganda. In preparing for this blog, I navigated my browser to Google Images and searched on video game propaganda posters. Google worked its magic like it always does and came back with... More
  • Games I've Played this Year, or "Please don't hurt me"

    This blog is basically a list of games that I played, and, more importantly, stuck in my head. This was a busy year, and I think 80% of gamers forgot that games like Dead Space 2 were even released this year, so all these games are ones that were unique... More
  • REPOST: GI's Shooter of the Year Awards: My Response to the Public: For Those Who Just Received February's Issue

    It has occured to me that there has been some discord over GameInformer's decision on Shooter of the Year and its accompanying awards. First off, I'd like to say that GameInformer's decision is based upon their own intellectual evaluations... More
  • Blog Post #7: An Impressive Backlog, Much?

    I, like many others, have a rather impressive backlog of video-games just waiting to be played - games that I really wanted to play throughout the year, but simply did not have the money to cough up at the time. This is a list of my personal backlog ... More
  • Uncharted 3 Problems

    Well, it's another kind of adventure for Nathan Drake as he searches for his family's treasure. In the Early beginning, Young Drake roams the streets of Cartagena where he meets Sully. This meeting wasn't planned by Drake but in his future... More
  • SOPA Summary Part 3: Section 103 (Part 2) - Section 107

    Today, we continue our summary of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). For those interested in understanding the law rather than being told to fear it because you should be afraid of it and formulating your own educated opinion, read on. If you choose to... More