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  • Merry Christmas Gameinformer! (Christmas discussion)

    HGood morning GI! Where I am it's 7:19 and I'm about to open presents. Please tell me what you got, what memeories you shared, and more! MERRY CHRISTMAS! More
  • Awards For Every 2011 Game I Played


    Instead of restricting myself to another top ten list, I thought I would challenge myself a bit by giving out an award to every game I played in 2011. Considering how I'm a poor college student, I actually didn't buy that many games to begin with. Still, this list will force me to recognize the greatest aspects of all the games I played. I gave each game a second, more unique award as well. So without further adieu:

    ... More
  • Twas The Night Before Christmas...

    Tomorrow is Christmas which obviously means tonight is Christmas Eve. I know not everybody celebrates or recognizes Christmas, but there is no denying that's what tomorrow is. Hey, I'm not a fan of Columbus Day. I kind of think it's a sham... More
  • When Do Games Deserve a Second Chance?

    I have a confession to make. Ninety percent of my Christmas list is made up of video games. With this ratio, I knew I had a lot of games to beat before the 25th. Because come that day, I will have several new games that require my attention. I’ve... More
  • What the next gen Xbox needs

    As with most of my blog posts, I get to thinking about something, and I feel like I should write it down. So here I am. I've got an opinion on what the Xbox is lacking, and what it has too much of. I've got a vague idea of what I think Microsoft... More
  • A scary story: The Legend of Smile.jpg

    Another day, another blog, another story for me to share. This time it's a bit more unnerving than the first. Fore some reason that I cannot comprehend, I have an obsession with scary things. And this story is one that really caught my attention.So... More
  • Elf On The Shelf

    It's the Holidays! That means staying at home, wearing ugly sweaters, and drinking lots of egg nog; even too much of it at times. And I'm sure you all are having a wonderful season, preparing for the year's most magical morning. But be that... More
  • The Notion of Giving

    Hey everyone, I've been occupied lately with many, many things, but I wanted to post to my blog to let myself be heard. As of the writing of this blog, it is Christmas Eve 2011, and, well I just felt the urge to write something, and I wanted to talk... More
  • Blog Post #2: Just Another Brick in The Wall?

    There are many genre's of video-games out there - no dip. Many prefer frantic, fast-paced first-person shooters while others may prefer completely immersing yourself in a universe such as in a good role-playing game, while still others may want to... More
  • The Gateway Game

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    If you know anything about drugs, then you probably know that marijuana, or weed, is known as the "gateway drug". I learned this from a recent discussion with my Policeman neighbor, who was talking to his kids about drugs and how marijuana leads... More
  • Society's Take on Servicemen

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    This is completely based on my personal observations of how much most of our youth cares about the military and the brave men and women who serve it. Back in the days of the Draft and War Time Economy, people actually cared for and honored our troops... More
  • "Best [ Enter game here ] awards. Skullmanic edition.

    Hey, everyone. Been a while since I blogged here but wanted to squeeze one off before the New Year. I'm going to award my favorite games here in this blog. It's very simple. You read and may comment or not. If your a hater, your job is to say... More