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  • Game Informer Online Community Frag-Fest 00: Recap and Highlight Reel

    21 2
    Welp, I must say I am fairly pleased with the turnout of this little effort! 50+ community members submitted their info - thanks in no small part to Game Informer staff for bringing additional community attention with the front page post , mention in... More
  • The One-Month Milestone: How's Black Ops Holding Up?

    Continuing my obsession with Black Ops and titling my blog posts in the form of a question or including a colon, I decided to focus this installment on Black Ops and the never-ending quest to achieve multiplayer balance. Unless you are a complete societal... More
  • How I Won An Entire Season of Tecmo Bowl Using Only One Play

    The other day, I decided to play my Wii after months and months of ignoring it. I realized almost immediately that I had downloaded a game from the Virtual Console that I had yet to play. It was Tecmo Bowl and after starting it up, a whole rush of childhood... More
  • Your take on next A.C.

    As the world of A.C. keeps expanding to new heights every time, it's hard to believe that A.C. will never run out of story or locations.Today I wish to hear about your take on Assassin's Creed, tell me about the location you most wish to take... More
  • Why do kids want to play mature games? Duh! A grouchy old dude report.

    My son who is eleven, informed me that his younger cousin (who is ten) is receiving red dead redemption and Halo reach for Christmas. Now before you ask, no I am not buying it for him. The question you should ask is, "Why does he want those games... More
  • Batzarro

    Batzarro (Wayne Bruce) is a twisted doppelgänger of Batman, in the same vein as Bizarro, the similar doppelgänger to Superman. His origin is unknown, but his speech patterns are almost identical to those of Bizarro. Just as Bizarro has a reversed... More
  • If I Had A Million Dollars (or How Many Games You Could Get)

    Imagine if you received a paycheck in your mail. Imagine this paycheck suffered a major clerical error, and now you were a millionaire. Ha Ha! Fat chance. Imagine what you would buy! PS3 And Xbox 360 Games And Accessories Rounding down, you could buy... More
  • Bat-Mite

    The curious creature known as Bat-Mite claims to be Batman's greatest fan. Winging his way to Earth from a bizarre alien dimension, he wears a homemade costume honoring his idol, the Dark Knight. Bat-Mite's utility belt, unlike that of his hero... More
  • Challenge your Christmas Spirit!


    The due date is now open!

    ... More
  • Let Us Eat & Drink, For Tomorrow We Die. Saint's Frag Fest Summary...

    Tonight was the first (of hopefully many) Frag Fests featuring members of the Game Informer Community. I don't know if anyone was taking notes or keeping I figured I'd post my thoughts on it. First of all, hats off to eyros2k for actually... More
  • A Very Call of Duty Christmas (5 items every gamer needs)

    5. RXCD Do you have really annoying relatives you need taken care of? Or maybe you are just a huge Black Ops fan. Either way, the real RCXD is a must have for this holiday season. Some of its features include -real, lifelike steering that no one could... More
  • Why Master Chief helped define the last decade

    What's always fascinated me about this site (and probably, the gaming community in general) is it's ignorance to ideas they don't like and their instant belief that they'll fail or something that's obviously big doesn't deserve... More