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  • Games ARE Art! (Here's why.)

    I racked my mind of all the incredible games I've played today when I thought of the topic of this post. I decided to go with one game I never quite finished to use as fodder for this arguement. So first, I will go through some things that are widely... More
  • The Truth About Phil Fish

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    By now everybody knows the surface details about Phil Fish. Ya know, he made the wildly popular game Fez, and has a bunch of questionable things to say about the gaming industry, and community, as a whole. A lot of things that I myself agree with, but... More
  • Are you sure we're related?- An incident of stupidity with my sister, and another jaw dropping story with my friend.

    Well, the other day, my sister and I are sitting around watching the news before going to school. Yet ANOTHER one of those ads for mayor came on. At the end, she said, "Isn't Mark Sanford our mayor?" Me: "Um, he's our governor."... More
  • The inherent risk of being a first adopter.

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    It's done. After having looked at the games, the features, and factoring in which ecosystem I prefer, I pre-ordered an Xbox One from Amazon. While I know that a VERY large portion of the GI community will balk, roll their eyes, or flat out just laugh... More
  • Top 3 Halo Fan Songs

    It's always incredible to see what fans can make in tribute to their favorite video games. Fan-art gets a lot of press, as do sculptures, paper-craft, and the like. However, we rarely hear news of fan created music, which I find odd considering how... More
  • Keeping On Writing (We'll See Who Keeps On Reading)

    You are most likely unaware but in January 2013 I committed myself to a weekly blog with a goal of roughly 52 blogs within 52 weeks. The emphasis wasn't on adhering to an immutable time limit but on consistently writing (which is my number one piece... More
  • Game(s) of the Year

    'Tis the season to be jolly! Where was I when consumers flocked to the stores for Black Friday deals? On my couch playing the virtual hell out of Skyrim. Thanksgiving was quiet for me as I didn't invite anyone over to share the day with, nor did... More
  • My Favorite System Launch EVER! (yes, really)

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    I was hesitant to even write this blog. While the GBA, er... Gameboy Advance has a special place in my heart, I rarely hear other gamers discuss it with the same fondness. What may seem slightly odd is that I've been playing games for a very long... More
  • The best aspect of a video game is......

    Like most of you, I've been a big fan of video games for a long time, and we've all have asked this question "Whats the best thing in a videogame?" Is it the graphics, story, gameplay, or something else? I'll reveal mine in the end... More
  • What Caught My Eye in Issue #238

    What Caught My Eye in Issue #238 In the Gallery, Zach Raw’s entry is amazing. (pg. 9) The Fire Emblem Awakening advertisements may be the greatest in any magazine ever. (pg. 19, 21, and 23) Mr. Helgeson provides a great interview with the “leaders”... More
  • Mass Effect: Revelation

    Hey fellow members! Yesterday was my birthday and I thought I'd pop in and give you all a birthday present from me to you. It's a book report essay I did for school about the book Mass Effect: Revelation . I'm copying it straight from Word... More
  • One Man's Junk...

    We forsook the aged for youth. We placed our value on progress over understanding, innovation over experience, instant gratification over pondering consequences. In short, evidences of our great knowledge are everywhere, but wisdom is seldom found This... More