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  • Community Writing Challenge: Weirdest Things I've Seen In Gaming

    Creativity can surprise us every now and then and video games don't escape this reality. Sometimes they deliver some breaking fourth wall yet weird ideas for us to witness. Be them glitches or something else, they can be unexpectedly funny nonetheless... More
  • Hollywood and Superhero Actress Casting Choices

    Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson in talks for Captain Marvel Like Brie Larson as an actress or not what is it with Hollywood and refusing to choose female actors that are actually fit enough to play these superheroine roles? She looks like she's... More
  • The Essentials Challenge: C$ - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    Welcome to our first entry into the Essentials Challenge ! Our first participant to complete his game is none other than the incomparable C$, whom I affectionately refer to as Clutch (Monster Hunter thing, you had to be there). Let's see just what... More
  • Action-Packed Couch Madness

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    I haven't blogged in a while. I think the last blog was about a year ago and quite a lot has changed in the meantime. That little boy from a faraway land, who couldn't run any games and kept on pirating stuff, has grown into something... better... More
  • The Big 5-0 And An Announcement....

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    Well, upon posting this blog it would mark my 50th entry total. If you look on my profile it will say 51, but I'm not counting an entry I posted for a friend of mine awhile back....I didn't write anything I just simply posted it. So yeah, the... More
  • Weekly Questions Week 4!

    I really enjoy doing these :P 1. What was the last video game that you purchased? 2. Do you reserve/pre-order games? If so, how many are reserved at the moment, and what was the last game you received that was reserved? 3. What was your last launch day... More
  • Quick-Draw McJohn's Quick Reviews I

    Note: These are quite unlike my normal and archaic/elongated form of reviewing games and other interesting applications of video game instruments. These small series' of reviews will quite literally be quickly fired off at you with only a basic concept... More
  • Changing The Difficulty

    What difficulty do you like to play on? Some people prefer Easy. It usually removes most of the challenge, so less skilled gamers or people who are only interested in the story can make it all the way through as easily as possible. Others like to crank... More
  • Another List of things you Already Knew about E3 that I'm going to tell you anyway...

    Yes- this is it. Yet another blog about E3. You're probably getting tired of all of them by now, but at least most are pretty decent. Hopefully this short little glimpse at what I perused won't be too much of a letdown then. Here we go, onto the... More
  • Writer's blog #1 (new step in the direction)

    Night Hunting Night fell over the camp as Xander leaned against his windowsill. The calm still of the night was soothing, as the moon hovered above his home like a omnipresent eye, peering deep into his heart. His mind was troubled by the thought of the... More
  • Is $60 really a lot of money for a game?

    This is a question that I always ask my friends and on instinct they always tell me yes. That's a ton of money for a game that I may not enjoy, loaded with bugs, or have several updates. There's one thing I challenge them that usually changes... More
  • Honestly people? Really?

    I can't believe it's come to a day like this. I mean, I never would have dreamed of this kind of thing happening at the start of last decade, let alone ever. I mean really, is having Presient Obama in freaking Madden NFL that big of a deal? Really... More