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  • Top Ten Tuesday 44 - My Top Ten Video Game Endings

    Top Ten Tuesday 44 My Top Ten Video Game Endings Disclaimer: There are many top ten lists but this one is mine, if you think a game is missing here, I either didn't play it, didn't have any interest in it, or I just hate you. Pre-List Notes It's... More
  • 365/365 Day 136: LOOK! AN OBVIOUS DISTRACTION!

    When you went (or go) to ask your parents for something, you most likely tried to take a "well I did this so can I have this?" route. At least, that's what I usually did. I'd mention something good that had happened that day, or how... More
  • Gaming Is Dead, Part III: In The Name Of Greed

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    A wise man once said that the love of money was the root for many evils. No human in this world can escape from the temptation of the almighty currency, and as such, we are corruptible. This goes for all: school teachers, priests, government officials... More
  • Review: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle

    Even Speedwagon Would Be Impressed! My first experience with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was back in the 90s with the OVA for Stardust Crusaders. I was immediately hooked by the humor of it. When the Capcom fighting game came out I eagerly snatched it... More
  • A Quick Thank You!

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    With thanksgiving around the corner, I just wanted to give thanks to many of the people on this site. This place is undoubtedly the best place on the internet to talk about video games. Here we have an amazing staff that's in touch with what goes... More
  • Where Can Mass Effect Go From Here?

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    In case you missed it, Bioware announced early last week that Commander Shepard, the beloved hero and central protagonist of the Mass Effect trilogy, would not be appearing in subsequent Mass Effect games. While it is no doubt a painful loss for fans... More
  • Mike's 10 Questions Week #6 - The Jolt Weekly Series.

    1. What's your favorite controller? My fav controller would have to be the N64 controller. So many good memories there, 2. What's your favorite non-gaming hobby? Drawing, writing, playing guitar, TV, music, messing with videogame engines... I... More
  • Faceless Friends

    Another poem (not depressing this time) that I wrote. You'll probably be able to guess what inspired it. Faceless Friends Those who are closest may be the farthest away And the ones right there with you ever distant. The people whom one cares for... More
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

    After numerous delays and two years of thorough development, Obsidian's newest foray into the RPG space has finally arrived in the form of South Park: The Stick of Truth . Perhaps best known for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and Fallout... More
  • The Similarities between Uncharted 3 and Sly 3

    To start off first is Uncharted 3 and Sly 3 are similar. Now if you have read anything of mine before, you will know that some of what I say doesn't make sense. So please keep the comments to yourself and bare with me. On the PS3, the game screen... More
  • GIO RUN - Day 2: To Places Beyond Horizon

    Time to write a blog post to sum up Day 2. This time I went straight to the river and followed it up to the last bridge that crosses the river before the town comes to its edge. So I crossed and followed a similar path to where I drove last time. This... More
  • Louisiana's retarded approach to seconadary education.

    Okay, so I am an undergrad at Louisiana State University and I'm pissed at our current governor's solution to budget deficits. The man has just cut 62 million more dollars of funding for its flagship university, on top of the several other cuts... More