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  • Replay: Donkey Kong Country Game Boy Advance

    Hello people bjdbuch here and i am going to start replaying Donkey Kong Country on my Game Boy to get ready for the new Donkey Kong Country game. I will post Progress Reports every Saturday. I also have 2 new LittleBigPlanet levels which I will tell you... More
  • aeria games

    As an active gamer I like to explore all various types of games and have explored all different avenues. recently i had a problem with this company that i thought i would share. please mind that this is not a flame post against the company, it is an experience... More
  • How the PS VITA became my gateway drug into retro gaming

    I once owned a PSP for two months. Yep, I got suckered in by its sweet-looking screen, glossy sexiness and the promise of a portable PlayStation 2 in my pocket. Obviously, the PSP was a worthless piece of junk unless playing watered-down ports of average... More
  • In Defense of Mass Effect 3

    WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS It has been something I wanted to get my chest off to to a large amount of Mass Effect fans. Specifically, these "fans," (or maybe not fans anymore?), that disliked the ending of Mass Effect 3. It is known the the... More
  • Range: S1 Part 5

    Alphonse went to the place he had met Kate the last two nights, this time opting to go outside and walk around the house instead of climbing out a window. As he was taking a drink from his grape juice, which he had not thought to take with him before... More
  • An opinion to give to gamers and devs: Have games ever been/Are they broken?

    Many people I have talked to in the past years about game development have told me that we learn from our beginnings, mistakes and feedback. All of them are true. Some gamers say that we should learn from the voices, where the money is at (Huh…... More
  • Pokemon White 2 Day 8

    1 1
    Got my last two badges today and THREE legendary Pokemon! I started out on Route 13 and I finally caught Cobalion Lv. 45, after using about 30 Ultra Balls! Then I went to Lacunosa Town where I had a battle against Hugh. There wasn't much to do there... More
  • The Rise and Fall of the Singleplayer FPS Part 1: I Need A Weapon

    In every FPS game, the core gameplay is shooting your enemy with your gun. Whether you’re using a M4 Carbine or a BFG, every shooter has you shooting your enemies with all sorts of weapons. However, I’ve noticed something interesting with... More
  • The News - 10.02.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day because we have two articles that we will be examining in today's issue of The News. First off, we will be taking a look at a shocking story coming out of Plymouth, England... More
  • XBOX 360 Games I've Beaten: The Final Chapter

    I figured it was about time to wrap up this list, so here are the last 7 games I've beaten on the 360. CAUTION: May contain spoilers. L.A. Noir - This is the first console game I had ever pre-ordered. For a few years I wanted to work for the FBI/in... More
  • Pushing Limits

    A Game of Balances Are video games an art form? The question is sure to stir up debate and needless strife. I wish to avoid such banter and get right down to the real issue that is often overlooked: interactive storytelling is our generation’s new... More
  • Snow White

    When I was a child, I watched Disney cartoon moves. Every kid does. My favorite was The Jungle Book. I always wanted to know what it would be like to live in the wild amongst animals that wouldn't think twice about ripping me into tiny pieces if they... More