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  • Beating The Backlog: Bulletstorm

    It always feels good to beat a game that waited in my backlog for over a year. I really love to complete old, unfinished games that were pushed back due to “more important” titles. Last time on Beating The Backlog, we looked at Limbo : an... More
  • Spartans Favor WiiU Over 360

    Last night at the midnight release I saw something I thought I would never see, one of xbox's long running mascots embracing the WiiU. More
  • More Dancing Mania

    If you are bored, you might as well watch my brother and sister continue playing Just Dance 3. More
  • My Thoughts On OUYA

    All day I have been reading and thinking about this brand new console that was announced today, OUYA. I watched the kick starter money growth grow to now what is $1.7 Million Dollars. That is amazing and there goal was only $950,000. I was amazed to hear... More
  • A Bureaucrat's Life for Me in Papers, Please

    I always feel a mild panic when I present identification papers at the airport. The skeptical look from the tired employee, the line of people impatiently waiting behind me, the questions they inevitably ask about my birth date all blend together in a... More
  • My problems with Certain Games

    I've finished quite a lot of games, not just story wise, but 100%. From the Atari era to the current generation, there has been quite a few things I've had problems with. Certain games really didn't fulfill my expectations. Yes, I do believe... More
  • Ramblings Of A Mad Man: Free Comic Book Day.

    Well known to all geeks and gamers alike, the first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day , a day when sometimes Hollywood unleashes a comic movie blockbuster (or in some cases, a block- blunder ), almost all the comic shops in America give away free... More
  • 31/31: Day 14- Top 10 Villains in Zelda

    What need would there be for a hero without a villain to fight? Since game one, Link has been destined to fight evil in all of its forms, from his long-standing archenemy, Ganon, to upstarts like Agahnim and The Helmrock King. These are, in my opinion... More
  • ME3: To import or not?

    7 1
    I have been playing thru Mass Effect 3. It's a huge difference between it & Mass Effect 2. First, the opening scenes & first few battles play out way different than they did in ME2. For clarification purposes, Mass Effect 2 will be referred... More
  • The Top Five Most American Video Games, As Told By Pat Riot

    Video games often take the player to far away worlds or alternate universes. But how do video games approach portraying the United States? As video games are part of a global culture they can provide perspective on the United States from people and game... More
  • All Aboard the Hype Train!! Striking While the Iron is Hot

    By the way I made this specifically for this article XD I thought it would be too perfect, especially for the internet. Delays and extensions to video games has become all too common in recent years, and we have seen a good few games pushed into the threshold... More
  • Hipster Tuesday: Long Lost Survival Diaries

    Last week, I had the honor of being interviewed for this community's weekly "Hipster Tuesday" celebration. During the interview I was asked to describe what my favorite "hipster" video game was, and I went for a title with a small... More