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  • Nintendo Defense League: Chapter 5 + Sign-ups for the Nintendo Defense League Youtube Series

    Hello and welcome back to Nintendo Defense League! Sign-ups for the Youtube series is after the chapter. Happy Reading! Chapter 5 Journey into Limbo "Oh man' I said "Limbo is where video game characters go to die!" "Yes Kirby,... More
  • Rethinking Apple and Gaming

    A few months ago, the idea had been passed around the blogosphere and it started a small fire. People got excited and began the rounds of conjecture; bickering over if they will or if they won't, tossing about ideas of what they should and shouldn't... More

    So me and my wife just got a ps4. Im not sure if she is going to create her own Twitch account, but I have mine. I plan on streaming all the time now that I have it set up. I would apreaciate anyone from the GI community to chime in and watch. I will... More
  • Leaked Left 4 Dead 2 trailer

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    Dear Lord it is beautiful. More
  • First Impressions: Dishonored.

    Hello Everyone! This blog is meant to convey to you my feelings about the newly released game Dishonored so far, and as the title may suggest this is not a full fledged review it is just a little excerpt from my experience with dishonored so far so here... More
  • Drop Zone Alpha (A short story)

    Another short story, although this time I had to cut it short due to the fact I had other creative writing to do for school. As it is, it was a simple practice run with changing perspectives and sci-fi military tone. It takes inspiration primarily from... More
  • BioShock Review

    9.5/10 and Favorite single player game I have to state first of all that BioShock is my favorite game, and comes so close to perfect that I do not know why not to recommend it to everyone. I purchased it right when Infinite came out, and was not sure... More
  • 365/365 Day 130: Art of Recreation #5

    First off, I should apologize for this blog going up so late. To make up for that fact, I'm going to do something I haven't for quite some time; showing off some of my art that I've been doing. Originally, this was going to be a blog about... More
  • Far Cry 4 Review - Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

    8.2 - Thanks to a diverse set of gameplay mechanics and great presentation, Far Cry 4 ends up delivering an effective, but flawed, experience. Being chased by a honey badger while occasionally turning around to gun it down with my assault rifle at the... More
  • How "We Were Here" Uses In-Game Voice Chat As A Mechanic

    Even if it's not a feature used by everyone, I'd reckon the vast majority of people are at least familiar with voice chat in games. Plugging in a microphone and being able to vocally communicate with friends and strangers has been a prominent... More
  • Books That Should Be Games

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    Recently The Dark Tower series was announced to be transitioning into the world of cinema, and I cannot be more excited about it. But I also got to thinking of what a game set in that universe could be like. So while I was thinking about that, I started... More
  • Off Topic: Would You Play This Table-Top Game?

    As an old-school Dungeon Master who often has a lot of extra time on his hands at work I frequently toss around new ideas for games in my head. These are most often games that I, myself, would like to play. I've always had an obsession with Gladiators... More