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  • One Hour Review: Modern Warfare 2

    I succumbed to the peer pressure and rented this game, just to see if all the game lives up to all the hype. So far, it just might.... I don't have online capabilities, so I must always stick to the single player of games. Thus, I started the campaign... More
  • Let's Play Megaman X4 Part 13-15 ***FINAL***

    Here it is, the end of Let's Play Megaman X4. I had a lot of fun making these and I hope you all enjoyed my crazy antics. This was my first Let's Play so any feedback is appreciated. And again, if you missed any of the other parts you can see... More
  • Band titles that should show up on The Rockband Network

    I was playing my Rockband 2 earlier and I got a little bored so I stopped playing. Then I went to listen to my Itunes when this awsome Van Halen song came on and I thought to myself WTF!! there is absolutely no Van Halen on Rockband. So here is a list... More
  • I had a weird dream...

    about there being an obscure series of mystery comedy films staring Michael C. Hall, Steve Martin, and someone who was either Cedric the entertainer, Sinbad, or Berny Mac, or maybe it was all three, I just know it was weird, and was like a "flashback"... More
  • Confessions Of A Clueless Gamer

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    Just think of every AAA game that has been released this year. Now just imagine that you didn't get around to playing them until say... 2020. To make matters worse, when you finally DID play those games, you were too embarrased to admit that you were... More
  • TRN halo edition (sorry for late post)

    Hello guys it’s me Sastgamer (TRN) and first I am sorry for last week’s edition (call of duty) it was low budget and too rushed and the layout just plain out didn’t work so I will do it better this time around. Anyways scraping the mushy... More
  • 31/31- Day 25: May I Have Your Attention! #3

    Here we are at another edition of “May I Have Your Attention?” This time I’d like to talk about Mirror’s Edge. In case you’ve forgotten, in “May I Have Your Attention?” I attempt to bring some much deserved love... More
  • Falling in Love... With Easy Mode

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    I'm one of those people who like to romanticize gaming as a hobby. It's easy to do really. Add some inuendo here, a bit of an analogy there, and all of a sudden gaming becomes that 'person' who I end up spending a great deal of time with... More
  • Call Of Duty : Black Ops 2 Beta Edition ; Who's Ready ?

    The game " Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 " is due to release on Nov.13th , the beta release to come out a week before hand on Nov.6th to give COD Fans a chance to see the game a bit early and know what's it's going to be like. Here , I have... More
  • Dissected: Samus

    Yeah we all know that Samus is a total babe when she takes off her suit. Let's just say... her blue outfit is VERY skin tight... I'm not a perv or a sexist. I just notice stuff. I mean men get sexualized in games too. Just look at Kratos, Goku... More
  • America the Irradiated: Playing Fallout 3 in an Election Year

    Note: The original article is posted at . Check there for reviews, news, and editorials for a different kind of journalism. Seriously. Check it out. It's cool. I'll wait. Over the past few months, I, like every other person... More
  • Synecdoche New York Movie review

    So as i was browsing my movie collection i thought i would review a drama. Synecdoche New York is a film about a regional theater director struggling romantic relationships, as well as problems of aging, and a mysteriously degenerating medical condition... More