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  • The Greatest Games of All Time #5

    6 1
    The gaming industry's main talking points seem to be built upon a foundation of myth and other lies. Let's take a quick look at a few of them: - Metal Gear Solid is good - Halo is good - Online gaming is good (really guys) - Zelda is good The... More
  • Batman sequel a real possibility, says co-founder Sefton Hill

    It seems like Rocksteady Studios is ready for a sequel to it's latest cape crusader vigilante, Batman: Arkham Asylum. While not officially announcing anything, co-founder Sefton Hill recently gave a little hint that the sequel could very well be a... More
  • Gamecube to Wii? Why?

    I recently got finished reading an old article from about Gamecube titles being transferred to Wii format. I myself, feel that this is a great opportunity for new gamers, to experience classics, while adapted to a modern level of gaming.... More
  • Story Time! Part V

    You can catch the beginning of the story here: When we last left Odin Fog: Roy feared for his life, this monster would surely attack him. Roy let out a scream, the man, if he was a man... More
  • Please Don’t Kill Victor "Sully" Sullivan…

    8 1
    Video game characters aren't real, I realize this. So wondering how a video game character might feel about their performance in a video game might border on lunacy. Maybe. But the truth is there is lot of work that goes into creating a character... More
  • 31/31, Day 23. Hurricane Update.

    In case none of you knew, I live in Connecticut, on the East Coast, where hurricane Sandy hit. We were warned for days about the coming storm, and told to be prepared for the worst, because of hurricane Irene last year(so many people without power). We... More
  • Firmly Reestablished

    15 1
    For those of you who do not know me I am new to GIO; I am Uesugi-dono, formerly a prolific blogger at Gamespot. Once that site went forward with their disastrous (and some would say arrogant) redesign vast swaths of the community dispersed into the internet... More
  • JRPG's MIA

    I remember back in the PS2 era when Japanese RPG's horded the shelves I remember at one point seeing Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X 2, Rogue Galaxy, Shadow Hearts Covenant, Xenosaga II, Star Ocean Till The End of Time, Dragon Quest VIII, and Kingdom... More
  • Moving Forward And Taking The Scenic Route

    Hello Game Informer Online! It's been several months since I was an intern at Game Informer Magazine - months I've spent searching for a paying job. Initially, I'd stubbornly limited my search to video game journalism positions, and eventually... More
  • The end of free PlayStation Multiplayer

    It's over. PlayStation just announced you have to buy their Plus membership to play online multiplayer. I have to say the announce guy was very crafty with his approach. He said it in just the right way and the slide is what gave it away for me personally... More
  • Reinforcing Stereotypes

    5 1
    As most, if not all, of you know Irrational Games recently released Bioshock Infinite, the latest entry in the Bioshock series, to critical acclaim. Game Informer gave it a 10, an honor only awarded to a few titles and its metacritic score is sitting... More
  • The Perfect Piece of Gamer Culture

    The most amazing, partially edible, video game related, Zelda fanboyish (not a word), and epic cake ever. The picture above is just a small taste of the whole cake that awaits (sorry for the horrible pun). Will and Liliana, parents of the birthday girl... More