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  • An open letter to EA Sports

    Dear EA Sports Division, The era of yearly sports installments needs to die. It's painfully obvious from the latest release of Madden that your development teams can't keep up with the demand and produce quality products in the short time period... More
  • Lego: The Lord of the Rings Day 3

    Got through "The Two Towers" this afternoon and it has continued to be just as much fun as "The Fellowship of the Ring" was. The humor has been toned down a bit, which I feel is appropriate seeing as how the 2nd movie was more serious... More
  • PSN update for June 19 2012. A grouchy old dude update.

    Hey everyone here is your update for the PSN store for June 19 2012. So here is your weekly dose of excitement. Fire away! We know most of you are still playing Gravity Rush on PS Vita, but the hits keep coming with Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes arriving... More
  • My Thoughts on Saving

    While it's not a huge topic to talk about, saving is nothing to ignore. It can contribute a whole lot to make a game better, or it can make a game even worse. Saving can make the game easy, and saving can make the game harder. But whatever the matter... More
  • A Gaming Headset for Everyone

    Skullcandy - PLYR 2 I’ve been in the market for a good gaming headset for a while. Considering myself an upper level competitive gamer, I appreciate the sound quality emitted from a good headset. I enjoy the ability to turn the TV sound off and... More
  • 365/365 Day 163: My Top Ten Games Of E3 2014

    This year's E3 has been the best in recent memory for most of us, I think. While most people seem to agree that Ubisoft and Electronic Arts had mediocre showings, everyone seems to have been ignited by all that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft gave us... More
  • Revealed! What the Modern Warfare Creators at Respawn Entertainment are Working On

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    Their teaser image is obviously a shadow Heartless gripping a Super Mario Star in his (talons?)! What a mind-blowing discovery! What if the Heartless had such limitless, yet limited, powers! Eiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!? I know this is an uncharacteristically... More
  • Responsibility?

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    S o today is/was my 21st birthday, and I've been doing alot of thinking. I have never really been part of the part scene, I don't drink and such. I don't condemn the party scene or those who drink or smoke. It just never seemed to be my thing... More
  • Still Has a Place in our Hearts: Part I

    With my schedule being so grueling and me not having a chance to pick up any new games to review, I decided to delve into my old favorite system, the PS2, and get a little nostalgia going. I decided to play through Kingdom Hearts I and II just because... More
  • Halo Reach Midnight Release Part 2

    Alright So I arrive at my local gamestop ready to play some Halo at about 9:30, Well by the time I got there roughly 20 people were there. I figured that wasn't bad and at least it wasn't gonna be a ghost town. So at 10 the fun began we walk inside... More
  • Back to Busi(pleasure)ness

    So, it's been just under two years since I've tried contributing to the Game Informer website, and I think it couldn't line up better than with the pending release of Darksiders 2 I've been out of the gaming scene for quite a while, the... More
  • Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Impressions

    Having played Mass Effect 3 nearly non-stop since its release last Tuesday, I thought I’d offer what advice and tips I could for those who are eager to take the fight to The Reapers, Cerberus, and other foes alongside their friends and teammates... More