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  • To Blog or Not to Blog

    Ok, so this is not a comment or judgment on anything whatsoever. Basically all this is, is a freeform thought as to if it is worth my time to write blogs on (As if you all care...ha) So please don't take any of the following thoughts as insulting... More
  • The Necessity of Going to College (For the Gaming Industry??)

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    I have reached a pivotal moment in my life, I am completing high school in the ensuing months and I have been accepted and plan on going to the University of Houston (unless out of no where I get accepted to Drexel University ). I will obtain a B.S. in... More
  • The Light and Dark Side Of The Old Republic…

    This is the first of many (or at least a few) blogs that will I probably post about Bioware's highly regarded The Old Republic. After reading a ton of the press releases, watching the trailers and listening to various voices in the community like... More
  • Quick, get me my keyboard! Gamedonator Week 5 has sneaked up on me!

    I take some time off to focus on other work, and look what happens. Now, here we are, and an event has already passed us. This article will be kind of a rush job, so bear with me. On Wednesday, January 25th, a 12 hour livestream, known as 12 Hour LiveStream... More
  • Categorizing: A Different Debate on Gameplay and Story

    We've all seen blogs that argue whether heavy story or heavy gameplay is the preferred factor, but I'm here to talk with you about what kind of games are better with a gameplay or story focus. I've picked the most popular genres and given... More
  • An Ode to Chuck

    So here comes a blog post that may seem to have little to do with gaming, but just hold in there... it comes at the end. Many of you may have seen a show called Chuck. Five years ago, it first came on NBC and pleased critics everywhere. It immediately... More
  • Anime That You Might Have Missed: Part Two

    Last week I talked about Katekyo Hitman Reborn. This week I will talk about something quite a bit more obscure, as far as America counts. By this, I mean I will be talking about Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto (Takuto of the Radiance). *Spoiler Alert... More
  • Why Sony is not doing as good as it should.

    Now first and foremost I am not trying to start a console war argument after all M$, Sony and Ninty all have there strong points and I think they are all great game company's. Instead this blog is about why I think Sony is not doing as good as they... More
  • Tanks for the Memories

    Open world games encourage exploration, both of the virtual world and gameplay. That's never more true than with fantasy role playing games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But a free roam shooter does not inspire one's imagination in quite the... More
  • Breaking the controller - Is playing on the hardest difficulty worth it?

    12:00 a.m... After a couple days or weeks of adventuring in my favorite RPG or action adventure game, I finally reach the final boss and defeat him. In that instant, my adventure, not to mention my playthrough, comes to an end. After watching the credits... More
  • The Binding of Isaac

    I'm writing today about my newest game obsession, The Binding of Isaac. The game was created by the co-creator of one of my favorite indie games, Super Meat Boy. The co-creator in question is Edmund McMillan who drew most of the art for Super Meat... More
  • Giant Bomb Reveals BEST SSX Gameplay!

    We are a month and 2 days away from the release of our childhood video game, SSX :D. Today at at EA redwood shores, Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis will be talking with SSX producer, Connor Dougan about SSX and will be revealing more information about the... More