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  • Blog Post #8A: Breaking Down Mass Effect - Human History

    It is a rather long and tedious process that I have tasked myself with, but as one of my favorite krogan once put it, "if you are weak and you choose weak enemies, I will have to kill you,". Not since Star Wars has anyone ever seen a universe... More
  • Amalur Confidential

    13 1
    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is not exactly a confidential subject, however, it might as well be considering the dearth of blogs or discussion threads related to the topic (which is why I decided to post my demo impressions). Where is the love, GIO?... More
  • What is Steampunk?

    Steampunk. Everyone has pretty much heard of the term by now. But when it comes up in conversation, it seems that not a lot of folks actually understand the concept. In fact the word ‘Steampunk’ has been thrown about all too lightly, much... More
  • What I Want In My Next B.U.R.P.

    B.U.R.P.- Big, Unannounced, Role-Player First off, I want to say that I'm passing up Skyrim, Mass Effect, walking my dog, Krispy Kreme donuts, sprints for lacrosse, and South Park (Breast Cancer Show Ever) to write this. So say thank you. 1. I don't... More
  • Look! A Clever Title!

    Games are usually not the first place someone might look when searching for instances of legitimate propaganda. First off, propaganda is information used to mislead or persuade. So far, propaganda has not taken a direct role in this medium (as far as... More
  • More Than Just Games

    Games have(generally) been more than just "games" to me. Sure, I've played quite a few platformers like Mario and Sonic, arcade games like Galaga and Pong, and racing games; but those weren't the games that captivated my attention most... More
  • Opinions Are Forever (A Note On The State of Online Debate)

    If there’s one thing I’ve gotten from my parents and educational school videos, is that every person is different. There’s not a single person in the world that is just like another. Similar interests? Maybe. Similar features? Possibly... More
  • Why I Dislike Today's Cartoons

    Finally my inspiration came back and I'm back with my blogs,yay! And for those of you who are confused,I had a writer's block days before I published my previous blog. This blog was meant to be about Disney Chanel and why I dislike it,but I thought... More
  • First Resident Evil 6 Impressions....

    Here's a question? We all know games tend to evolve over time by mixing & matching different formulas right ? Yes it may not look like a trademark classic Resident Evil but can't there be different types of horror out there? I know it's... More
  • The 5 Skyrim DLC Packs We All Want

    I'm back from a semi-holiday and frankly I want to thank all my readers and assure them that a multitude of good blogs are on the way. But, with the holiday seasons now firmly behind us and all our free time now occupied by everyday tasks such as... More
  • How Profitable And Popular Is Game Informer…

    22 3
    I pulled out one of my spare blog topics for tonight because I was kind of in a pinch and needed something short and sweet, or at least somewhat interesting, to write about. I had one of "those days" at work coupled with a head ache that started... More
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PS3 Game Review

    With every new generation of consoles and their video game counterparts, there are only a true handful of games that really present an eye-opening experience. They tend to push the limits of what a game system is capable of doing, sometimes crossing boundaries... More