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  • Waiting for Skyrim

    There have been a couple games in my life that have totally took over all of my free time for a period of time. These games include big name games like Mass Effect 1, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy 7, Ocarina of Time, and other big name games that I'm sure... More
  • Battlefield 3: Seven ways of improving Battlefield 3


    Today EA has revealed seven pillars of improvement concerning to Battlefields 3 multiplayer, to check them out read on !

    ... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 12 Part 1

    11 1
    We have a special podcast coming for you guys this week. We had Eyros2k on as a guest and once the three of us started talking we just kept going. We ended up with so much awesome podcasty goodness that we decided to split this episode into two. This... More
  • The Return Of A Classy One

    Greetings GI community, allow me to officially announce my return to blogging here on It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything (four months I think) and I can see a lot has changed here in the blogging community. There... More
  • Batgirl in Batman Arkham city

    So Batman Arkham city has Batman well obviously Batman, Catwoman, Robin, and Night Wing as playable characters. This amount of characters is very satisfying and each of the characters have their own separate abilities. Batman is the strongest and he has... More
  • Faulty Point System?

    8 1
    Hello Fellow Blog Readers, Well, as you all know, we as members of this community receive points upon doing various actions on this websites from posting blogs (as I am doing here) to commenting on a simple story. Now, for every action you do, you get... More
  • Skyrim: 4E 201

    My name is Orion Dé Zule, I was born in 4E 66 (perhaps an ill omen) I'm an altmer of 135 years, young, I know... I write this now in fear of it being the last thing anyone will ever find from me. I'm descended from the great Malik Dé... More
  • Top Ten Consoles

    Top Ten Consoles Here's a testament to how much I love games: I can mark important points of my life by remembering what console I owned at the time. That's a little sad, actually. Anyway, I wanted to salute the systems that turned me into who... More
  • Am I Becoming a Brony? Sure Seems Like It...

    Well, I don't look like the zombies in that picture, but the idea of being a Brony is growing less ridiculous everyday. I have only watched 4 episodes, and I've already seen things that have made me laugh harder than "Airplane!", which... More
  • WGWC: Thoughts on Race and Gender in Games (Edited x1)

    NOTE: I decided to partake in BlackHeartedWolf's latest WGWC assignment yet again, and offer my own brief input on video game representations and stereotypes while answering the questions he provided. My first draft is on the last page in italics;... More
  • Good, Bad, Internet, Gaming...

    What started out as an introduction to a different blog I was working on (one that I plan to post tomorrow) quickly morphed into such a complex and lengthy introduction I decided to pursue it a little further...give it a little food...a little water.... More
  • A Thought on Values

    I'll say it now, this poem is not meant to generalize or stereotype any person or demographic in any manner, it is merely an opinion on the basic human nature that we occasionally succumb to. Now that that's aside... The Things We ‘Care’... More