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  • Captain America game play videos: Is this too soon? A grouchy old dude report.

    I found these videos on game trailers. com I hope you like them. 712067 That is the PS3 version now here is the Wii version. See how totally different they are. 712166 Hope you like them sorry it's short but it's news. More
  • Change The Game Mechanics, Change The Game

    How is everyone doing? Before I start in with this blog, I feel I should state that I am officially back to blogging about video games. This means that I am going to be back to doing the Community News Review. The only thing is, I am going to be releasing... More
  • Crysis 2 Impressions: The shooter I've always wanted

    I remember when I first got a 360 early in the summer of 2008. My oldest brother (now a marine) couldn't get enough of Call of Duty 4. Me on the other hand never had a moment to play COD4 when I spent every moment on my 360 playing Halo 3. We constantly... More
  • *Insert Catchy Title Here* Your Weekend Blogger

    That's right, no pretty pictures or a title that grabs...well unless the title above did catch your eye. In that case it ruined the whole purpose, or did it? Anyways that made no since...I've been writing blogs for awhile now and I always have... More
  • When games go bad...who's fault is it?

    Haven't you ever thought about this? Despite the fact that there are plenty of triple A titles for us gamers to play, not everything is a good time. Some games we play are just bad. Nothing can anger a gamer more than finding out that the game you... More
  • Music You Need To Listen To: The Gaslight Anthem

    Today's band is an export of New Jersey. Thought nothing good could come out of New Jersey? Well, The Gaslight Anthem is here to prove that line of thought wrong. For fans of: Bruce Sprinsteen, alternative/ punk, optimism, Old White Lincolns Sounds... More
  • A Small Compendium of Gaming Motivational Posters 2

    Here are some more posters for you're viewing pleasure. Please enjoy and you what you want with em' and make sure to click here. *Idea* Make and send me you're own Motivational Posters so that I can post em' for everyone to enjoy. More
  • 20 Games And The Directors Who Should Make Their Movies

    You know what's annoying me? The whole debacle for the upcoming Uncharted movie. I mean, wow. Talk about a screw up. Granted, David O. Russel has made some great and interesting movies like Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees but his completely average... More
  • I got a 3DS game.

    Well, today I opened my mailbox to find this game in my Gamefly sleeve. Rayman 3D. How did I get the game early? Gamefly will ask what day I receive my games from them. Let's say the game ships Tuesday. I'll get it two days later. That's Thursday... More
  • Custom GI Avatars: Launch of the 3DS and other stuff

    I, myself, am as giddy as a school girl about the launch of the 3DS. Which is why I'm posting these avatars one week early. So lets get started, shall we? this is a Mii playing a 3DS. He is awe-struck. I am jealous. I want to punch him in the face... More
  • Enjoy Your Jurassic Park Toys

    The nineties gave rise to a science fiction story revolving on the possible consequences of impulsive biological experimentation. The movie revolves around the concept of chaos theory involving the sudden collapse of an amusement park which strived by... More
  • Free Flash Games vs Full Production Games

    Let's talk about free online games - something people pay too little attention to. It's true that most of these free games don't have the same quality of graphics or game play level of the full version or downloadable games. But many of these... More