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  • Look Out for Number Two: The World of Sequels

    Every form of media has its sequels. The Empire Strikes Back, The Two Towers, NCIS: Los Angeles... the list goes on. However, video games take this to a whole new extent. Let's take a look at 2011's high profile releases: Batman: Arkham City Portal... More
  • The opinions of my current game collection

    As of right now, I own eleven Xbox 360 games. The playing experience greatly improved once I started out on Xbox Live. Without further ado, these are my games and what I think about them: Battlefield: Bad Company; Yes, I still have a taste for originals... More
  • The mini minute: Vempire ,one confusing fun game. A grouchy old dude report.

    Vampires, ghouls, goblins, and other things that go bump in the night. Sometimes they are the objects of fear, but in Vempire they are just confusing pictures that show up to block your game play. Vempire by impression ware is a match 4 game much like... More
  • Put The Assassin Back In My Creed

    Up until the most recent game, Revelations, Assassin's Creed has always been great at adding tools to the player's concealed arsenal, tools that add to the original concept. When I saw Ezio take out two guards simultaneously for the first time... More
  • The Really Big List of Games I finished this year...

    In 2004, I realized that I am one of the few gamers I know that really attempts to finish every game that I play. I have a lot of friends that game, but most of them will start a game and move on to the next one before finishing it (unless it is a favorite... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 2-16

    This week, Dean shares his impressions of Bulletstorm, Wes shares his impressions of NBA2K12 (kinda), and Titus announces that he's going to be a dad! For the Netflix Instant Queue Movie Review, we try (and fail) to talk about Outbreak. Lastly, we... More
  • Action Movie FX App

    For all you action packed fans out their hear this. Bad Robot Productions has made an app that everyone will enjoy called "Action Movie FX". This app allows you to put your videos into an action pack scene. This app can also be used as a stress... More
  • What I Want from Dead Island 2

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    Dead Island is one of my favorite games that debuted in 2011 not only because of my undying love of the undead, but also because of how it shaped up as a new and innovative zombie game. I thought Dead Island's open-world exploration, deep crafting... More
  • GOTY and other awards

    After finally getting a taste of most of the major releases from this year, I have decided it seems like a good time to give out my personal awards for all the games that have come out this year. Best Shooter: Crysis 2: In a competition dominated by MW3... More
  • FamilyGuyGuy7's 52 Weeks, 52 Blogs -- Week 02


    With only one week in the books, FamilyGuyGuy7 stumbles with week two thanks to a dull game and dreadful internet connection.  But that's no excuse for an unnecessarily poor game...

    ... More
  • Who Are You?

    I might make this a continuous blog; for I think it's nice just to get stuff about ourselves off our chest. I feel it best to understand who we are as people, and to state the things we feel about ourselves from time to time. And introspective type... More
  • The Details of Hero Mode

    Much like the Ocarina of Time, the game has a Hero Mode. After playing for a while, I found a couple of differences in this mode. 1) Hearts In Hero Mode, Hearts don't really exist . You have to restore Health with Potions or resting on a chair or... More