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  • Sucker Punch Now

    If you have a PS3then you shoud have played Infamous 1 and 2. They are shining examples of an open world game, and offer a fresh type of gameplay that i havent founf anywhere since. They are my personal fav sony ip, and I hope they continue on after the... More
  • Why Free-To-Play Is Genius

    Recently, there has been a spike in developers switching their projects over to a free-to-play business model. MMORPGs especially have been, though by no means have they been the only genre, jumping on the free-to-play bandwagon with the latest addition... More
  • Gamer's Log 3: Taking it a Step Further

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    Hi, GI! Well, after I got out of my Videogame class, it made me wonder a lot. Aside that how much a videogame can have, how come some sequels come to suck more than the previous? Or that they add certain things that are pointless. As a future Videogame... More
  • The Characters of SSX

    With the release of the SSX reboot in a couple of weeks, I thought it was time for a character run through. As i have already said, i am extremely exited for this game, (check my page) and the characters are a big part. From my personal fav Moby to the... More
  • Beginning the adventure...again - When one playthrough isn't enough

    Another day, another adventure. Whenever I play a game, be it RPG, FPS, or adventure, I always pay close attention to the story. Like any other game I play, it always begins at the end of one playthrough. I watch(or skip) the credits and wait for the... More
  • Game Informer Reader Recap: GIO Community Edition #8 (Part 2 Of 2)

    As promised, I'm wrapping up coverage of January's Issue as quickly as I could, and what better timing with today's reveal of the March 2012 cover: The Last Of Us. With me once again are stayedstar & GoldvsSilver . If you haven't checked... More
  • Anime That You Might Have Missed: Part Three

    Last week I talked about “Star Driver: Takuto of the Radience.” The week before, I talked about “Katekyo Hitman Rebron.” This week, I am changing the trend of anime by covering an anime that is not an action anime. This week, I... More
  • Fire is Fun. And a Video Game Classic.

    What's cooking? I know what is. A new concept for fire in an upcoming video game. Fire has been around for a reeeeaaaaallllyyy long time. It's been around longer than the wheel. Mankind does not doubt its importance, and neither does video gaming... More
  • Syndicate Co-op Demo Reactions

    I just finished playing the new Syndicate Co-op demo for the first time. There were several things I liked. The setup seems cool, with global corporations waging warfare against each other. Of course, we saw a cool setup for Brink that resulted in a terrible... More
  • J is for January... and Japanese games

    With probably two of the most recognizable Japanese games realeased on tuesday, i will pause and take a look at the japanese gaming industry. For a few years now people have been saying that the jap gaming industry has been going done hill, which it has... More
  • Dead Island: Ryder White DLC Review

    Dead Island's latest DLC puts you in the shoes of antagonist Ryder White, letting you replay many of the events of the other campaigns from a different perspective. More impressively, they manage to use this new context to frame Ryder's actions... More
  • Once you go multiplayer, you never go back.

    So many of you have probably played a MMO or co-op game at some point and also probably felt the disappointment of going back to a single player perspective. I can think back to how often and how long I would sit in front of my tv playing a console game... More