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  • The Evolutionary Roller Coaster

    Disclaimer: If you happen to watch or enjoy what I happen to criticize or make fun of in this blog post: I have nothing against you. Just the programming. I'm being blunt to make things clear. First off, let me explain myself. I'm basically taking... More
  • Contest happening for Pure Nintendo Marathon

    The crew at Pure Nintendo are about to enter their 42nd hour of their 48-hour Nintendo Icons marathon for Child's Play Charity. So far they have raised $331.55 for the charity. Right now they are holding a contest. If they get 200 likes on Facebook... More
  • Comparing: Fallout 3 vs. Fallout: New Vegas

    Now before starting this, I just want to say a couple things and set the ground rules. First off, I LOVE both games, I remember back in the old days I didn't have a PS2 or a Gamecube (for the longest time) so I had to play older games on the PC this... More
  • Following the Fedora: What Drake Should Have Learned From Jones

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    [SPOILERS: This article contains spoilers for Uncharted 1 , 2 , and 3, and, for what it's worth, all the Indiana Jones movies too. Deal with them.] It was inevitable that people would draw comparisons between Naughty Dog's Uncharted series and... More
  • Encoded Childhood

    My cousins had a Game Genie. If you don't know what a Game Genie is, it was a cumbersome device that fit around your NES game cartridge, which, when inserted into the gaming system, would enable the user to plunk in magical codes that were found in... More
  • Old School Review: Spyro the Dragon

    Ah, Spyro. It seems like just yesterday that I entered the magical lands of the Dragon Kingdom and helped you and your dragonfly partner defeat Gnasty Gnorc and free the dragons. Actually, it was yesterday. I recently revisited the classic that kicked... More
  • What Happened to the 'Game' in Gameplay?

    I haven’t slept much in the past few days, and when that happens I tend to start to think sporadically. When I think sporadically, I obviously have many different thoughts that come to mind and then leave just as quickly, but when I thought about... More
  • Are Gamers Elitists?

    Are gamers elitists? It's an odd question, and one that I'm beginning to think is a bit hard to answer directly, and also accurately to portray without fear of huge repercussion. Following people in the industry is a bit weird, on one hand you... More
  • GOW3: What Grinds My Gears...

    What started out as a an exciting idea about a cooperative blog between two friends and fellow gamers has now dwindled down to a Sunday evening blog with lackluster appeal. Originally, Dean (born4this) and I were going to blog about Gears of War 3, but... More
  • My Top 3 Games of 2011

    Crysis 2 Crysis 2 was an amazing game. I love how beautiful the game is thanks to the engine Crytek used, CryEngine 3. I could go on forever saying how beautiful this game is, yet although it has amazing graphics just like Killzone 3 , what I loved the... More
  • The Top 10 Foods I’d Like to Try from Video Games

    After reading Tim Turi's take on the delicious food that populates video games, I both decided that my grocery cart would be much more full and that it would be much more diverse than his happens to be. I wanted to predict what foods and beverages... More
  • Game series that I believe have defined gaming generations.

    Hello everyone, I thought today to ring in the new year I am going to try to blog more and finally start a series I have been thinking of doing for a while now, so sit back and enjoy as you either love or hate me for however long I choose to do this.... More