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  • Who needs training? I was born for this!

    Ask yourself if aliens attacked earth this minute, what would you do? Would you hide? Or would you take the fight to them. Some of us might have experience with guns while some probably never even held one in their hand. So you do know how to fire a weapon... More
  • I Now Present You

    I recently bought Dead Space 2... And it's amazing... I'm not completely finished with it, but I already made a music video. Notice: I really don't like the music I used on the video, but it was the most fitting song I could think of for the... More
  • Rage Quit.

    Join me in my suffering of playing hard, pointless, and boring games. Today on my first ever Rage Quit Blog I'm gonna play a very popular and frustrating game called Qwop for PC and IPhone. Qwop is a free web based game in where the objective of the... More
  • Prometheus - What The Heck?

    A while back, news surfaced that Ridley Scott would be directing an Alien prequel. It was to be set 30 years before the birth of Ellen Ripley, and it would tell the story of the Xenomorph's origins and what happened to the "Space Jockey"... More
  • Video Game Story, anyone?

    Well, I read abit of The Quest blogs and I decided, hey why not make one of m,y own. Now, this won't exactly be all humor. Sure, it has humor very much and is a spoof of many games meshed together, but there will also be action and drama in its own... More
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 Review (And some info on my weekly community blog...)

    LittleBigPlanet is a series of games built on it's players. Though the story-levels are fun and good demonstrations of how the game works, without the users this game would be nothing more than a cutesy PS3 exclusive. On that level, this game is multi... More
  • TOGNick wants your challenge...

    I had an idea for a blog today, about how you don't have video game "one hit wonders" however, while writing it in my head at work, I couldn't come up with an intro or final paragraph so it got scrapped (it's a terrible idea don't... More
  • An Overwhelming Weekend of Gaming Goodness...

    After a month of being TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) to the great state of Tennessee, I finally returned home on Thursday to the exciting but somewhat daunting task of getting caught up on all the gaming news, highlights, and gameplay I missed while I... More
  • My New Projects

    Hey guys! Hows it going? I am doing good! I have a bunch of new projects that I am ready to introduce to you guys! LittleBigPlanet 2 Studio! Yep! Sorry for long text break but we have some great stuff up for Unfair Games! We have 2 games out and 1 movie... More
  • Do have the Ps3 YLOD ?

    Does your Ps3 turns off every 5 - 10 min? Does your Ps3 spits out the games it won't read? When you turn on the power supply does your Ps3 makes obnoxious beeps for long periods of time ? And if yes you have the YLOD. You might think It's expensive... More
  • Digital Distribution

    Is it just me or does it seem ridiculous that to download a copy of a first run game costs just as much as a physical copy? I mean, with the physical copy part of the price is the box, the cost of shipping to your store, any included booklets, and even... More
  • The Quest: Part 9

    Raz Says, “Umm stereotypical feminine computer voice. Aren’t you going to finish that sentence.” “Oh sorry, the after the last part ended while I was saying something, I got disoriented. But anyway, at the moment there is only one song unlocked in the... More