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  • The Top 12 Achievements Ever

    After discussing achievements and what I love about them in my blog yesterday, I've decided to compile a list of what I believe represents the best and most prestigious of them. I put a lot of thought into this as I searched through all of my past... More
  • Diary of a Mad Gamer...

    We've seen Diary of a Mad Man and Diary of a Mad Black Woman...and now we have...Diary of a Mad Gamer. I'm not one to keep a diary in real life, but I thought it might make a good blog topic for today's blog. Dear Diary... (Don't worry... More
  • Motion Controls, and why I may just buy into them.

    So it's been four months since I last wrote anything of note on this site. Four long months where I haven't been active at all really in the 'video game community.' Granted I've got a good excuse (Life has been awfully kind as of late... More
  • Reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    Well. I've read a lot of weird stuff in my time, but this one really takes the cake. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas isn't just a bizarre novel, it's quite possibly the strangest book I've ever read. For those of you who don't know... More
  • The Swag Blog: Part 1 of XX

    You all know I am a gamer, but what you didn't know is that I have my fair share of gaming memorabilia as well. This blog highlights a few of my favorites amongst my growing collection. Some of what you see here is relatively easy to find, while others... More
  • How much gaming is too much?

    Is it bad to play games for...3 hours a night? Ten hours a week? How about 20,000 hours in 5 years? A gamer is suing NCsoft , makers of Lineage II , because he became so hopelessly addicted to the game that he couldn't function. Craig Smallwood claims... More
  • Why don't you......

    ? I am getting quite sick of this question. I'm tired of people frowning when they find out that, that's what I like to do in my spare time. Yes, I like to play games. And I know that 99% of people on here do too. But after logging off GameInformerOnline... More
  • What Achievements Mean To Me

    In light of a recent opinion piece, written by Matt Helgeson, in Game Informer magazine and a well written rebuttal, blogged by Demon Ragnarok, I've decided to throw my two cents into the great achievement debate. Whether you love them or hate them... More
  • Virgin Gaming: When Advertising Pays Off…

    Perhaps you’ve notice the big red banners streaming across the pages of Game Informer Online lately that are advertising Virgin Gaming. The red definitely pops and gets your attention, huh? I think so anyway. There was one day there where the blog... More
  • This Is A Public Service Announcement

    Play Mother 3. This is one of three games that have ever left me speechless. Those other two games are Shadow of the Colossus and Bioshock. Or, if you already have played it, were you shocked, flabbergasted, humored, then reduced to tears like I was?... More
  • video games and real life

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    i recently got into a huge argument with my dad about video games and violence. He was on some parenting website that said it and now he belivies it. So he proceeds to take all of my games that say "intense violence" or "violence"... More
  • Online Communities - pulled in multiple directions

    12 2
    I've been a member of the GI Online community for almost three months now, and it's been a wonderful experience. Everybody's been so welcoming and nice, and very gracious in their compliments when they read my stuff. Being Member-Herded in... More