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  • Gaming Resolutions for 2012

    Update: I thought this post was lost and I was about to be really upset. I wrote it yesterday and didn't really want to write it again, but I found it and now I'm going to post it a day late. Sorry, hopefully you enjoyed this blog. It's 2012... More
  • Silent Hill 2

    Game Info Publisher: Konami Developer: KCET Platform: PS2 Genre(s): Action/Adventure Players: Single Player ESRB Rating: M (Mature) Release Date: September 24, 2001 Intro: The game begins with James visiting a woman who is behind bars, but she's sitting... More
  • Libertydude's Comics: Dec. 12 to 17

    This was a funny week for me. I had mid terms, had deep thoughts, and had to prepare to go on a trip to Mexico. As you can see, I had lots on my plate. Therefore, I decided to do something a little different: I decided to do a bunch of awards since I... More
  • Derreck's Best Of 2011 Awards: Handheld Edition

    Now that 2011 is in the books, it's time to look back at what the year offered and acknowledge what I think were the standout titles of the year. The only criteria I have in place for a game to be eligible for one of my awards is that I had to have... More
  • In Games, the Little Thing Make A Big Difference

    While playing tons of games, you notice some certain mechanics or textures that seem like they took forever to do. But really, those features are the little things, or, somewhat little things, that came after the main aspect of the game. They don't... More
  • Gaming Resolutions, 2012 Edition

    Since I've been (not so) hard at work since Saturday putting together a list of personal resolutions for this year - and immediately figuring out the chances of making any of them a reality by Dec 31 - I figured I may as well put together a list specific... More
  • Timeline: Nostalgia Crusher

    Nostalgia. It is nearly impossible to avoid with any sort of entertainment but video games definitely seem to hit harder. Maybe it's the interactive elements or the sheer amount of time we sink into them in comparison to other forms. All I know is... More
  • The Best Free Game You've Never Heard Of

    The year 2009 was a big year in gaming. It saw the likes of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Mirror’s Edge, Braid, infamous, Trine, Halo: ODST, League of Legends, and Dragon Age: Origins. Even if you were really plugged into most video game news outlets,... More
  • "Pro"Tip #1: SSBM

    My new series of pro tips. This shows you how to be awesome at Super Smash Bros Melee. You're Welcome. -Revan More
  • Anonymous:Is GI On The List?

    Buy yourselves a head before trying to threaten someone! You already know about Anonymous,an organisation of black hat(bad hackers,white hat hackers are good) hackers which are ''trying to help the people'',but the truth is,those low-life... More
  • Do "Truly Interactive Worlds" Make for Lazy Gamers?

    Because everyone knows that you can make $$$$ when you vandalize other people's property! People ask me if I'm excited for the future of gaming. I would have to say that tentatively, I am. I like the fact that in games today we can show a range... More
  • Welcome To The GIO Blogging Community…

    Regardless of where you live, what games you play and what system you play them on, if you're reading this then you're either very lost or you're right where you want to be. It's January 01, 2012 - New Year's Day (although depending... More