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  • Games That Take Skill: Mega Man (overview)

    The second game I ever played in my life. I toyed with these games all my life and a few of them I have yet to beat (Wiley's Revenge). Some would argue that this franchise is the king of side scrollers, perhaps second only to Mario. These games are... More
  • Cheaters

    After reading the comments on my blog My First Rage Quit (ha,shameless plug) I decided to take God Of Irony 's idea and actually do it. To turn it into a poster. Besides what's below there isn't much else to this blog.. Sorry.(yeah, it's... More
  • HD Remakes and My Opinions on Them

    Well it has been about a month since I made a blog and after overcoming writer' block through a combination of black magic, horseradish, and a 24 pack of Coke, I came up with a topic. I wanted to express my thoughts on the ever growing trend of old... More
  • You mean I have to pay real money for fake storage space? (Lord of the Rings Online and the Micro transaction Model)

    Some thoughts on micro-transactions: having to pay for some things is annoying. Take bag space; I do not want to have to pay real money so I can store more "torn hides." It's aggravating, but I'm resisting to the death paying for more... More
  • Confessions of A Cheap Gamer Part Two: The Trophy Collection

    I have a confession: I have never gotten 100 percent of trophies or acheivements on any game... ever. There... I said it. I am not an trophy hunter. In fact, I haven't even gotten close to getting 100 percent on a game. Just by default playing a game... More
  • Is General Grievous Starfighter The Craziest Lego Model

    It is pretty amazing how much of a significant difference general grievous starfighter can have, of course you have to consider certain factors. So then what you simply must do is gather as many details as possible and think about them. Many people have... More
  • Bio part 2. Luke Skywalker part 1.

    Luke Skywalker. Raised on Tatooine. Worked as a farmer. Jedi Master. Luke and his Uncle Owen bought two droids from the Jawas. The droid R2-D2, led Luke to old Ben Kenobi who in turn, told Luke about his father fighting in the Clone wars... More
  • 5,000

    This is it. this is my five thousandth point. this blog that i'm posting is more of a flashback blog. that way, i can weave an intricate yet wholly lacking plot that makes no sense and continues to ramble on forever until the writers eventually get... More
  • A Word About the Transformers Toy Franchise

    Tonight, I am truly depressed. As I sit here with my cup of coffee, in my lonesome apartment, at my desk, pecking at the computer keys, I think back to my days as a child. Most of which I'm recalling are the toys, what did you play with growing up... More
  • Saint Likes Toys, Hates YouTube…

    Okay...another quick blog because I got back to my room late and kept falling asleep and now it's late and I'm basically just starting. Anyway, I noticed a friend's avatar pic that inspired tonight's topic and while it's certainly... More
  • Something That Could Change GI...Forever

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    just making a small blog so we could have this great opportunity for the GI community. I was searching for new google extensions...AND found a great one for GI. It's called Talking URL. It makes a chat room for everyone using that URL. Which means... More
  • Playing Super Meat Boy

    If I hit one more saw blade I'm going to go insane. WEGN!ERPNG!OP#%G$P$GJ Switching to Flywrench... @NEGPO#NGI#O$%GN Switching to Ogmo... @#%OG#%O%IG%%%(%(NEPNMEDLVNR! FPIGN45gP!$ GPTG! My world for 100 bandages! More