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  • Playstation 4 Real or Fake?

    Well today I was shown a website about the countdown to Playstation 4. Now I kept on telling this person that showed me this site. It was a Fake. No, way Sony would say something like this and sites I read all about this stuff hasn't said a word.... More
  • First EVER GIO Movie Night(UPDATED, with more info)

    Alright, so some of you guys had questions in the comments, and I'll answer those first. Then, I'll add some details. If you have read this before, and had a question, please read this! And if you haven't, then just read this. by xl9 Tuesday... More
  • Sex and gaming: A cringeworthy article

    I thought I'd blog about something everyone can get behind. (ahem) So let's talk about sex, video games, and everything in between. I want to start off with a disclaimer-- that this is supposed to be a humorous blog and not some in-depth probing... More
  • The Good of No Used Games

    I know that a lot of you buy used. If most people bought new, we wouldn't be having this issue. As it is, so many people buy used that most major retailers are joining the fray and devs and publishers are trying to regain lost ground. The publisher... More
  • Gamer's Log 4: Sad Memories

    Hello, GI! Today, I wanted to talk about those sad moments in videogames that just impact us deeply. Sure, every game has a sad moment, but here are a few that impacted me a lot. These are not all of them, but just the most common ones. *SPOILER ALERT... More
  • The Darkness II: Impressions in a Phlog

    Last night, I found the pleasant surprise of seeing The Darkness II available on Steam as a demo. Having never played the first one, but still hearing a bit of clamor and news surrounding the release of its sequel, I couldn’t help but click the... More
  • Building Character

    I'm a fool for character creation tools in video games. Being able to customize your character's appearance is reward enough, but then watching them in action enables gamers to feel like they had a hand in game development. Here I'll chronicle... More
  • Crazy for Feeling so Crazy

    I've set out to write a short blog in order to elicit responses. This one is all about you. I've done some straight-up stupid things with my video game collection. I hinted at one such crazy decision in my last blog. Today I'm going to come... More
  • The Sound of Video Games: OverClocked ReMix

    Many of us love video games, but how many of us actually care about the music that plays while we interact in virtual worlds? I know that I do. In fact, I purchase quite a few video game soundtracks. In my collection are the likes of Civilization IV,... More
  • Resident Evil 6 Beta Access

    As I will assume that some of you may already know this, and thus will not have to relinquish your gamer card any time soon, as it was so aptly put in a past GI magazine where some readers didn't know of George R.R. Martin- Dragon's Dogma is offering... More
  • The FBI Thinks I Kind-Of, Sort-Of, May Possibly, Potentially Be a Terrorist

    A few days ago, I happened to mention to a friend that I was having problems coming up with an interesting, and comical, topic for my blog. As I stated on my recent visit to the Indie and Mojo Show (please don't hold them responsible for my unpopular... More
  • My Favorite Online Experience.

    Okay so I have Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Resident Evil: Revelations sitting on my desk in front of me right now, but I promised myself I'd post something today (just for you, my readers), so here we go. If you hadn't noticed, online gaming... More