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  • Professor Hugo Strange & Humpty Dumpty

    Professor Hugo Strange is one of the only people to have deduced Batman's secret identity. Early in the caped crusader's career, Professor Strange became a media celebrity by appearing on talk shows and providing his "expert opinion"... More
  • TBD Video Game of the Year 2011

    Last week I held a contest. (Duh) Anyways, you guys had to make up your very own Video Game! I made this contest because I had the idea Kinectimals 2, were your animals try to KILL you! Anyways, the joke is that the video game you guys imaginate will... More
  • A little History Lesson on Thief

    Thief is a video game series that has three games out now and the fourth is in production. This series was one of the first stealth games and it helped popularize the genre. The first game came out in a time of first person shooters while Thief focused... More
  • Game Over. Add Another Coin to Continue…

    Okay...well maybe you've noticed and maybe you haven't that I failed to post a blog the past two days. No big deal for most but certainly out of the ordinary for me. Well, honestly there are a couple of reasons why and though I don't know... More
  • NGP (Next Generation Portable)

    Sony reveals its new powerful home console NGP (Next Generation Portable) powered by graphics. Next Generation Portable or abbreviated as NGP is the next latest portable gaming console with more interesting features. NGP is the new handheld console with... More
  • Buy DSTT cards from Farango

    Farango is a UK-based electrical products company, a leader in its field. Its products include the DSTT card (or adapter), r4 card and acekard among others. DSTT is basically an empty DS cartridge with a memory card slot. With this device, you can play... More
  • Letting It Ferment (When I Can Wait To Buy A Game)

    I love LittleBigPlanet... oh how I do. I have played hundreds of user-created levels, and if I had no other games that needed playing, I would play more. Just by reading this, you must already be thinking: This guy is going to get LittleBigPlanet 2 on... More
  • Atlantica Online Player Guide

    As soon as you generate a character, join a party for keep you stamina, or generate one yourself. After doing that, basically do the quests. following the quest arrow (It is a orange arrow), or by using auto-move(that is realy brilliant). Tips : Stamina... More
  • Eff You ExBox

    Meet Rinoa. Hi there! Wanna play with me? Rinoa is sexy, she is sleek, stylish, and has all the right curves. What's that? You want some Halo Reach? I can do that for you baby, and I can do it all night long. Oh, now you want to switch things up with... More
  • Turbo lover, My time with the Turbo Graphix-16: A grouchy old dude report

    Hello and welcome, When I was young my world revolved around a little plastic gray box. That box was my ticket into a world of wonder. (Geez, that sounded Hokey.) the 8-bit king. I had a Sega master system too and I liked it, but for the best variety... More
  • My Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2011

    Welcome to the January dead-zone. It's that time of year again: the season where approximately jack-sh*t releases in cinemas for months on end and nothing of particular interest comes out until much later in the year. So what could we do in this time... More
  • Stubbs sucks at Mafia Wars.

    So yeah anybody here with a facebook account has been invited at least a few times to play this game. And if your like me you always ignore the request from friends to play. Is it because I think facebook games like this and Farmville are silly? Is it... More