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  • More than 1s and 0s, but far from being a 10

    Beneath the somewhat uninspired setting, mediocre dialogue, and generic cover-based third person shooter mechanics, Binary Domain actuall y has a rather stellar story at its heart. [I originally submitted this as a review, but since it doesn't seem... More
  • Books of the Week: 6/19/2012

    I must have done something to balance out my karma recently. This week, every book I read was actually enjoyable. That's right! I enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK. Now I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Anyway, this week we have: a collection... More
  • Bee Mah Frayund!

    To those expecting a journalistic blog, I apologize. In actuality, this really shouldn't be considered a blog; rather, an apology. Here lately, my blogs have been doing relatively well if you look at the numbers. You know, views, comments, conversations... More
  • Why I'm slowly being converted into a PC Gamer

    Alright, first blog, what should I say? Hmmm, well, NBA 2K11 My Player gripes are kinda outta date, *pops in game* "WHY CAN'T I ******* HIT A SHOT?!", ahh, sorry, happened again... good downloading sites for porn is too graphic... oh yeah... More
  • Two Topics For The Price Of One (Carrier Command + Kickstarter)...

    What started out as a standard blog about one of my favorite games from the late 80s (played it on the Amiga 500 if that tells you anything) that is undergoing renovation and will hopefully be reintroduced with all the same great game play it used to... More
  • Christopher Nolan: A Director Rising

    Chris, the Savior of the Galaxy insisted that I post Inception music to go along with this blog. I hope you're pleased Chris. Writer, director, visionary, and genius. These are the first few words that come to mind when I'm talking about Christopher... More
  • Thematic Continuity in Metal Gear Solid: Why Rising Shouldn't Follow MGS4

    So, how about that E3 demo for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Pretty slick, eh? Fast-paced action, tactical combat, and the whole free-slicing mechanic seems to be really solid. Not to mention promises of awesome cyborg-on-cyborg battle, something which... More
  • My (Belated) E3: Planetside 2, Samsung Cloud Gaming, Watch Dogs & Wrap Up

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    I've finally caught up with my lack of E3 sleep, so am posting my last day experiences and wrap up. Better late than never, I hope. In case you haven't already seen footage of the demos I'll be writing about, or you simply want a different... More
  • 30/30 Day 18 ~ The Best Game I Thought I'd Never Play

    Bastion. What is the word, Bastion? Well, according to, the word bastion means "Fortification ", "a fortified place", or "anything seen as preserving or protecting some quality, condition, etc: a bastion of solitude;... More
  • Why close quarters deserves to be a part of battlefield.

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    The new DLC for battlefield 3 aka Close Quarters is obviously a stab at the Famed Call of Duty. Some have said it doesn't belong in battlefield. I disagree. Since Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 are both FPS there is going to be unavoidable gameplay... More
  • The Mercenary's Tale, Part 11

    Inside the Antiquities Emporium, Bryn was waving frantically at Thane to turn back. Of course, this only attracted the attention of the mage. The man’s blonde hair fanned out as he spun. “Who be ye, stranger?” The mage hesitated, then... More
  • My Top Godzilla Films

    Since his initial debut in 1954 Godzilla has been the star of numerous monster mash-ups. With his North American reboot aiming to crash into theathers within the next couple years I decided to begin rewatching some of my old Godizlla VHS tapes, as well... More