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  • Who We Want to See in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

    For those of you who has never heard of this long title, picture super smash bros. but in playstation. They have already revealed seven playable characters, and they are: Kratos - God of War The most angriest most powerful spartan of all, who seeks vengeance... More
  • Sniper Elite V2 Review: Headshot Heaven

    Game : Sniper Elite V2 Developer : Rebellion Genre : Third-Person Shooter System : PC Rating : M (Blood, Gore, Intense Violence) In most shooters the sniper rifle is confined to specific areas or used as a secondary gun to an assault rifle or other weapon... More
  • What I want in...

    Alright, so I have seen the blogs with people saying what they want in upcoming releases. I decided to do the same, but I won't be talking about any one game in particular. Instead, I will be telling you what I want. In general. You know, because... More
  • Top 10 gods in Video Games

    (This blog was originally posted as an editorial at Gamers-Association .) Many video games are influenced by religion. Diablo 3 is one of those games. The lore of the Diablo franchise uses many aspects found in Christianity. These aspects include: Heaven... More
  • Zelda fan art I made

    Made it during study release today. I hope you like it. and feedback would be appreciated. More
  • Well, Forget College, A Career, Wife, Kids, My Whole Future: What I Want in The Elder Scrolls Online

    Hello once again, people of Game Informer. It is I, sorryjzargo, with a blog (more of a rant with a wish-list) about my love of The Elder Scrolls and what I wish will be included in the ever-mysterious Elder Scrolls Online MMO. Without further ado, I... More
  • Laid to Rest


    Should The End really be the end?  What will happen to our favorite franchises in the future?  I tackle all this and more. 

    ... More
  • Rant: Beginning Wargaming

    I've been fascinated by the Warhammer 40K universe for some time now. My obsession began when a friend recommended the Gaunt's Ghosts series to me and has continued to grow despite many terrible novels. (Gav Thorpe and Graham McNeill, I'm... More
  • What I Want In The Darkness 3: A Gruesome and Meticulous Dissection

    Those who've read one of my latest blogs know that I'm a fan of the series featuring Jackie Estacado, the Italian-American mobster stricken by the curse of an ancient spirit he inherited from his patrilineal ancestors on his twenty-first birthday... More
  • Symbol Comics: Just to amp your day or finish it.

    Salutations Gamers and GIO! Well, I just want to at least give you something to start your day with a few laughs or eh, I don't know. I feel like at least create some Symbol comics to bring a few smiles or a few laughs to those who understand it.... More
  • When "Real" Is Too Real

    Realism has quickly become a staple for game development over the years. Companies are putting out more powerful engines year after year. Each one bringing us a little closer to that "real" feeling in our games. Whether it's nailing every... More
  • The Meaning Behind Mass Effect 3's Ending

    **Spoilers!!!!!!!** **Spoilers!!!!!!!* *Seriously, there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead, so read at your own risk.* There have been petitions, attempts at lawsuits, and Indoctrination Theories. Also there have been accusations thrown at Bioware, basically saying... More