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  • Hidden Sonic Game in Nike Ad

    A hidden sonic game was snuck into this long nike ad. Most all you do is run sideways but its a neat little time killer. The game is hidden in the last third of the ad right when the large soccer game breaks out. Its right when the guy jumps and runs... More
  • How to create a successful game: Things to never Overlook

    Every day, there are a lot of games out there that we can agree that have huge GOTY Potential. And we all have different tastes and likes in a game. But there are things we must never Overlook. These things, obviously will impact your playthrough. 1-... More
  • GaMe #5: Jolt, Republic Commando

    A quick preface: although this is based on my prior GaMe about Le Hannibal, I completely rewrote this story besides the introduction. Everything else is different, and was written from Jolt's perspective. Enjoy! Clone commandos were respected for... More
  • GaMe #5 - Jolt: DC Universe

    It's been seven years since they all died. Every last hero. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash, to name a few. The great war that had been fought for the soul of our universe ended in a stalemate. Lex Luthor was defeated by Batman in a... More
  • Winging It

    I recently did a GaMe blog on The Great Cubone. I hadn't planned on doing one. For the life of me, I just couldn't come up with something that I thought would be fun to read and fun for me to write. For me, when I write recreationally, fun is... More
  • Memorial Day Blog Contest: Day of Honor and Pride

    Memorial Day. It is a day of remembrance, a day of honor, but most importantly, it should be a day of respect and pride. Upon its institution, Memorial Day was a day to honor all of the fallen American Soldiers. It was created to honor their memory and... More
  • What Memorial Day Means To Me

    This blog is written in response to Chris Mrkvicka's challenge for Memorial Day blogs. In considering what to write for this challenge, I found it difficult to properly express my feelings through my usual methods of writing. In such a position, I... More
  • Modern Warfare: Creating A Monster

    14 1
    The Call of Duty franchise has quickly become somewhat of a household name. Millions of people play it all over the world, so chances are you play it, have played it in the past, or know somebody who does play it. The community is huge, consisting of... More
  • Botanicula - Short Review

    For the last couple of days, I've been playing (when I get the chance) a really interesting game called "Botanicula". Made by a small independent Czech video game company called " Amanita Design " and released in April 2012, Botanicula... More
  • The Call of Duty Hate Phenomenon: It needs to Stop

    I'm gonna be straight forward with this now. While I agree that CoD is one of the most exploited Game franchise ever, it is getting irritating to see every day hate for it. So you hate it, good. Then don't play it. And all the things I hear negative... More
  • The Game That Changed Me

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    Hello GIO, and happy Friday! I sat down today, determined to write another blog. However, no ideas came to me. I just sat there, staring at my computer screen. Four cups of coffee later, an idea hit me. Why not just talk about my all time favorite game... More
  • My Times With Mass Effect

    I wanted to reminisce on my times with Mass Effect because I believe I am about an hour away from finally completing Mass Effect 3. About 3.5 years ago I finally got my first 360 (which was my first current gen console). I never owned the original XBOX... More