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  • VGD Review: Mass Effect

    Release Date: 11/20/07 Developer: Bioware Platforms: Xbox 360, PC Genre: RPG, Third Person Shooter Overview Mass effect is the fantastic start of what would be nicknamed the star wars (or treck) of video games. It not only appealed to sci-fi and RPG fans... More
  • Video Review: Alan Wake's American Nightmare

    12 1
    Alan Wake's American Nightmare Publisher: Microsoft Studios Developer: Remedy Release Date: 2/22/2012 Platform: xbox live arcade Today I take a look at the recently released Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Will it be able to live up to its predecessor... More
  • My Dream Games: Part 1

    I tend to daydream often, but one of the things I dream about frequently is Video games designed/ directed by me. I've been doing it for long time, but never really shared my ideas. Well that changes today because I'll be sharing my dream creation... More
  • Countdown To Mass Eff3ct, pt 1: A Comprehensive Review

    Folks, humanity has been counting down the days, and we've finally reached that inevitable moment: the Reapers are on the horizon, and will invade the planet Earth this March. Mass Effect 3 will be upon us, and all of the galaxy's Shepards - both... More
  • I, For One, Love ALL Star Wars Movies. Including the Prequels.

    Recently, I went to the movie theater to see Star Wars Episode I 3D, and enjoyed every last second of it. Seeing Star Wars on the big screen for the first time is something else, since I wasn't born in the 70s or 80s, and never went to see the original... More
  • When AAA titles no longer cut it.

    What's up my BF COD? How's your Creed Assassins? and Skyrim, I could send you into Oblivion...and then you might be a better Fable... and to all the rest of ya I have one thing to say: What led to this is not exactly clear to me but I know it... More
  • My drawings of Toon Link

    Before, I have tried to draw Toon Link and found it difficult, but with repetition, I have managed to improve my skill and would like to show drawings that I made these past two days. Toon Link Sketch from Wind Waker Toon Link from Wind Waker Toon Link... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 45 of XX...

    One of my favorite elements of Member Herding is learning a bit more about various community members and discovering that I actually have a lot in common with them. The person featured in this episode of Member Herding is someone I've talked with... More
  • The Rise of PC Gaming...Again!

    Gaming in the PC realm has undergone a number of changes in past few decades. One of the most common criticisms we hear is how the platform rampant with piracy. While the PC is inundated with piracy, but that’s not the real reason it fails to be... More
  • The Slow, Agonizing Death of the (Military) FPS

    EDIT: I should have made this clear within the blog, but I was focusing primarily on Military FPS. And by "die" I mean "become less relevent". The FPS will never truly die. However, the creativity and innovation ARE in serious danger... More
  • Every gamer's dream job

    To be a game reviewer....that is the ultimate job. Don't get me wrong, I love my job as a software developer. It is a very satisfying career, and I work for the greatest company in the world. But, if money was no object, I would love to get paid to... More
  • It's time to get Tricky all over again

    With the full release a week away, EA rolled out the SSX demo this morning. While it doesn't give you a taste of all the features, there's plenty in here to keep excited fans happy, or maybe put a few doubts to rest. The demo opens with an unfortunately... More