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  • Assassin's Creed III: Unnecessary

    Assassin's Creed has been a series of incredible depth and "exaggerated history". It has featured an amazingly addictive blend of action, suspense, history, and mythos with each game getting successfully better. And now, a new game looms... More
  • On the topic of endings: an Irony Drawblog.

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  • Cupcakes and Cyanide

    Look, I know people are sick of hearing about ME 3 crap, but I've yet to have my turn. This is more about Bioware and the cupcakes anyway. See, people are trying to find different ways to tell Bioware to change their ending, but they're finding... More
  • The top 5 games that will define 2012

    In the past month I've been blown away by two incredible titles (They may or may not be on this list). After having my emotions tugged, by both of these games I began thinking about what else this year has in store. I mean It's March . There's... More
  • The new hardcore gamer

    It's no secret that video games are more widespread than they used to be. Hell, they are more prevalent than they were a mere two or three years ago. Everyone from kids to grandparents are playing. They use consoles, handhelds, PCs, iPads, and cell... More
  • Corrupt SONY and Microsoft!?

    I am not gonna write on this blog too much. I am just gonna present to you 2 videos that make sense, and that just disappointed me really bad, to a way that I think my mind is regretting to be a gamer. Looks like the the SONY and Microsoft are no less... More
  • Character Evolution: Ganondorf

    Reinvention is necesary for characters to remain relevant and avoid becoming stagnant. Being the main villain in one of the most well known and longest running franchises in gaming Ganondorf has undergone a series of changes to his image and his methods... More
  • 210 Reviews Episode 2: Top 5(x2) exciting movies of 2012!

    Here it is! the next installment in 210 Reviews!!! This time we are giving our top 5 most exciting movies of 2012 based off the trailers we have seen! WOOP! We are currently working on a video games list as well. Also, for anyone who has been following... More
  • My PC Water Cooling Tips! (Pumps)

    As a PC gamer I have relied on the integrity of my hardware more than the average consoler, but the process of protecting valuable hardware doesn't have to be hard if equipped with a little knowledge and experience. If you're interested, I will... More
  • Have Steam? Join!

    Because of my broken consoles, I decided to become a PC player for an unknown amount of time, so I downloaded Steam, the service that everyone speaks good about, it's fantastic so far, but I'll write a blog about my exoerience with it later.So... More
  • Handhelds Aren't Just For Gaming Anymore....

    She's watching you.... Nowadays, there are many alternative uses for video game handhelds. From movies to Internet browsing, photo and video capabilities and beyond, gaming devices are no longer just for playing the newest Mario or Final Fantasy.... More
  • Assassin's Creed Modern Gadgets!

    Yup, I just made this other blog of the Assassin's Creed series. It's obvious it is my favorite series, but let me assure you, it's not my #1. Metal Gear Solid series and Grand Theft Auto series are in a triple draw with AC lol. Still, I am... More