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  • Mobile Market

    There has been plenty of debate between analyst game journalist to gamers on is the mobile market hurting the handheld market. I feel that they can co exist without issue. Recent 3ds sales has proven that handheld gaming is still very relevant. But why... More
  • I Wish I Could Delete You....Sometimes

    I wouldn't consider myself a perfectionist or a completionist, but there is one thing on my Xbox that aboslutely drives me nuts and I can't get rid of....achievements. I know I know..who wants to delete achievements? You worked your ass off to... More
  • L.A. Noire: Making You an Incomplete Completionist

    There's a very good reason why I have owned L.A. Noire since its release and still have yet to beat more than 6 cases. It's because it forces you to be an incomplete completionist. I know, it's making me just a regular gamer. Each case, you... More
  • Why Oblivion Is One Of My Top 5 Games

    Oblivion: Oblivion is #1 on my Top 5 Games of all time. It has and holds this spot because I do not have that many good games. This is because my parental figures do not like me shooting people in "fake life" - (video games). But they let me... More
  • Shooter Fatigue

    I know shooter fatigue is not a new topic but I think more and more gamers have become frustrated with it. Games like Call of Duty, Killzone, Battlefield 3(campaign) have all felt linear and very uneventfull. As much as I love each of these series it... More
  • The Art of Gaming: How to polish those Gamer Skill Nails

    Hi gamers! Some of my friends have asked for some advice on how I get good on the games I own. An example is a few minutes ago: I used to play a lot FPS games such as Halo, Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty, etc. And online gaming is a place where you demonstrate... More
  • The Liberal Gamer: Episode 1

    Hi everyone, I posted a new episode to my podcast, reildoS doG's Podcast. Please click the link below to view it. See you there! - reidloS doG Welcome to the first episode of The Liberal... More
  • The State of Horror in Gaming


    Just a couple personal thoughts on horror in video games. Agree? Disagree? Feel free (to leave a comment).

    ... More
  • A Tale About The Magic Land Of GIO(Fantasy Blog)

    In a galaxy that is far,far away there were three planets,all three planets were a member of the GIO Union. The first planet was called Blog Section,a little place where people let their imagination and ideas fly around,making the planet more and more... More
  • Is AMC Trying To Lure Gamers In…

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    I don't watch a lot of television. Not because I don't enjoy it or have anything against it. Quite the contrary, in fact. I'm just usually too busy. I actually enjoy television if the right program is on, and with modern era cable or Satellite... More
  • The Vita's Demise

    In less than two months the Playstation Vita is going to drop in the US, Europe and other areas and it isn't looking so swell. In the first forty eight hours it sold 325,000 units in Japan when released early in December. However, it's only sold... More
  • Ed Wood and the Worst Movie Ever Made

    Short blog today. I'm no film critic like Enigma, but I do like to think that I have a basic understanding of what separates a good movie from a bad one. A good plot, clever dialogue, and committed actors and actresses are just a few things that can... More