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  • A Game Worth Sharing: Space Station 13

    Every now and then, there is a game that I discover (usually through the power of YouTube) that truly turns my head. The only games that have done so that I have managed to play was Dwarf Fortress, and Space Station 13... Space Station 13 is a 'semi... More
  • Youtube promotional questions

    Let me begin by saying that I do not use youtube as a medium of self expression, though I have considered it. Let me also concede that there's a decent amount about this already from people far more "in it" than I, but hey, its something... More
  • Why Censoring Manhunt 2 Turned Out To Be A Good Thing

    Rockstar games is a company that is no stranger to media backlash over the adult content present in several of their titles. Manhunt 2 is no exception. Given the sheer brutality and often times gruesome content the game boasts, it's no wonder it fell... More
  • Exploring Freedom in Gone Home

    I wanted to contribute to the July 4th Freedom features. I know it's no longer July 4th or anywhere close to it, but I wrote this today after finally catching up with reading the staff's terrific picks. Enjoy and such! Plenty of games have given... More
  • Colors and Creatures #2: Magic Drafting for Beginners

    Those of you who may have just recently read "Colors and Creatures: Magic for Beginners" probably thought you were done with me for awhile, didn't you? You thought, there's no way he would possibly write another post the next day, not... More
  • The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors & Hostel Behavior Review

    “Senpai noticed me.” Another internet meme born from the world of anime. Evolving from cases where a younger person has romantic interest in an elder / superior and attempts to get themselves noticed. Kawai Complex- as I refer to it because... More
  • Team Game Informer - Extra Life 2014 Update #1

    Game Informer Online Community! With a little more than 3 months until Extra Life 2014, I wanted to get out an update on Team Game Informer's current status. Team Game Informer is sitting at 5 members, which isn't surprising since the event is... More
  • Nostalgia: Good or Bad?

    I've contemplated this thought for a while now. I sort of talked about it earlier this year with a blog about why I can't finish games , but it deserves a discussion of a wider scope. There is no doubt in my mind that every gamer has a dose of... More
  • Summer 2014 Anime Season Roundup


    The summer anime season is finally upon us! Read on to find Stranger and Thejourneyman66's opinions on 17 different premieres...

    ... More
  • "An Ode to Madden"

    (Found this courtesy of cerpintaxman) Hello everyone, and welcome to the fourth installment in my “Ode to…” series, in which I write short poems/raps about games and series that I enjoy. When I did the first one of these last year,... More
  • All Smashed Up: The Return

    Time marches on, but some games never do, particularly those of the Smash Bros kind. Ike. Pac-Man. Little Mac. Greninja. Lucina. Mii Fighters. There are only the tip of the Smash Bros. iceberg that Sakurai's cracked (and maybe short of the one in... More
  • Joining the Next Generation - A Bumpy Start

    11 1
    I held out for a long time, but I finally succumbed. No, I'm not talking about joining the Kardashian family. I finally broke down and bought a PS4. Don't all scream at once. ( Empty Chair: we won't) It wasn't a tough choice on which one... More