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  • TheSniperXI and my thoughts on Uncharted 4

    TheSniperXI and I decided to co-author this Uncharted 4 blog; our cohesive thoughts are what lie ahead. There will be SPOILER TALK so be prepared. Enjoy the literary & visual ride. Uncharted 4, what a game! If you want a game with action, great graphics... More
  • Buswaxer's Bargain Bin Vol. 1

    For the first entry of this new feature, I'm going to swing the spotlight onto Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This open world action RPG was developed by the now defunct studio 38 Games and released to generally positive reviews back in 2012, securing... More
  • Man on Fire and Max Payne 3: The Success and Failure of Revenge

    Given the 15 th anniversary of the series, I decided to play through its least-discussed entry – the Rockstar Vancouver-developed Max Payne 3 . I now see why nobody really talks about this game anymore, as it’s a bloated mess of poor narrative... More
  • Community Writing Challenge #40 Special: Inspiring Video Games

    Whether we play to learn something or not, there's no denying the fact that video games often teach us a thing or two. Just when the time comes for me to post my writing challenge number 40, we are asked to write if video games have ever had a positive... More
  • The Mighty No. 9 Isn't Fair For Anyone

    The release and reception of The Mighty No. 9 has been disappointing for a number of reasons; it's tragic to see one of the first big pioneers of Kickstarter not meet expectations and see fans not delivered what they were promised. It's unfair... More
  • The Savings Cometh!

    Games are expensive, plain and simple. While books and movies retail around the twenty dollar mark, a brand new game will set you back over half a hondo. While many of us are willing to pay full price for the latest and greatest, some of us can't... More
  • Why Don't Sports Games Get the Same Respect as Non-Sports Games?

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    There was a period of time when I was younger where, for the most part, I mainly played sports titles like the Madden series, the MLB The Show series, and the NBA 2k franchise along with a handful of other sports centric games mixed in. The vast majority... More
  • KoF 14 Demo: Spicey Boi Fever!

    KoF is one of the best fighting games out there and still to this day, it gets praise from almost everyone who plays it. The game utilizes the Combo System very well, the selection of characters are very vast and the entire game is a bundle a fun for... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 33 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    FUS RO DAH! This week the gang tackles Bethesda's sprawling open-world RPG, Skyrim. The 2011 title released in an incredibly buggy state, but became one of the first major cases of post-release patching. Critics heaped acclaim onto Skyrim, praising... More
  • Book Review: Ready Player One

    Almost any gamer will find the premise of Ready Player One familiar. Taking place in the near future, RPO envisions a dystopian Earth whose citizens have given up on “the real world” in favor of spending as much time as possible in the OASIS... More
  • My Dwindling Love for Video Games

    It's funny how things happen. We grow up into this world, and we all change. Looks change, personalities may change, and hobbies change. However, they are those things that just won't change. For me, I always thought it would be my fascination... More
  • Transformers: Devastation Review

    8.3 - While not the best interactive Transformers experience, Devastation is a worthy title by PlatinumGames that should definitely be played by fans of the franchise and is worth a look by casual fans and gamers as well. Transformers: War for Cybertron... More