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  • Hello GI!

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    I'm perfectly aware that I've been a member here for nearly six months now (or more), yet this is my first blog post. I'm just happy that I'm here, to be honest. The GI community is one of the best I've seen, and everyone here seems... More
  • Can Call of Duty ever recover?

    Another year and another Call of Duty game. It's an ongoing joke among gamers. Usually, we roll our eyes and amuse ourselves with countless little jokes about how it will be the same as last year. However, this year was different, this year the mild... More
  • CWC November 3, 2016: Feature the Music!

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    Community Writing Challenge: You all rocked this week's challenge, so I've got a similar challenge this week. Write about features in games that you absolutely love and want to see more of. Heck, write about popular features like quick-time events... More
  • Valkyire Drive Bhikkuni Review

    Regardless of what you think of a series like Senran Kagura, you have to admire it's sincerity; in an industry becoming increasingly sensitive about over-sexualization in games, Senran Kagura treats it like a badge of honor, and still manages to have... More
  • A Regular Life

    When I don't play I still remember them Those things that bring me joy Those things called games. Going to college Feels like a main campaign of sorts Where I accomplish those many tasks Which one day will take me to a better front. My player two... More
  • What Has Happened to Horror Games?

    There are some great horror games out there, but at this point, it's a risky thing to make one. You may make a good game that has little to be afraid of or a straight up bad game with little to play. These days, the horror aspect has been lost. Movies... More
  • Skyrim Remastered

    Skyrim Special Edition is the third time I've played Skyrim so far.'s surprising how starting over from scratch still retains that new game feel to it - after the arduous slog that is the opening cinematic, the shackles (well, shackles... More
  • GI Mobile App: Early Impressions

    Reading the newest issue of GI on my phone has never been an easy thing to do. In fact after attempting it once I never bothered to try again. Now we finally have an app so it seemed like a good time to give it another go. For the record, I am using a... More
  • Resident Evil 7 The Baker Family Inspired by the “Bloody Benders”?

    *Welcome to the family* Resident Evil 7 is approaching its early 2017 release date and there are still a lot of mysterious surround the next addition to the popular horror franchise. Questions like, who is the main protagonist? Who are the Bakers? And... More
  • [Opiniones Gamer] Fifa y PES – La guerra injustificada

    Fifa y PES – Una Guerra Injustificada Por Adrian Velez ‘Vichi’ La pronta llegada de los juegos de fútbol (soccer) de Konami y EA está cada vez mas cerca, ahora con sus demos a disposición de los usuarios las peleas... More
  • A Gamer Games: 2013

    As 2017 is 2 months away, this blog series of mine is also coming to a close. Serving as a recollection of my gaming years, this entry is all about 2013, a fantastic gaming year in my life. Like I've been saying in previous entries, the Playstation... More
  • My Honest Review of Resident Evil 4

    Yeah it's an old game, but who cares? It's still relevant. “The best survival horror game ever made” - IGN 82% on Metacritic, 9.8/10 on IGN, 9/10 on Steam, and Gamesradar’s 4th best PS2 game, even above Shadow of the Colossus... More