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  • Poem of the Week - Satori Blues

    Hey guys, this was an experimental, "write down what comes to mind thing," but I'd love your feedback. Satori Blues Had my epiphany when I got out of bed Pelted by my alarm clock Sagging iris melted my heart Some crap I put on a plate comforted... More
  • A Thorough Analysis Of The Persona 5 Trailer


    A look through the new Persona 5 trailer, pointing out some secrets you might have missed.

    ... More
  • Top 10 Long-Running Game Series

    Some gamers today just don’t know how good they have it. What with liberal checkpoints giving infinite respawns, dynamic difficulties that ensure you don’t get stuck for too long, and rambling narratives that take the place of, you know, actual... More
  • Doing Blunt Cabbage in Dark Souls

    Oh, hey! This blog is going to be pretty short on text, but I think it's worth posting. I'm part of the Facebook group called, "I Watched The Entire Overblood Super Replay." Perhaps you've heard of it. Heck, maybe you're even... More
  • Apotheon Review: To Hades With You

    Apotheon is indie developer Alientrap’s third game, and is the first a reach a wider audience thanks to the PR push by Sony and its inclusion in Februarys PS + program. Unfortunately it is a mixed bag with more than its fair share of problems. Apotheon... More
  • The Gamer's Dilemma

    DISCLAIMER: First blog attempt. Don't be a drankin' on the haterade. During my past year of gaming, I've noticed that all too common dilemma that every gamer faces at one point or another during their time spent with the hobby rising up as... More
  • Getting Older, But Passion For Gaming Never Fades

    It's nearing midnight and I'm sitting on my couch playing "Saints Row IV: Re-elected". My fiance is asleep in my lap and I'm gaming silently, using Turtle Beach headphones to muffle the sounds of constant profanity and explosions... More
  • The JIM Show - Let's Play Zork! - Episode 126 & 127

    Fun fact: The JIM Show did a livestream Let's Play of Zork about two weeks ago. The experiment underwent complete large-scale cellular mitosis in that time. I estimate that within the year the world will be overrun by this podcast. O, the horrors... More
  • Teamwork

    A long-lamented issue in Destiny is the absence of matchmaking for raids. Raids can have up to six people in a fireteam, however it can often be difficult to rodeo five of your friends online (with varying work, sleep, and eating schedules) to complete... More
  • Why You Should Play Majora's Mask

    With The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (wow that sure is a long title) release upon us I thought it was high time to write up a little blog about why you should absolutely pick it up. Next to Wind Waker this is probably one of the Zelda games... More
  • Dying Light Review (Xbox One)

    Main protagonist, Kyle Crane, is sent on a job in the fictional city of Harran. This city is being quarantined off because of a deadly zombie plague. After skydiving out of an airplane, things turn from bad to worst. As you are captured by “bandits”... More
  • My top games from the 1980's

    There's something about the 1980's that gives me a happy feeling.So many heartfelt or catchy songs were released in the 1980's(people said in the 1980's every song you heard on the radio was a timeless classic).1980's movies had a... More