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  • Bound Review: Dancing Through Life and Not Much Else

    One of my favorite professors always tells us to “show, not tell” what we’re trying to get across. Your audience shouldn’t just know your point of view, they should understand it and feel it. I think Bound is the perfect example... More
  • A Hypothetical spending of Microsoft's Linkedin buyout (26 billion)

    Rather than squish Sony's tender nuts while they beg for mercy, Microsoft has decided to spend their cash to purchase a fading social media platform. For.. 26 Billion USD . Let's look at the top ten things I would do if I were Phil Spencer (or... More
  • My Top Ten Most Anticipated Handheld Games


    There are a ton of exciting games coming out for dedicated handhelds this year and beyond. Here are my top ten handheld games I'm most anticipating.

    ... More
  • Why I Hate Mario

    Before you start too hate on me or think I'm trying to troll Nintendo, I do not mean that I hate Nintendo. I love Nintendo and some of my favorite games are from Nintendo. It's just that Mario isn't on my favorites. Hello Wandering Traveler... More
  • Beginning a Space Odyssey (Exploring No Mans Sky)

    I awake on a planet on the edge of the galaxy. Rugged. Unexplored. And hot. My suit registers the need for thermal protection as the daytime temp is 44 degrees Celsius. The planet is dusty red and rich in donut shaped iron rings. My ship is damaged, incapable... More
  • Dead Rising and Internalizing the Open World

    Lots of modern open world games follow a ‘zone’ formula, where each area possesses a different environmental/architectural theme. They might exist as separate entities – á la Batman: Arkham Knight’ s islands or Mirror’s... More
  • The Confession

    The Truth: I will be truthful now. This is something that I have struggled with, something I hid, something... I was ashamed of. For years, I suppressed this, I felt guilty... Misunderstood, confused, shocked, but most of all, disappointed in myself.... More
  • Returning To My Gaming Roots

    Every now and then, replaying some video games is a fresh experience. Back in 2014 when I got a Wii first thing I did was, play the Archives compilation of Resident Evil games. But sadly, I didn't actually like REmake like I thought I would, reason... More
  • No Man's Sky's Big Bluff: I'll See Your Universe, And Raise You

    By years end, it will be quite evident what two games dominated news cycles in 2016. Pokemon GO, and No Man's Sky. Interestingly enough, the two games are more alike than one might imagine. Both involve exploration, and endless collecting. Both have... More
  • Exploring Boundaries in No Man's Sky

    One doesn't play No Man's Sky as much as manage it. Think space exploration sim more than space adventure and you get the idea. The thrill of discovery is what motivates gamers beyond the tedium of resource management, though it's possible... More
  • Character/Player Resemblance in Dark Souls

    In Dark Souls, there are many character that resemble a person that has lived decades in whatever world they're in. Although, the characters/NPC's shown in Dark Souls 1 and 2 have nothing to relate to the player, in Dark Souls 3 there are three... More
  • Defending Pre-Orders

    There was a time I got cocky, and it bit me in the ass. When GTA 3 released for the PS2, I was one of those idiots who didn't pre-order. And...I kid you not, every Gamestop I went to didn't have a copy of the game! And at the time, Gamestop was... More