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  • A Tale of Three AIs

    Hey guys, today's topic is all about AI. Artificial Intelligence is a topic that makes some people very, very afraid, while others imagine a positive revolution of the human race. Google inches ever closer to creating intelligence with its DeepMind... More
  • The Essentials: To The Test - The Last of Us

    Remember when Phil Kollar gave The Last of Us a seven out of ten , and the internet absolutely lost it? Get ready to feel that sweet, bubbling rage again, because we agree with him. Read on, and come to hate us the way we hated this game. Personal History... More
  • Update: Hype at The Moment

    Wow! My first update! It's been a while since my Blogs were posted. I mean my Games to Remember Blog... ... Was thought of when I was only a Level 5 power member! And my Greatest Americans Blog was suppose to be posted after When I'm Playing Part... More
  • Is Nintendo Too Big To Fail?

    When the economic crisis of 2008 first began, the public was introduced to the phrase "too big to fail". Mostly used in reference to banks and super corporations, the term embodied the idea that there some business entities that could not be... More
  • Samsara, Part one: The Golden Age V.S. Modern Game "Design"

    Hello! Welcome to the Burnt out student! I'm here to talk about game design and the first topic is the upcoming probable market crash! So I was planing a whole other thing for the start and it was supposed to premiere next week, but the opportunity... More
  • My Thoughts on BattleBots Return To TV

    Thanks to the reboot syndrome sweeping movie and television studios worldwide, reliving favorite pop cultural memories has never been easier. On TV and in theaters everywhere, the 90s and early 2000s have returned with a vengeance. Jurassic World is the... More
  • AUDIO/LOG-#9956: Rook Cartson

    CODE: 3#2-99 !!!!YOU MUST BE EITHER CLASS 3 SCIENTIST OR SARGENT TO CONTINUE FROM HERE!!!! ANYONE CAUGHT READING THIS WILL BE CHARGED FOR TREASON So...Just... Report? Okay. It's September 19th, 2234 We found out that it is possible to live in the... More
  • 52/52 Week 27- Why the ESRB Needs to Evolve

    The ESRB has been a staple of the gaming industry for over twenty years now. What first started as a reaction to violent video games of the 20th century has become a required aspect of nearly every game published today. While the ESRB ratings on each... More
  • Let's Not forget about Gears of War

    Hi Guys, Darren here again. I know it has been more than enough time for me to post this but I figured I would reanimate your interests in the new Gears of War games coming out. Here is everything we know so far…. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition... More
  • AUDIO/LOG-#221-00-Commander Eddies

    CODE: 3#2-99 !!!!YOU MUST BE EITHER CLASS 3 SCIENTIST OR SARGENT TO CONTINUE FROM HERE!!!! ANYONE CAUGHT READING THIS WILL BE CHARGED FOR TREASON Victor Eddies report: September 17th, 2234. The scientists told every soldier to give a report of what they... More
  • Backlog Blitz: NES, Week 20, "Celebrate Rebellion!"

    Well. This seems like a pretty good weekend to write about the Star Wars games. After all, there are some remarkable similarities between Star Wars and the American Revolution. By which I mean, there was a rebellion, and um, that bit where Benedict Arnold... More
  • Arkham Knight's Plot Disappointed Me *Spoilers*

    2 1
    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE *Major Arkham Knight Spoilers Below I think Arkham Knight is a great game. The combat is smoother than ever, the Batmobile completely surprised me with how easy it is to handle and fun to drive, I even enjoyed... More