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  • The Adventures Of A Gamer Teacher: Grinding Through Friendships

    As previously mentioned in my recent blogs, I have started my internships. For such an important event in my life some sacrifices took place, and soon enough, I had to suspend my job. However, gaming let me meet some guys to talk to about video games... More
  • Gaming trends that should go away

    It's morning. I slowly open my eyes and sit up in bed. It's a new day, and I begin my day the same way I start most of my days. Do I go prepare myself a wholesome breakfast? Do I get ready to go for a morning run? No, I grab my phone and log into... More
  • Reader Discussion: What’s Your Favorite WWII Game?

    With all the announcements about Call of Duty: WWII this past week, there’s been plenty of hubbub surrounding the game. Young CoD fans, or others who jumped on at Modern Warfare, seem justifiably excited by the idea. Older players and those who... More
  • Uncharted Territory!

    It finally happened. It felt like this moment would never get here, but I can happily say that Zelda BotW has finally been taken out of my Nintendo Switch. As I prepared for bed last night I took my Switch out of the dock for the first time in quite awhile... More
  • Why Resident Evil 7 Deserves Game of the Year For 2017.

    I think everyone would agree that 2017 has been (so far) an extraordinary year for games. Games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being strong contenders for game of the year. It has gotten to the point where gamers are... More
  • Everything Wrong with Fallout Shelter

    Fallout Shelter, the game that made most of the advertisement of Fallout 4, the game that was received well by critics, but not the people, had a little ad game that took the fan base by storm. I got my hands on it and I had fun with it. I loved managing... More
  • The Gamers Edition of 25 Must have improvements for Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 is about to have a gameplay reveal next month. Destiny for all intents and purposes, is wrapped up in a tidy little package. We are left t enjoy the raids, speculate on the future, and smash each other and the still unbalanced PVP. Today, we'll... More
  • When Games Connect With Us

    What would be of this world without originality? A swallow place to be in, that's for sure. The creativeness game developers have can either surprise us or enlight us in ways we often find crazy, clever and coincidental. Easter eggs, maybe. References... More
  • A Return to Form? Or Just Another CoD? What's the Difference?

    Remember last year when the new Call of Duty was announced and everyone was pissed? Pepperidge Farm remembers (couldn't help myself). The number of dislikes on YouTube reached epic proportions and everyone said it was the end of the franchise. We... More
  • Pokemon: Indigo League Retro Review S1 E1-5

    [As Originally Written on SNo2 .] If you know anything about me and my writing in general then you probably know that not only do I write about a variety of subjects, I also enjoy writing semi-nostalgically about how old television shows hold up by my... More
  • So... Do You Still Like Kingdom Hearts?

    The Kingdom Hearts series recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and it is still something that is very near and dear to many people’s...uh...hearts. I consider it one of the few franchises that came along at the just the right time for millennial... More
  • Reader Discussion: What is your favorite controller?

    We often debate why each console deserves our exclusivity based off of specs, games, and online infrastructure. I refute these arguments. When I buy a console, it comes down to one decision I must make, how comfortable does the controller feel? The controller... More