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  • SEGA, why haven't you worked with Omega Force yet?

    Imagine a game: you're running down an alleyway, through a pile of garbage just to mess with the physics objects, sneakers splashing water was you run through a puddle. Its pretty cool looking; about as detailed and well rendered as Yakuza Zero or... More
  • Análisis Snake Pass – PC

    Análisis Snake Pass – PC Snake Pass cuenta con una jugabilidad fuera de lo común; somos una serpiente llamada Noodle , que debe encontrar unos cristales mágicos perdidos a lo largo de cada nivel. Los mencionados cristales forman... More
  • About Last Night: The Injustice of Laylee

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    Like a properly thrown boomerang, I have returned. At least for today. I wanted to attempt to start posting some new blogs called, "About Last Night" in which I share some thoughts on the game(s) I played the night before. Ready? Begin. Yooka... More
  • The Essentials Challenge - Month Two Update!

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    *UPDATE!* Time for a May update, and we have three very notable completions to add to the list! Gerardo Exber, Trench Mace, and TDL finished their chosen Essentials, and gave us some great answers to my stupid questions. Go take a look! Game on, participants... More
  • The One Feature Destined To Come To Future Consoles

    Trying to imagine what the future will bring is always tricky business. In most cases, prognostication on the future is either too optimistic, or too naive. If you look at science-fiction movies, books and tv shows from the 1960's and 1970's,... More
  • One Man’s Thoughts: Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

    After writing this piece, I run the risk of drawing the ire of Zero Escape faithful. Not only for some on my thoughts on this game but also my backwards approach to playing the series out of order, and I’m okay with that. Last year, I played Zero... More
  • Análisis Beat Cop - PC

    Beat Cop – Buscando Limpiar Nuestro Nombre Beat Cop es un juego de corte point and click , nuestro deber será patrullar el barrio de la calle 630 , una cuadra llena de delitos, mafias, bandas y conductores mal amenazados que no entienden... More
  • The Surge - Be A Man!

    The Surge is a game that...well, you either like or you don't. I can understand this game's flaws that might turn off both thrill seekers as well as Dark Souls veterans. If Dark Souls is the trend setter towards a genre, then The Surge is like... More
  • CWC: Bizarre Foods Gaming

    Food. It’s what keeps us alive, whether giving us energy in the real world or refilling HP in the virtual worlds we romp in throughout our lives. It could be argued that the most iconic food in gaming is the mushroom from the original Super Mario... More
  • What I'd Do With a New Metroid Game

    So there's a rumor floating around out there that Nintendo has a Metroid game in the works for the Switch which they'll reveal at E3. I don't put a lot of stock in video game rumors since most of them are simply made up on the spot by people... More
  • Best Moments of Injustice 2's Main Story

    [As Originally Spoiled on SNo2 .] In case you couldn’t immediately tell from reading the title, I am going to thoroughly spoil some of the most explosive and interesting moments from the Injustice 2 story mode- whether it be battles or epic cutscenes... More
  • How Indie Video Games Are Good For A Sharp Mind

    Originally made by PeepPop Complex, intriguing and incredibly challenging; indie video games have made a great progress from their relatively simple arcade counterparts in the late nineties. It takes immense effort to conceptualize and finally come up... More