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  • Uncharted: Lost Legacy - The Nitpicking

    Uncharted is one of my favorite games...not only on the Playstation, but in general. I've had this sort of tradition where I try to plow through the game in one sitting since Uncharted 2 released. I love the series that much and will sacrifice sleep... More
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (Review)

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is proof that Naughty Dog’s flagship franchise doesn’t need leading man Nathan Drake to be a memorable experience. Originally designed as DLC for Uncharted 4, The Lost Legacy has blossomed into a fully-featured game... More
  • Upcoming Awesome Video Games

    I thought I'd take a break from being permanently confused about how insane the United States is becoming (even though another crazy thing happened today!) to talk about some video games coming up in the next few weeks. If you're like me and you're... More
  • 31/31 Day 24: Cry Baby

    I cry a lot – sometimes every day? It’s not because of my depression or anxiety, I’ve always just cried very easily. Anger, happiness, sadness, sentimental… name an emotion and it’ll probably make me cry. Of course, there... More
  • Sega Genesis Mini

    Out of all places to find one, it would be at an Office Max. I'm looking for a chair, decide to browse around and see a pile of these things for $50. They also had an Atari 2600 mini as well, but...well, I'm a 90's kid. Granted, the Atari... More
  • Abstract Review - Alien: Covenant

    One of my favorite horror flicks I can name is the first Alien. It had this sense of fear for the unknown in it that I loved when I first watched it as a kid. The alien that the Nostromo Crew found wiped out the entire crew, but Ripley, making that thing... More
  • 31/31 Day 23: Lazy Day Gaming

    I’m sure we all have them, those games you pick up because you want something to play while you binge watch or before you go to bed. Those games that you replay over and over again because at this point your muscle memory can just take over. Those... More
  • 4 US Schools Offering ESports Programs – Gaming Industry Acceptance Growing

    Gamers from all around the world should be aware of what is happening in US universities. There is a growing number of colleges that are now offering eSports programs and scholarships for those that are really good at a number of different games. Avid... More
  • What the Hell Just Happened?

    So I woke up today to see that ESPN had decided to move this guy named Robert Lee around. Because they felt like his name was too close to Robert E. Lee. You know, the Confederate General and eponym for a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T from The Dukes of Hazzard... More
  • Top 7 Best Web Games

    Web games are fantastic, because they can be played anywhere, anytime without the need to download or install anything. They're perfect for school or work. Here are some fun ones to try out: 1. The Company of Myself The Company of Myself is a puzzle... More
  • Charm and the X Factor

    "That looks cool!" is one of the most important sentences in business. It means that everyone who created a product did a well enough job that they've attracted customers. Of course, customers means revenue, revenue means the increased longevity... More
  • Jurassic World Evolution!!!!!

    Please rate and comment: Woa, finally dinosaurs fans will get a follow up to Jurassic Park Operation Genesis with the newly announced game during the Microsoft Conference (it's going to be a long wait for this one). Even thought it was announced at... More