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  • A Gaming Life: Pt. 2 - Let's Talk About the Secret of Mana Remake (PS4)

    Note: While I’ll be talking in depth about the game and its flaws, I don’t want to call this a true review because I’ve been unable to check out the three-player local co-op. The co-op in the original game is one of its unique features... More
  • Table Top Gaming: Dark Souls the Card Game

    I realize I do entirely too many Dark Souls posts, but this one is certainly different from the rest. Those of us who backed the Dark Souls Board Game created by Steamforged Games were given the chance to back the Dark Souls Card Game and receive it ahead... More
  • 3 Things I Like About Dishonored 2

    Quick Saves I found Dishonored 2 to be very challenging for the first several missions. When you haven’t acquired many items or skills yet, you certainly take a beating from any guards who spot you. This caused me to pursue a stealthy approach through... More
  • The Therapeutic Effects of Gaming

    Gaming is great for relaxing, getting amped up, or just to pass the time. Gaming is a medium that allows us to explore "what if" scenarios beyond our wildest dreams. Beyond a doubt, there is nothing quite like it on the planet. But at the same... More
  • Aegis Defenders - Análisis

    Aegis Defenders – Análisis Aegis Defenders llega fuerte con una propuesta divertida, las plataformas con disparos se unen a la exploración en un título interesante, donde también tenemos que defender nuestra posición... More
  • Latest Tech Surrounds Us

    This is a very exciting time when it comes to new technology. There are all sorts of interesting gadgets and tech toys out there that you can explore and enjoy. Although your specific opinion of what constitute the best tech toys for sale can vary based... More
  • The Best Games Period - Honorable Mention - Super Godzilla

    Godzilla has a long and strange history in the world of video games. One would think that a giant dinosaur/dragon that breathes nuclear fire would lend itself well to video games, but the great green menace has had far more lows than highs. Super Godzilla... More
  • Freeman Guerrilla Warfare - Análisis

    Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare – Acceso Anticipado Si te gustó Mount & Blade , y te gustó Arma , aquí tienes a ambos juntos en un solo juego -salvando las distancias, Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare hace un buen trabajo en lo que... More
  • New Gundam Breaker May Be Coming To PC!

    The impossible may be possible after all. Thanks to PC Gamer , there is very strong evidence the next game in the Gundam Breaker series will not only come to the PS4 in the West, but also PC! Not only did the Brazil Advisory Rating Board list New Gundam... More
  • Rad Rodgers - Análisis

    Rad Rodgers – Análisis Rad es un niño amante de los juegos de video, tiene una vida normal, va a la escuela, tiene una madre que le regaña por jugar mucho, y se acuesta tarde disfrutando de las experiencias que afronta en su... More
  • Remakes and Remasters: 2018 Edition

    In 2017, there was a handful of remakes and remasters that brought joy to the gaming world. We revisited the original three Crash Bandicoot games in the N. Sane Trilogy, we saw the first adventure of Samus on the original Game Boy given a fresh coat of... More
  • Kingdome Come: Deliverance – Análisis

    Kingdome Come: Deliverance – Análisis Desde su anuncio hace tiempo en Kickstarter, Warhorse Studio, el equipo desarrollador de Kingdom Come: Deliverance quiso hacer notar que su enfoque en el título sería el realismo. Y de mera... More