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  • Here's Why Let's Play Isn't A Waste Of Time...

    Sooo... there was little bit of hoopla this week over some comments made by Jimmy Kimmel about people who like to watch Let's Play Videos. A lot of people got mad, all-around craziness ensued, although I haven't the faintest clue why. Not really... More
  • 52/52 Week 36- Arguing With Myself- Rayman Legends

    For two years I've wanted to talk about Rayman Legends. It was actually two years ago exactly that Rayman Legends, the sequel to Rayman Origins, was released. After playing the game, my feelings were mixed about the game, to say the least. To express... More
  • The Lengths We Will Go To For Intangible Items

    Once upon a time, I had no feelings about Destiny one way or another. I bought it at release to play with a friend (which we did), and when he moved on, I got further and further into it. Because of Destiny, I started playing with people I didn't... More
  • Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain - Collector's Edition Unboxing

    I sprung for the Collector's Edition of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Just a quick unboxing video showing the goodies and what comes with this version of the retail. Nothing too special. But if you liked this there will be a couple more like... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: My Gaming-Food Mix

    These community writing challenges have been really something else since they first showed up here in Gameinformer and lately the vast ideas of us users have given it strenght and a LOT of curisiosity to continue forward, don't get me wrong, this... More
  • Until Dawn Review

    Nothing Beats the Thrill of Running from a Serial Killer while Risking your Life Nudity Everybody dies eventually. It sounds somber but there's only so much we can do to delay the inevitable. However, venturing to a remote and far from hospitable... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: My Go To Snack

    I’m not into eating anything when I game. Such an incredible mess evolves from a simple crumb, resulting in an impacted mess that clogs up my thumbsticks, bumpers, triggers, and ultimately my arteries. Blah! Plus, I’m not smart enough to chew... More
  • Guess That Game (September 2015)...

    Dobrý den Gameinformer! The beginning of September brings yet another Guess That Game. There weren't too many people who showed up last time, and of the ones that did seemed to have a hard time guessing the game. Maybe this month will be different... More
  • Game Informer Summer Game Challenge Progress Report

    UPDATE: It's the end! For those that partook in the challenge, make your final update (or only update for some of you guys) in the comments below. Don't worry about making a blog post to show what games you've beaten. If you're the lucky... More
  • Until Dawn Critique

    If you know what you’re getting into, and like the sound of it, then Until Dawn is a fantastic time. Just make sure you do actually know. It’s horror, but not the debilitating type where you’re terrified to move, like in Amnesia: The... More
  • "A Gamer's View 8/29/15 - College, Crazed sleep Cycles, and Crash Bandicoot

    **** I just realized that the site was not posting my blogs. Any who, I also realized that I didn't make my new logo due to college classes and I'm working on new blogs as I type this. It's gonna be hard readjusting to my usual Friday posting... More
  • From Success To Being Awful: The Curious Conundrum

    Quite a while back, I wrote a blog where I speculated on what were the elements or factors that contributed to greatness. I found it curious that in the world of gaming, it seems that there are certain names and business entities that consistently, reliably... More