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  • My Top 20 Favorite Games: #11: Darksiders II

    When I think of games that do everything I want them to, the Darksiders series always springs to mind. And what I mean by that is that the Darksiders games have great combat, great exploration, and awesome art direction. And considering how much it's... More
  • Fallout 4 Post-E3 Impressions

    Note: Before I begin this article I would like to apologize for any of my readers that may have been waiting to see my Fallout: New Vegas list. Because of E3 and the issues with the many pictures I used (data-usage being a primary concern) I realized... More
  • My E3 2015: Crosscode, Shift Happens, Lichdom Battlemage, Total War: WARHAMMER & More

    I spent my first day at the Electronic Entertainment Expo playing or watching demos for several games in their alpha or beta builds including promising indie titles. First up was a trio of games published and/or developed by Deck 13, a 45-person operation... More
  • E3 Behind the Scenes: Day One Adventures

    Last year was my rookie season as a member of the media attending E3. It was hard, confusing and honestly overwhelming. Being the solo member for my outlet I had no one to aid me, but it was a great learning experience. Applying all the knowledge I acquired... More
  • My E3 2015 expectations

    Please rate and comment: Update- game list announced at second page As we near this E3 we all have our expectations of games we would love to see. Here are mine and if you want to make a list in the comments, I will be back to this blog to comment on... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: E3 Excitement

    So I completely missed E3. I caught up on the announcements and I have to say, there's only a couple that I am extremely excited about. Believe it or not, Fallout 4 is not one of them. I mean to say--I am excited for Fallout--just not nearly as excited... More
  • The Best New IPs of E3 2015

    1 2
    After a whirlwind of the past few days glued to the monitor for each showcase, E3's biggest presentations have come and gone. We have had our fair share of surprises, confusion, and Jason Derulo; that said, as I dig through the piles of news stories... More
  • My E3 rankings for 2015

    This years E3 was spectacular all around; I found something to get excited about at all of the press conferences. But of course I liked some more than others. And now that I've seen them all, I figured I'd weigh in on everyone's showing and... More
  • Nintendo E3 Digital Event: Recap and Review

    Disappointment. Disheartening. Disillusionment. These are the only three words I can think of to describe my feelings after viewing Nintendo's much hyped up " Digital Event " at E3 yesterday morning. For the third year in a row, Nintendo... More
  • The E3 2015 Awards

    E3 has once more come and gone in a whirlwind of game announcements, game demos, and awkward stage banter. Of course, with E3 there must always come the awards, an annual accounting of who generated the most hype, who revealed the biggest surprise, and... More
  • This Video Shows Why I Love E3 (And Video Games)


    This reaction to the reveal of Shenmue 3 coming back to life is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life.

    ... More
  • Fallout Shelter Review

    Please rate and comment: Good day to you fellow gamers. Just during Bethesda E3 conference on Sunday we had the reveal of a newly addition to the Fallout family in the form of a free IOS game called FALLOUT SHELTER. As the name implies you are the overseer... More