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  • A Prediction Revised: Iterative Console Launches Might *Not* Be Here to Stay

    A while back, I made the prediction that Iterative Console Launches might become a practice of habit – that we would, perhaps, see the death of the traditional console life cycle. I now believe I may have been wrong. Microsoft chose to go out this... More
  • Umbrella Corps - It Sucks!

    It's not often I refund a game off Steam. In fact, I've got fairly low expectations when I trek into the unknown to pick up a seemingly interesting game - as long as the game works, appears as advertised and isn't some half-assed project that's... More
  • The Stock Male Protagonist

    While more and more games are giving serious roles to different races, females, different sexual preferences...I think it's great. More games offer the kind of identity MMO's offer, letting you go nuts with your alter ego and it centers around... More
  • Uncharted: Where Does the Series Go Now?

    This article contains spoilers for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Beware. I've officially beaten Uncharted 4 twice, and I'm playing it a third time. I've played the hell out of the multiplayer, taken 2,390 screenshots, and I'm more than... More
  • Resident Evil Was Never Scary For Its Scares

    Hail, Caesar! He has returned! After fantastic 4 th , a forgettable 5 th , and a sickening 6 th , our King hath returned! Maybe. Resident Evil 7 kept it wavy, baby, at the 2016 E3-stravaganza – a demo, meant to showcase the tone and style of the... More
  • The Girls of Summer: Super Princess Peach

    Not only do I have nothing but love for this game, but I have 100%’d it more than any other game I’ve ever played – even if the whole premise is apparently just one big joke about PMS. Which, by the way, it totally isn’t. I would... More
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review - Beginning to Rust

    One of the premiere franchises for the Xbox has been Gears of War, with the soon to be fifth game in the series coming later this year (Gears of War 4), I thought I would finally see what the series is all about and jumped into the first game. After playing... More
  • Super Console Club Podcast #5

    It's another episode of the S U P E R Console Club! This week, we talked about E3 2016 and discussed The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which all three of us played. Justin shared 10 more of his favorite games & we shared some music, including... More
  • A Fool's Journey: Dark Souls - Part 6

    Hello and welcome back to my continuing journey through Dark Souls. I apologize for it being so long since my last post. I had been trying to set a regular posting schedule of once per week, but my progress was cut drastically due to things outside of... More
  • Why Call of Duty Doesn't Deserve the Hate

    Whenever I call Call of Duty unlucky I kind of give myself a mental chuckle because I know that financially, it's not unlucky at all. The franchise sales are off the charts and each outing is a consistent bestseller for that year. But if you go on... More
  • Bad Games are Great Games Too

    Hey hi hello my name is Tom “Hot Takes” Loughney, and I’m here to tell you that you’ve been wrong about: - Sonic 2006 - Ride to Hell: Retribution - Shadow the Hedgehog - Arctic Alive - Sonic Boom - Wow, lotta Sonic games on this... More
  • DICE, Where's Bad Company?

    With Battlefield 1 on the way, it got me thinking about the first time I played a Battlefield game, for me it was the first Bad Company, it had humor, explosions and lots of destruction. So DICE, I know you're not reading, but please bring back Bad... More
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