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  • Next gen graphics

    I would just like to ask of anyone who wants to answer. On new consoles are superior graphics a neccesity or just a feature that you enjoy? Answer in the comments. More
  • "Welcome to the Thunderdome..."

    Okay, it's currently 1:25am and I'm loaded up on coffee. Time to blog of course! Earlier today, I took a look at the site for Wasteland 2. Just looking at the artwork and listening to the audio gave me chills a few times. The game easily succeeds... More
  • How I see the Console Wars.

    I originally meant this blog to be a response to Kyle Hilliard's " Reader Discussion: Which Console Has The Most Exciting Future?", but I went too long. For Xbox and Playstation, the future is much less clear than we can see. Although Xbox... More
  • 365/365 Day 110: Crafting A Character

    In my blogs, I've often discussed how important characters are to me, and to video games in general. How they interact with each, how we perceive them, how they act...they can all have effects on us we aren't prepared for, and move us in unexpected... More
  • Half-Life: Don't Go In The Water...

    It's Saturday Night and I'm feeling lucky - lucky with my play through of Half-Life. I started this project a little over a month ago, and since then I've been making my way through the game - partly because I want to experience them again... More
  • SSB Character Interview #4: Rosalina & Luma


    The fourth addition to my Smash Bros. Character Interview series! This Rosalina & Luma's interview for the game.

    ... More
  • Nerdy Stuff I Want To Do Before I Die


    Hey guys, it's been a while. Contrary to popular belief, I am not dead.

    ... More
  • GerardoExber's Review of Galerians Ash

    Galerians Ash follow up the great job of it's predecessor, making it better in the gameplay but sadly dissapointing too. Galerians Ash, unlike Galerians, isn't 3D rendered, it has full 3D, new combat system and more characters, as for the gameplay... More
  • Starting to turn Hollow

    For the past year or so I feel like I have been living and breathing Dark Souls. Really ever since the first trailer for DkS2 was shown. There's just something special about this series that others don't have. The games could kick your butt all... More
  • 365/365 Day 109: Top Nineteen Twilight Princess Moments

    SPOILERS Edit: Apologies for this not going up on time; I had ten moments done, but I really wanted to give TP the attention it deserves! Whew, it's been a long time since I've done one of these blogs...but I'm not currently feeling any real... More
  • Before Trials Fusion and Trials HD, There Was Elasto Mania…

    ...and before Elasto Mania, there was Action SuperCross (Across). Trials Fusion launched a few days ago and I can’t help but hear and read and see a number of gamers talking about playing it. And for good reason – it’s insanely fun…albeit... More
  • "Enemy" (2014) Movie Review

    With last year's successful thriller Prisoners, Canadian director Denis Villeneuve made a name for himself among American moviegoers. A year later, with the release of Enemy, the impact Villeneuve has left doesn't seem to be anything that will... More
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