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  • Community Writing Challenge: How Persona 4 Made Me More Passionate About Its Topics

    I am fully aware that I have been mentioning the Persona series a lot recently, but that is something that cannot be helped when those games are something else, even to the point of making me interested in certain points those games present into their... More
  • Ranking the Soulsborne Bosses: No. 100-91

    Hello, and welcome to the next installment of my rankings list of the Soulsborne bosses! Previously I have gone over what I believe to have be the thirty worst bosses in the entire series, but now we have made it to the top one hundred! After a lengthy... More
  • CWC: I Love History

    I love history. It's something that I loved since I was a little kid. Although most of it was depressing and scary to a lot of kids, I thought it was cool how all the choices one person made changed the entire world and its thoughts. It reflects a... More
  • Crafting A Great And Memorable Villain For Video Games

    For every great Hero, there's a task that must be complete. Most of the time, that task is to save someone or find an artifact, and many times, that person or item is guarded/ stolen by the Villain. They can be the embodiment of evil, a misunderstood... More
  • Thoughts: Two Weeks Into GoT S7

    [As Originally Written on SNo2. ] I’ve been an avid reader of George RR Martin for quite some time, not just of A Song of Ice and Fire or a viewer of the show itself. So to say I’m a fan would be somewhat of an understatement but accurate... More
  • Is The PlayStation 3 Still a Viable Console in 2017?

    Launched in 2006, Sony's third console was an important step for the industry. It was the first system to come equipped with a Blu-Ray player, with the competition choosing to stick with DVD drives in their consoles. The PlayStation 3 was also the... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 70 - Mass Effect 3 (Part Two)

    BioWare has created some of the most beloved moments in gaming history. The Mass Effect series stands as one of the greatest gaming trilogies of all time. However, many people point toward the conclusion of Mass Effect 3 as something that undid all of... More
  • The Peace and Serenity of Stealth Games

    As I peek around the wooden crate that perfectly shades me in its shadow, I see two guards chatting it up just like two office coworkers talking over by the office water cooler. Their conversation doesn't interest me, I slowly slither along the floor... More
  • 2017 Gaming Update 5

    Well, I powered through that game. I decided to hit a couple older PS4 games (I opened another one after finishing Killzone). I can’t say I enjoyed it. Another game like this and I’ll be putting the console down for a long stretch again. I... More
  • Three Interesting Takes from Comic Con

    [As Read On SNo2 .] Although I’m not entirely sure to what degree we will ever again see the unique talents of the great Sir Anthony Hopkins within the realm of the surreal and bloody terrific West World HBO reboot-ish show that he helped to establish... More
  • Review: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    I've done plenty of hype posts leading up to Crash Bandicoot's big return. When the Crash shadow walked out on stage at last years E3 I lost my mind. Now here we are more than a year later and I've beaten all three games. If feels so good... More
  • Nintendo's Fiendish Plans

    I love Nintendo, okay. I have an appreciation for their games and some that may be unpopular, but I still consider their works a piece of art. So if any of you Nintendo Freaks think I hate them and me making this post is offending you, then just don't... More
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