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  • Community Writing Challenge - Seeking Perfection

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    Perfect. It’s a tricky word. Nothing is truly perfect, in my opinion. Even though games get a perfect rating every now and again, a truly perfect game doesn’t exist. There are several that come pretty close, but there’s always something... More
  • Top 10 Boss Battle Themes

    As you confront the large beast or being that stands in your way from you moving on to your destination; you begin attacking the being with all your might, at the same time you hear the chanting chorus in the background, the strings of instruments vibrating... More
  • What's Gone Wrong In Game Development? Maybe Education.

    For much of this year, and as far back as 2013, it's been a very uneven year in game development. Although there have been numerous issues plaguing the game industry, it seems that the primary issue that has affected and enraged many gamers is widespread... More
  • Lone Wanderer (Deeper into No Mans Sky)

    This is a continuation of a series of blogs chronicling my journey through No Mans Sky. My previous blogs detailing my early encounters can be found here: Beginning a Space Odyssey (Exploring No Mans Sky) Into the Expanse (Progressing in No Mans Sky)... More
  • XCOM GIO Episode 3: The Rise of Mojo

    XCOM GIO is the brain-child of playing XCOM using the friends I have made here at GameInformer Online as the soldiers. I wanted to add a story to the missions, so I did. It became a fun blog series that fizzled out as I got busy with life. This is the... More
  • Opinion: I am excited for BOTH CoD games.

    The schism among Call of Duty players this year is ridiculous. It seems like the only game people are talking about is the remaster and I certainly understand everyone's love for the MW series, but Infinite Warfare looks fun to me too. The thing that... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: A Few Tweaks for the Perfect Ending

    I have a very complicated relationship with endings – they rarely leave me feeling 100% content although I can’t think of a game whose ending I completely hated. So instead of tackling some major changes to a games story, I just want to make... More
  • When does it end?

    2016 is a year that can only be summed up by one major sentiment F' white people, but men and police in particular. Day after day on social media, in the news media, or just people you run into on the street, if you are white you are wrong. If you... More
  • Until Dawn, The Blob (1988), and 'Protagonist Potential'

    Horror’s greatest strength is its ability to circumvent conventional storytelling. That may seem an odd statement – “rules” (e.g. you ***, and you die) and archetypes (virgin/jock/pothead/etc.) often dominate the genre –... More
  • So, I'm Writing a Comic Book...

    Hold on, hold on, give me a minute. I'm pretty sure I know what you were thinking when you saw the title to this blog post on a gaming website such as this one - "Who in the heck does this dude think he is posting this on of... More
  • Sympathy for Kojima: Overdone?

    Shortly before the launch of Metal Gear Solid V, the gaming public started to receive hints of turmoil brewing within Konami. Despite a history of much-loved games dating back to the original NES and earlier, the new word on the street was that Konami... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: A Change of Story, A Change of Pace

    Most games are fixed with their stories from the moment of production, with some standing up to be worthwhile, while others fall from grace with a simple turn of events. Video games have the power to immerse the player into a story that will only unfold... More
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