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  • My Top Five Most Overrated Video Games

    A while back ago I posted a blog about My Top 5 Most underrated and overlooked games this blog is the followup. Now keep in mind that these games on the list, I do not hate them I just think that they have far to much praise. These five games are ones... More
  • A Thief's End: Things That Don't Need to be in Uncharted 4

    With all the recent news talking about what to expect from Uncharted 4 flying around I started to think more about what I as an Uncharted fan don't want to see from the next installment. Uncharted has now had 3 console releases, a handheld game, a... More
  • Smash Photography: The Action Pages

    Few things in recent memory have brought me as much joy as catching the perfect snapshot while watching replays of people getting destroyed by yours truly (in the realm of video games, that is). This collection features shots that are more dynamic than... More
  • Betraying Barbara: ABC News and the Crusade to Undo A Feminist Icons' Legacy


    She stood up to tyrants, kings, and a society which refused to let her and countless others be recognized due to gender and circumstance of birth. Yet she would not be cowed. She would not be silenced. In doing so she would become an icon not only of feminism but the power of the press.


    So why is the network Barbara Walters helped take cement as a prime player in global news and opinion doing its damnedest to shatter her prestigious legacy?

    ... More
  • Backlog: An Affront Against Heaven

    Like many of you I did not acquire a PS3 at launch. I didn't get mine until the summer of 2008 so, naturally, when Heavenly Sword launched just prior to the PS3's 1st anniversary I was not invited to the party. By the time I got my PS3 I had Grand... More
  • Dragon’s Dogma: An Underrated Gem That RPG Developers Can Learn A Lot From

    6 1
    One of the most ambitious and innovative RPGs I have played in recent years was Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma. The game released in May 2012 with an expansion, Dark Arisen, coming out a year later. The game didn’t make a huge splash (especially... More
  • Moments - Entering Mexico in Red Dead Redemption

    Here's a novel thought - stop and try and count just how many video games you've played in your life. I'd wager if you frequently visit this website, that number is a couple dozen, if not a couple hundred. We live in a digital age where the... More
  • My Favorite Pistols in Games

    Shooters are one of video games' most popular genres. With mega titles such Call of Duty and Halo still dominating much of the gaming landscape I thought it would be fun to discuss one of their key aspects. Weapons are a crucial part of any shooter... More
  • Games I am Anticipating but Know Nothing About

    Cyperpunk 2077: So it's pretty easy to say that I've pretty much been interested in this game since it first debuted in 2012. For one thing, its cyberpunk themed, nuff said. But seriously, the game looked amazing and promised a lot in just the... More
  • January Game Challenge: Week 3

    It's hard to believe the third week of the year is already upon us, yet here it is. I've not made such great progress this past week, but I feel hopeful about the current week. Is that what all procrastinators say? Moving on... I have been playing... More
  • Is It Better To Covet Digital Items, Physical Items, Or Neither?

    I've been thinking a lot about consumerism lately. And consuming, in general. One of my new year's gaming resolutions actually pertained to this very topic. As I was completing Crota's raid in Destiny (again), and trying for a particular shotgun... More
  • Looking Ahead: No Man's Sky

    Very few people are more excited for No Man's Sky than I am. I love science fiction, from Star Wars to Star Trek spending time in unique expansive universes has always been appealing. Hello Games promises an infinite galaxy through their latest project... More
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