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  • Do Gamers Know Their Cover Art? 2/15/17

    WELCOME TO ANOTHER DO GAMERS KNOW THEIR COVER ART! ONE DAY LATE EDITION.... If this is your first time allow me to explain how this works. I will post a picture of a video game's cover art almost entirely blacked out. Each picture after that will... More
  • So, I'm Writing a Comic Book...

    UPDATE: The complete first two issues of SEASONS are free to read right now! And SEASONS #3 will debut next week... Original Story: Hold on, hold on, give me a minute. I'm pretty sure I know what you were thinking when you saw the title to this blog... More
  • My Favorite Getting a Console Moments

    In little over two weeks the gaming world will be introducing a new console into its ecosystem. Very little is known about the Switch, but whenever a new console is set to release I find it to be a very exciting time. I've pre-ordered a Switch and... More
  • The Evolution of Console Gaming and the Aging Gamer

    I haven't been a gamer since the beginning of gaming, but I have been playing games since the NES days. My first console was the SNES and it came bundled with my first game (that I owned at least), Super Mario World. The start of it all! The 16 bit... More
  • Final Fantasy 15 and the Man who Ate his Words

    Final Fantasy 15 and the Man who Ate his Words Now I know, Final Fantasy 15 is "old" news at this point. But in my defense, I had literally no time to play it in December and in January I had pneumonia throughout the month. So February was the... More
  • The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel Rant!

    Hello world! ^^ As you know Falcom has been working under the radar for over three decades now, which includes the series The Legend of Heroes. Thanks to XSEED we;re going to be seeing a lot more of it, starting with Trails of Cold Steel. The Legend of... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Most Helpful Video Game Partners I've Had

    I've played a decent amount of games online with others, and I've been fortunate to have several helpful partners along the way. I could make this piece ridiculously long if I detailed all of them, so I decided on the first three that came to... More
  • One Man’s Rankings: Top Ten Wii U Games

    Come March 3rd the history book will close on the life of the Nintendo Wii U; that day will not only be the release date of its final major release, The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, but also the launch day of its successor the Nintendo Switch... More
  • Pokemon Go: Gen 2 Update

    [As Read on SNo2 .] Pokemon Go is flawed at best but it is an endearing project that, similar to Bungie’s Destiny, has evolved over time into something much greater and relatively smoother than it initially was when presented. Over the past week... More
  • Japan's Protagonist Problem

    Whenever we sit down and play a story focused video game, it's often the intention of the developer to create a playable protagonist that, to an extent, the player can relate to. After all, if we're going to be controlling this character for at... More
  • Games I Didn't Review In 2016: Titanfall 2

    [As Originally Written on SNo2 .] I have played both Titanfall titles for what probably amounts to a decidedly ridiculous amount of time. I reviewed the first one a long while ago and enjoyed it profusely despite its connectivity issues and other flaws... More
  • My Favorite Games To Unwind With

    Driving along the shore as water from the beach splashes on the screen while the sun sets beyond the horizon with Beethoven's 5th Symphony playing on the radio. Further down, I come across a deserted area with wrecked ships, perfect for taking the... More
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