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  • Closure

    It's been quite awhile since I've written about this topic (roughly two years actually), but this week finally brought some closure to a chapter of my life that has been really difficult for me. I also feel the need to apologize for missing my... More
  • Trying to be a gamer without being an escaptist

    How many times have you booted up the console or pc only to get away from the current suck that is your reality? I know I have, almost on a daily basis from the time I was 8 years old and had nothing better to do after school till now, a married person... More
  • Florence Review: Will give you the feels

    The most creative games I have ever played always seem to hit me right in the gut. Not only do they take me on an interesting journey worth remembering, they play with my emotions in a way that is deeply personal and causes me to reflect on my own life... More
  • Is the Witcher 3 worth revisiting?

    I have somewhat mixed feelings about the Witcher 3. It's almost a game that is too hyped for it's own good. It is however a beautiful game, and in my video I briefly ramble how it is worth going back to if you haven't played it yet. I made... More
  • PUBG: The murder spree

    Join me again in my quest to add daily video content to the blog section on this website! I managed to rack up over ten kills in an incredibly short span of time, hope you enjoy this clip! watch?v=2gM55SV8IA& More
  • Zboard 2 Pearl Impressions: Worth the money?

    Take a ride with me as I talk about the Zboard 2 Pearl edition. If you like this type of content, please let me know in the comments so I can make more! Review is on the way. Thanks! Video is here: watch?v=viTTrz18ZaM More
  • Haunting Ground from a Survival Horror Noob

    Haunting Ground from a Survival Horror Noob Speaking frankly, the only other Survival Horror game I really sunk my teeth into prior to Haunting Ground was Silent Hill 2 . Which is a game I only played due to my friends praising it so much over the years... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 95 - Super Mario 64

    Growing out of a prototype conceived for the Super Nintendo, Super Mario 64 hit the gaming landscape like a thunderbolt of Italian stereotypes in 1996. Shigeru Miyamoto had managed to push back the launch of the Nintendo 64 from its prime holiday release... More
  • Review - Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (3DS)

    Often seen as just a niche publisher, Atlus is secretly one of the most prolific voices in gaming. For over thirty years, their development teams in Japan, as well as their localization and publishing branch in the States, have a track record that is... More
  • Dead Rising 4 Review - Deck The Halls With Guts And Gory

    Developer: Capcom Vancouver Publisher: Capcom Played on Xbox One The Dead Rising series for me stands as one of the most unique sandbox games out there. You are given a strict time limit to go out and do as much stuff as you can before time runs out.... More
  • Carving Gaming Rushmores Episode 7 - Super Smash Bros. Fighter Wishlist

    With Super Smash Bros. heading to Switch, we hash it out to decide the top four dream combatants. 

    ... More