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  • Do Gamers Know Their Cover Art? 1/15/17

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    WELCOME TO ANOTHER DO GAMERS KNOW THEIR COVER ART! If this is your first time allow me to explain how this works. I will post a picture of a video game's cover art almost entirely blacked out. Each picture after that will slowly reveal more of the... More
  • Nintendoomed VI: Wii 2, er... Switch

    Nintendoomed VI: Wii 2, er Switch So, here we are, a day after the Nintendo Switch full info dump. Well, sort of. We're still missing quite a bit of information, and some has been dribbled out in small chunks afterward. I figure I might as well round... More
  • Switch Presentation Recap from a Consistently Aging Gentleman

    Due to the obvious nature of this blog, if you haven't watched the Switch Presentation make sure you do before I accidentally spoil it for you. Switch Presentation Recap from a Consistently Aging Gentleman Being entirely honest with you, I didn't... More
  • Dorks Discuss- The Nintendo Switch Event (Part One)


    Dorks This World Begins and myself spent a long time discussing Thursday's Nintendo Switch event. This is part one of that discussion, during which we discuss the console and the games shown during the conference.

    ... More
  • Sorry Nintendo, I'm Not Ready to Switch... Yet

    Owning a Nintendo 64, Wii and a 2DS I can say I'm pretty much a Nintendo fan. Their games, originality and backward compatibility over the years have kept me going. However, Nintendo Switch was for me like that glimpse of hope of seeing big N moving... More
  • Zelda Characters I Would Like to See Return in the Series

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    The Legend of Zelda series is my favorite gaming franchise without a doubt, while I haven't gotten around to playing every entry in the series the ones I have played have become some of my favorite and most memorable games I've experienced. Within... More
  • I'm Going to Wait on the Switch

    A lot of people have been crazy about the new console that Nintendo has been wanting to do since the Wii. They have been trying to get some ideas out there and most of them didn't get successful. I know you guys that have lived with the company's... More
  • Zelda

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    This is a question that I need answered. I have never played a zelda game. Even though I received a NES in 1988 for Christmas, never played zelda. I did watch the cartoon, so I have some idea what the first one was about. I haven't bought a Nintendo... More
  • Nintendo Switch (Be careful..)

    I can't believe people are willing to give chance after chance to Nintendo. After the Wii U accident, they decide to put out a new system. Again it's overpriced at 300.00, the prices for the new controllers, new dock are insane as well. TWO games... More
  • Day of the Tentacle: Remastered (Review)

    When the remaster of Grim Fandango was included in the PlayStation Plus lineup early last year, it was my first time experiencing one of the “classic” LucasArts adventure games. Although I was alive and well during the 90’s when these... More
  • CWC: The Awful Choices I Made in Games

    Games like to give you a moral choice and it sometimes is either a heartbreaking one or it's a decision you can never make in real life. Games have done that for years now, since the Fable games to the newest Tale Telltale they throw at us. Hell and... More
  • Here's What Would Make Me Buy A Nintendo Switch

    Personally, I could care less whether the Switch achieves massive success the way original Wii did, or whether it is as widely praised as the Super Nintendo, or original NES. I don't care how it measures up to the PS4, or the Xbox One, or the Scorpio... More
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