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  • GamerGate's Origins And What It Is Now

    17 4
    I'm going to do my best to relay what I have seen from GamerGate over the last couple months. I talked for several days with a number of ardent supporters, watched hundreds of interactions on social media, and watched hours of videos linked to me... More
  • A PSA: GIO Style!

    7 6
    November approaches, and with it my twenty ninth year of living, as well as a time for National Epilepsy awareness. Yes, I'm that old, although there are users here who are much older. I thought I'd be proactive, since I'm random like that... More
  • Multiplayer Malaise

    6 1
    As I've touched on in other pieces I've written, I've gotten my first real taste of anonymous online multiplayer with Destiny. The more I play, the more people I come into contact with. And while a large portion of folks are kind and respectful... More
  • Can Somebody Please Tell Me What Generation It Is…

    11 2
    So, have you ever been sitting in a classroom or maybe a work meeting and the teacher or the person chairing the meeting asks if there are any questions or if everybody understands what's going on? And you kind of look around waiting to see how everybody... More
  • E.T Go Home Already! ~ Alien: Isolation Parody Review

    9 1
    The following isn't meant to be taken seriously. This article is an attempt- a poor attempt at that- at being funny. If you take this as legit, well good for you! From the publisher that brought you the worst game of all time bring you another stinking... More
  • Hipster Tuesday: Hellishly Horrendous Hootenanny

    4 1
    We're almost ready to wrap up October, and we still have a few Halloweeny gems to share. The macabre and the kooky have no doubt caused you to lose some sleep in the last few weeks, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Making sure you never... More
  • How Pokemon Black and White Reinvigorated Me

    Many members of the Game Informer Community seem to assume I am something of a Pokemon fanatic. Given my username, this is certainly a reasonable thing to think, but it's not quite the case. It's true I have immensely fond memories of trekking... More
  • Have A Plan To Kill Every Video Game Character You Meet…

    9 1
    One of the biggest joys I get out of blogging (besides interacting with those of you who read and comment on them) is thinking of new ideas for more blogs. You might've recognized a link between many of my blogs - sometimes it's subtle and sometimes... More
  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football League Scoreboard- Week 7

    4 2
    Brought to you by: "Disbelief. Can't believe we're already at the midpoint of the GIOFFL regular season." My sentiments exactly, Heavy. Talking to fictional characters out of the way, welcome back to the weekly recap of Game Informer... More
  • GamerGate Should Unify Us, Not Divide Us

    4 1

    The gamer: one term with many meanings, but still one term.

    ... More
  • When is a game remarkably average?

    A lot of us have probably played that game that we have a love hate relationship with. Deadly Premonition is a good example of a game people were really iffy on the quality of. Some liked it, others hated it. But, sometimes the good a game provides is... More
  • Do Video Games Nurture Insensitivity?

    4 1
    Years ago, I had something happen to me that triggered a troubling question that has lingered ever since. It was a question that I've never been able to comfortably answer for myself. And yet, it seems oh so relevant today. It was a crispy holiday... More
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