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  • The Other Side Of A Gamer

    Ever since I joined Gameinformer back on November 8, 2013, my posts have been mainly focused on gaming, but what about me? Sure I have gone on and on about some things about myself, and even though I've been quite repetitive, I feel this urge to share... More
  • My Dwindling Love for Video Games

    It's funny how things happen. We grow up into this world, and we all change. Looks change, personalities may change, and hobbies change. However, they are those things that just won't change. For me, I always thought it would be my fascination... More
  • Why Don't Sports Games Get the Same Respect as Non-Sports Games?

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    There was a period of time when I was younger where, for the most part, I mainly played sports titles like the Madden series, the MLB The Show series, and the NBA 2k franchise along with a handful of other sports centric games mixed in. The vast majority... More
  • Discovering Writing Through Adversity

    This past December I finally decided to become more involved in the GI community. Going back to school last fall really ignited my passion for writing and I am glad to have a place where I can blog about gaming. Two years ago I was living under very different... More
  • Fall 2016 Cannot Come Fast Enough

    The past year (and the previous couple of years) have been a rough adventure in being an adult with no extra lives, restarts, or previous saves. With what is hopefully the worst of the adventures in adulthood (nearly) over, I'm ready to both be a... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Finding Inspiration in Pokémon Art Academy

    I’ve always loved drawing but I fell out of the habit when I started college three years ago. Sure, I doodled instead of taking notes, but it was all abstract shapes. About 6 months ago I decided I wanted to get back into art but didn’t really... More
  • Submerged Review: A Beautiful Story Hidden in Repetitive Gameplay

    A dedicated sister, a dying boy, and a mysterious sunken city all combine to create the beautiful and poignant game that is Submerged. Set in a visually stunning environment, Submerged tells multiple stories in a uniquely wordless way. Playing as a young... More
  • The Girls of Summer: Submerged

    Miku from Submerged is a perfect example of an amazing female protagonist hidden in a game that’s just okay. She shows that positive representation of any kind isn’t dependent on the quality of the medium. In fact, this whole game is evident... More
  • Shocking Sales Numbers Reveal Almost No Gamers Play Games!

    Guys, I just got done reading an article about Uncharted 4's record-breaking sales, and I have just got to share the statistics with you. In just the first week, it sold over 2.7 million copies, and in the following month it has sold nearly a million... More
  • Developing a game in gamemaker studios (video blog 2)

    Hope you enjoy this! It's a casual video blog about the game I'm making. see link in description. If the link doesn't work, head to my youtube channel @Joshua Williams More
  • Going For A PokeRun

    Hi all! Today I'm blogging about cardio with Pokemon Go. I recently joined the massive AR uprising instigator, cellphone zombie horde creator that is Pokemon Go. But I'm not going to talk about crazy stories or industry impact or even an opinion... More
  • Pokemon Go Critique

    Pokemon Go is already the most successful mobile game in US history and seems poised to take that title world wide. It’s has more users than the Tinder, Snapchat, and Twitter apps. Nintendo finally put a Pokemon game on mobile and wouldn’t... More
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