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  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football Scoreboard- Week 2

    3 1
    Brought to you by: "My fantasy team. I firmly believe everyone is having a good laugh at it." Welcome to yet another week of GIO fantasy football action! While it's been an absolutely horrid week in the actual football world, that has little... More
  • 365/365 Day 259: Ten Games I Regret Buying

    8 1
    Sometimes a game comes along and it looks really enticing. Maybe the trailers built it up a lot, or you read a glowing review that sold you on it...and thus, you put your money down on the game. After opening the box (or, oddly for most of these, finishing... More
  • Do You Have A Comfort Game When You’re Sick…

    Something occurred today that has only happened a couple of times in my entire adult life - I left work early because I wasn't feeling well. Not only that, my boss was kind enough to let me work from home tomorrow. I can probably count on one hand... More
  • Hipster Tuesday: A Game That Evolves With You

    The gaming industry is only about four decades old, but in that historically short timespan, the technology and basic mechanics of the games we enjoy has evolved immensely from its humble beginnings. Indeed, in a world full of gorgeous HD titles with... More
  • Hipster Tuesday: (Not) Flash Gordon, (Not) Night of the Living Dead, and (Not) Rage Against the Machine

    Welcome all, welcome. Hipster Tuesday is back to bring you the weird and the unknown once again. By this time, you've amassed an impressive store of Hipster knowledge and experience through our gracious contributions, but there's always room for... More
  • PSA: Welcome Bloggers, New And Old…

    4 2
    I used to have a task item scheduled to remind me to post a periodic Public Service Announcement about blogging but as time goes by and life happens, I guess it sort of went by the wayside. It doesn't look like I've done one of these recently... More
  • SSB Character Interview #10: Lucina


    The tenth additon to my Smash Bros. Character Interview Series! This is Lucina's interview for the game.

    ... More
  • Nintendo's Next Move

    This has been quite an interesting, and challenging year for Nintendo. But if anything positive can be said, it is that the folks over at the Big N are no quitters. They have taken their fair share of hard knocks and criticisms, and kept right on moving... More
  • Does Open World Make Everything Better? It Sure Helped Forza…

    5 1
    Do you have any idea what the first truly open world game is? Neither do I. In fact, I don't know if anyone knows for sure, especially since the term "open world" doesn't have a standard definition. Traditionally open world refers to... More
  • My Brief Hands-On With Far Cry 4

    At the GameStop Expo last week, I was able to get my hands on the Far Cry 4 demo. Far Cry 3 was my game of the year in 2012, and the sequel is easily my most anticipated game of 2014. Yup, even over Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (more on that demo in a... More
  • Welcome to Game Informer Online: Your Guide to Glory

    1 2
    You! Yes, you. The one reading this. You're a newer member of GIO community who doesn't yet know the ropes. Perhaps you are a veteran, and are looking to sharpen and refine your skills. Maybe you're from a race of sentient space-dolphins and... More
  • 13 Years Versus 6 Days: Master Chief v. The Guardians

    2 1
    With the launch of Destiny, the Guardians are now becoming legends. But one legend has been saving the universe since 2001. Created by Bungie but continuing his journey across the galaxy with 343 Industries, Master Chief, the star of Halo, steps up to... More
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