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  • You Can Never Go Home Again

    Do people still blog on this website? I hope so. I haven't posted here for a few years, but I remember a vibrant community of interesting and creative people that took the time and care to talk to each other and put their thoughts into blogs. I hope... More
  • Ok, let's talk.

    I'm going to replay to a friend's comment regarding the minor changes to Chloe's look here instead.....time for some tough lovin! =P Even so what if they wanted to add some new features to her face to look a bit more Indian? i mean she used... More
  • Ranking the Soulsborne Bosses: No. 120-111

    It has been a bit longer than I previously planned since the last blog I've posted, but with all the E3 news and excitement going around, I figured I should give it some time to die down a bit before continuing with my list. And that time has finally... More
  • How Dishonored's Chaos System is One of its Greatest Narrative Strengths

    "Revenge Solves Everything" was the marketing tagline in the lead up to the release of Dishonored. Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda, the game casted players in the role of a once royal bodyguard, whose world is turned on... More
  • Surviving the Horrors of Outlast 2

    Outlast 2 by Red Barrels creates an immersive, atmospheric setting for a survival horror video game that goes a long way toward instilling a palpable sense of discomfort and anxiety. But for all the headway made in establishing a creepy aesthetic that... More
  • Wonder Woman Review: A Superhero Movie In the Best Way

    It’s been over a week since I saw Wonder Woman in theaters and this review has been written and rewritten more than I’d like to admit. This movie left me at a loss for words – or rather, it made me feel like all of the words I came up... More
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy! Triple Mercy Rez POTG!

    Ten days. In a mere ten days we will be treated to one of the greatest revivals in recent gaming memory. It's been seven long years since a Crash game was released (no, I do not count Skylanders at all), and it's been nine years since a core Crash... More
  • The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (Review)

    In the world of The Witcher, fantasy staples such as monsters, magic, and political intrigue are explored with a sense of maturity that’s lacking in most RPG’s. A race war is brewing between humans and non-humans, dangerous monsters are appearing... More
  • My Creator-Owned Graphic Novel Is Now On Kickstarter!

    UPDATE! We're nearing 50% funded with still 24 days left! You can now be drawn into the book! Have you ever had a dream? Have you ever wanted something so bad that it kept you up at night and made you feel even slightly nauseous when thinking about... More
  • 5 Upcoming 2017 Games That Millions Want To Play

    2017 announces itself as a really good year for gaming, with so many interesting options that we now know about. Since there are so many games that are to be launched, you can easily lose track of some that you would love. That is why we should highlight... More
  • Looking Cool Joker!

    Persona 5 was one of my most anticipated games of last year. I dodged information about the game like the plague, and now that I’ve finally bought a copy of the game and almost finished the second palace, I’m ready to discuss my thoughts so... More
  • Book Review: Masters of Doom

    Beginning with Commander Keen and continuing on with Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, id Software was one of the most prolific video game developers in the 1990’s. The company’s games revolutionized the industry in such a way that ripples... More
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