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  • Playing A Game of Eternal Catch-Up: Why I Play Older Games as Compared to New

    Video games, as I've said many times before, are a fairly new medium for entertainment. About thirty to forty years old depending on your opinion of what exactly defines a video game. I'm reaching twenty one. I'm at least a decade behind in... More
  • Backlog Blog #1: Splatoon – More like ‘Codename: Squids Next Door’

    Get it? Because it looks like Codename: Kids Next Door. Splatoon is Nintendo’s latest attempt at convincing you to buy a Wii U and one of their first forays into the crowded online shooter genre. It stands apart by being a colorful, friendly shooter... More
  • Ponderings: The More of Us?

    You guys must have seen this coming. A blog about the Last of Us, from me?! Unheard of, right? Coverage from Nolan's quote "I know they're doing Last of Us 2" is trending this morning and honestly, it's spurring mixed reactions from... More
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Review: Show Them What True Fear Is

    Arkham Knight is the end of Rocksteady’s time with the Dark Knight, and they go out with a bang. Right off the bat (hehe) the game does not fool around. It starts with showing you Jokers cremation, to really push home the message that he really... More
  • What Makes a Great Open World RPG?

    Open world games have become more and more popular in recent years and there are many examples of good open world series such as Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto and the Arkham series to name just a few. However, it's fairly... More
  • The Essentials: To The Test - Shadow of the Colossus

    This week, we’re looking at Shadow of the Colossus , played on the HD remake for the PS3. Take alook at our thoughts on art, environmental storytelling, and hating horses. Personal History Haley: Tom and I actually started playing through Shadow... More
  • July Game Challenge: Week One (And June Wrap-Up)

    June turned out to be a co-op bonanza, and I completed one more game than I thought I would. I paired up with a friend and beat Borderlands 2 (again!) in addition to the Master Chief Collection. All told, I beat seven games this June: Halo: Combat Evolved... More
  • 2015 My Year of the RPG

    In recent years I have started to shy away from the RPG genre due to how long it takes to complete them and how you can lose track of time fairly easily. I would say that RPGs are my favorite genre in gaming but as a college student I don't have the... More
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Videogames - An essay turned into an Analysis

    As the grabber says, this was supposed to be just an essay for my english course but the thing is I didn't know it had to be short and simple. My teacher is a gamer as well and replaced the name of my essay to an analysis. Here it is: Videogames Videogames... More
  • My Top Ten Favorite Game Designers

    HI! my name is Ali Eivazy, and I'm a semi-self trained game designer/Art student that has decided to start a blog right here on GI. Because some important stuff needs to be said, and no user base is better, than the one here on GI. But before that... More
  • Community Writing Challenge - That Time I Traded In A Copy of Mega Man X2

    The community writing challenge for the week of June 25, 2015 goes as follows: "What's your biggest gaming mistake? Have you ever saved over a friend's 40-hours-long Final Fantasy VIII save file? Ever pass up the chance to buy Suikoden brand... More
  • 52/52 Week 26- Plans for the Rest of the Year (Updated Blog)

    (UPDATE: made generally better, added more stuff to blog. Being gone for a week did a number on my gaming brain. Didn't remember stuff I should have put in the blog.) Yesterday marked a triumphant return from camp for me yesterday, and I seem to have... More
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