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  • I'm a Little Upset They're After Morgan Freeman Now

    I don't think the social justice clowns quite knows what they're doing. I mean it should be obvious. Most of them are multi-failures at many different attempts at careers in their lives, and they never seem to understand it's their own self... More
  • Abstract Review: The New Colossus

    Wolfenstein was never those kinds of games that wanted to go full on realistic with its WW2 theme. I mean, there are theories and many things to support them that the Nazis believed in magic and that they were apart of the same race as the people from... More
  • Gaming's Most Epic Moments: The New GoW Was Amazing!

    Gaming is about many different things these days. There is a social aspect to games, there are competitive games, games provide us with an escape, and occasionally games hit us with unbelievable moments that we will remember forever. The new God of War... More
  • Deadly Premoniton

    A friend always told me to play the damn game. That was before 4 360's red ringed. What a vile curse! But alas, I find myself yearning to play such a game. Have you played it? I heard the controls are not the greatest . But the heart...ah my friends... More
  • Rage 2 to the Moon

    I didn't really rhyme to well. Rage 2 looks like it could be incredible. The new neon gloss coat for the game will be awesome. A semi-different direction will help the game as well. Tighten the driving for the love of Loki! Also, tight gun play please... More
  • Abe's Odd World

    I have always sucked at these types of games. Always! They are very hard. And even though I tried a couple of them I got supremely bored. Oh well! More
  • Is Carl the Worst Person in Detroit: Become Human?

    *Spoiler Warning, Play Detroit: Become Human Before Reading* Detroit: Become Human takes place in the not-too-distant future where the tensions between androids and humans are reaching a boiling point. The cheap and infallible android labor puts human... More
  • My 2018 E3 predictions

    Please rate and comment: Well it is nearly time for another glorious E3 and as we travel to it here are my personal wishes: -We get a glimpse of Jurassic World Evolution before it releases, I am looking forward this game and my dino hype is growing. Hope... More
  • We need to Change How we Review Games

    Universally, people review video games the same way they review all other forms of entertainment. Books, movies, TV shows, musicals and plays, they are all very different, but reviewed the same. Reviewers put out their opinions and scores as soon as possible... More
  • "Some [Gaming] Journalists Talk About How Bad a [CoD Game] is When [There's No Campaign]. That's a Good Thing."

    After fifteen years and as many entries into the juggernaut shooter franchise, this year's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, will not feature a single-player campaign mode. Much to the dismay of fans and critics alike, Treyarch's next title will forgo... More
  • Journal of a Mechwarrior Part 9

    Riana lay in the bed in the Medbay of the Argo . The room was cavernous compared to the Leopard and it made her feel alone in the small hours of the 'night' but she couldn't sleep anymore so she was pleasantly surprised when Yang Virtanen... More
  • Games You May Have Missed - The Terror Aboard the Speedwell

    The Terror Aboard the Speedwell Creator: Javy Gwaltney (Illustration by Elizabeth Simins ) Genre: Interactive Fiction (Horror) Platform: PC, Mac, Linux Special Edition Release: September 2014 (about 3 years, 8 months ago) Where to Buy: On Lo-Fi... More
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