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zombie's Top 5 Favorite Video Game Genres

1). Action-Adventure - The term "video game" is in a state of change; developers and consumers are jointly renegotiating its definition. There is, however, one genre that stays truest to the medium's foundations. Although it is rather broad in scope ,"Action-Adventure" continues to perpetuate the qualities that the medium is often associated with. I am speaking of a mindlessly entertaining experience split into sections, consisting of boss battles, light platforming and "puzzles", and a group of centralized gameplay mechanics, among other things. This is not to say that I am not immune from games such as "Gone Home" or "The Stanley Parable" which deviate from that norm, it's just that I find that the ones which stick closest to my roots are the ones I enjoy the most. After all, the very thing that they are attempting to emulate coincides with the reason why I started up blogging in the first place.


2.) Japanese Role-Playing Game - It's admittedly hard to stick up for a genre that is considered "dead" in most people's eyes, especially when said genre has produced many run-of-the-mill titles as of late, yet my love for Japanese Role-Playing Games goes untarnished. I look at JRPGs as a blend of two of my favorite things: video games and anime. The story and aesthetic often take influence from the booming anime culture, while the core mechanics are derived from refined role-playing game mechanics, a finely crafted mixture of new and old. The major draw of JRPGs, for me at least, is the outstanding sense of progression the player feels throughout, whether it be when individually leveling up their characters in order to learn even stronger skills or as they bear witness to the in-game world changing with each passing event.


3.) First-Person Shooter - There was a time when I hated First-Person Shooters, dismissing their relevance and contribution to the industry. This is admittedly a rare instance of close-mindedness from yours truly and I often laugh at my old-self as I line up yet another headshot from across the virtual battlefield. Not only have modern FPSes influenced other genres, it has also become a staple in Major League Gaming, proving me wrong in both regards. Obvious reasons being their surprisingly large breadth when it comes to appeal and their inherently addictive nature. Even better yet is that the genre itself is also quite susceptible to influence, taking a cue from RPGs, MOBAs, and Action games to expand on its already compelling gameplay.


4.) Rougelike - The reemergence of the rougelike caught many by surprise, including myself who was completely unaware of its prior existence. Although the modernized rougelikes may differ greatly from their ancestors, these games take some of the core aspects and apply them to create something entirely new and unique. The procedurally-generated levels, raised difficulty, and permadeath provide an insurmountable amount of replayability and challenge. It is a very versatile genre capable of tackling other genres such as Real-Time Strategy, Platformer, and, more recently, First-Person Shooters. Additionally because of its simplistic design in comparison to traditional AAA games, most titles exude a certain charm.


5.) Strategy - If there was one specific genre that I would consider my Achilles Heel it would probably be Strategy. This is unfortunate because, despite my ineptitude, I find most of those titles to be quite enjoyable. While the majority focus on areas such as discovery or reflex, Strategy games rely mostly on the player's ability to apply critical thought. Much like the game of Chess there is a structure, a set of rules to abide by, however the end result is entirely up to the ones involved, and unlike its peers there is never a right answer, just the optimal one. These two factors often create a tense environment, one which forces players into a heightened sense of awareness and those spectating into a fervor. It's no wonder why the competitive scene latched on to games like League of Legends and Starcraft II.


Honorable Mentions

1.) Platformer - Another genre which showcases the qualities that brought video games into the limelight, it was tough choice between this and Strategy.


2.) Role-Playing Game - When it comes to RPGs I have an obvious preference but that doesn't mean I dislike the other facets; Skyrim and Dragon Age will always have a place in my heart.


3.) Stealth - It was Metal Gear Solid 3 that instilled the love of Stealth Games inside of me, since then I cannot pass up the opportunity to play one.


4.) Rhythm - Call me strange but I miss the days when Rhythm games were being released on the daily. I love music and I love video games, so its only natural that I am fond of this genre.


5.) Visual Novel - An up and coming genre here in the States, it is the most radically different from my top choice, however I believe there is entertainment to be had with Visual Novels.



Afterword: Phew, talk about a hard list to compile because there were so many good choices I spent an entire week trying to figure out which ones to put in my Top 5. It boiled down to which genres I couldn't live without and well... the results speak for themselves. Since Spring Break just began for me, I am going to go unwind with some Tales of Xillia. It may not be the best JRPG I have had the opportunity to play but it certainly reinforces my decision to place the genre in second place. Afterwards I will focus on completing my Anti-Perspective on Microtransactions. Although I am running a bit behind, it should be published towards the end of the month, so please look forward to that!

P.S. That ninja scares the living day lights out of me. His gaze is so sharp that it penetrates the deepest regions of my soul...