Well, until today we have seen a lot of changes in the face of video games. Back in the first PlayStation era, video games were simple and just do what you gotta do. Now, they just happen to take part in our lifestyles -- not merely an entertainment. And honestly, they have also changed my perspectives of what-to-play and not-to-play in certain ways. We also know that PlayStation 4 and XBOX720 are coming anytime soon. Ok, let's get to the point of what this article tries to point out. Here are top 3 franchises that, I think, MUST be rebooted in the next gen consoles:

1. Fear Effect

What are you looking at, huh?!


Back in the earliest era of the new millenium, Fear Effect defined the style of what an action game should have. It has plenty of booms, action pieces, elements of sci-fi, multiple characters, some nudity, and horror too! And to be honest, I am pretty disappointed that no developers have decided to create a new game based on the series. However, if it is really going to happen, I hope its developer will not hesitate to include all elements of the original version.


2. Syphon Filter

This is my weapon, what's yours?

With its latest series in the PlayStation 2 (Logan's Shadow), Syphon Filter has gone a very long way and winding road. And I think the franchise is heading in the wrong direction. It does not have something that we can call 'fresh'. The gameplay is getting dull and repetitive. Sorry for the fans who still enjoy this fallen series, anyway. During the PlayStation era, Syphon Filter had always been my favorite game, and my dad played most of the series on consoles. I guess he really enjoyed playing them. A proper reboot will be needed to give this series a wake-up call from its long long sleep.

3. Beyond Good & Evil

I'm a photographer, what do you do?

Ubisoft has always been one of my favorite developers so far. I enjoy most of their games, including all of the Assassin's Creed games. Their release in 2003, Beyond Good & Evil, is a great one. The series combined a stealth-based action, many puzzle-solvings, and bosses to kill. I'm glad Ubisoft decided to release the HD version of the game. But, I think that's not enough. In the next gen consoles, I bet Beyond Good & Evil will look great. And I think Ubisoft needs to include new mechanics, characters, plot, and others so that the game looks fresh.