There are 3 things I would like Mojang to add to Minecraft, and they are as follows;


Paint and paint brushes.

Making a brush from a feather and two sticks wouldn't be difficult, or maybe wool instead of a feather. either way, it doesn't matter. Crafting any dye with the brush to make it paint the color you want would be pretty simple.

The brush would have a health meter though, to represent the amount of paint left on the brush tip. only wood planks would be paintable, but you could paint any side of the block, instead of just making the whole block one color. For example, I can paint the inside of my house red, but I could paint the outside green (what a terrible color combination).

More animal texture variations.

When you tame a Feline in the Minecraft PC version, they go from wild Ocelot, to your average house Cat. The Cats however, come in different colors. 3 To be exact (not including their untamed color). But why just cats? Why not give all animals multiple skins. Sure you can change the color of a Sheep's wool with dye, but what about the other animals? Why not black and white Cows? Why not brown Pigs? why not golden Dogs? Why not?

And the final thing I want in Minecraft, and one of my favorite ideas...


I know there are Ender chests in the PC game that allow you to put items in one chest, and get them out from a another in a place far, far away, but Mailboxes would be a bit different. For one thing, I'm sick of my brothers telling me that if I want to trade stuff, I have to go to their place to get it. With Mailboxes, I can put items in it, press the locations of the other Mailboxes I want to send them to on a map, and TA DAH! It could also be used to send each other messages, especially if you and your friends play on 2 different worlds. One cool thing would be if the Mailboxes could receive news letters from Mojang, pointing out fixes, giving hints about the next update, or maybe just Notch bragging about how cool he looks in his fedora.

These are just my ideas, but what do you think Minecraft needs?

Thanks for reading, I'm not a very good writer, so I hope I did ok.